Teri Hatcher Responds To Rumors She Is Homeless And Living In A Van

On Sunday nights, one of my favorite shows to watch with my mother was Desperate Housewives. While all four leading ladies were great in their own right, in my humble opinion, Teri Hatcher’s portrayal of Susan Mayer was the best.

For eight years every week, we saw these actresses grace our television screens in continuous nail biting scenes on Wisteria Lane, but after the series concluded, they cast seemed to vanish from the limelight without a trace.

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but the cast have yet to find such another groundbreaking project in the industry comparable to their former work… Or I just haven’t seen it.

Although the public hasn’t heard from 53-year-old Hatcher in a while, Star magazine reported last week that the starlet is broke and homeless and living out of her van.

“On the cover yesterday [Star magazine has] an article that says exactly that — it’s totally absurd — that I am broke and homeless and living out of my van,” Hatcher said in an interview with KTLA. “It’s categorically false. I am not broke. I have done very well investing my money. I am not homeless and I am not living out of my van.”

While it’s always a relief when these kinds of rumors get debunked, how exactly did this one get started?

A Stranger Bought This Homeless Man A Burger, Then Police Kicked Them Both Out Of The Restaurant

Here at Shared, we work really hard to remind everyone that the world is a lot nicer than we think.

But some stories just make me shake my head and ask, “What is happening to us?”

Sadly, this is one of those stories.

It comes courtesy of a man named Yossi Gallo, from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Gallo was only trying to be a good Samaritan for someone down on their luck in his own community.

But he wound up recording a very upsetting encounter with local police that is going viral around the world.

Yossi Gallo and the homeless man he bought a meal for.The Sun News / Yossi Gallo – Facebook

Gallo was in downtown Myrtle Beach when he says he bumped into a homeless man across the street from a McDonald’s.

He asked the man if he was hungry, he said yes, and Gallo offered to buy him a meal inside the restaurant.

So far so good.

But when Gallo and the homeless man walked into the McDonald’s, Gallo says the cashier told the man, “You’re not getting food.”

Soon police had arrived, and they later said they were called because a homeless man was asking for money in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Gallo pulled out his phone and started recording as a police officer told the homeless man to finish his meal, leave, and never come back.

Yossi said he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him, which is why he taped and shared the encounter on Facebook, where it has been viewed more than 60 million times.

“You guys suck,” Gallo says in the video. “He didn’t even ask me for food. I brought him in from outside. I’ll never be back here again.”

But the restaurant’s owner and local police tell a very different story.

Homeless Patients Were Leaving The Hospital With No Clothes, Until This Nurse Stepped Up

A nurse from Miami is taking it into his own hands to ensure homeless patients are leaving the hospital with what they need.

Oliver Castellanos has been a nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital, in Miami for almost 30 years.

He began to notice that whenever homeless patients were discharged from the hospital, they were left without the bare necessities they needed.

He said that he would often see homeless patients leaving the hospital with nothing but the paper gowns they were given while being treated.

That’s when Castellanos decided he wanted to make a difference. He started collecting clothes and shoes to keep at the hospital. He decided these would be the most beneficial items for the homeless patients.

He created a closet in the hospital, and whenever a homeless patient was being discharged, they would be given the appropriate clothing and shoes to leave in.

It began with a very small pile of clothes but once word got out, it began to grow very quickly.

Once word spread about his project, he began to receive clothing donations from his co-workers, as well as, people from his church, City Church.

This is how far he has come since the beginning:

He Was Dead For 28 Minutes, Then A Homeless Man Did Something Incredible

August 7, 2017 was a day that started out like any other, but by the end, two men’s lives changed forever.

George Dakin Jr., a 64-year-old architect, was out for a stroll when he suddenly collapsed on the sidewalk and went into cardiac arrest. His heart stopped, which means he was dead. However, 28 minutes later he returned to life.

No, he wasn’t resuscitated by paramedics or doctors at a hospital. Dakin’s life was saved by someone no one expected: Austin Davis, a homeless man sipping coffee nearby.


Dakin collapsed in front of CHAMP Homes Inc., a faith-based transitional shelter for the homeless in Massachusetts, and his loud cry for help caught Davis’s attention.

Without hesitation, the 54-year-old performed CPR on Dakin for 10 minutes, until paramedics got to the scene. They were able to bring Dakin back to life after 18 additional minutes of CPR and defibrillator shocks.

While stories like this aren’t as rare as many might think, there is something about this particular incident that makes it stand out from the rest.

Woman Fell In Love With An Alcoholic Homeless Man In ‘Rags To Riches’ Fairytale

You never quite know when you are going to meet the person you are going to marry. There are times when it feels like we fall in love at first sight, but it normally takes people years to get to know someone and make the final call.

Still, first impressions are important, and nobody knows this better than Vic Kocula. In 2006 he was living on the streets of Amsterdam with a severe drinking problem after running out of money on his backpacking vacation.

“The wheels fell off and the alcoholism kicked in heavy. It was such a gradual turn that one day I realised: ‘Oh my God, I’m a homeless alcoholic’,” he told This Morning, on ITV.

Vic was begging for money to afford his habits, but one day, everything changed for him.

Emmy Abrahamson was on a vacation at the time, and sat down on a park bench to take in the city sights.

When Vic approached her, she knew right away he was homeless, but there was something about what he said to her that made her stop and think.

Homeless Man Stands In Front Of Walmart With A Heartbreaking Sign, Until One Woman Stops To Help

If you live in or around a big city, chances are you walk by homeless people holding signs every day.

As generous as we can be, most of us just ignore the requests for help and charity that we see on the sidewalk. But when Wilma Price saw a homeless man holding a heartbreaking sign outside of her local Walmart, she took action.

Something made Wilma Price stop and help the man.CBS News

The woman from Huntsville, Texas noticed a scruffy-looking man with a cardboard sign outside the store. Written on it in big, black letters were the words “DOG IN POUND NEED HELP.”

Price had just $8 in her pocket, so at first she just walked right by the man. But something made her stop and turn around. Price runs her own animal shelter, and she can never turn down an animal in need.  

Patrick had no money to get his dog out of the shelter.Wilma Price

After speaking to the homeless man, Price learned his sad story. His name was Patrick, and after being arrested for trespassing and sent to jail, his dog, Franklin, had been taken to a nearby animal shelter.

They would release the animal to Patrick, but only after he paid $120, which of course he didn’t have.

Price agreed to help Patrick, but first she made him take a special test.

8-Year-old Boy Raised In Homeless Shelters Receives A Gift That Makes Him Burst Into Tears

The stress of living in poverty can take a toll on young children. They see the world in a different light as they watch their single parent or parents struggle to make ends meet.

An 8-year-old boy from Detroit, Michigan was overwhelmed with emotions when surprised with a new bedroom, proving that it’s really the simplest things that make a difference in one’s life.

What Daeyrs’s old bedroom looked like. The Sun

Children raised in poverty must come to grips with the fact that their parents won’t have the money to pay for anything considered a luxury. Their lives consists of two main worries: where they’re going to eat, and where they’re going to sleep.

The contents of each of those don’t matter, only that they survive to see the next day.

For Daeyrs, he spent the majority of his life moving between homeless shelters after his mother, Dionna, lost her job and their house.

He spent several years bundling up as much as he could on the cold ground, but then something incredible happened…

Man Hosting “Slumber Parties” For The Homeless Risks His House Being Bulldozed

We are brought up to believe in helping those less fortunate than ourselves, and that when we can’t offer people money, the next best thing is time and sharing what we can. But it seems that it isn’t that easy anymore, at least for one generous man in Chicago.

Greg Schiller is a resident of the ‘Windy City,’ and he noticed that when the temperature dropped below freezing, there were still people wandering out in the cold. He found out that there were times when local shelters weren’t available to handle the demand for their services, and knew he couldn’t just sit back.

“Somebody’s going to die,” said Schiller. So he did what his heart told him, and opened up his doors to these people.

He started offering up his garage for people to at least be sheltered from the winds, but when a man required medical attention from a preexisting heart condition, he was told to stop.

But he decided to ignore their request, and instead invited his guests into the house proper, and this is when the city amped up their threats.

Sheriff’s Deputy Goes To Give Homeless Man A Citation, Instead He Helps Him Get His Life Back On Track

Sheriff’s Deputy Swallwell was going about his business when he got word that a homeless man was panhandling on the freeway off-ramp. He went out to go give him a citation, but when he spoke the man he had a change of heart.

Michael Myers was greeted by the officer and said that he told him, “you can’t be on this freeway anymore and I’m going to write you a ticket.” But as they started to speak, Deputy Swallwell realized that a ticket wasn’t going to help anything.

“I started to get to know more about him and I realized he didn’t need a citation, he needed someone to help him,” Swalwell said. Myers was unlike other panhandlers he had met. He had no criminal record, no substance abuse issues and he had tried several times to get off the streets.

“He told me, ‘no you don’t understand. I’ve done it before. I get turned away. I’ve applied for benefits before, but I don’t have ID so I can’t get any assistance.’” Swalwell explained. It was at this point that he decided he was going to do more than just let him off with a warning, he was going to do everything he could to help him get his life back on track…

Homeless Man’s Life Changed Forever After Moving In With Strangers

A homeless man’s life was changed when he moved in with a couple in the suburbs.

Kevin Swayzie was born with a urea cycle disorder, which is linked to brain damage and learning disabilities – making it difficult to navigate life on his own.

The 32-year-old had a difficult home life. His mother was mentally ill, and he never knew his father. His stepfather was an alcoholic, and physically abusive. They have since passed away.  

According to CBC, Swayzie moved out when he was 20-years-old, but his life only got worse.

Swayzie would spend his monthly government cheque at a dive bar in Calgary, Canada, and on drugs like pot, cocaine, acid, meth and ecstasy, until his money ran out.

He was also known to the police, as there were warrants out for his arrest for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and theft.

“It was terrible,” Swayzie said. “I found [living on the streets] was too hard for me.”

All of Swayzie’s attempts to get clean failed, until he finally sought help from Alberta Health Services. He was put in a program that finds families who are willing to open up their homes to people who suffer from developmental disabilities.

When A Homeless Man’s Last $500 Were Stolen, A Single Mom Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

Charles Reynolds was living hand to mouth, and says he was “pretty much homeless” when he cashed a pair of paychecks worth $500 at a Walmart in Largo, Florida.

So the last thing he needed was for a thief to run out of the store with his hard-earned money. Reynolds says that when a Walmart employee put his cash on a counter, the thief “politely reached around and snatched it, right off the counter, I mean right next to the register.”

Reynolds chases the thief out of the store.ABC Action News

But the 26-year-old suspect, Chad Alves-Cardoso, probably wasn’t expecting 60-year-old Reynolds to chase him out of the store.

Security footage caught the men dashing out of the store, as Cardoso dropped bills and even punched Reynolds to get the older man off his tail. The bold thief eventually jumped over a cement wall and got away.

Police later tracked the man down, but weren’t able to recover the stolen money. Thankfully, a good Samaritan with a difficult life story of her own heard about Reynolds and his story.

Kari Diaz heard about the robbery on the local news.ABC Action News

Unlike most of us who hear about a sad news story and change the channel, Kari Diaz decided to actually do something to help. She managed to collect $500 for the elderly homeless man, but just how she raised the money has everyone talking.

Restaurant Offers Free Meals To The Homeless Over The Holidays

While the frustrations many of us face during the holidays usually consist of things like trying to find the perfect gift for somebody, or having to struggle to get everything under the tree in time for the 25th, for others the early winter is much more difficult.


Winter is an especially tough time of year for the thousands of homeless people who live in this country alone, thanks to increasingly cold and inhospitable weather conditions, fewer and fewer places for them to sleep outdoors, and a shortage of shelters with long-term care available. Not only that, but most of them don’t even have warm enough clothes to actually deal with how cold the winter can ultimately be.


While there are several organizations dedicated to providing relief to the homeless year-round, these organizations only have so many resources available to them, and the rate of homelessness is only increasing by the year. As a result, it’s all the more important for members of the community to pitch in where they can in order to help out.

Charity Club

Well, one Amir Shawarma franchise owner in the city of Montreal, Canada has decided to do just that, and has offered up a safe place for the area’s homeless population to get a hot meal over the holidays…

Homeless Man’s Good Deed Rewarded After He Guarded A Car In The Rain For Two Hours

Have you ever left something in your car that by all accounts, you probably really shouldn’t have? I’m not talking about pets or children in this case (which you shouldn’t leave unattended in your car for entirely different reasons), but rather something that could very well result in your car getting broken into because of its presence there.


We’ve all done it at some point; you’re in a rush, you’ve been fighting traffic for the last hour or two, you grab everything that seems important, and dash out of your car towards whatever meeting or gig has your attention that day. Of course, about halfway into your day, you go to reach for something in your pocket (your wallet, your cell phone etc.) only to discover that, OH NO, it’s in the car. And now you have to speed back downstairs and out to your car, all the while praying to whatever you consider holy that your car hasn’t been broken into and robbed.

The Star

It’s an immensely tense and worrisome situation that brings out not only our own paranoia, but our worst beliefs in what humanity is capable of. However, it’s important to remember that there’s a lot of good people out there, and in the case of one homeless man from Glasgow, Scotland, that sense of good led to him guarding someone’s car in a rain storm for two hours…

Homeless Vet Who Saved A Woman With His Last $20 Buys House

A homeless veteran who used his last $20 to fill up a stranded woman’s tank of gas has bought a house with the money raised from charitable donations.

Overcome by his generosity, Kate McClure set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Johnny Bobbitt Jr., which quickly went viral.

With the help of 14,300 people, donations surpassed more than $400,000, allowing Bobbitt, 34, with enough funds to reintegrate into a normal life.  

“The feeling is indescribable and (it’s) all thanks to the support and generosity that each and every one of you has shown,” Bobbitt wrote on the GoFundMe page. “I’ll continue to thank you every single day for the rest of my life.”

Bobbitt, a former ammunition technician in the Marines and talented paramedic from North Carolina, said he had become homeless after a mix of “bad decisions and bad situations,” but was hoping for an opportunity to turn his life around, and help others who are also in need.

Now that Bobbitt has these funds, he’s making sure he’s sticking to his word.

9-Year-Old Chooses To Help The Homeless Instead Of Getting An Xbox For Christmas

Think back to when you were a kid: what was the one Christmas present you wanted the most? I’m not talking about “oh yeah it’d be cool if I got one of those” kind of want, I’m talking about “Christmas is RUINED if that fat jerk in the red suit doesn’t leave this for me under the tree!” kind of want.


Maybe it was a doll that you’d been eyeing in the window of a store for months? Or maybe it was a set of sports equipment for your budding career as an All-Star? Whatever it was, chances are you wanted it more than anything in the world, and the moment it showed up under your tree made you happy on a level you’ve never been able to replicate in your adult life.


However, if you could give that present up so that somebody else could get what they wanted on Christmas, would you? It’s a pretty tough question for even some adults to answer (and let’s get real, some people are going to say “of course I would” but would never actually do it), and even harder to present to a kid.

However, 9-year-old Mikah Frye of Ashland, Ohio put almost all of us to shame when he decided to give up his Christmas wish of a brand new Xbox One so he could help out the homeless people of his town…

Homeless Man Risks His Life To Save Babies From Burning Building

A homeless man is being called a hero after he risked his own life to save two young children after a fire broke out in an apartment. The 10-month-old baby boy and 3-year-old girl were being babysat by their grandfather when the fire broke out.

Anival Angulo lives on the streets but was near the apartment building when he heard the screams of the children. He had to jump a fence to get to the door, but he wasn’t going to let it slow him down.

He was able to get over the locked fence and through a dead-bolted door before the entire room filled with smoke. “Went to the door and saw the babies, so I jumped the fence and I pulled on the screen door and I wrapped up the babies and pulled them out,” Angulo said. “I knew I had to get them out.”

The fire department was called and they revealed just how close they had come to disaster…

2-Month-Old Puppy Rescued After Being Stranded On An Island For Over A Week

Animal Control was sent on crazy mission after a homeless man’s dog managed to get trapped on an island. The 2-month-old Chihuahua-Corgi mix had been stuck on an island in the middle of a river for over a week, but he wasn’t making it easy for them to help him.

Blondie was on the island with his owner, John Gordon, when the water started to rise up. Gordon tried to call the pup to get him to come with him back to land, but the puppy wouldn’t listen. Gordon was forced off the island, but he had no way to get back to go get his puppy.

Dylan Darling/The Register-Guard

Authorities were called to the scene when one of Gordon’s friends was reported to have been floating across the river on an inflatable air mattress in an attempt to get the puppy. Firefighters were able to get the man off the island, but Blondie was not being cooperative.

Dylan Darling/The Register-Guard

Gordon understood why his puppy was scared, as there was a full team of people chasing him down. Gordon said “I’d be running too.” But the problem was, Blondie needed to stop running if they were ever going to catch him! But luckily, Blondie’s rescuers weren’t about to give up…

First Vending Machine For The Homeless Set To Launch Just In Time For Christmas

A charity has created an innovative way to dispense the necessities that are essential to the homeless.

Action Hunger will be providing items such as fresh fruit, tooth paste, sanitary towels, sandwiches, and socks, free of charge.

With the cold weather approaching, and the rate of the homeless population soaring in the United Kingdom, the homeless will have access the vending machine at all hours, and can collect up to three items per day. The charity said they are limiting the quantity to three items as a way to mitigate the chance of dependency on it, Reuters reports.

“Action Hunger’s machines provide access for the most vulnerable in our society to satiate the most basic of needs – that of sustenance,” the charity said on its website.

“They permit access to food and clothing free of charge at any hour – without requiring anyone to be left without aid outside the operating hours of the various charities and shelters that are available,” it added.

Homeless Man Finds $10,000 But Returns It, Turns Out To Be The Best Decision He Ever Made

They say that one good deed deserves another, and this story proves how true that is.

Elmer Alvarez from New Haven, Connecticut was living on the street when he found a check that someone had dropped on the sidewalk. It was worth $10,000, and made out to a local real estate broker named Dr. Roberta Hoskie. She had been carrying the check after making a deal, and didn’t even realize it was missing until Alvarez called her.

Elmer Alvarez found a $10,000 check lying on the sidewalk.NBC

When Hoskie arrived to take back the check, she learned about Alvarez’s situation for the first time. Hoskie was moved that someone with so little would show the kind of honesty that Alvarez did, and shared her meeting with him on Facebook Live.

People fell in love with their story, and it’s clear that Hoskie didn’t stop thinking about Alvarez once she had the check back.

Instead, she organized some of her business partners and the local Chamber of Commerce to give Alvarez the surprise of a lifetime. “He has absolutely no idea what’s about to happen,” Hoskie told the local news before Alvarez walked into the Chamber of Commerce building.

Alvarez had no idea what to expect when he walked in.NBC

But just moments later, her kindness would move the homeless man to tears, and change his life forever.

Homeless Vet Spent His Last $20 To Keep Her Safe, Now She’s Raised Over $220,000 To Pay Him Back

A homeless man is learning the true meaning behind “paying it forward” after he gave a woman stranded on the road his last $20.

Kate McClure was driving down Interstate 95 late at night when she ran out of fuel. Unsure of what to do, she got out of her car.

Luckily for McClure, her knight in white shining armor would come in the form of Johnny Bobbitt Jr., who came to the rescue.

“He saw me pull over and knew something was wrong. He told me to get back in the car and lock the doors. A few minutes later, he comes back with a red gas can. Using his last 20 dollars to make sure I could get home safe,” McClure said.

Floored with his generosity but without cash, McClure visited Bobbitt the following day to pay him back.  

After returning several more times with cash, clothes and food in hand, McClure discovered his backstory and they formed a close bond.

After discussing Bobbitt’s predicament with her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, the pair came up with an idea to make his life a little bit better.