The Perfect Holiday Wreath for Your Front Door!

Do you spend time each year looking for a beautiful wreath to decorate your front door with? Well, no look no further! Make your very own Rudolph wreath with these easy to follow steps. You won’t find a more fitting themed wreath for this Christmas season.

  • wire wreath frame
  • burlap
  • foam paper
  • mod podge
  • styrofoam balls (3)
  • red glitter
  • black paint
  • hot glue gun

1. Begin by creating a basic burlap wreath.

2. Next, cut out to reindeer antlers from your foam paper and glue to the back of the wreath.

3. Take your larger styrofoam ball and mod podge all around it. Then roll the ball around in red glitter so that the entire ball is covered. Set aside to dry.

4. Once the red nose is dry, use your hot glue gun to attach it to the wreath.

5. Finally, paint black circles onto the remaining two styrofoam balls and glue onto the wreath as the eyes.

You Won’t Believe It’s Not Store Bought!

Have you ever tried to re-create those beautiful Christmas bow’s, but instead end up with something completely different and not so beautiful? Well, lucky for you we have the step by step instructions on how to get the perfect bow for your tree!

  • burlap
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

1. Begin by taking your burlap and cutting out four strips the following lengths….18 inches, 18 inches, 15 inches, and 4 inches.

2. Take your 18 inch strip and using your hot glue, glue the ends together to create a circle. Once completed, do the same thing with your second 15 inch piece.

3. Now glue your two circles together, with the smaller one on top.

4. Fold the bow in the middle to create the dimples of the bow. Glue the ribbon together at each fold.

5. Take your remaining 18 inch strip and place it at the bottom of your bow ensuring both ends of the equal amount hanging, then using your smallest strip wrap it around the whole bow and tail and use your hot glue to keep it in place.

6. Final step is to cut triangles out at the end of each of your bow tails.

7. Fluff your bow so it’s not flat, and then find the perfect place to show it.

Make This Beautiful Burlap Wreath For Your Front Door

Buying wreaths can be very expensive, and not always worth the cost. This burlap wreath is super easy to make and the materials are very affordable. All you need are a wire clothes hanger, burlap, glue and artificial leaves!

  • 3 rolls of burlap
  • Wire clothes hanger
  • Artificial leaves
  • Hot glue
  1. Shape your hanger into a large circle.
  2. Push the wire through the burlap. Twist and fold the burlap over itself and push the wire through again. Continue this until the entire wreath is covered.
  3. Glue some artificial leaves to the burlap and your wreath is ready to hang!