This 10-Month-Old’s Letter To Santa Is Priceless

Dear Santa,

I am a 10-month-old baby and I am writing you this letter because my mother has been sending people my “Christmas List” and it in no way represents the things I actually want. Getting some stacking blocks, and an elephant that lights up is cool and everything, but it’s not what my heart really desires.

I keep hearing the adults make the joke that all a 10-month-old baby wants is the wrapping paper and boxes and that isn’t far from the truth. But as much fun as the playing with paper and packaging sounds, I do have a number of additional things I would like to see under the tree this year.

My list is enclosed below.

Have a Merry Christmas!

– 10-month-old baby

This power cord

I want this more than I have wanted anything else in my 10 months of life. I also want the power strip with the fun orange light that it’s connected to. I would settle for just a bunch of electrical cords, but in general I love the ones that hide behind mom’s desk.

The wall mounted entertainment center

Every time I go near the one mom has, I get in trouble, so I would like one for my own. I have no idea why mom won’t let me play with it, but if you bring me one, I can put it in my room and she can’t say anything about it.

House keys

I would also love a set of house keys. They have to be the metal ones though, not those over-sized plastic ones they make for ‘babies’. I know those are just a fake to keep us away from the real deal. I love putting these in my mouse and listen to them jingle.

Everybody’s glasses

Everyone who I see that has these, I must have them. To put in my mouth, clearly. Everyone gets so scared when I take these spectacles off their face, I’m not going to break them, I just like to hold them really tight and never give them back.

Prince William Gave George’s Christmas List To Santa And There’s Only Thing On It

Prince George better have been good all year, because it looks like he has a tall order for Santa.

During a visit to a market in Helsinki, Prince William presented his son’s handwritten Christmas letter to Santa Claus.

The 36-year-old royal was visiting the Esplanade Park’s Christmas market on his second day during this tour of Finland.

Earlier in the day, William was seen admiring a pair of hobby horses, that would be ideal gifts for both George and Charlotte.

The horses were part of the Slush festival held in the Finnish capital. The royal was seen to be in good spirits as he wandered the booths of the student-driven event, testing out the latest tech on display.

In just a few years the event has become a global gathering, which supports and promotes the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Daily Mail

In the letter, the Duke of Cambridge’s eldest son has listed that he only wants one thing under the Christmas tree this year.

So what did Prince George ask Santa for Christmas?