The Best Gardeners Have Already Started, Here’s What They’re Doing

Don’t let that last hint of winter fool you: as far as we’re concerned, spring is here.

If you’re the kind of gardener who waits for stories about “planting season” or big sales at the garden center to start work, you’re already falling behind.

Even before your yard is ready for new plants, you should be seed starting indoors. Then, mature plants can be moved into your garden when they’re ready.

If you haven’t tried seed starting your garden plants before, it can sound intimidating. But the extra work will actually save you time and money in the long run.

First of all, buying seed packets from your garden center is cheaper than mature plants, and there are usually more varieties available too.

Old World Garden Farms

While you’ll need to invest in some extra equipment – like grow lights, indoor seeding soil, and seed planters – they will pay for themselves over time.

If you live in a part of the country with a short growing window, seed starting really pays of. You can squeeze in more crops of vegetables, or enjoy more time with lovely flowers.

But seed starting will also take up space inside your home. Although, a compact planter and light setup can fit easily in a garage, spare room, or your kitchen.

If you’re ready to try seed starting for yourself, we have some helpful tips to get started.

7 Efficient Household Hacks Using Items You Already Own

We all want to be living our most effective lives, putting ourselves dutifully into every task without hesitation or tiring out. But let’s face it, no one can act so robotically all the time.

Luckily, you can put the things around you to use in a way to make your daily routine easy and efficient!

Don’t go out and spend your money! Save time and energy with these awesome life hacks!

Got a tough stain that you can’t get rid of? Before you throw out as ruined, try spraying hairspray on the item! Watch as it fizzes up and begins to dissolve the stain.

Make sure you dab it with a damp towel after, and if the stain is particularly bad, throw it in the washing machine right after to finish it off.

Next time you pour yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade, add a little to your flowers on the windowsill! The citrus juice has antibacterial qualities that protect the flowers, and the high sugar content actually feeds them and makes them look fresh and happy!

Want to get rid of the ashy smell that cigarettes leave behind? Add two tablespoons of malt vinegar from the pantry to a small bowl and leave in the room overnight.

Don’t you hate having to wipe your mirror after a shower to see yourself before getting ready? Tired of needing to clean up all those streaks? The answer is simple!

Just wipe the surface with a bit of shaving foam before hand and you’ll enjoy a clean, clear reflection even after a steamy shower!

Want more tips? These next three hacks are all about clothing!

The Color Of The Rose Bouquets You’ve Been Given Mean A Lot More Than You Thought

During the Victorian era, long before we turned to text messages, emails, and phone calls to communicate, floriography, otherwise known as the language of flowers, played a major role in how people expressed their feelings.

Feri Tradition

Today, we continue the tradition of sending flowers, but many of us no longer know the significance behind the blooms. Every flower has a special meaning to convey exactly how one feels towards the specific receiver or occasion. To make matters even more complex, the color of the flower also affects its meaning.

Since roses are one of the world’s most popular type of flower, let’s figure out what the different colors signify:

As you probably already know, the coveted red rose signifies love, making it the number choice to send to a lover.

The light pink-hued rose is a symbol for “grace,” which makes it perfect to gift to a close friend.

If you want to express gratitude or show appreciation, dark pink blooms are the perfect choice.

The soft, pale peach rose stands for modesty.

The vibrant orange bloom represents fascination.

Haven’t seen your favorite color yet? Don’t worry, there are more!

Her Father Died Five Years Ago, But He’s Been Sending Flowers On Her Birthday Ever Since

Saying goodbye to someone you love is very difficult, especially someone as important as your own father.

Bailey Sellers was just 16 when her father died, after a six month battle with pancreatic cancer. Before he passed away, the two became very close. “I became home-schooled so that I could help my mom out,” Bailey explained, “because he couldn’t work anymore.”

Bailey and her father, Michael.Bailey Sellers

But while Michael Sellers was preparing for the end his life, he was thinking about Bailey’s future.

The result of his plans arrived at the Sellers family home just a few months after Michael died, on Bailey’s 17th birthday. A bouquet of flowers was left on the doorstep, with a note that read “I loved you first…happy 17th! Love, Dad.”

Bailey’s 17th birthday bouquet.Bailey Sellers

Michael’s wife Kristy says he shared the plan with her a month before he died, explaining that he had purchased a bouquet of flowers for Bailey’s next five birthdays, and left a special note with each one.

This year, Bailey received her final bouquet, and after sharing her story – and her dad’s touching final message – it’s gone viral.