10 Delicious Anti-Aging Foods That Are Proven To Make You Look Younger

Scientists are nowhere close to discovering the fountain of youth, but there are some foods out there that are magical in its own right.

Here are 10 anti-aging foods that might add years to your life, and the cherry on top is that they’re also delicious!

1. Wine & Chocolate

Life is unimaginable without these two, so it’s reassuring to know they have some health benefits! Red wine and dark chocolate are a great source of resveratrol, which has been found to reverse signs of cellular aging.

2. Sweet Potatoes

You’ll want to make sure the sweet potatoes you choose look more purple than brown. The purple variety contain high levels of anthocyanin, a compound that is found to increase lifespan.

3. Carrots

The more orange a carrot is, the more carotenoids it has, which has been found to have anti-aging properties. Foods that are rich in vitamin A restore and regenerate damaged collagen, and they also possess incredible cancer-fighting properties.

4. Coconut

These tropical fruits are the most talked about beauty ingredient in the last few years. Coconuts contain healthy fats that protects DNA from damage.

5. Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants that help keep your skin young. We’re quick to spit out those hard pomegranate seeds, but they’re actually loaded with compounds that help your body preserve collagen.

Four more until we reveal the easiest anti-aging secret. The last one will shock you!

Women Are Battling Signs of Aging With One Workout That Costing Them Nothing

We can’t stop ourselves from aging, but we can find ways to slow down the process.

The beauty industry rakes in billions of dollars annually just in anti-aging products and age-reversing cosmetic procedures.

We’re told to drink water, apply moisturizer, wear sunscreen, consume foods high in antioxidants, and we do all that, but we’re not getting the results we want.

Following those beauty regimes are important and have been proven to slow down signs of aging, but there’s another effective method that hasn’t been getting lot of hype, until now.

A new study revealed that women were able to appear younger and reduce their facial and neck wrinkles by doing one simple workout.

The best part is that it won’t cost you a cent. That means no cosmetic procedures and no expensive creams.

So what is all the hype about?

Your Two Favorite Foods Will Actually Make You Look Younger

It’s the age-old question: how do I look younger without getting plastic surgery? If only there was an easy way to reverse the look of aging while still enjoying ourselves!

Well, good news. There is.

A new study suggests two of our most favorite foods in the world will help aging cells repair themselves and behave as young cells again.

“When I saw some of the cells in the culture dish rejuvenating I couldn’t believe it,” Dr. Eva Latorre, Research Associate at the University of Exeter, said. “These old cells were looking like young cells. It was like magic. I repeated the experiments several times and in each case the cells rejuvenated. I am very excited by the implications and potential for this research.”

The Sleuth Journal

So what exactly are these “magic foods” that will make us look younger?

This Chocolate Can Literally Make You Look Younger

Most of us don’t eat chocolate for the health benefits, mainly because there aren’t a lot of them. Dark chocolate can be healthy in small quantities, but more often than not, chocolate is seen as something that will ruin your skin, not fix it.

Recently, the world was introduced to ruby chocolate, which is the first new type of chocolate created in 80 years.

“We don’t add flavorings, we don’t add coloring, or additives: it’s purely coming out of this bean, and its all natural,” Peter Boone, chief innovation and quality officer for Barry Callebaut said. “It’s a dedication to years of research into the artisanal processes of making chocolate. But it was also luck that we found this potential in the bean 13 years ago.”

And if you thought that was exciting, then you’ll LOVE Estechoc, which boasts itself as both candy and skin care.

So how can a piece of chocolate really help your complexion?