Mark Wahlberg Is Donating 1.5 Million Dollars In Michelle William’s Name

Mark Wahlberg says he is going to be donating $1.5 million dollars to the Time’s Up Legal Defense, in Michelle Williams name.

The two were co-stars in the movie All the Money in the World. The donation stems from criticism the film received because of the pay-gap between Wahlberg and Williams, for the re-shoots. Wahlberg received $1.5 million, and Williams received about $1,000.

The re-shoots were filmed after director Ridley Scott replaced Kevin Spacey in the lead role of J Paul Getty with Christopher Plummer, less than two months before the film’s world premiere.

Spacey was the subject of a number of accusations of sexual misconduct, the first by actor Anthony Rapp, who alleged he was 14 when Spacey sexually harassed him.

Mark Wahlberg has since issued a statement explaining his choice to donate.

Christian University Offered $3 Million Donation To Shut Down Student Group

We often hear that the school systems of this country are doomed, and that private interests are running them for their own ends. While there are some instances where money appears to be the most important aspect of a university, one school wanted its students to know that they take precedent.

In Birmingham, Alabama, one group of students found out just how much they were worth to their school administrators when a group threatened to pull funding if they were allowed to continue.

Samford University is a private post-secondary school that was founded by Alabama Baptists in 1841, meant to espouse Christian values while offering higher-level education.

This year, the Alabama Baptist State Convention, a large donor to the school, told university administrators that if they wanted to receive a proposed $3 million donation, then they would need to terminate a LGBT student group that had formed on campus.

Once they heard the offer, the university immediately responded.

Former Navy Seal Donates His Liver To A Complete Stranger After Seeing Her Desperate Facebook Plea

Melinda Ray was suffering from a genetic disease that was quickly destroying her liver. She had been trying to find a donor, but no one was working out. Her husband James told ABC News, “We had just had candidate after candidate being ruled out, and symptoms were progressing. They were progressing fast. The days were getting harder.”

She was becoming increasingly desperate, unsure of how she would carry on. The mother of three made one last appeal to her Facebook friends, asking them to consider getting tested to be a match. All of her friends and family passed along her message, until one day a complete stranger saw the post.

ABC News

Robin Ihnfeldt was friends with Melinda’s sister and she heard that Ray was unable to find a donor. She told her husband, Jeff Bramstedt, about Ray’s trouble and without hesitating he volunteered his own liver.

The former Navy SEAL’s wife said, “He’s always been an amazing man. He hears bullets and he runs into these situations.”

Jeff Bramstedt

The doctors warned him that it would be risky. “There’s a lot of things that can go wrong, including the risk of dying,” Dr. Elizabeth Pomfret said. He had a lot to consider, but it didn’t take him long to make his choice…

MLB Star Donates His Multi-Million-Dollar Home To Support Kids With Special Needs

With the season of giving upon us and everyone doing their best to spread holiday cheer around the world, it becomes all the more important that we do our best to help those less fortunate than us. Whether it’s by volunteering at shelters, donating money to charitable causes, or even just lending a helping hand to our neighbors, we can all do our utmost to make sure that everybody has as great a holiday season as possible.


Among those who are well-poised to help out are professional athletes. Of the people of the world who have plenty to give, these people who make millions of dollars per game based on their contracts are often some of the most generous, and plenty of examples already exist of their charitable natures and how dedicated they are to making the world a better place for the less fortunate.

NBC Sports

Well, the most recent example of this phenomenon might just put many others to shame: Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife have donated their entire, $9 million house to a charitable cause, and the reasons why are nothing short of heartwarming.

They Thought It Was Just A Coin, But When They Checked The Donation Box Again They Realized

You know the holiday season is here once you start hearing the Salvation Army’s bell ringers at the mall.

With their signature red kettles, these volunteers are collecting pocket change to help fund the charity’s shelters, soup kitchens, and other projects. Of course, those are all more in demand as the weather gets colder, and shoppers are more generous as Christmas approaches.

NBC 52

But an anonymous donor did more than just leave one more drop in the bucket: someone at a Walmart in Rock Hills, South Carolina left a valuable gold coin in the store’s Red Kettle. The charity says it’s not unusual to find gold coins in the kettles – especially vintage Mexican pesos – but this coin was different.

News on 6

An appraisal revealed the coin was a 1980 South African Krugerrand, a one ounce, solid gold coin worth $1,200. The average day spent collecting change with a Kettle raises just $300, so this was extremely generous.

The charity hopes the person who dropped the coin will step forward, so they can thank them properly.

But it turns out gold coins aren’t even the weirdest thing that’s been dropped in those red kettles.

Nick Lachey Is Hunting For Justice For A Woman Shot In The Face Outside His Bar

When Ellie Richardson left work at a Cincinnati sports bar early Thanksgiving morning, she wasn’t expecting the violence she faced as she crossed the street.

While walking across the street near her work she was nearly hit by a van, according to the Cincinnati Police Department.

The 27-year-old bartender then got into a verbal argument with the driver before she was shot in the head.

Nick Lachey and his brother Drew opened the bar together in 2014 in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. This was a lifelong dream of theirs and they were ready to get it off the ground.

“The determined brothers are ready to roll up this sleeves and learn the ins and outs of running a place where everybody knows your name,” a press release stated.

After the horrible incident with their employee, Nick and Drew are stepping up to help the member of their restaurant family.

Bill Gates Donates $100 Million to Alzheimer’s Research

Bill Gates has announced his newest mission and investment: To find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and accounts for over 60 percent of diagnoses.

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, more than 45 million people are estimated to be currently living with dementia worldwide and as the population ages, it is expected to increase to over 100 million by 2050.

“Any type of treatment would be a huge advance from where we are today,” he said, but “the long-term goal has got to be cure.”


The billionaire, who also is the richest person on the planet, announced that he plans to make an initial investment of $50 million into the venture capital fund, Dementia Discovery Fund, that finances new treatments for the degenerative disease.

He plans to follow-up his contribution with another $50 million investment in a start-up venture that works in research for Alzheimer’s, which currently has no cure.

The Microsoft co-founder is confident that a breakthrough can happen to help treat the disease. With the help of developing better early diagnosis and funding more diverse approaches, he is hoping to improve the quality of life for those who have been diagnosed.

“If we can catch the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s, then we’re treating a mostly healthy brain, and keeping it mostly healthy. … It’s very difficult to repair the damage once it’s done,” Dr. James Hendrix, who is head of the Alzheimer Association’s Global Science Innovation Team.

So what inspired him to take on this cause now?

NFL Player Is Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is To Support Education

Chris Long is a class act. End of discussion. The Charlottesville, Virginia native, and son of NFL Hall of Famer, Howie Long, decided that it was time to put up or shut up in the wake of the Charlottesville riots.


Long has never been shy about voicing his opinion on the news of the day. Whenever he does speak, he always does so in a thoughtful and educated manner. In the video above, you hear Long say the word “violated” several times, and I think that is the perfect way to put it.

After the riots, Long pledged his first six game checks to provide scholarships for two students from Charlottesville. That’s tens-of-thousands of dollars out of pocket to help provide a better education for deserving students.

Sports Jamm

Now that the he has already kept that pledge, he is now going to take it another step further…

Worker Finds $39,000 At A Goodwill Store, Then She Does What Most People Would Never Do

One Goodwill worker got the surprise of her life when she was at work, and how she handled it will warm your heart. Kindell Keyes is an assistant manager at the Goodwill in New York. While she was going through the donations, she came across a purse that felt like it had something in it.

New York Times/Nicole Craine

As Keyes opened the purse, she saw an envelop that looked like it was full. When she opened it, she thought someone was playing a joke on her. “I started looking around like, who’s setting me up? There’s no way.” Inside the purse was $39,000 cash.

What would you do with that much money? Probably not what Keyes did…

Almost A Year After His Death, The Baby That George Michael Paid For Has Arrived

Lynette Gillard, a 38-year-old fitness instructor, had her fifteen minutes of fame when she appeared on an episode of Deal or No Deal in 2008, and it paid off in the best way she could ever imagine.

At the time, Lynette spent years struggling to conceive and coughed up around $60,000 on nine rounds of IVF, all of which failed. When she and her partner started to run low on cash, Lynette decided to go on the show to win some money for another round of IVF. She took home about $4,000, but unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly enough to cover the cost of the treatment.

The sun

That’s when the late singer George Michael stepped in.

The Wham! star got in touch with the show’s producers and donated the money Lynette needed (about $12,000), but he asked the show runners to keep his identity a secret.

The Sun

“I have had so many failed rounds of IVF. It is an emotional roller coaster, getting your hopes up each time. When it didn’t work I was getting so upset and I knew something was wrong,” Lynette told The Sun.

“I was told I needed special blood tests to check my immune system to find out why it kept failing but I never would have been able to afford them without George,” she continued. “Now thanks to him I have these tests and next time the doctors are going to put me on steroids when the embryo is implanted. He’s given us hope.

Almost a year after the ‘Careless Whisper’ singer died on December 25, 2016, Lynette and her partner, Nathan, are proud parents of a baby boy.

Kenny Chesney Rescues Stranded Teens After Hurricane Irma

Residents of Florida, Texas and the Caribbean are trying to mend their lives after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma ravaged through their communities, destroying almost everything in their path.

Last week, country singer Kenny Chesney penned a heartfelt note and shared some photos revealing that his home as well as those of many people he knew in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands were destroyed. He vowed to help those affected by the catastrophe rebuild through his foundation, Love for Love City.

“I’m gonna do everything that I possibly can to try to relieve some stress from people that I’ve really grown to love over the years, who have meant so much to my life. This place, these islands, have meant so much to me,” Chesney told People.

Mere days after announcing the launch of his new foundation, Chesney is once again making headlines for a selfless act that saved two teenage boys in the aftermath of the storm.