One Of These Planes Is Going In The Opposite Direction, Can You Spot Which One?

If you’re dreaming of a winter getaway, challenge yourself with this flying-themed brainteaser and test how fast you can spot the plane that is going in a different direction.

Travelers and those looking to test their mental sharpness have been flocking towards this viral photo that has got everyone scratching their heads.

The map-based brainteaser was created by the people at Airport Parking And Hotels (APH) to keep everyone in the family entertained over the holiday season.

The image shows dozens of white planes flying out from what looks like the UK, but there’s only one pilot who is heading back.

Can you spot that jet?

Are you ready for the answer? Or do you need a hint?

See If You Can Spot All Six Snipers Before It’s Too Late

We all grew up playing hide-and-seek with our friends after school, and this led to some interesting life lessons. For some, we found out that we could fit ourselves into some pretty tight places, while others opted for a more “hide in plain sight” tactic.

As it turns out, that’s that strategy that the elite soldiers of the world’s armies use in the battlefield.

On Christmas Day, the Household Cavalry of the British Army tweeted the above picture to their 10,000 followers on the social media website, to see if they could turn their smartphones into detective devices.

Outfitted in only ghillie suits and using the surrounding grass, brush, and trees for cover, half a dozen riflemen hid themselves away, while still “visible” to the cameraman.

They said they would post answers the following day, but when scores of people asked for clues, they released another picture with “hints” towards their location.

Does the second picture help? Check the next page for the complete answers!

This Stealthy Cat Has Everyone Asking, “Where’s Pierogi?”

If you have ever lived with a cat before, you know that they love to explore their territory, and often wind up in the strangest places!

Twitter user Grace Spelman started noticing that she couldn’t easily find her cat, Pierogi, while looking around the room. She began taking pictures to see if the Internet could help her out!

Let’s see if you can spot the Pierogi!

Ready to see the answers? Check the next page! (Plus a bonus Pierogi picture!)

Are You Able To Spot The Hidden Symbols on Coca-Cola’s New Holiday Cans?

Big brands have been famously hiding symbols into their logos and packaging for decades now. From when FedEx hid an arrow inside of its name and we never noticed, to a Hershey’s Kiss hiding in the Hershey’s logo, these little sneaky marketing techniques continue to blow our minds.  

This winter, Coca-Cola has decided to have a little fun too. They have incorporated a few clever images into its classic polar bear design.

One Reddit user was able to spot the hidden designs, are you?

There’s A Soldier Hiding In This Viral Photo, Can You Spot It?

The superpower of any army is their ability to blend into their surroundings.

If that fails, then the army has less chance of survival.

The picture below, which was posted on the British Army’s Twitter account by a Section Commander’s Battle Course in Wales, proved that the Army’s camouflage tactics weren’t perfected enough.

Despite the misty image, the soldier in the picture below can be spotted easily.

In the caption, they wrote: “Camouflaged in woodland on the Section Commander’s Battle Course in Wales… can you spot the soldier in this image?”

Keep in mind that an enemy should be able to locate their target in only a few seconds in order to ensure their own survival. So can you find the soldier in only a few seconds?

If that was easy, try to spot the camouflaged Marine in the photo below.

Keep going to see the answers!

Can You Spot The Red Robin In Under 2 Minutes?

Brain teasers, including puzzles, strategy and “spot the object” games, are a fun way to keep your mind sharp regardless of your age. According to a recent study published in the Journal of American Geriatrics, cognitive exercises help older adults “hold on to improvements in their reasoning skills and processing speed for up to 10 years.”

So now let’s get your brain working with a Christmas-themed “spot the object” brainteaser.  A flower delivery company called Bloom & Wild created a Christmas illustration and asked people online to find the red-breasted robin hiding among the many Christmas trees.

Take a look at the photo below, can you spot the bird?

Bloom and Wild

If you’re having trouble, don’t worry, you’re not alone, and we can help you find it.

There’s A Python Hiding In This Photo. Can You Spot It?

The land down under that is Australia has a lot to offer, from stunning views to some of the world’s deadliest creatures.

Some of these terrifying animals occasionally like to hide in warm and cozy places, and this includes spots in people’s homes, just ask Dan from the Sunshine Snake Catchers 24/7.

The Cooroy, Queensland-based snake catcher received a call from a family who found a python hiding out in their garage. But, what’s surprising about this whole situation was the fact that the family was able to spot the reptile at all.

Take a look at the photo below and see if you can find it.

Did you see it?

If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Turns out most people on the internet had trouble locating the sneaky python.

Are you ready to see where it actually is?