Baby’s First Bath With Father Leaves Everyone Surprised

Baby's First Bath With Father Leaves Everyone Surprised

Being a new parent is so exciting. You get to experience this world you’re used to with brand new eyes.

You relish every single one of their first times, hoping to record all your child’s early milestones so that you can one day you can watch them together and reminisce.

My daughter’s first bath felt as special as the first time she walked. The way she surveyed the bath water, and watched the ripples with her big hazel eyes will never fade from my memory.

She still loves water today, and has been a professional lifeguard for a few years now. I can’t help but think that it all started with the first time I held in her the bathtub while I gently rinsed her body.

Although I didn’t get the chance to record my daughter decades ago, one mother did.

She was worried about her baby’s first bathtub experience and how they would react. But one thing is for certain, she’ll never regret recording it…


In the video below, the father cradles his beloved infant. While he’s speaking gently to his baby, both parents notice how their little one is flapping their hands in the water, trying to swim.

Ripples start forming around the child as the baby looks around wide-eyed with excitement.

The little one felt so relaxed that they were about to sleep! Also, how adorable was that sneeze at the end?!

What a beautiful moment between a father and his baby!

How did your children react the first time you gave them a bath?

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“Grey’s Anatomy” Star Reveals He Is Married, Then Drops Another Bombshell

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s Dr.Owen Hunt hasn’t been very lucky when it comes to romantic relationships.

Since joining Grey’s Anatomy in the fifth season, he has been linked to a number of women including Dr. Christina Yang and Dr. Amelia Shepherd, both of whom he married at one point. Unfortunately, all of his relationships were nothing short of complicated.

It did not help that he struggled with PTSD after being discharged from the military, and that he had to deal with many extremely stressful situations, including a lawsuit, as the hospital’s Chief of Surgery.

Thankfully, real life is way less dramatic for the actor behind the character, Kevin McKidd.

OMG Check It Out

The Scottish-born actor recently confirmed on his personal website that he got married to personal chef Arielle Goldrath.

The couple, who aren’t very active on social media, have kept a relatively low profile, but they were dating for over a year before tying the knot.

However, just because his life is better offscreen, it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had some ups and downs, especially when it comes to love. McKidd was previously married to Jane Parker for 17 years, and they welcomed two kids, daughter Iona, 15, and son Joseph, 17, before parting ways in 2016.

Their divorce was finalized this past December, so McKidd and Goldrath were able to say “I do” shortly after.

Along with the announcement, McKidd shared a beautiful photo of him and his new wife walking down the aisle, and also revealed that they were expecting a baby.

Kylie Jenner Reveals First Glimpse Of Baby Stormi’s Face, Looks Just Like Her Mother

It’s only been a month since Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her daughter, and we’re already graced with the first picture of her newborn.

While we usually have to wait until a celebrity decides to show the first official pictures of their offspring in a magazine spread, the Kardashians have chosen not to profit from their children’s photos, but instead post them on their respective social media accounts.

Coming off the heels of her big sister Kim Kardashian’s reveal of baby Chicago, fans have been anxiously waiting to see a picture Stormi’s adorable mug.  

The young makeup mogul previously tweeted her daughter looked just like her when she was an infant, but the real question is, don’t all babies look the same?

Kylie had shown glimpses of her bundle of joy when she posted a picture of Stormi Webster tightly holding on to the starlet’s thumb, followed by a full body shot of her cradling her daughter.

The last picture had caused controversy online, as several naysayers questioned Kylie’s parenting skills due to her long fingernails. As ridiculous as it sounds, it seems like fans will criticize anything these days.

But despite the backlash, Kylie has shown the world what her daughter truly looks like.

Khloe Kardashian Finally Confirms The Sex Of Her Baby, But Was Disappointed

We may think that we know everything about the Kardashians, but that’s not really true. We’ve been keeping up with the reality TV family for eleven years, but everything they’ve shared with us have been carefully planned and calculated.

Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy is a perfect example.

The 33-year-old was rumored to be pregnant since last fall, but despite the never-ending speculation and confirmation from sources close to the family, she did not officially reveal the news until last December.

Khloe shared a photo of her belly on Instagram and revealed in the captions that she and her NBA star boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, have a baby on the way. She called the milestone “my greatest dream realized.”

ET Online

“We are having a baby!” Khloe wrote. “I had been waiting and wondering but God had a plan all along. He knew what He was doing. I simply had to trust in Him and be patient.”

Khloe struggled with fertility issues in the past, which rendered her unable to have a child with her ex-husband, NBA player Lamar Odom. So as expected, when she found out she was finally going to be a mom, she wanted to keep the news between her family and friends for a while.

“I know we’ve been keeping this quiet but we wanted to enjoy this between our family and close friends as long as we could privately. To enjoy our first precious moments just us ❤️.”

However, the reality star later revealed that the real reason she kept the happy news under wraps was because she was worried about having a miscarriage, especially since her body doesn’t produce enough of the hormone progesterone. This hormone is very important during pregnancy.

“If the doctor is telling me not to announce anything until a specific time then I respect that. I hate that everyone is prying and so nosy. It’s super frustrating.”

Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Ever since the Kardashian sister was given the clear, she has been sharing more and more details about the bun in her oven with the public. Still, people found something else to speculate about: the baby’s sex.

Khloe kept that piece of information on the down low for a while, but she finally confirmed it on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian Unveils Adorable First Photo Of Youngest Child Chicago West

I’m going to share a secret with you, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is my ultimate guilty pleasure.

When it was revealed Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner would be adding to the next generation of the famous family, I was ecstatic over the news. I mean who doesn’t love a celebrity pregnancy?

When Kylie, 20, announced the arrival of her daughter, I among countless others were waiting for the young mother to reveal her name, which is Stormi Webster. She recently said on Twitter her newborn “looks just like me when I was a baby.”

While we haven’t seen a closeup of the latest addition to the famous brood, Kim has delighted fans by sharing a photo of her with her youngest child, Chicago, and boy is she ever adorable.

“Bachelor in Paradise” Star Constantly Shamed For Breastfeeding Her Baby

Having your first baby can be overwhelming. From the sleepless nights, to bonding with your new family member, and figuring out which feeding method works best for you, there is a lot that happens in the first few months of life.

Not only is it tough for your average mom, but when you’re in the spotlight, it can be more overwhelming as people’s opinions about your ability to parent come to light.

Jade Roper Tolbert, who appeared on season 19 of The Bachelor and season two of Bachelor in Paradise, is receiving backlash about her choices when breastfeeding her five-month-old baby, Emerson Avery.

At the end of the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, she became engaged to fellow contestant, Tanner Tolbert. The pair got married in 2016 and welcomed their daughter in August 2017.

Last week, Jade posted a sweet snap of her snuggling after nursing her baby to sleep.

“Mommy PSA! Nursing Emmy has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life (I adore these after feeding snuggles, too). It’s so incredible how our bodies transform during and post-pregnancy,” she shared on Instagram.

Unfortunately her seemingly positive post got an array of negative reactions.

Clinic Held Baby “Hostage” Until Mother Could Pay Her Bills

A health clinic in Gabon is facing criticism from around the world after keeping a baby from her parents for five months.

The newborn girl, known publicly as “baby Angel,” was kept in the Abora Nzoma clinic outside the country’s capital in Libreville until her parents paid their bill.

Angel was born prematurely, and needed to stay in an incubator for 35 days. The BBC reports that the clinic charged Angel’s parents $3,630 for the use of that device.

Gabon Media Time

But the clinic drew national outrage for refusing to release Angel until her parents covered the entire cost of her stay, which took them five months.

Angel’s parents had to raise money to cover their costs, and even the country’s President Ali Bongo chipped in to cover the bill.

While Angel’s parents are happy to bring their baby home, the investigation into the clinic’s behavior has already taken a strange turn.

Kylie Jenner’s Ex-Boyfriend Wants A Paternity Test For Her Newborn Daughter

She’s less than ten days old, but Kylie Jenner’s newborn daughter, Stormi Webster, is already the talk of the town.

After months of speculation, Kylie gave birth to her daughter on February 1, and unveiled the news three days later.

She apologized on Instagram for the secrecy, but said she did so in order to have a stress-free pregnancy.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 4, 2018 at 12:27pm PST

“I knew my baby would feel every stress and every emotion so I chose to do it this way for my little life and our happiness,” Kylie wrote.

“Pregnancy has been the most beautiful, empowering, and life changing experience I’ve had in my entire life and I’m actually going to miss it. I appreciate my friends and especially my family for helping me make this special moment as private as I could,” she added.

The same day, Kylie also posted a touching video on YouTube, where she documented her journey to motherhood, in a tribute to her daughter.

[embedded content]

While PEOPLE has reported the makeup mogul and her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, have yet to move in together, a source said the couple are thrilled at being new parents.

“They are co-parenting though, and things are going great. They are together and happy,” a source told the magazine. “They’re just enjoying their little family.”

However, an ex-boyfriend from Kylie’s past is already stirring up drama.

Kylie Jenner Reveals Newborn Daughter’s Name

After months of speculation, Kylie Jenner finally came clean about her pregnancy… and the birth of her first child.

The youngest Kar-Jenner sibling was reported pregnant in September, but neither she nor her family have addressed the rumors. The father is Jenner’s boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, who she has been dating since April, following her split with long-time boyfriend, rapper Tyga.


Despite their silence, more and more evidence kept pointing to the fact that Kylie was indeed expecting a baby – from her baggy outfits, lack of public appearances, absence from the family’s annual Christmas card to a crib delivery last month.

Then out of nowhere, the 20-year-old multi-millionaire put all the speculation to rest by sharing an Instagram post and an emotional 13-minute video chronicling her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.

She apologized for all the secrecy and explained that she stayed out of the public eye because she wanted a “stress-free and healthy” pregnancy.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 4, 2018 at 12:27pm PST

“Pregnancy has been the most beautiful, empowering, and life changing experience I’ve had in my entire life and I’m actually going to miss it.”

The new mom gave birth on February 1, but did not share the news with the world until Sunday, February 4.

However, she held off from revealing one important detail, until now: the baby’s name.

The Step by Step Explanation on How Contractions Work!

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside your body when you are in labor? While it can be hard to wrap your head around what is actually happening in the moment, it’s actually a really cool experience that your body is going through.

As a mom of a two-year-old daughter, I remember going into the delivery room not really knowing what to expect. I let the nurses and doctors guide me through the birth of my baby and luckily for me, it went off without a hitch. I’m not going to pretend that the 26 hours of labor that I experienced was like a walk in the park, but after hearing horror stories about childbirth, it could have been a lot worse.

Now that I am embarking on my second journey into the labor and delivery ward, I can’t help but notice guides and tips on childbirth online.

This one demo is a great visual about what happens to your body while you’re getting ready to deliver a child.

  • Ping Pong Ball
  • Balloon
  1. First thing you do is get the ping pong ball inside of the balloon. Do this by stretching the opening and getting your fingers to the bottom of the balloon to hold it open to fit the ping pong ball inside.
  2. Then inflate the balloon half way.
  3. Allow the ball to rest at the base of the balloon and tug on the neck to prevent the air from escaping.
  4. Now if you squeeze the size of the balloon you can see that not much is happening to the ball and the neck of the balloon. This simulates Braxton Hicks contractions that happens in the late-stage of pregnancy.
  5. Real contractions start at the top of the balloon. As the contractions start, the muscle fibers at the top get shorter and thinner which squeeze the top and pull on the side of the uterus.
  6. Just like regular contractions, if you squeeze and let go slowly you will see the next the balloon get shorter and thinner. This is like your cervix during early labor. The focus is on shorten and thinning instead of dilation.
  7. Once the neck of the balloon is short and thin, that’s when you work on dilating the cervix.
  8. Just like actual labor, you squeeze the balloon gently and then one more push…and the baby is here!

Having gone through childbirth once before doesn’t change my outlook as I prepare to head back into the hospital in a few weeks to welcome my baby boy. It merely gives me one more story about how to bring a child into the world.

This is a great visual to show your partner, friends or family members so they can actually see what is happening to the body when a baby is being born.

Kim Kardashian Speaks Out On Rumors About A Fourth Child

Just a week after the birth of their third child, Kim Kardashian West is already thinking about another baby.

“Even before Chicago was born, Kim was talking about asking the surrogate to carry her next baby,” a source tells PEOPLE.


The couple welcomed their second daughter Chicago on January 15 by surrogate. After Kim carried their first two children, North who is four, and Saint who is two-years-old, she was warned of health concerns in future pregnancies.

“I have always been really honest about my struggles with pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia and placenta accreta are high-risk conditions, so when I wanted to have a third baby, doctors said that it wasn’t safe for my—or the baby’s—health to carry on my own,” she said.

That’s when the family turned to a surrogate to carry their third child.

“We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give and to our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care,” she said.

But it turns our their surrogate’s work may not be done.

Woman Panics After Her Breast Milk Turns Pink

Your baby’s health is of utmost importance, so if anything seems amiss, it’s natural that you’re going to freak out immediately.

A breastfeeding mother said she “nearly had a heart attack” when she noticed her breast milk had turned pink, but luckily there was a fascinating reason behind the dramatic change in color.

When you think of milk in general, the only color that comes to mind is white. In fact, milk can be all sorts of colors, depending on the mother’s diet and the changing needs of development in the baby.

In terms of nutrition, if a mother consumes large amounts of food or drink containing food dyes, their breast milk can take on a hint of green, blue, yellow, or pink.

If the food is not bad, it’s not huge cause for concern.

One Australian mother couldn’t help but panic while feeding her 16-month-old daughter, who started acting unusually. When her daughter unlatched from her nipple, she squirted pink fluid. She was worried that her blood was mixing into her milk.

Fortunately she discovered that the pink color was from one of her favorite vegetables!

New Mom’s Doctor Called The Police On Her When She Asked For Help

New mom Jessica Porten has been experiencing Postpartum Depression (PPD) since the birth of her second daughter, Kira.

While the mood disorder can be grueling, Porten’s case is not exactly unique. As many as one in seven women will experience PPD after childbirth, according to the American Psychological Association.

Porten, her husband Scott, and their two daughters. Jessica Porten

That only makes the story this new mom shared on Facebook more shocking, because it could happen to almost anyone.

As Porten explains, she was already in a bad mood when she arrived at a recent doctor’s appointment for Kira. The office kept moving the date back, and Kira was already four months old. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Porten says she waited an hour in the clinic before being called into an exam room with a nurse practitioner. Porten explained to her that she was living with “postpartum depression that is manifesting in fits of anger,” and asked about medication to control it.

Porten and her daughter Kira.Jessica Porten

“I tell them I have a very strong support system at home,” the new mom wrote on Facebook, “so although I would never hurt myself or my baby, I’m having violent thoughts and I need medication and therapy to get through this.”

After a quick exam the nurse left the room to get the doctor. Then, the nurse came back alone, and told Porten she had called the police. But Porten’s awful day would only get worse.

7 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names That Will Make You Question Everything

In light of Kim and Kanye naming their most recent child “Chicago,” it got us thinking about why celebrities decide to be so cruel and name their children the weirdest and dumbest names they can think of. Here’s a list of seven horrible names celebrities gave their children.

1. Kal-El

Child of Nicolas Cage. He was named after Superman.

2. Apple

Child of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, when asked why they made this decision, Gwyneth answered “Right, well, um, basically it was because when we were first pregnant, her daddy said, if it’s, basically one day he just said if it’s a girl I think her name should be Apple. And I just, it sounded so sweet, and it conjures such a lovely picture for me, you know apples are so sweet and they’re wholesome, and it’s biblical and it’s just, they’re so, and I just thought it sounded so lovely and …” So, she obviously had no idea either.

3. Sage MoonBlood

Child of Sylvester Stallone, Moonblood is Sage’s middle name, but still, that’s horrible.

‘Miracle Mother’ Saves Baby By Using Her Body To Cushion Him In 80 Foot Fall

We all know that mothers would do anything to protect their children from harm, but every now and then, we need to honor the parents who go above and beyond to prove their love.

One mother showed her everlasting love by preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice for her child.

When their apartment building caught fire, the flames quickly spread upwards to the eighth story room that this young family was living in.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to get to the stairs and escape before it became clear that they were trapped 80 feet above ground level.

The fire had consumed much of the lower levels, and people had gathered outside to see. The mother’s boyfriend stood out on the balcony and called down to the crowd.

One witness reportedly said, “I heard a man begging – ‘break down the door!’ But it was metal – there was no way.”

As the smoke had filled the apartment, the mother stepped out onto the balcony cradling her child, unable to breath in the toxic fumes.

She looked down at the ground, and knew she couldn’t stay her with her baby and live. With one last look down, she jumped off of the ledge.

Man Saves Choking Toddler During First Act As A Police Officer

An Indiana man saved a toddler’s life during his first ever act as a police officer.

Hobart police officer Richard Mayer was eating at a local Chick-Fil-A with his colleagues on Jan. 14 when he noticed a toddler was choking on her meal.

Melissa Hasse, urgently picked up her daughter, Charlotte, and started running towards the man in uniform for help.

“I looked over and she started gagging. I could see something kind of in the back of her throat, mistakenly reached in to try to grab it out, I think that pushed it back into her throat,” Hasse told ABC 7.

Mayer said the incident caught all of the officers off guard.

“She came running over… I grabbed her and Officer Ramos to my right flipped her over, we did back slaps on her and got food dislodged from her throat right away,” Mayer said.

Hasse couldn’t have been more grateful.

“This is what he was meant to do,” Hasse said. “To save lives in some kind of way.”

While an amazing story, this isn’t the first time police officers have been in the news for doing something spectacular.

Megan Fox Shares a Rare Photo Of Her Son Journey, And We Can’t Believe Our Eyes

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are the parents of three young sons; five-year-old Noah, three-year-old Bodhi and their newest addition, Journey. Brian also shares a 15-year-old son, Kassius, with General Hospital actress Vanessa Marcil.

The 31-year-old Transformers actress welcomed their youngest in August 2016, but for the most part has kept him out of the limelight.

“I knew I was always going to be a mother; I felt like that was always a big part of my path,” she said in June. “But I never knew I was going to have three in such rapid succession!”

Brian also spoke candidly about their growing family. “You know, nothing is planned,” he told People. “None of them are ever planned. You kind of just go with it. At my age, to be having three babies, is crazy!”

The actress gave us a ‘first look’ at the newest addition when she posted an adorable picture of her and the baby on her Instagram at the end of October, when Journey was about 15 months old.

The news of her third pregnancy came as a surprise since she had filed for divorce from Brian less than a year earlier.

The couple started dating in 2004, and were married in Hawaii in June 2010 before welcoming their three children.

Just before Journey was born, it seemed like the couple was back on track.

“Brian and Megan are living together in Malibu with their boys,” a source told People in July. “They have been getting along and seem very happy.”

And now we’re getting a better glimpse into their lives, and it’s amazing how quickly things have changed!

Serena Williams Reveals “Everything Went Bad” After Giving Birth

In December, tennis superstar Serena Williams faced off against French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko at the Mubadala exhibition event in the United Arab Emirates. Williams lost the game, but on a personal level, that was a winning moment in so many ways.

See, the game was Williams’s first match after giving birth three months prior and taking nearly a year-long break from the sport.

The 36-year-old and her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, welcomed a daughter, Alexis Olympia, on September 1, 2017, but apparently, Williams had a rough start at motherhood.


When the family first shared photos of their new addition with the public, Williams hinted at the fact that there were some complications after the baby’s birth, and that they had to spend six additional days at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“It’s been a long time, but we had a lot of complications, but look who we got — we got a baby girl!” Williams said in a video, which included a short montage of her journey to motherhood.


It’s been four months since Alexis, made her debut, and she landed her first magazine cover alongside her mom. The pair are the cover stars of Vogue’s February issue, and during their interview, Williams got very candid about the major health complications she suffered from during the birth process.

Hugh Grant Is Expecting His Fifth Child, But Not Everyone Is Celebrating

While romantic comedies are Hugh Grant’s bread and butter, the hunky British actor has tried to keep his actual relationships out of the public spotlight.

But when Hugh and his girlfriend Anna Eberstein walked the red carpet at last week’s Golden Globes, the Swedish TV producer’s baby bump revealed the couple were expecting.

Grant’s girlfriend Anna Eberstein is a Swedish TV producer.Neilson Barnard

Eberstein’s mother Susanne confirmed the good news to the Swedish media outlet Aftonbladet. “I’m very happy to be getting another grandchild. She’s due rather soon,” she gushed.

But while a pregnancy announcement is usually cause for celebration, the excitement around Grant’s fifth child is exposing serious baby drama that has been brewing over the past few years.

The new child will be Grant’s third with Eberstein. The couple already have a five-year-old son named John Mungo and a two-year-old daughter whose name is still unknown.

Grant has had two children with restaurant worker Tinglan Hong.Paul Grover / Matrix

But Grant also has two children with another woman. That might not sound scandalous, but the timing of the births is key.

In 2011, Grant had a daughter named Tabitha, his first child, with a restaurant receptionist named Tinglan Hong. The media made a lot of the fact that Tabitha’s Chinese name, Xiao Xi, means “happy surprise.”

Eberstein was pregnant with Grant’s son John at the same time Hong was pregnant with Tabitha.

But this sordid love story only gets stranger from here.

Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Doesn’t Go According To Plan, Now Grandma’s Reaction Is Going Viral

There is such thing as being too clever for your own good, and Shantelle and Wesley Dozier learned that the hard way.

The couple have been together for 15 years, and were trying on and off to have a baby almost the entire time. After trying their fourth round of fertility treatments, the couple were almost ready to give up.

“We thought that that was it, it was our fourth try, we were going to be done,” Shantelle told People. “We were throwing in the towel, and we thought we were never going to be parents.”

Shantelle Dozier

But against all odds, the couple were blessed with not one but two children, as Shantelle learned she was pregnant with twins.

“I was expecting that it was never going to happen, and now to finally know we’re going to have our own family, it still feels unreal,” she said.

Of course after all the hoping, wishing, and waiting, the couple wanted to come up with the perfect way to break the news to Wesley’s mother Cynthia.

Soon-to-be grandma Cynthia took a while to catch on.Shantelle Dozier / Facebook

But their idea for an announcement “prank” proved a little too complicated for the new grandma, and her reaction had the whole family in tears of laughter.