Viewers Stunned By Paternity Drama Between Honey Boo Boo’s Parents

Love them or hate them, Honey Boo Boo and her extended family are definitely some of the most interesting people on TV.

We followed the reality star’s life as a beauty pageant contestant on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and she’s returned to TV on Mama June: Not to Hot. The series explores Mama June’s life after her impressive weight loss, but the show also features some family drama.

Mama June and Sugar Bear in a legal meeting on the latest episode.WE tv

While Mama June, her ex-husband Sugar Bear, and his second wife Jennifer Lamb are all featured on the new show, they’re not exactly one big happy family.

In fact, viewers were stunned by the most recent episode, when Lamb dropped a bombshell on the family. During a legal meeting to plan Sugar Bear’s visitation schedule, his lawyer asked if Honey Boo Boo (whose real name is Alana Thompson) had ever taken a DNA test.

Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo) and Mike Thompson (Sugar Bear) at his backyard wedding in 2017.WE tv

Lamb suggested it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the child star to take a paternity test.

“If it turns out that Alana is not his, June Shannon will be out of my life forever,” Lamb said on the show. “And I sure ain’t paying child support for a kid that’s not Mike’s.”

It sounds ridiculous at first, but Mama June’s own family added fuel to the fire later in the episode.

Identical Triplets Take A DNA Test, But The Results Leave Them With Even More Questions

Whether you’re trying to uncover your past or learn more about genetic health conditions, it seems like everyone has a reason to take a DNA test these days.

Millions of customers have ordered home test kits from services like AncestryDNA and 23andMe, which promise to unlock histories about your health and ancestry hiding in your DNA.

The triplets should see the exact same results on their DNA tests.Stage 29 Productions

But while the science sounds futuristic, these tests are health products just like any other, and some said the promises they made were hard to swallow. That’s why Inside Edition put the most popular kits to the test in a very creative way.

The news program tracked down four sets of triplets of quadruplets, who share identical DNA. If the tests were really accurate, each sister’s results should be identical to her sibling’s.

Erica McGraw is Dr. Phil’s daughter-in-law.Ninja Journalist

The main test subjects were Erica McGraw and her sisters Nicole and Jaclyn. Erica is married to Dr. Phil’s son Jay McGraw, so the trio’s results were read live on the hit TV show he produces, The Doctors.

But when the triplets got their test results back, they admit they were “shocked” by the differences they revealed.

Best Friends Of 60 Years Find Out They’re Biological Brothers

After 60 years of friendship, two men got the shock of their lives after finding out they’re biological brothers.

Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane became best friends after they were introduced in their sixth grade class, and have been inseparable since.

The men – who were born 15 months apart – told Hawaiian television station KHON2 they’ve shared many similar activities throughout their lives, like cribbage and football.

“Let’s see, well we love to play cribbage. We’ve been playing cribbage all our lives,” Macfarlane said.

“I beat him the last time we played,” Robinson added.

The two friends also shared comparable home lives, as Robinson was adopted, and Macfarlane never knew his biological father.

“I had a younger brother that I lost when he was 19, so I never had nieces or nephews. I thought I’ll never know my birth mother, I’ll never have any nieces or nephews,” Robinson said.

For years, Macfarlane sought out more of his family, but all leads led to dead ends. With the help of his family, he decided to turn to DNA matching websites.

“So then we started digging into all the matches he started getting,” Cindy Macfarlane-Flores, Macfarlane’s daughter said.

When Macfarlane received his DNA matches, an individual with the username Robi737 was on the top of his list. They shared identical X chromosomes.

Results Of “Yeti” DNA Tests Came Back, And We Got The Answers We Needed

Some mysteries just refuse to be solved, but humans never give up on their search for truth.

For hundreds of years, stories of the mythical Yeti have led adventurers, scientists, and skeptics to the Himalayan mountains. The enormous and snowy mountain range is said to be home to the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, a giant ape-like creature similar to Sasquatch of Bigfoot.

An illustration of a Yeti encounter from the 1950s.Ev Vebell

Over the years collectors have identified samples of what they believe to be Yeti bones, skin, hair, teeth, and even feces. A new Animal Planet documentary called Yeti Or Not is putting nine of these samples to the test, identifying whether any of them contain actual Yeti DNA.

This “Yeti bone” was one of the DNA samples tested.Icon Films

The project involved a global team of researchers in America, France, Norway and Pakistan, who compared the Yeti samples to human and animal DNA. Eight of the nine samples were matched with common bear DNA, but the ninth, taken from a “stuffed Yeti” located by the film crew, was different.

Detectives Finally Crack The 40 Year Cold Case Of A Murdered Teen

It was a real life cold case with all the makings of a TV drama: a murdered girl, an intrepid detective, and a shocking twist ending.

Janie Landers.Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Janie Landers was just 18 when she was murdered in 1979. She had been living in Salem, Oregon’s Fairview Training Center, a group home for teens with developmental disabilities. Janie functioned at the level of an 8-year-old girl, and her sometimes difficult behavior forced her family to leave her in the care home.

Janie never left the facility, so her family was surprised when she went missing one day. Staff at the home spotted her stepping into a yellow or gold car across the street from the facility, but didn’t recognize the pot-bellied man in the driver’s seat. That was the last time anyone saw Janie alive.

The sketch of Janie’s murderer.Marion County Sheriff’s Office

When she was found five days later, stabbed to death, police were stumped. They made a composite sketch of the man who abducted Janie, but had no other leads. Janie’s sister Joyce Hooper, who was just 13 at the time of the murder, was always haunted by the mystery of her sister’s death.

For 40 years, she never stopped fighting to learn the truth. This year, detectives finally found answers for Janie’s family…

New DNA Technology Could Solve 1980 Murder Case

There are over 211,000 homicides committed since 1980 that have yet to be solved. Among them is Robin Brooks’s cold case.

The 20-year-old was found dead inside the bedroom of her apartment in California on April 24, 1980. An autopsy revealed that she had been stabbed, raped and bound by the assailant, who has yet to be identified despite police having a full DNA profile.

Brooks had recently moved from New York and only spent six weeks at her apartment before she was brutally killed.


“She followed her sister out to California and had only been in Sacramento for six months,” says Links. “She was young and was out here for an adventure,” said Michael Links, a retired Sacremento County Sheriff sergeant.

The timeline suggests that Brooks finished work at midnight and attended a high school party before heading home. When her friends and colleagues couldn’t reach her the next day, they immediately knew something was wrong.


The coroner put her time of death around 2:30, but even the authorities aren’t sure if the killer attacked her on her way home or waited for her back at the apartment.

“We don’t know if she was accosted on the walk home, or if someone from the party accosted her, or she went into the apartment and someone was there,” said Links.

37 years later, investigators and Brooks’s family have renewed their hope in finding her killer thanks to some new developments.