Secret Service Reveals How To Spot “Skimmers” Hiding On Your Gas Pump

It’s genius, totally evil, and hides in plain sight. Most people have never heard of an ATM skimmer before, but unless you know what to look for you could fall victim to one.

The FBI and Secret Service have been warning the public about these devices as they become more common across the country.

A phony card reader has been placed over this ATM’s real part.Laurel Police Department

The basic idea behind an ATM skimmer is that something has been added to the machine to steal your credit card number and PIN. While they’re most commonly found on bank ATMs, they’ve also been spotted on gas pumps and regular credit card readers.

These flimsy little devices are surprisingly profitable for the crooks who set them up. A pair of brothers in New York netted more than $1 million by attaching skimmers to ATM machines in 2010.

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And the risk of having your identity stolen is even greater if you haven’t switched to a chip card yet (as many as 55% of Americans haven’t).

Thankfully, once you know what to look for, this scam is easy to avoid.

Texas County Loses Nearly $1 Million To Email Scam

The internet has been creating business opportunities for people ever since its introduction to the public in the 90s. Time and again, we’ve seen companies like Google and Amazon go from humble beginnings to absolutely unbelievable billion dollar empires, all based around providing a product or service that people didn’t know they wanted.

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However, for as long as there have been legitimate internet businesses, there have been people who’ve tried to profit off of people online through much less savory means. This has lead to a massive, MASSIVE boom of web-based scams, some of which you’ve almost definitely heard of. Scams like the Nigerian Prince messaging you to send him money, or getting a popup from “Microsoft” asking you to give them your credit card information.

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These scams are insidious because they prey on the ignorance of people who aren’t very computer-savvy. Fortunately as more and more people get interested in technology, they happen to be getting smarter about being careful, but even still, sometimes a scam presents itself just too well.


Case and point: government officials from Harris County, Texas nearly lost a whopping $1 million to an email scam that was based out of the UK…

Police Arrest Alleged “Nigerian Prince” Email Scammer In Louisana

While it is often the butt of jokes on late-night TV, most people are familiar with the “Nigerian Prince” email scam. Many of us hope that people haven’t fallen for this silly scheme, but like all scams there are victims who believe the stories they are being told.

According to Louisiana’s Police Department, Michael Neu is not connected to any African royalty.

After an 18-month investigation, authorities have found that this con artist has a prolific track record of swindling people out of money. The 67-year-old was arrested and charged with 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering after serving as a middleman in a variation of the Nigerian prince scam that became so widely known.

New York Times

The scam that Neu has been charged with running actually predates the days of dial up internet.

In one of the schemes, someone claims that a benefactor, often a Nigerian prince, has left you an inheritance and you are required to provide your bank information so that the funds could be transferred to you. Some iterations of the scam ask victims to send money that will be later reimbursed along with the funds. Needless to say, those funds don’t exist.

Neu’s arrest is actually an important milestone for authorities.

Pharmaceutical Company Misled Cancer Patients To Sell Fentanyl

People all over America rely on the cutting-edge discoveries of pharmaceutical companies in order to alleviate their disorders and serious diseases. It’s a huge industry, and unfortunately not always the most forgiving or honest.

There are news reports all the time where people are unable to pay for their medication, and CEO’s like Martin Shkreli who take advantage of the market to sell life-saving medication.

So when Insys Therapeutics finally got approval to sell their drug they ran into a problem: not enough people were buying it.

It would make sense why people were hesitant. Their cancer treatment drug Subsys, which is essentially a sprayable form of fentanyl, has been making headlines around the world because of how easy it is to overdose on it.

While every business wants to be successful, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and what this company did is not only shameful, it is extremely illegal.

Johnny Depp Says His Lawyers Stole Over $40 Million Of His Earnings

Film icon and Hollywood legend Johnny Depp is suing entertainment law firm, Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman, LLP, claiming that they have stolen tens of millions of dollars from him over the years.

Depp believes that his former attorneys colluded with his then-business managers to siphon the money from his accounts into “third-party loans” without his knowledge or approval, and that they made off with over $40 million.  

This isn’t the only time the movie star has confronted former colleagues. He was already filing a previous lawsuit against said business managers, TMG, for fraud. He claims they had grossly mismanaged his finances and properties, like when they paid a neighbor $320,000 for a dispute that they never looked into.

While the allegations that Depp is placing are serious, his former associates have struck back saying that his behavior speaks louder than the lawsuit.

When you look at how the star has spent his money the last few years, a different story begins to emerge.

There’s A Book On How To Fake Your Death To Get Out Of Debt And It’s Surprisingly Legal

Debt is one of the most debilitating facts of life. Very few people (including the super-rich) are able to avoid falling into debt’s clutches. Student debt is particularly debilitating for people trying to build a life for themselves. Elizabeth Greenwood was being crushed by her own student debt and thought that the best way to get through the trouble would be to fake her own death.

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Though she says she never truly considered “killing herself off” she did get fairly deep into the process. Greenwood went to the Philippines in order to start the process.