Deaf Children Finally Get To Hear Santa When They Discover He Speaks Sign Language

For parents nationwide, one of the biggest Christmas traditions has easily got to be taking your kids to meet Santa Claus in the weeks leading up to Christmas. While not every child necessarily reacts all that well to it, it can be a pretty magical event to meet the man in the red suit himself, listen to his cheerful voice, and tell him what you want more than anything in the world for Christmas.

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Of course, meeting Santa isn’t necessarily going to be the same experience for everybody. While some kids have a laundry list of toys they want to get, others come from households where they’re lucky if they get even one present, which can easily make meeting the man in red a bittersweet experience. On top of that, kids with significant disorders or disabilities can often have a drastically different experience of meeting the man, if they even get to at all.


Which is what makes the moment that a little deaf girl gets to meet Santa Claus all the better, because as it turns out, she and Santa share a few things in common…

Music Helped Deaf Boy Recover His Hearing And Become A Top Conductor

Robert Guy lived in silence for most of his young life. He was born 70% deaf, but he didn’t let that stop him from accomplishing his dreams. He spent much of his childhood in and out of hospitals, trying to help clear up his ears.

Guy said that “I started on the piano because I came from a musical family and my nana taught half of Llay village.” That was when they started to realize that something wasn’t right.

He hadn’t noticed that his hearing had been off because he knew no different. “When you’re young you just think that what you’re hearing is just normal. But other people at school started to realize.”

Guy was given a surgery that would change his life forever. They were able to operate on his ears and help bring back his hearing. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing after the surgery. “After the operation I wouldn’t get in the car because I was terrified of the engine,” he said.

But after everything settled and his hearing started to come back, he was able to take his life in an unexpected direction…

When They Give Their Deaf Stepdad The Best Gift Of All, His Reaction Says Everything

A stepdaughter with a big heart surprised her father with the greatest gift of all, and got it all on camera.

When Hank Blankenship met his wife Deidre, she already had a pair of children from a previous marriage. Of course that’s not unusual these days, and Hank fit right in with his new kids, Alexander and Cassidy. Compared to their biological father, who Deidre calls “a dead beat,” Hank was a picture-perfect dad.

He gave his step-children the love and support that any father should, and soon Alexander and Cassidy welcomed their half-sister Savannah and half-brother Trey. “I saw his love for my children and how hard he worked to provide for us,” Deidre says about Hank.

So she wasn’t surprised when Cassidy, who’s 15 now, asked to do something special that would pay back the man she calls “Dad” for his years of love and support. At a recent family gathering, Deidre and all of her kids worked together to pull off a surprise that left Hank in tears.

And, of course, they got the whole thing on camera…