Woman’s Selfie Showing What Tanning Beds Did To Her Face Goes Viral

Tanning beds and booths have come with health warnings for as long as I can remember.

It’s common knowledge that a large amount of UV radiation can lead to skin cancer and premature aging.

The same kids who lather coconut oil on their skin during a hot summer’s day are usually the same ones who spend hundreds of dollars at tanning salons.

According to SkinCancer, “people who use a tanning bed before the age of 35 increase their risk for melanoma by 75%.”

But no matter how many times we warn young girls to avoid these danger zones, it seems like the short term benefit of getting that beautiful glow outweighs the long term reality of developing a serious skin condition.  

Three years ago, Tawny Dzierzek was 27 years old when she shared a selfie of her tanning scars on social media.

“If anyone needs a little motivation to not lay in the tanning bed and sun here ya go! This is what skin cancer treatment can look like … Learn from other people’s mistakes. Don’t let tanning prevent you from seeing your children grow up,” she wrote in her Facebook post’s caption.

After years of tanning, Mallory Lubbock confessed she did see graphic images like Tawny’s on the internet, but thought, “Oh, that’ll never happen to me.” But it did, and now she has a powerful message for everyone who doesn’t think twice before they get that fake glow:

Sharon Osbourne Credits Robin Williams With Her Recovery From Colon Cancer

From Mrs. Doubtfire to Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams has always been my favorite actor.

He was known for having a heart of gold and bringing laughter to all of Hollywood. The comedian also went above and beyond for those less fortunate, spreading kindness wherever he went.

This made the news of his tragic passing at only 63 even harder, but for those who loved him, his legacy lives on.

One of these people is Sharon Osbourne, 65, whose daughter Kelly, 33, recently revealed Williams came to her mother’s aid when she was battling colon cancer back in 2002.

Kelly, said her mother began to give up hope over her prognosis, and considered stopping treatment when she began losing her hair.

“It was not a very fun time at all for anyone. Probably the least amount of fun for Mom,” Sharon’s 32-year-old son Jack shared on the family’s inaugural podcast episode.  

“Mom had got to a point in her chemotherapy that she’d kind of given up, because it was when Mom’s hair started to fall out,” Kelly said. “Mom was lying in this bedroom that she had curtained off. It was pitch black — she hadn’t gotten out of bed for like a week.”

“She hadn’t gotten out of bed for like a week. Mom’s dog had to go to the hospital because she was dehydrated. Mom was dehydrated. And we couldn’t get her to go back to finish the chemo,” she added.

Luckily, it wouldn’t be long until Ozzy came up with a surefire way to raise his wife’s spirits.

Doctors Say Women Are Ignoring These Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer Until It’s Too Late

We all like to think that we’re keeping on top of our health problems, but let’s be honest: it’s tough.

As we age, it gets harder and harder to keep track of every ache and pain, and we tend to chalk them up to getting older in general.

But a new study points out why we should keep a close eye on our bodies: a worrying number of women are ignoring deadly cancer symptoms until it’s too late.

Women are “risking their lives”

A British organization recently asked women how they would deal with consistent bloating.

More than half said they would change their diet, while only a third answered that they would visit a doctor.

That may sound like a reasonable reaction, but in fact it’s very dangerous.

The organization, Target Ovarian Cancer, says women are “risking their lives” with this kind of thinking, and explains that chronic bloating is a major symptom of the disease.

Zhou Nutrition

“Lives will be saved” if women learn these symptoms

Ovarian cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in American women. But another study from Target Ovarian Cancer found only one in five women could identify symptoms of the disease.

“If women know ovarian cancer symptoms such as persistent bloating and are able to link them to ovarian cancer early on,” says the group’s chief executive Annwen Jones, “lives will be saved.”

It’s as simple as that.

One in 79 American women will develop ovarian cancer, so don’t put off learning the symptoms any longer. Keep reading to learn more about this deadly condition.

4 Zodiac Signs Who Can Manipulate You Without You Even Noticing

Being manipulated is one of the worst feelings you can experience. A lot of the time, you don’t even notice that it is happening until after you’ve done the thing you didn’t expect to. It’s not always done with malicious intent. Sometimes people trick you into doing things for your own good, but other times they are trying to make their own lives better.

If you are one of the people who tends to be manipulative, you may think that this is a negative term, but as we said, it’s not all bad. If you change the descriptor to ‘persuasive’ it doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

You are able to convince people to hire you for that promotion, you can encourage people to do their best, and you are always able to help solve conflicts between others.

These are the zodiac signs that are known to be the most manipulative, let’s see which ones they are.


You, more than any of the other signs will be upset to learn that you can be seen as manipulative. You don’t ever want to feel like you are being controlling, but you do it often without realizing. You are the captain of the guilt trip train, and while you may believe that the things you are doing are for their own good, it doesn’t always come across that way to those you are trying to influence.


Your ability to stealthily sneak around and gather information makes you seem like a spy. You are quick, cunning, and clever, and you use it to your advantage all the time. You are so discreet that the people you are manipulating don’t even notice what’s happening until you are long gone. Your manipulations and persuasions are often done to help yourself, but at least you do it covertly.

Those aren’t the only zodiac signs that can trick you into doing what they want…

Olympian Scott Hamilton Updates Fans About His Lifelong Cancer Battle

If you followed figure skating in the 1980s, you’ll remember that Scott Hamilton was one of the sport’s toughest competitors.

Not only did he win Olympic bronze and gold medals back to back in 1980 and 1984, Hamilton was also both the World Figure Skating Champion and the National Champion for four years in a row.

Hamilton in the 1980s.AllTimeBest

But longtime fans will know Hamilton has faced his toughest challenge off the ice. The Olympian has been plagued by cancer diagnoses multiple times, including multiple brain tumors.

Hamilton in 2018.WKRN

“I have a unique hobby of collecting life-threatening illness,” Hamilton told People about his most recent case in 2016. “It’s six years later, and it decided that it wanted an encore.”

Hamilton’s health troubles actually began when he was just two years old. He mysteriously stopped growing and had trouble digesting food. Figure skating actually helped improve his condition, but to this day Hamilton is only 5’3″.

Hamilton was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1997.People

Then, in 1997, he received the tragic news that he had testicular cancer. Doctors told Hamilton he had actually been born with the disease, meaning he won his Olympic medals while living with cancer.

While Hamilton’s tumor was treated with chemotherapy and surgery, that was the beginning, not the end, of his health crisis.

Drinking Hot Beverages Raises Risk Of Cancer, But Only If You Have A Certain Bad Habit

If you smoke or drink on a daily basis, you’ll want to think twice before sipping on your hot beverage – especially if it’s hot tea.

Research suggests there’s an overwhelming link between heavy smoking or alcohol consumption, coupled with drinking hot tea, and esophageal cancer.

This form of cancer is more common than you’d think, killing approximately 400,000 people every year, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. It’s also been found that more men than women are affected by the disease.

Unfortunately, the survival rate for esophageal cancer is estimated to be at 18%, meaning that this research could save the lives of many people who have trouble quitting their bad habit.  

Scientists have conducted many studies that shed some interesting information as to why this happens…

Scientists Uncover Cancer ‘Vaccine’ That Has Eliminated Tumors In Mice

A team of scientists at Stanford University have discovered a solution for combating cancerous tumors.

The newfound “vaccine,” which used immune-stimulators to target tumors throughout the animal’s body, has received promising results for the future of cancer treatment.

The university’s research team said after they injected a combination of two immune boosters into the mice’s tumors, all traces of the specifically targeted cancer had vanished from the rodent’s entire body. This included metastases (a secondary malignant growth) that were previously untreated.

“When we use these two agents together, we see the elimination of tumors all over the body,” Dr. Ronald Levy, the senior author of the study, told the Stanford Medicine News Center. “This approach bypasses the need to identify tumor-specific immune targets and doesn’t require wholesale activation of the immune system or customization of a patient’s immune cells.”

Now, scientists are hoping the vaccine’s success in mice will positively translate into the upcoming human trials.

A Model Is Warning People About Tanning Beds After Her Horrible Experience

Ella Ravenscroft, a 20-year-old model from England is sharing her experience on social media to encourage people to stop using tanning beds.

The model, who said she has been using tanning beds once a week for a year, recently had to get two large moles removed from her stomach and another under her breast, which appeared after using tanning beds.

She posted a series of photos on Facebook showing her scar and explaining her story. Although her moles were not cancerous yet, she explained it was an eye-opening experience that made her stop going to tanning beds.

She urges her followers to stop using tanning beds right away.

This story reminds us of a story that came out three years ago, in 2015. It makes us wonder that if no action happened after that story, this one probably won’t stop anyone.

In 2015, a 27-year-old nurse came out with picture of her severe skin cancer. The skin cancer was caused by years of frequent tanning in sunbeds.

Kate Middleton Secretly Donates 7 Inches Of Hair To Children’s Charity

It’s hard to keep a secret when you’re a member of the royal family, but somehow Kate Middleton managed to do just that.

Despite being in her third trimester, the Duchess of Cambridge has been making several public appearances with a genuine smile plastered on her face.

This Tuesday, Middleton and her husband, Prince William, visited an outdoor ice-skating rink in the center of Stockholm, Sweden to play a game of bandy hockey and meet the local schoolchildren.

But that wasn’t the first time she’s met kids this year. On January 22, Middleton went to an elementary school in London to talk about the importance of taking care of your mental health.

“I see time and time again that there is so much to be gained from talking of mental health and taking the mental health of our children as seriously as we do their physical health,” Middleton said. “When we intervene early in life, we help avoid problems that are much more challenging to address in adulthood.”

While the royal makes time in her busy schedule to bring awareness to causes close to her heart, she doesn’t always put her good deeds on display.

Tell Your Annoying Friend The Truth, Vaping Does Cause Cancer

It’s been several years since electronic smoking devices became popular throughout society, largely in part to the assertions that it had no negative side effects.

Instead of smoking cigarettes, the devices use ‘vapor’ to deliver the nicotine into the user. It was touted as the safest way to consume the calming drug, and became a sensational fad for the large plumes of smoke that were a by-product of using them.

However, scientists recently released the results of a series of tests which proved that e-cigarettes were not the “safer” alternative to regular tobacco consumption.

Instead of combustion, which contains a vast amount of cancer-causing chemicals from the burning, vaping introduces more organic elements into the bodies of users.

But this doesn’t mean it is necessarily healthy.

In a series of tests, researchers subjected mice and human cells to the vapor produced by e-cigarettes and recorded the results.

They were expecting to see a lower risk of lung cancer, but what they found shocked them and the entire medical field.

Val Kilmer’s Friends Share Grim Update About His Cancer Prognosis

Last December, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Val Kilmer got very candid about his two-year battle with throat cancer.

Apparently, he had to undergo a procedure on his trachea, which turned his voice raspy and left him short of breath.


This admission was very difficult for Kilmer to make because the actor has always valued his privacy. In fact, it took him a whole year to finally come clean about his diagnosis, after rumors began to spread about his failing health.

Speculation about Kilmer’s illness began back in 2015 when he was photographed with a breathing aid. Despite the fact that his fellow actor Michael Douglas revealed in an interview that Kilmer was “dealing with” cancer, the Top Gun star wrote in a 2016 Facebook post that Douglas was “misinformed” and reassured fans that he was healthy.

“Some fans have mistakenly thought my silence about my personal issues meant that somehow I wasn’t being responsible to my health, because of my reliance on prayer and Love. Nothing could be further from the truth,” wrote Kilmer.


Turns out, he was just deflecting attention away from himself while he underwent treatment, including chemotherapy and surgery. The 58-year-old finally confirmed that he was diagnosed with the disease during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) in May 2017.

“He [Michael Douglas] was probably trying to help me cause press probably asked where I was these days, and I did have a healing of cancer, but my tongue is still swollen altho [sic] healing all the time,” Kilmer explained.

Kilmer admitted to THR that the disease has “taken its toll” on his body, and the recovery process wasn’t easy. At the time of the interview, the Batman actor seemed to have been recovering well, however, a new update is indicating otherwise.

Teen With Terminal Cancer One Last Wish Is To Marry His High School Sweetheart

The ways of the world don’t make sense when it comes to matters of death, but some people make sure to enjoy every last breath of life before they pass on.

A Florida teenager, just one day before his 18th birthday, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. However, life wasn’t going to end right there for Dustin Snyder, one of the happiest days of his life was yet to come.

Snyder wasn’t the only one to first think of the love of his life when he learned his days were numbered. Heather Mosher, from Connecticut, passed away from breast cancer only 18 hours after her wedding. Her story went viral when she and her fiance wedded early.

“It reminds me of someone who is crossing the finish line of a marathon or something,” David Mosher told WFSB. “Nobody thought she would’ve made it that far. She proved them all wrong and that’s what that photo says to me.”

Facebook/Christina Karas

Synder also had a similar dying wish, that he and his high school sweetheart could be bonded even long after his death.

His wish came true on the weekend, and the love story between this couple is heartwrenching and inspiring.

A Cancer Fighting Drug’s Cost Has Jumped Over 1000% In Just Five Years

Can you put a price tag on someone’s life? Apparently if you’re “Big Pharma,” you can do whatever the heck you want.

It’s not a mystery when someone is fighting a deadly disease, like cancer, aggressive treatment accompanied by a combination of medications are necessary for survival. But what do you do when those drugs that you need in order to have a chance at living are so expensive that you must choose between potentially bankrupting yourself and your loved ones, or potentially dying?

It’s not a decision that any person wants to, or should have to, make. But it is a choice that people unfortunately have to make because of the price jump in one particular cancer fighting drug.  

CBS News

The patent for the cancer fighting drug formerly known as Lomustine, was purchased by NextSource Biotechnology from Bristol-Myers Squibb. NextSource not only changed the name of the drug to Gleostine, but they also changed the price point of the drug, making it virtually unafforadable to anyone without a thick wallet.

When the drug was owned and produced by Bristol-Myers Squibb, it cost around $50 a capsule for the average person. Once it changed hands, NextSource decided they needed to increase profits, and over the course of four yeas, they raised the price by nearly 1,400 per cent, to a whopping $768 per capsule.

Financial Times

The question is why?

Keanu Reeves Runs A Secret Charity Foundation To Fight Cancer

Unlike a lot of celebrities these days, actor Keanu Reeves likes to maintain a low profile. We usually hear about him when he’s promoting a new project, then the star, who described himself as “a pretty private person,” stays out of the spotlight.

Despite his closely-guarded privacy, there are a number of stories about Reeves that have been circulating, and they paint him in a whole new light.


The John Wick star is one of the most kind and generous celebrities, and he doesn’t give back to draw attention to himself. He believes in sharing his wealth with those who need it the most.

“Money is the last thing I think about,” Reeves said in a 2003 interview. “I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.”

Reeves is known for going to great lengths to help people, whether it is stopping to help a woman jump-start her car, taking pay cuts so other actors could be hired or ensuring the crew on the set of movies are well taken care of.

For The Matrix sequels, he gave up around $80 million from his $114 million paycheck so the crews could get paid a fair wage. The stories don’t end there.


He once gave a set-builder $20,000 so he wouldn’t get evicted from his home. He also bought each of his Matrix stunt team members a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as a way of thanking them for their hard work.

“I worked with these stuntmen every day,” Reeves told Esquire. “That fight was 17 shooting days. We trained every day for seven hours for three weeks going through all the motions. We learned the term ‘super-perfect’. You want to go for super-perfect. So, obviously I was getting paid well. And so, you know, just as a thank you to those guys. Got them some gifts. Yeah.”

While these are all wonderful gestures, there’s one that trumps them all: He runs a secret foundation to fight cancer.

The actor rarely talks about his involvement with the cause, but it was inspired by a personal experience.

The 5 Step Surefire Way To Know If You Have Skin Cancer

Our health is the most important thing we have, and we should always be checking in to make sure that we don’t have any major issues developing.

While many people focus on their weight, hearing, and eyesight, one aspect of health that is often overlooked is their skin.

For most, skin care is just treating the occasional pimple, but it’s actually a matter of life and death.

With 90,000 cases of melanoma developing each year, and 10,000 people dying from skin cancer annually, it’s never too early to start checking for signs.

Here’s the doctor-recommended “A-B-C-D-E” routine that will help you determine if your spots are safe, or something much worse.

Most safe moles are round and perfectly symmetrical, making them easy to identify as worry-free.

However, melanoma often appears as asymmetrical or irregularly shaped moles. They also appear much darker than usual beauty spots.

Similar to asymmetry, the way that the mole is enclosed will tell you if it is a problem or not.

Normal moles have firm borders, which are sharply defined against your skin. But skin cancer presents with ‘fuzzy’ borders that appear to bleed pigment into the surrounding area.

Still unsure about what is on your body? Check out the next three steps!

Why Cancer Is The Best Zodiac Sign

If your birthday is between June 21 and July 22, congratulations, you’ve made it. Cancers are the best astrological sign, and here’s why.

Cancers are a water sign, and their symbol is the crab. Cancers are known for being deeply intuitive and sentimental. Although Cancers are hard to get to know, once you do, you won’t look back.

Cancers are one of the most caring signs. They have the wonderful ability to listen compassionately to anybody in trouble. If you are having relationship problems or facing a challenging decision that you have to make, a Cancer friend will be the perfect choice to call. A Cancer will be patient and attentive. Any situation you are in, you can count on a Cancer to be there for you, and to help you with whatever you need.

Because of how caring Cancers are, they have amazing maternal instincts, they often care about others more than they care about themselves. They’ll go out of their way to meet their friends and family’s emotional needs, before their own.

Because Cancers are so good at dealing with others problems and emotions, they may not be so good at dealing with their own. They are extremely emotional, but in a way that is not annoying at all, except maybe when they get moody. But when a Cancer is moody with you, it is their way of showing their sensitivity and opening up to you.

Gut-Wrenching Update From Family Involved In Viral Photo

In December of 2017, 5-year-old Braylynn Lawhon was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) tumor, a deadly form of brain cancer. DIPGs tumors are aggressive and difficult to treat, which left doctors telling Braylynn’s family to prepare for the worst.


That wasn’t the only tragedy the family is dealing with, either. Braylynn’s grandfather, 49-year-old Sean Peterson, suffers from bone marrow cancer and ALS. He can’t speak or feed himself, but when he was brought to his granddaughter’s bedside, it was clear that his mind is still present.

While Braylynn was in hospice, she became unresponsive. She was hooked up to multiple machines which were helping to keep her alive. Beth Peterson-Hickman, Braylynn’s grandmother and Peterson’s ex-wife, brought the loving grandfather to see the little girl, and the image of the two instantly went viral.

“They wheeled him in to see Braylynn. He can no longer speak, he can’t move his hands and he has a feeding tube,” Peterson-Hickman said. “When he saw her, he was crying and it was heart-wrenching. I broke down and I had to turn around. He just startled falling apart.”


“He does not deserve this. He, like me, we’re supposed to watch our grandkids grow up and make us great-grandparents,” Peterson-Hickman said.

The photo broke the hearts of millions of people, and the latest update from the family has made it even worse.

Jane Fonda Undergoes Cancer Surgery

Cancer touches everyone, whether it’s a family member, friend or beloved celebrity. 39.6% of men and women in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Many celebrities have come out and shared their battles with the disease including Julia Louis Dreyfus, Beth Chapman and Senator John McCain.

Now Grace and Frankie actress has revealed that she herself has had to battle cancer and have a growth removed.


The 80-year-old actress addressed the bandages she had on her lower lip while promoting the fourth season of the her Netflix series in New York City.

“I just want to explain the bandage. I just had a cancer taken from my lip,” Fonda said. “I thought it was going to heal in time before I came before you, but it’s fine. I just want to explain it. I don’t normally go around like this,” she continued.

She then took to Instagram with a photo of the Grace and Frankie duo.

“With Lily in NY. I’ve found a clever way to disguise my lip bandages from removal of cancer,” the star captioned the picture.

That same day, she discussed her cancer diagnosis with Howard Stern in an interview.

Joanna Gaines In Tears Over “Fixer Upper” Episode

Patti Baker had just relocated to Waco, Texas to be closer to her two sons when she chose a 1950s era house to be her forever home. With good bones and the right amount of space, Baker believed it just “needed a hug.”

As Fixer Upper fans know, Chip and Joanna Gaines are good at delivering hugs, and as it turned out Baker really needed it.

With nice features and plenty of promise, the plain beige exterior, dated kitchen and baths needed a face-lift.

Baker’s taste in decor is described as simple, basic and primitive, which falls well within Joanna’s wheelhouse of design.

“Patti’s key word was really “primitive.” She wanted authentic. She wanted things that looked handmade,” Joanna said.


“This is her forever home,” said Joanna. “I want to make sure that everything that I am choosing and deciding from a design standpoint is timeless and as classic as possible.”


But it wasn’t the house that got Joanna teary-eyed.

Teenager With Stage 4 Cancer Gives Birth To ‘Miracle’ Baby

A Pennsylvania teenager who was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer while seven-and-a-half months pregnant has given birth to a healthy girl.

College freshman Dana Scatton, 18, first felt symptoms of her diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma tumor a month before her diagnosis, but blamed it on her pregnancy.

“I was really overtired,” Dana told The Daily Advertiser. “But things kept getting worse. I was forgetting to swallow and my speech got weird. Then my legs started not responding to things  – when I would walk, my legs would drag. That’s when I really got concerned.”

In December, Dana was rushed into emergency, where an MRI revealed she had a cancerous 2.3-centimeter brain tumor.

She then went with her mother, Lenore Scatton to discuss treatment plans with doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. While there, Dr. Jean Belasco, a pediatric oncologist, was forced to tell the family while there was medical care available to prolong Dana’s life, there was no cure.

“It was a lot to take in, but we prayed and thanked God in the office that day,” Lenore said.

As Dana was in her third trimester, doctors feared starting radiation could harm her unborn baby. If she started treatment immediately, she had an estimated nine months to live, but without it, she only had three, Daily Mail reported.

With that in mind, she decided to hold off the radiation that would prolong her life in favor of delivering a healthy baby, but the idea quickly got sidestepped on Christmas Day when her symptoms unbearable.

“I feel like God just directed the doctors to help decide what I should do,” Dana said. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start radiation without having the baby because I didn’t want it to hurt her. But I couldn’t decide what to do – it was too hard.”

Thankfully, her worsening condition didn’t harm her newborn.