Barbra Streisand Reveals She Cloned Her Dog Samantha Twice

When I was a child, Barbra Streisand was a staple in my house. She was my mother’s favorite artist and like my parents, a doting animal lover.

I never had a pet dog before, but when I visited the homes of my friends and family, I was sure to give their pooches a healthy dose of love and affection.

Until 2017, Streisand had a beloved dog too. Samantha was a beautiful Coton du Tulear, who lived to the ripe old age of 14.

But during an interview with Variety, Streisand revealed the unique way she kept Samantha’s memory alive – by cloning her.

You Probably Didn’t Know That These Random Hollywood Celebrities Go Way Back

They say you have to remember where you came from, and that friends stay friends forever.

That’s not just the case for you and your friends from high school, but also for A-list celebrities. Everyone has to come from somewhere, and you might be surprised that in this giant world, more than a couple stars have known each other since before they could drive!

How many of these celebrity pairs did you know knocked elbows in their awkward youth?

The two major league actors spent their teenage years growing up at Santa Monica High School.

The stars are two years apart, but I’m sure they must have passed each other in the halls of Santa Monica Crossroads School from time to time.

Do you think that either one of them knew how famous they were going to be in just a few years?

The two women attended the same Catholic school in New York City. Their classmate Paris Hilton unfortunately never graduated.

These two have been good friends ever since they were in high school. While Rob always wanted to start acting, Charlie held out hopes for a baseball career!

High school stars include these upcoming iconic duos…

Barbara Streisand Reveals How She Kept Her Marriage Strong After Over 20 Years

The sad truth is that our favorite Hollywood couples seem to split up after just a few months together, so it’s always refreshing to read about a pair that have stood the test of time.

Singer Barbra Streisand’s marriage to actor James Brolin is one of those rare Hollywood romances that has lasted for more than two decades, which is no small feat. As Streisand says herself, “20 years in Hollywood is like 50 years in Chicago.”

The happy couple in 1998.The Pinsta

And their love story’s longevity isn’t the only thing that sets them apart. Streisand and Brolin also met each other when they were both in their 50s. And they were both looking for a fresh start after their earlier failed marriages.

Streisand, who had been singing and performing since she was a teenager, had been married to actor Elliot Gould for eight years after meeting him on Broadway. And James Brolin, who often played the romantic lead in his movies, was actually unlucky in love, with two divorces under his belt by the time he met Streisand.

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What attracted Brolin to Streisand when they met by chance at a dinner party in 1996 was the most surprising part of their romance yet: it was her brutal honestly. The singer told Brolin she didn’t like his hair, and he was smitten right away.

Now, the singer is sharing what kept their relationship happy and strong for the last 20 years.