Rare “Two-Faced” Kitten Grows Into The Most Handsome Boy And We Can’t Stop Staring At Him

A beautiful cat unlike any other is making headlines this week after his unique markings have taken everyone by storm.

Narnia is the cat with two faces that people just can’t get enough of. His fur is the result of a genetic mutation where two embryos fused together. The one side of his face is completely black, but the other is grey with a little white chin.

He was supposed to be a pair of siblings, but he instead became one of the most unique and stunning cats with his fur split in an almost perfect line right down the center of his face.

His big blue eyes manage to look stunning on both hair colors, as do most other cats like him.  

Chimera cats are what they call these split faced cats that happen every once and a while. While they may be rare, they are always absolutely breathtaking.

In a photoshoot done by Jean-Michel Labat, Narnia got to show off just how gorgeous he’s gotten now that he’s is all grown up.

Those Sweet Kisses From Your Dogs And Cats Can Actually Become Deadly

We are all guilty of letting our dogs and cats give us kisses. We can’t help it. They are so sweet and just want to show us love. The problem is that in some cases these kisses can become deadly.

They are doing it because they love us, but there have been times when their love was dangerous to our health. Julie McKenna learned this the hard way when she was brought into the hospital with her arms and legs turning purple and was almost unable to speak. Her body had gone into septic shock and the doctors took two weeks to figure out the cause.

Her dog had licked her foot that had a very mild burn on it week before, but she didn’t even think to mention it, but the bacteria known as Capnocytophaga canimorsus in her dog’s mouth had caused an infection.


The bacteria can be found in even healthy dogs and cats, but when it gets into the human bloodstream it can be catastrophic.

Roughly 10 to 15 percent of dog and cat bites become infected. But as it turns out, it doesn’t need to be a full on bite to infect you, they just need to lick an open wound. Each time your dog gives you a big ol’ slobbery kiss, or your cat licks you with their tiny sandpaper tongues, you run the risk of infection.

It can be as simple as getting just a little bit of the bacteria into the bloodstream and then you may end up like McKenna who ended up needing her left leg amputated below the knee, part of her right foot amputated, as well as her fingers and toes.

Here’s why the bacteria is so dangerous…

5 Essential Things Every Pet Owner Needs To Give Their Best Furr-iends A Perfect Life

Owning a pet is basically the highlight of anyone’s life. They bring so much joy and happiness to any household, and they really don’t ask for much in return. They just need your love, a few belly rubs, and some tasty kibbles.

Even though they don’t really need much, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spoil them. Every single dog and cat is a very good dog and cat, and they deserve a special treat for being so wonderful. They just want to spend time with you, and these amazing products can help you get the quality time with your pet that they deserve. Trust us, it’s what they really want.

Walks are probably the biggest highlight of a dog’s day. They spend a bunch of time in the house, waiting for you to come home that the moment you get them outside they can’t wait to explore the whole town. The problem is that eventually it gets dark. It’s hard for the cars to see your best friend.

It can be really dangerous to walk out at night, even when you’re on the sidewalk, because if your dog happens to get off leash and runs out into traffic, cars may not see them until it’s too late. If you want to keep them safe while also helping them look a lot more stylish, an LED collar is the way to go.

There are so many kinds of collars that will help your pooch make a statement, but honestly, it’s one of the smartest buys you will ever make for your dog and you’ll be happy you did it.

These types of leashes are great for dogs who pull because they help you use your entire body weight to control them as opposed to just your arm. It’s perfect for the person who wants to get a run in with their ultimate workout buddy.

It doesn’t just have to be for workouts though, stronger dogs do great with these types of leashes because it forces them to stay with you. The elastic leash is great because it’ll help prevent your dog from pulling so hard it chokes them, but you’ll still maintain enough control so that they don’t accidentally hurt themselves.

Those aren’t the only things your pet is begging you for…

Petition To Make Food Stamps Applicable To Pet Food Gaining Traction

Animal rights always need to be defended. The poor innocent creatures can’t fend for themselves, so it’s up to us to make sure they have the care and love they deserve. Recently, more and more legislation has been put in place to not only protect the animals, but also punish those who hurt them.

A number of United States jurisdictions implemented an animal offenders registry, which publicly reveals the names of known animal abusers in the area, similar to how sex offenders are registered.   Currently, Tennessee is the only state to have an animal offenders registry, but other cities like New York and Cook County, Illinois have them at a local level.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

In addition, Connecticut introduced a new animal advocacy program.

Eight volunteers, seven lawyers and one law professor along with her students, are part of an experimental system that will allow prosecutors and defenders to request an animal advocate for their cases. The hope is that the advocates will give animals a voice they wouldn’t otherwise have, and make animal cruelty charges more likely.

“Every state has the problem of overburdened courts that understandably prioritize human cases over animal cases in allocating resources,” said University of Connecticut professor Jessica Rubin, a specialist in animal law. “Here’s a way to help.”

The volunteers are considered an official part of the investigation and are able to conduct interviews with witnesses or professionals who are relevant to the case. This can save the prosecutor’s time and end up helping the case.

Jessica Rubin and her student Taylor Hansen prepare to present arguments as animal advocates in a dog fighting case.Fox News

But now, people are signing a petition to allow a crucial financial service to extend to pets, and it’s a little controversial.

Here Are 6 Tips For Safely Handling Essential Oils Around Your Cats

You may have just received a brand new diffuser for Christmas, and probably can’t wait to try out all sorts of wonderful essential oils to scent your home. But cat owners should take caution, because these oils can seriously harm your feline friend if you are not careful.

Follow these six tips in order to create a relaxing, and healthy atmosphere for you and your cats!

Since diffusers cause the oil to spray into the air where it can enter you and your cat’s lungs, you want to make sure that what they are breathing in doesn’t put them in danger.

Two components in particular to watch out for include phenols and monoterpene hydrocarbons, but as a rule you should only be using pure essential oils.

This one should be obvious, but if your hands or clothing comes into direct contact with the essential oil, do not pet or cuddle with your cat until it has been properly cleaned off.

While toxic oils are useful for cleaning certain household items, take caution not to use it on anything your cat could reach or try and lick. Showerheads are okay, kitchen sinks are not.

Keep reading for more safety tips to protect your curious kitties!

Blind Cat Figures Out How To Ask For More Water

Cats are pretty good at letting you know when they need something. They’ll claw, meow, and knock things over just to get your attention. My cat knows exactly when she’s supposed to be fed, and she’s relentless until it happens. If she sees the bottom of her food dish, it’s game over.


For little Winnie, however, she can’t use her sight to tell when she needs things. Winnie was the runt of a litter, and when rescuers found her, they realized she was blind.

The Dodo

Winnie gets around pretty well, considering she can’t see anything. Her owner, Kristopher Smith, says the little cat can sometimes run into things, but other than that she’s pretty normal.

“She’s actually the best in the house at catching flies, and I’m not sure how,” Smith told The Dodo. “She meows normally but also has a chirp that she uses when she starts running around or when she gets excited, which makes me think she uses it almost like sonar or echolocation.”

Winnie quickly became a family favorite, and when her new mom had to have brain surgery, Smith snuck Winnie into the hospital to comfort her.

“I got the nurse to let me sneak Winnie into the ICU to visit her and she did amazing,” Smith said. “I would have never imagined a cat being easygoing in a situation like that, let alone a blind cat. She fell asleep on the hospital bed with her momma until we had to leave.”

The Dodo

Because of her setback, Winnie has had to find a different way than her animal siblings to communicate with her family.

Want Your Pets To Be Groomed, Housed And Trained? Send Them To Prison

We’ve all had one of those moments where, no matter how much we love them, we’ve wanted to take our precious little bundle of furry joy, lock them up in a massive cage, and throw away the key. It happens to everybody: one second you’re playing with your puppy, having the greatest of times and all is right with the world, then you turn your back on him for one second and he’s proceeded to demolish the one thing you had in the room that was both expensive and irreplaceable.


Cats aren’t much better. I’ve personally lost track of how many pieces of furniture I’ve had demolished by means of razor-sharp claws, and of course even if you make it clear that they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing, they’ll just wait for you to leave the room before going right back to doing it.

Cute Overload

This all comes before the pain in the ass that is keeping your furball groomed, which can be an entire ordeal in and of itself. Have you ever wished that maybe there was a place you could send your pet to not only learn how to stop being a bad dog, but also for them to get the shearing and fur cuts that they so desperately need?

Well, you’re in luck! It turns out there is such a place for your pooches and kitties: it’s called prison. No, seriously.

A Dog Went To A See The Musical ‘Cats’ And The Results Are Exactly What You’d Expect

Based on the book Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot and developed by musical theater wunderkind Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats is a musical that has been entertaining audiences worldwide since it was first staged in 1981.

Theatre Nerds

One of the longest-running Broadway shows in history (it was THE longest until Webber’s own The Phantom of the Opera surpassed it in 2006), Cats tells the story of the Jellicles, a mysterious tribe of cats who have to pick one cat to ascend to what is essentially Heaven, in order to start a new life. It received numerous “Best Musical” awards in its original run and was a bonafide cultural phenomenon, earning millions of dollars and turning the song “Memory” into a genuine hit.

Musical Company

The show’s been re-staged several times in major capacities, leading up to its current run again on Broadway, which has managed to draw hundreds of people. Recently, among those people was someone with a service dog, and while the rest of the audience may have been having the time of their lives, the pooch decided to let the cast know just what he thought of their performance…

Cranky Cat Takes Over Role Of Baby Jesus, And We Can’t Stop Laughing

The Nativity Scene is a Christmas classic, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ in a stable.


In a classic Nativity Scene, there are some key elements:

  • Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ parents
  • Shepherds, who followed the Star to find the stable and witness the birth of Christ
  • Three Wise Men, who brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to celebrate Jesus’s birth
  • Sheep, because it’s a barn
  • Baby Jesus (duh)

What you don’t usually see, however, is a cat. Like, a real live cat. Just hanging out in the Nativity Scene. That is, unless, you live in New York City.

5 Reasons Why Giving Your Dog Catnip Is The Best Thing You Could Do For It

If you have a feline friend, you most likely have a space in your cupboard for their beloved catnip. While you’re aware it gives an energetic boost to your cat, many people don’t know it has a positive effect on dogs as well.

Here are five reasons your dog would benefit from a little whiff of catnip.

Despite acting as a stimulant to your feline friends, catnip creates the opposite effect on dogs. The herb acts as a mild sedative and calms your dog down by reducing their anxiety in stressful situations. It’s a good reminder for the next time your pooch has a date with their veterinarian.

If your dog has bladder problems, catnip may just be the simple solution you need. When turned into an oil, the liquefied plant will cause your dog to urinate by acting as a diuretic. It releases your pet’s body of excess water, toxins, or waste from colds or allergies.

16 Cats Who Might, Uh, Might Need A Bit Of A Hand Here

Cats like to pretend they’re independent. Unless of course you’re talking about feeding themselves, or getting pet, or cleaning their litter box, or getting unstuck from something they never should have been near in the first place.

These cats are still independent, and they only want your help if YOU want to give it. If not, well…I’m sure they’ll figure something out. But they certainly aren’t going to ask.

Cat And Dog Prove To Be The Best Travel Companions You’ll Ever Meet

When you’re asked to think of an iconic duo, odd animal pairings rarely come to mind. However, one cat and dog duo from Colorado are breaking the mold by having their adorable friendship broadcast on Instagram.

In 2014, adventure enthusiast Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend first adopted their dog Henry – a Shepherd, Husky, Boxer, Aussie, and Staffordshire Terrier mix – after instantly falling in love with him at their local animal shelter.

“He just curled up into my lap and went belly up and flipped his head over my arm,” Bennett told the dodo. “And from then, I decided that he was coming home with us.”

It wasn’t long until the couple took Henry out hiking, a pastime the dog quickly took a liking to.

“I think we only had him for three days when we took him on our first hike, which was to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs,” Bennett said. “He found the steepest, tallest rock around, and he ran up to the top of it to look over the edge.”

“We call him our little mountain goat. He scares us to death, because he goes up to the highest cliff or the highest rock to climb up and look over it,” she added.

A few months later, Bennett and her boyfriend decided to expand their family by adding a feline into the mix. They wanted a rescue cat who they could also take on camping and hiking adventures.

10 Ways To Pet-Proof Your Christmas Tree

As the holiday season rolls around, we’re all starting to put up our decorations. For those of us with pets, it’s a constant struggle of making the house look nice while making sure your cat or dog won’t totally destroy it or make themselves sick.

While we can’t give you tips on every Christmas decoration you may have, we can give you some tips on keeping your tree upright.


This may seem obvious, but putting your tree in the right spot is extremely important. If you can put it in a room that can be easily closed-off to your pets, that’s a good option. If not, make sure you’re putting it somewhere away from shelves or other things the animals could use to climb into your tree.

Bored Panda

Make sure your tree is fastened to either the ceiling or a wall to prevent it from toppling over. It’s not only better for the tree, but it can prevent potential injuries to your pets if it were to fall on them.


If you can’t tie your tree down, make sure it is heavy enough that it won’t fall. You can add sand bags to the base to weight it down, or just use a wide, sturdy base to begin with. The extra effort could save you many a headache in the future.


If you are using a live tree, you’ll have a water bowl to keep it hydrated. Though in theory it helps the tree, it doesn’t do a lot of good if the dog or cat drinks it all up. Make sure you somehow section off the water bowl, whether it be through boxes or a tree skirt that fits nice and snug around the trunk.

Man Overcomes Heartbreak And Allergies With The Help Of His Furry Rescuer

Stray cats are not an uncommon sight, unfortunately. Too often, cats are left to fend for themselves with no one to guard them. While this might be okay during the warmer months, winter is a whole other story.

The cats hardly seem to mind, however, as they get to roam around and see new people every day. It seems as though some of these strays do want to find a forever home, though, and that’s exactly what Socks set out to do.

Connor Manning spoke to The Dodo about his story with Socks, and how the loving cat chose her new home. Manning says he was walking home one night and was in a bad mood, dealing with a bad breakup. Socks appeared out of nowhere, and Manning decided to say hello. The stray cat jumped into Manning’s lap and demanded love and attention.

“After about five minutes, I started getting up to head home and she was SUPER scared,” Manning said. “So I crouched down and she ran right over to me again. And we repeated this process for about four blocks until we were on my porch.”

Socks came inside Manning’s house to explore a little bit before realizing the outdoors was more her style.

The Dodo
The Dodo

Manning had plans with a friend that night, but he decided to leave out a bed and some water for his new friend on the front porch, hoping she would choose to stay.

But when Manning came home, Socks wasn’t there.

5 Important Cold Weather Tips All Pet Owners Need To Know

Winter is a tough time for people with pets. Animals still want to gooutside, whether it’s to go to the bathroom or burn off all that excess energy, but the cold weather and snow makes it really difficult. How can you know when they are struggling with the temperature? What should we be doing to make it easier for them? Here’s everything you need to know to help your pet thrive this winter

The cold weather is a lot for us to handle, but imagine having to walk around in bare feet! Just because animals have fur, it doesn’t mean that they are completely immune to the cold. New laws have made it illegal to leave your pets outside, but temperature isn’t the only thing you need to worry about.

Snow, ice and rain can all attribute to dangerous conditions for pets and they should be protected when these things are going on. Also, keep in mind the age of your pet and any medical conditions they have because certain issues can be affected by temperature.

s. winchester

Cats and other wild animals that spend time unsupervised outside can get themselves into some dangerous situations. When you pull into a driveway and your engine is all warm and toasty, they might think it’s the perfect spot to curl up for a nap. If you don’t bang on the hood to give them some warning before your engine starts it could result in them getting very badly injured.


If you find your feet are getting dry, their feet are probably feeling dry as well. Keep an eye on the condition of their pads to make sure they aren’t getting cracked. There is a special wax you can use that will help them get moisturized and protect them from the salt. You can get it at most pet stores, on Amazon, or even make your own. It’s easy and will help keep your babies safe!

There are also some very important things to watch out for…

Owner Brings Home Orphaned Kitten And Her Other Cat’s Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

A tiny kitten was found all by himself on a a chilly October day. He was in desperate need of medical attention, but luckily he was discovered by animal rescuer, Moonglade Rose, who brought him right to the vet.

Moonglade Rose

Rose named the tiny kitten Opie, but she was worried how her current cat, Andy, would react to the new addition. Andy was also a rescue, so she had no way to know if he had been around other cats before. His reaction was going to be a complete surprise.

Moonglade Rose

When she brought tiny Opie into the house, he let out a little squeak notifying Andy that there was someone new in his house. Andy quickly came running, which worried Rose for a moment, but then his reaction had her snapping as many pictures as she could…

Another Major City Votes To Ban Declawing Cats

Animal lovers have something to celebrate this week, after another city officially banned declawing cats.

Seattle’s City Council voted unanimously to ban vets from performing the procedure. Declawing, also known as onychcechtomy, removes the upper third of a cat’s digit. That includes their claws, as well as the nerves, tendons, and ligaments that connect them to a cat’s foot.

American Veterinary Medical Association

While the procedure guarantees that a cat’s claws won’t grow back, pet owners have long complained that the surgery is unnecessarily cruel to the animal. The Humane Society says that if the procedure was performed on humans, it would be comparable to “cutting off each finger at the last knuckle.”

Examples of dangerous botched surgeries have drawn headlines, and the American Veterinary Medical Association says there’s no good reason to declaw a cat. So does the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Seattle is now the ninth city in America to ban the operation, and the first outside the state of California. Earlier this year, the state of New Jersey also passed a law banning vets from performing the surgery, with a penalty including a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

But while the ban passed unanimously in Seattle, some people are still arguing in favor of declawing.

Does Your Cat See Ghosts? Why Your Pet Stares Into Space

Have you ever been sitting around on the couch, or laying down in bed, just relaxing with your furry four-legged friend? Has your cat suddenly started intently staring off into the corner of the room, rapt with attention when there is clearly nothing in your field of view? What has grabbed their attention so thoroughly?


How many times has your cat started tearing around the house, chasing after something that doesn’t seem to be there? What in God’s name has them acting like an animal possessed, are they seeing specters from beyond the grave? Scientists have proven that cats see far more than humans, even if they aren’t looking through the door onto the “other side.”

Your eyes are filled with tiny parts known as rods and cones. Rods help us see in low light, while cones help us in see in brightness.

Science ABC

We may be able to see in more colors than cats can, but they have six times more rods in their eyes than humans have in theirs. This makes them able to see in pitch black the way we see on a bright sunny day. So, if your cat is going absolutely bananas late at night, which let’s be honest, happens every night, they are likely viewing things that are not perceptible to the human eye, like light reflected from windows or simple dust floating through the air.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDZwyT7iuUY?feature=oembed]

Have you ever wondered what “cat vision” looks like..? Keep reading to find out.

Missing Cat Turns Up 120 Miles Away After Spending A Year In College

Romeo the cat has been missing for over a year. He was known to wander around the town of Kennebunkport, but last Fall he vanished. Romeo’s owner, George Lichte, feared the worst.

“We were looking for this cat constantly,” he said. But after a year he had a hard time even thinking about the cat. “I really blocked him out of my memory. I shut down, I couldn’t think about the cat.”

George Lichte

The town had recently experienced a sudden increase in the coyote population around the time that Romeo went missing, so even though it pained them to say it, the Lichte family started to believe that Romeo wouldn’t come home.

It took the family a year to even consider moving on and bringing a new cat into their family, but just as they started to think about it they received a phone call from a vet 120 miles away. Their cat had turned up, and he had experienced quite the year…

Shelter Is Putting Cats To Work To Make Them More Desirable

Cranky cats at an animal shelter are getting a lesson in desirability after being put to work.

Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) created the Working Cats program, where unadoptable felines are given jobs as pest control at various establishments, including barns, stables, and breweries.

The program began four years ago, placing cats with behavioral issues at factories and warehouses to chase its unwanted mice. The cats are microchipped, vaccinated, and presented as free labor.

“Part of the reason cats became domesticated was to get rid of the rodent population,” Ame Dorminy, a spokeswoman for ACCT told the Associated Press. “We took advantage of their natural propensity to hunt and made an official program out of it.”

A win-win situation, the fuzzy felines are given room and board, and businesses become rodent-free.

Cats who are suitable for the Tom & Jerry dream are kept in a separate section titled Time to Adjust or TTA for short. The cats’ qualifications are listed on each cage, which include hissing, swatting, spitting, and refusal to be picked up.

The animal shelter acknowledges while some cats would not succeed as a family pet, they are still capable of living a gratifying life.

“A lot of these cats feel more comfortable when they can be themselves and use natural behaviors,” Dorminy said. “Then they’re more open to human interaction because they feel more confident.”

These felines have become a hit in the workforce, with many owners coming forward with their own satisfying experiences.