Mom Captures The Perfect Moment Her Son Starts Singing To His Baby Sister And The Song Is A Classic

As the oldest child, I spent the first four years of my life being the center of my parents’ attention.

When my parents first told me that they were having another baby, I didn’t fully comprehend what that meant for me as a big sister. So the day my brother came home was one that I will never forget. I had to adjust to sharing my parents and it was not easy.

I was jealous and envious of how much my mom and dad as well as everyone else paid attention to him. I eventually got over it, and over the years we formed an unbreakable bond.

While it took me sometime to accept having a sibling, there are some kids that embrace their new role as soon as they meet their little brother or sister. They’ll even go the extra mile to show their love, and for one boy, singing to his baby sister was how he went about it.


A mother was lucky enough to catch her son and daughter sharing the cutest moment ever, so she made sure to film it and share her joy with the rest of the world. The video has since amassed millions of views and it’s not hard to see why.

In the video, the boy is holding his sister on his lap as he sings to her the sweetest song. Instead of opting for a nursery rhyme like most kids his age would, this big brother gazes into his sister’s eyes and starts to serenade her with Joe Crocker’s 1975 hit “You Are So Beautiful.”

He even cradles her face as he sings, and clearly, he’s doing a great job because the little girl appears to be enjoying the tune.

“Aww, she smiled!” he says at the end of the song, and then gives her kisses on the forehead. It’s unbelievably cute!

[embedded content]

Unlike my mother and father all those years ago, the parents of this brother-sister pair can sleep peacefully knowing how much their firstborn loves his new sister.

Hopefully, this bond only gets stronger as they grow up. While a lot of siblings bicker and fight, it’s clear that these two will be grow up to be different. If he keeps on being this sweet, then this girl is really lucky to have him in her life because he will, without a doubt, always have her back.

Are you close with your sibling?

7 Reasons Why Your Ears Might Be Ringing – And How To Fix It

Ringing ears or tinnitus, is probably the most annoying thing that can happen to you. It causes headaches, annoyance and even ruins your focus. If you are fine living with ringing in your ears, you’re either crazy or I am a baby! Either way, no one should have to deal with something that can easily go away if you know the cause.

Here are seven reasons why your ears may be ringing and how to make them stop:

The build up of earwax in your ears can cause them to make you hear a non-existent ringing noise. This is because the earwax blocks your ears. Luckily, this is a very simple fix. See your doctor and they can remove it in minutes. Once it is removed, the ringing will be instantly gone.

Try to remember to clean them yourself at home. This will probably lower the chances of a huge build up, causing you to have to go to the doctor. If you use Q-Tips, ensure that you are not pushing them to the very back of your ear, this could push on your eardrum and cause hearing problems. Keep them towards the front of your ear to remove any excess wax.

Any sort of exposure to a loud environment can cause your ears to ring. This could be from working with heavy equipment or listening to really loud music. You won’t necessarily hear the ringing right away either. You may be more susceptible to constant ringing if you are around loud noises quite frequently.

To protect yourself from this happening, wear the proper ear protection while using loud machines, and always turn your music down. It should never be turned up all the way, especially while wearing headphones. Too much exposure to these loud noises without protection could do more damage than just ringing ears. Over time, you could experience hearing problems.

Stress can play a part in why your ears may be ringing. When you are stressed you’ll notice your ear ringing may seem even louder. So, stress isn’t the only factor but it can make things worse.

If you suffer from tinnitus, which is re-occurring ear ringing, counselling can actually reduce symptoms. In the meantime, don’t over-stress if your ears start to ring. Kick back, relax and you’ll see the symptoms diminish.

The reason your ears may be ringing can be due to bone growth. A hereditary disorder, called otosclerosis, causes bone in the middle ear to grow abnormally. This can lead to Tinnitus somewhere in your middle-age.

This is not a huge thing to worry about, as it can be treated by surgery. This isn’t a disorder that usually hides itself so you probably can tell you have it from early on, and get it treated from there.