66-Year-Old Lives In Her Daughter’s Backyard In A Stunning “Granny Pod”

Meredith Stannard, 66, knew she would be retiring this year, but instead of selling their house and moving into a retirement community, she and her partner had another plan.

The couple did downsize, but they took it to an extreme by moving into a 613-square-foot tiny home in the backyard of her daughter, Drew, and son-in-law’s house in Seattle.

“Everybody was curious,” Stannard said of her former co-workers. “I started doing these happy hours where I’d have one or two people over at a time. There’s a lot of buzz with people wondering if they could do this too.”

Matt Hagen

Drew said that when she first shared the idea with her friends, the reactions were mixed.

“When I told friends, their reaction was either, ‘That’s so wonderful, wish I could do that with my family,’ or ‘Oh my god, you’re crazy, I could never do that with my parents,'” said Drew. “You know whether or not it would work for you and your family.”

The family first toyed with the idea of having a “granny pod” about three years ago when Drew and her husband, Jacob, were buying a house. The couple eventually found a large enough property to fit a tiny cottage.

“Drew’s an only child and we’re very close, very direct with one other, but we wanted to make sure Jacob was absolutely on board,” explained Stannard. “We made sure that they were sure before we even contacted the architect.”

The retiree has since moved into the house and the family dynamic couldn’t be better.

Matt Hagen

The family worked with many different contractors to bring their vision to life, and they furnished the home with items from retailers that make furniture for smaller spaces.

The final result is amazing.

19 Wind Chimes To Make Your Yard Beautiful

Wind chimes are a beautiful addition to any yard. Whether you make your own or buy one from a store, they can provide wonderful music any time of the year.

These are some of our favorite wind chimes that you can get to make your porch sound and look amazing!

This Teacup Bird Feeder Will Look So Cute In Your Backyard

I love this bird feeder! It’s so cute and super easy to make. All you need to make it is a teacup, small plate, glue and rope. Try making one for your backyard and let us know how it is!

  • teacup and saucer
  • ceramic glue
  • twine
  • birdseed
  • bird feeder hanger
  1. Start by gluing the side of your teacup to your saucer. Let dry.
  2. Cut three long pieces of twine about two feet long. Knot the three strands together near one end. Glue the knot onto the bottom middle of the saucer.
  3. Once the glue is dry, take your three strands of twine and gather them above the teacup. Make sure the teacup hangs level and then tie the three strands into a knot.
  4. Your teacup is now ready for outside! Fill with birdseed and enjoy your new bird friends!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwuEl38evuM?feature=oembed]

13-Year-Old Taught Himself How To Make A Tiny Home, And You’ll Love The Result

How’s this for breaking a trend: at a time when almost 40% of college grads are moving back in with their parents, 13-year-old Luke Thill has already built his own house.

The teenager started work on his tiny home in June, with no plans and no construction knowledge. He had become fascinated with YouTube videos of people building the trendy houses, and realized no one his age was making them.

“I was just on YouTube looking around and came across a tiny house idea and then that spiraled into looking at almost every YouTube video there is, it felt like,” he told ABC. “I got obsessed with them and decided to build my own.”

His parents, Greg and Angie, were encouraging, but set some firm ground rules at the start of the project. Luke had to raise all the money to build the home himself by doing odd jobs and chores, and they insisted he should stay under his $1,500 budget. To get him started, Greg showed his son how to build the frame for his house.

Learning from YouTube videos and local builders along the way, Luke traded time, money, skills and materials until he completed this seriously impressive project…