16 Cats Who Might, Uh, Might Need A Bit Of A Hand Here

Cats like to pretend they’re independent. Unless of course you’re talking about feeding themselves, or getting pet, or cleaning their litter box, or getting unstuck from something they never should have been near in the first place.

These cats are still independent, and they only want your help if YOU want to give it. If not, well…I’m sure they’ll figure something out. But they certainly aren’t going to ask.

11 Facts About “The West Wing” That Are At The Right Place At The Right Time

Though others may try to replicate, there’s no replacing The West Wing. It was the first show about the White House that caught our attention, and although we got seven seasons of the series, it wasn’t enough.

There are some things even the most hardcore West Wing fan may not know, however. See if your knowledge can stack up!

West Wing Wiki

“The pilot did not test off the charts with focus groups,” said creator Aaron Sorkin. “It tested fine, but it wasn’t forcing NBC to put it on the air. Where it tested very high was in four categories that they invented for this show: Households making over $75,000 a year; households where someone has three years of college; people who subscribe to the New York Times; and the final category – and this was in 1999 – was people with home internet access. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it was a big deal then. In 1999 it was the height of the dot com boom, so people with home internet access were a valuable demographic to reach. That first season more than half the ad buys were dot com. They needed some place to advertise. It was those four categories that got us on the air.”


Talk about being teacher’s pet! Malin and Sorkin were at a Broadway Bowling Alley when Sorkin started to choke, but Malina thought it was a joke.

“The guys from A Few Good Men would bowl against the guys from A Chorus Line and hilarity would ensue,” Malina recalled. “At one of these bowling nights Aaron started choking on a piece of hamburger. He seemed to be doing schtick for a little bit and we kind of pointed and laughed until it became clear this was really happening. It was one of the rare crisis situations where I reacted with any kind of aplomb and I Heimlich’d him – although with no finesse whatsoever and I cracked three of his ribs in the process.”


Can you imagine this show by any other name? It almost wasn’t an imagination! Sorkin just barely got the rights to the title.

“When Aaron sent me the script for the pilot, he didn’t actually own the title,” said Dee Dee Myers, the political adviser on the show, and former press secretary. “In fact, a guy who had worked for me at the White House named Josh King had registered the title ‘The West Wing’ for something he was working on. Sometime during that year before production began, though, whatever Josh King was working on didn’t happen and the title became available. I don’t know what Aaron would have called the show if it hadn’t.”


Director Thomas Schlamme wanted everyone to feel like the show was real, so he mandated that all cast members be present for shooting the pilot.

“One of the things that I had demanded on the pilot was whenever we’re shooting a scene, everybody should show up,” Schlamme recalled. “You wouldn’t do a whole series like that, but because doors would be open and glass would be seen, I wanted people to go into their office and live their life, even if they weren’t in the scene. So when Rob Lowe is in the Roosevelt Room giving the lecture to the young kids and then goes out with Leo’s daughter, you can see Allison and Richard Schiff in the background – they’re background artists! They weren’t in the scene, they weren’t even coming into a scene later; they’re just there. Allison’s going into Richard’s office, Richard’s coming out and getting something from his receptionist, they’re just getting on with their jobs. It was a really important exercise for everybody to start to feel that this was their home. You felt the true sense of esprit de corps working on that show from day one.


Just like we all love her, the entire cast loved Allison Janney.

“You know, there was a survey done and all of us, all the players, were interviewed and we were asked, confidentially, who we thought the best actor on the series was,” Martin Sheen revealed. “As long as we were assured it was confidential we all gave our opinions, which would not be made known until after the series ended. Without a dissenting opinion, the entire cast voted Allison the very best among us. She didn’t know it and none of us knew that we’d all voted for her, but she was considered the very best.”

11 Bette Midler Facts You’d Think Were Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus

It’s hard to believe Bette Midler will be turning 72-years-old on Dec. 1. Since the early 70s, the fabulous starlet has graced our presence on a plethora of platforms, and has won over our hearts time and time again.

Midler has never let us down in a single performance, and neither will we as we deliver 11 astonishing facts you may not have known about the talented artist.

1. Her full name is Bette Davis Midler, named after actress, Bette Davis.

2. Midler was the valedictorian of her high school class.

3. She was voted “Most Talkative” and “Most Dramatic” by her classmates too.

4. Midler is a quadruple talent: she’s a singer, actress, comedian, and activist.

5. When Midler lived in Hawaii, she worked at a pineapple processing plant.

15 Incredible Christmas Lights That Are So Good We Can’t Even Feel Jealous

While putting up Christmas lights can be one of the most stressful parts of the holidays, it’s all worth it to be like Clark Griswold and see your entire place light up with festive colors and cheer. However, some people take this VERY seriously, and often put people like us to shame. These 15 are especially awesome.

I love the archways and the trees in this one.


Great use of color here.


This impressive tree.

Got Game

This looks like something straight out of a movie.


I wanna ride the Twinkle Bus!


Amazingly pretty trees.


Flashy, but tasteful.

Kansas Travel

The lights get crazier from here…

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10 Christmas Cookie Fails That Santa Probably Will Leave Untouched This Year

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially thanks to all the obligations that come with them. You have to decorate the house, put up the tree, buy the presents, deal with relatives that you hate, and of course, cook up enough food to feed a small country.

Christmas baking is a fun time… when you’re good at it. Unfortunately, getting there takes practice, and until we’ve gotten enough of it, most of our culinary creations look like these…

I mean, I GUESS they look like sweaters?


Those poor snowmen…


Oh god, what’d they do to you Olaf?


I uh… don’t wanna know what this gingerbread guy’s been up to…


Trust me, it gets worse from here…

Russia says it will ignore any UN ban of killer robots.

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