Woman Fell In Love With An Alcoholic Homeless Man In ‘Rags To Riches’ Fairytale

You never quite know when you are going to meet the person you are going to marry. There are times when it feels like we fall in love at first sight, but it normally takes people years to get to know someone and make the final call.

Still, first impressions are important, and nobody knows this better than Vic Kocula. In 2006 he was living on the streets of Amsterdam with a severe drinking problem after running out of money on his backpacking vacation.

“The wheels fell off and the alcoholism kicked in heavy. It was such a gradual turn that one day I realised: ‘Oh my God, I’m a homeless alcoholic’,” he told This Morning, on ITV.

Vic was begging for money to afford his habits, but one day, everything changed for him.

Emmy Abrahamson was on a vacation at the time, and sat down on a park bench to take in the city sights.

When Vic approached her, she knew right away he was homeless, but there was something about what he said to her that made her stop and think.

A Scientist Thinks He Finally Cracked This Coded Ancient Manuscript

Historical discoveries become fewer and fewer as the years pass (though they will never stop, as history will never stop being made). There are still mysteries that have stumped scientists, treasure seekers, historians, puzzle masters, and your average citizen for centuries, the Voynich Manuscript being one of them.


This ancient book has been dated back to the early 1400s, and no one has really ever figured out what it was about, though some speculated that it was about women’s health based on the number of images of naked women. But because it was written in an unknown language, in a never before seen script, with what appears to be a scrambled, unsolvable code, no one has ever really known for sure. That is, until now.


A computer scientist from the University of Alberta, in Canada, appears to have solved the mystery that has been stumping experts for decades. Greg Kondrak used his computer skills to potentially decipher the book, which by his translations starts with, “She made recommendations to the priest …”

Why Men Are From Mars, And Women Are From Venus

We get it, men and women are different. And honestly, most of us can attest to this metaphor that puts each sex on a different planet.

So what makes men from Mars, and women from Venus? The 1992 book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, written by relationship counselor John Gray, has all the information you ever needed to know about understanding your longtime life partner.

Seriously, who could write a book better than a guy who grew up with five brothers and then became a monk? Gray’s self-help book sold 50 millions copies, and spent 121 weeks on the bestseller list.

According to astrological theory, the planet Mars possesses qualities like stubbornness, hardship, hard work, adventure, pride, risk taking, gamble, free will, and dominance.

In contrast, the planet Venus possesses qualities like love, sensuality, sacrifice, compromise, homeliness, food, music, art, and festivities.

However it’s more than just astrological theory that dictates why men belong to the red planet and women belong to the blue planet. Gray offered some great advice that really changed the way both sexes interacted with each other.

Above all, we learned how to build lasting relationships by responding to each other effectively without arguing and hurting each other’s feelings.

If you didn’t get a chance to read it, here are key takeaways from the book!

Shirley Temple’s Secret Autobiography Shines A Light On Her Troubled Career

Shirley Temple dazzled audiences around the world with her singing and dancing, but behind the scenes life as a child star was anything but glamorous.

Temple already set the record straight in her 1988 autobiography Child Star, but a new second volume to her best-seller, written before her death in 2014, promises even more details about her career.

Pageant Stars USA

Temple’s son, Charles Black Jr., revealed his mother wrote a sequel to Child Star focusing on her adult life as a diplomat, but movie fans are hoping to learn even more about Temple’s film career when the book is released later this year.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLLSqpYyPD8?feature=oembed]

The actress, who wrote that “biographies of me have usually been compiled from old newspaper clips [and] untruthful publicity stories,” set out to reveal what life was really like on the set of her films. And it wasn’t pretty.

“Being a starlet was difficult, and I was a starlet from three-and-a-half to five years of age,” she explained.


Temple remembered that she and other child actors were put in “the box” when they misbehaved. The time-out area was a sound department box with a chilly block of ice dumped inside.

“[I was] in the dark with the door closed. I got a lot of earaches, styes, a lot of problems from it. The lesson was time is money. And it’s work, not play,” Temple wrote.

Even as an adult, Temple’s childhood in Hollywood came back to bite her in a surprising way.

How Stephen King Became ‘Richard Bachman’ And Why He Let Him Die

Even if you aren’t an avid reader, odds are, you know the name Stephen King. His books have become a household staple, and his legacy as an author is one of America’s greatest.

He is known for simply writing all the time, and producing amazing – albeit horrifying – story lines. After reading several of Kings many, many books, you may even be able to pick up on his signature style.

By 1977, his fame was already growing, and with his next book, The Stand, slated to be released, all signs pointed towards happy days for King. But he had ran into a snag with his publisher.

You wouldn’t think that a critically acclaimed writer with several popular bestsellers out would have a problem publishing his books. As it turns out, that’s exactly what King was struggling with even after the wide success of his first three novels, Carrie, Salem’s Lot, and The Shining.

To solve his problem, King was going to do more than write a story, he was going to create a character, and then make him real.

The True Story Behind ‘Love You Forever’ Makes The Classic Book Even More Heartbreaking

Unless you’ve been raising your kids on another planet, you’ve probably heard of Robert Munch’s classic children’s book Love You Forever.

In fact, you’re probably sick of the story after reading it over and over to your own kids. But just in case you need a reminder, it’s about a mother who sings the same song to her son at different stages in life. At the end of the book, the boy (now a grownup) holds his elderly mother and sings back the same song.

Firefly Books

Parents everywhere fell in love with the classic story, illustrator Sheila McGraw’s art, and the beautiful message that you will always love your kids, even if they get on your nerves sometimes.

Since 1986, millions of copies of the book have been sold, and it reached number four on Publisher Weekly‘s list of best-selling children’s books. But there’s a tragic story behind the book that most parents know about.

It was to do with the song repeated throughout the book:

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.

It turns out that song had a special meaning for Munsch and his wife, at a time in their lives when the author was so sad he couldn’t even bring himself to cry.

Amazon Says These 20 Books Are The Ones Everyone Wants To Read

If you’re having trouble choosing the perfect gift for that avid reader in your life, Amazon has a few suggestions.

They’ve provided helpful lists of both the bestselling books and best-reviewed books in their online store. Every one they’ve highlighted is a great read, but we’ve picked out 10 highlights from both lists.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey

Get it here!

Audiences fell in love with Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey’s troubled love story as a book, before it was adapted into a Hollywood film starring Dakota Johnson. If they haven’t already read this, they’re sure to love it.

2. The Hunger Games

Get it here!

While it’s considered a “young adult” novel, readers of all ages were thrilled by Katniss Everdeen’s fight to survive in this science fiction story. The teenager is forced to compete in The Hunger Games, where teenage gladiators fight to the death on live TV.

3. Catching Fire

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In the second Hunger Games book, Katniss is forced to compete in another life or death competition as she’s drawn deeper into the heart of the Capitol’s evil plans.

4. Fifty Shades Darker

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Anastasia and Christian return in this sequel to the global bestseller, which reveals more about the troubled billionaire’s inner demons.

5. Mockingjay

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The action-packed conclusion to the Hunger Games series sees former enemies uniting in a rebellion to overthrow the Capitol, but Katniss and Peeta’s relationship is tested by their latest trial.

6. Gone Girl

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If you love true crime shows like Dateline, you’ll get a kick out of this edgy thriller by Gillian Flynn, which begins with a housewife’s mysterious disappearance.

7. Fifty Shades Freed

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The long-awaited conclusion to the Fifty Shades series asks “What happens after happily ever after.” Unsurprisingly, the answer threatens to drive Anastasia and Christian apart once and for all.

8. The Help

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The lives of three women living in Mississippi in the 1960s intersect in this heartfelt, funny and important novel about life in the midst of the Civil Rights movement.

9. Unbroken

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From the author of Seabiscuit, this book tells the true story of the life of Louis Zamperini, who became an Olympic athlete, served in World War 2, survived a plane crash and served time in a Japanese POW camp. Perfect for the history buff on your list.

10. The Fault In Our Stars

Get it here!

John Green’s latest book – Turtles All The Way Down – is set to become another massive hit, so it’s worth revisiting his most popular work. The love story of two teenagers with cancer is guaranteed to make you cry before you reach the final chapter.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, try one of the online store’s Best-Reviewed books on the next page.

Save $30 Off The Kindle Paperwhite You’ve Always Wanted

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Get this immensely popular device for yourself or your “bookish” friend, here for only $89.99!

Did A Hollywood Curse Kill John Belushi, John Candy and Chris Farley?

It has never been more popular to adapt novels and books into movies, though the phenomenon is not a new one. But sometimes the process becomes impossible, especially when there is opposition from otherworldly forces.

We’ve heard about weird instances of bad luck attaching itself to certain projects, like the tragedies that happened on set with The Exorcist, or the superstition around saying the name of the main character in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

But for the filming of John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces, it appears more than probable accidents. It almost seems that an invisible force is preventing it from ever being made…

It began in 1980 when producers started looking for an A-list actor to play the eccentric and cumbersome protagonist Ignatius J. Reilly. Their top choice was John Belushi, who was excited to play the role, a favorite character of his.

Two days before he was due to meet with the film executives, Belushi died of a drug overdose. The tragedy rocked the industry, but after their grieving, the producers began reaching out to other leads.

That’s when things started getting weird…

8 Books You Should Read If You Love “Murder On The Orient Express”

The star-studded movie adaptation of Agatha Christie’s famous railway novel has people flocking to theaters to get swept away on the ride.

Murder on the Orient Express stars Kenneth Branagh, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe and many more!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq4m3yAoW8E?feature=oembed]

If you can’t get enough of Christie’s murderous thrillers then these novels will satisfy your hunger for more reading this winter.

It’s time to curl up on the couch and enjoy some great writing.

After being marooned on a man-made concrete island surrounded by busy traffic, the story of architect, Robert Maitland, teaches you a lot about yourself when you realize you have no way out.

11 people, 10 privileged and one down on his luck painter depart Martha’s Vineyard and the unspeakable happens. Everyone parishes into the ocean except for the painter and a four-year-old boy.

Evidence starts to mount that this accident is a little too coincidental to just happen and signs start to point at a conspiracy to eliminate the rich passengers on board.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in Agatha Christie’s work. When 10 vistors are together on an isolated island and one of them is murdered it sets off a chain reaction of death and secrets.

A priceless yellow diamond given to Rachel Verinder on her eighteen birthday was stolen and that’s when a series of mystifying events and the history of the priceless gem come into play.

An 80-year-old mansion has four people freaked out when they visit the Hill House. Inexplicable events continue to happen as the house begins to possess its inhabitants.

I think by now everyone is familiar with The Shining. Whether you watched Jack Nicholson on the silver screen or you have enjoyed this famous work from Stephen King, this book is definitely worth re-reading if you haven’t done so recently.

A corpse is found shot through the heart in a room locked from within, with no gun in site. Across town a woman robs a bank. Although these incidents seems unrelated, Detective Inspector Martin Beck believes otherwise, and he strives to solve the mystery.

A journalist who writes of a travel magazine gets the assignment of a lifetime. She boards a luxury cruise with only a handful of cabins and gets to spend a week at dinner parties with elegant guests.

It all turns south after she witnesses a woman being thrown overboard. The weird thing is all passengers remain accounted for and the ship continues on as if nothing had happened.

Have you read any of these books before? Share with us in the comments.

Inspiration: EW

These Are The Most Popular Books From The States They Were Based In

They always say “Write what you know”, so it’s no wonder that some of America’s best writers came up with their most successful works after setting them in places they spent a long time in.

Here are the most popular books from six states that have been immortalized in the written word!

This is the classic story of a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River and all the mishaps that happen along the way. It has become a staple of schools everywhere in the world for showing us the difficult lives of a different time in America, with a humorous perspective!

This now iconic story of a mysterious man who refused to give up on his lifelong desire while mixing with New York socialites serves as a cautionary portrayal of the American Dream. It was the most successful work that author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, ever released. It came at a time of economic and political upheaval, perfectly capturing the essence of the country’s transformation.

11 Diary Entries That Give You A Private Look Into The Life Of Some Of History’s Most Famous People

Diaries and journals have been some of the most beloved ways for people to record their personal thoughts, feelings and memories for centuries now. From childhood passions to adult introspection, these give great ways to express yourself on paper, and clearly plenty of historical figures have felt the same way. Here are a few snippets we have of diaries kept by some pretty famous names.

Mark Twain’s journal of names for his characters


As well as the note he left on his door after someone robbed his house


The diary of Anne Frank, a little girl trying to hide from the Nazis


Singer-songwriter Nick Cave’s own personal writing dictionary


The rest of these diary entries come from some real heavy-hitters…

Tom Hanks Helps Couple Get Their Fairy Tale Ending

The star of many feel-good films has long been a favorite of move-goers for his heartfelt performances and his history of just generally being a great guy. Hollywood’s “Mr. Nice Guy” really lived up to his reputation the other night when he helped one of his fans propose to his girlfriend at a book talk he was hosting in Austin.

The actor has melted hearts before with his good deeds, selflessly taking the time to meet with his fans that show their appreciation for his work. Hanks once met with one of his biggest fans, Sarah Moretti, who has autism and had been puting together a scrapbook of his films and news-cuttings for years.

He took the time to meet with her and was genuinely enthusiastic about seeing her book!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n8IwcW21Xs?feature=oembed]

In Austin, the A-list actor decided to go one step further and coordinate a surprise for the ‘superfan’ couple. And he did it all with his classic Hanks humor!

10 Books Scarier Than Any Movie You Could Watch

A great scary movie is always fun leading up to Halloween, but nothing beats reading a truly terrifying book. Movies are great because they show us all the same thing hoping to play on the fears of the audience, it works for some but not for others.

That’s the great thing about books, each reader interprets them differently conjuring their own imagery. When it comes to horror books, the imagination can be a dangerous thing in some cases. Leading up to Halloween here are 10 books that will leave you sleeping with the lights on.

A perfect example of the book being far scarier than the movie. When I read this book for the first time I became not only scared but visually uncomfortable. What’s dead should stay that way.


Nothing is ever as good as the original. Bram Stoker gave us the original vampire and it even a century later it is still scaring people silly. One of my favorite books of all time.


Again we go back to the beginning. When Frankenstein was written, science was no where close to where it is today, so the idea of creating your own monster truly did scare people. Still worth the read today.

Amazon UK

From the same pen that brought us I Am Legend, comes Hell House, a supernatural thriller. The house in question is said to corrupt and destroy all those who walk through its doors. Stephen King even called this the scariest haunted house book ever written.


What list of horror books wouldn’t be complete without the first horror author that most kids are introduced to. Stine has done adult fiction, and Superstitious is a great read playing off of traditional superstitions and why people should pay more attention to them. You’ll find yourself throwing salt over your shoulder in no time.


There’s A Book On How To Fake Your Death To Get Out Of Debt And It’s Surprisingly Legal

Debt is one of the most debilitating facts of life. Very few people (including the super-rich) are able to avoid falling into debt’s clutches. Student debt is particularly debilitating for people trying to build a life for themselves. Elizabeth Greenwood was being crushed by her own student debt and thought that the best way to get through the trouble would be to fake her own death.

Fox 5 NY

Though she says she never truly considered “killing herself off” she did get fairly deep into the process. Greenwood went to the Philippines in order to start the process.

Move Over Peter Rabbit, Vice President Mike Pence’s Bunny Is Getting His Own Book

Yes, in case you didn’t know, Vice President Mike Pence owns a pet rabbit named Marlon Bundo (after the famous actor Marlon Brando).

Marlon is just one of the Pence family’s collection of adorable house pets. There’s also Harley, the Australian Shepherd, and a pair of cats named Pickle and Hazel. But there’s no question that the small black-spotted rabbit nicknamed BOTUS (Bunny of the United States) is the most popular pet by far.

While a rabbit is still considered an unusual pet – Marlon holds the record as the “first rabbit to fly on Air Force Two” – he’s not the only strange animal to call the White House home. President Calvin Coolidge’s wife Grace kept a pet raccoon named Rebecca.

Meanwhile, George Washington owned a donkey named Royal Gift (since he was a gift from the King of Spain) and his wife Martha kept a parrot. More recently, George W. Bush owned a menagerie of animals including a cat named Willie, a dog named Barney and a cow named Ofelia.

And like many other White House pets, Marlon Bundo is following in a proud tradition by helping America’s children learn about his owner’s job in a fun and friendly way. That’s right: this rabbit is about to star in his own children’s book.

And “Grampa” Pence will be in it too…

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