The Life And Times Of Hugh Hefner And The Birth Of “Playboy”

Hugh Hefner. The name itself is synonymous with sex, beautiful women, and the envy of men across the globe. When he was born to parents Glenn and Grace Hefner in Chicago, on April 9, 1926, no one would have any idea that they had just birthed a man that would help spark and sustain the sexual revolution.

It wouldn’t be until he was 27-years-old that he launched the magazine and brand that would end up making him a very wealthy man. But when Playboy hit the shelves for the first time in December 1953, not only did it help spark the the change in culture in regard to sexuality, it would also help cement Marilyn Monroe as one of Hollywood’s most iconic sex symbols, ever.

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Hef was a man on a mission from a young age, and a lot can happen in 27 years, and the years leading up to his brilliant idea are just as important as the years afterwards, living in the Mansion.

Even when he was in high school, there were clear signs that Hef was meant to go onto bigger and better things.

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His teachers described his academic performance as “modest,” but according to reports, Hef had an IQ score over 150, which for those that don’t know, puts him well above the majority of people in this world. In fact, his score was starting to flirt with genius level intellect.

While he was a student at Steinmetz High School, he ended up becoming the president of the school’s student council, and he even helped found the school’s first newspaper, a clear sign of his journalistic abilities and dreams. He even tried his hand at comics, creating his own comic book, School Daze.

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In fact, he was still funding his old high school newspaper right up until the time of his death.

Hefner’s journey was a real “follow your dreams” type of story, which grew out of an idea before it flourished into what we know today as Playboy.

After high school, he decided that it was his turn to serve his country, and towards the end of World War II, that is just what he did, serving in the army between 1944 and 1946.

He served as a noncombatant during his two years in the army before being discharged. Once he was out of uniform, he decided to continue his education, which also took him down a few different paths.  

Hugh Hefner’s Trust Forbids Family Members From Drug Abuse

Following his death, Hugh Hefner has made sure his family members refrain from substance abuse.

Hefner established that the beneficiaries of his trust – which include his widow Crystal, and his children Christie, David, Marston, and Cooper – must live clean in order to maintain their inheritance.

If they are discovered to frequently use any illegal substances or become dependent upon alcohol or any legal drugs, they will be removed from the trust.

In documents obtained by The Blast, the trustees have the authority to determine what will be considered as substance abuse.

“If the trustees reasonably believe that a beneficiary of any trust routinely or frequently uses or consumes any illegal substance so as to be physically or psychologically dependent upon that substance, or is clinically dependent upon the use or consumption of alcohol or any other legal drug or chemical substance that is not prescribed by a board certified medical doctor or psychiatrist in a current program of treatment supervised by such a doctor or psychiatrist, and if the trustees reasonably believe that as a result the beneficiary is unable to care for himself or herself, or is unable to manage his or her financial affairs, all mandatory distributions (including distributions upon termination of the trust) to the beneficiary, all of the beneficiary’s withdrawal rights, and all of the beneficiary’s rights to participate in decisions concerning the removal and appointment of Trustees will be suspended.”

However, the trust offers its recipients the chance to redeem themselves.

Who Will Be Inheriting Hugh Hefner’s Fortune?

When Hugh Hefner passed away at the age of 91, he left behind many memories of suave style, crazy antics, and a deeply debatable legacy. Many have called him an iconic figure of American society, others say he was a misogynist who caused irreparable damage to women’s rights.

Not only is his history under a veil of controversy, it seems the future of his estate is as well.

The founder of the hugely popular magazine on pop culture, intellectual content, and of course, nude women, was believed to have amassed around $43 million dollars in net worth at the time of his passing.

It wasn’t the richest he had ever been though. In fact, the wealth of this late celebrity peaked in 1999 when the Playboy stock was worth $250 million. Still, considering he began the company with only $8,000 he probably wasn’t too unhappy in the later years of his life.

The question is: who gets to keep what is left?

The Playboy Mansion’s New Owner Isn’t A Household Name, But You’ll Know His Products

With the passing of Playboy founder and living legend Hugh Hefner, a big question on everyone’s lips has been what’s to become of his other most famous (or infamous) creation: the Playboy Mansion.


Originally built in 1927 and bought by Playboy in 1971, the mansion instantly became something of a legend thanks to the lavish, sometimes debaucherous parties that Hefner would host there.

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The mansion has 22 rooms, including a wine cellar with a Prohibition-era secret door, a screening room complete with a working pipe organ, a massive game room, and even a freaking miniature ZOO!

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Of course there’s also the infamous grotto, with a massive swimming pool and waterfall area.


There’s even an entirely separate building for games! It has an arcade, pool tables, and pretty much anything else you could think to play.


Of course, it’s not as glamorous as you might think either. In her 2010 memoir of being married to Hefner, Isabella St. James mentions that the house is in various states of disrepair, with mismatched furniture and accommodations that are falling apart.


So it stands to reason that they might have a hard time selling it off right? Well it turns out that’s not the case; it was actually bought all the way back in 2016, by an especially surprising buyer!

The details around the purchase are pretty interesting…

Hugh Hefner Left His Wife Out Of His Will

Hugh Hefner recently passed away, but it would be a lie to say he didn’t live a good life.

In 1953, the iconic Playboy magazine was launched be Hefner, who hadn’t hit 30 years old yet.

“It was an exciting time because I had no idea how things would turn out,” Hefner said. “I launched the magazine on $5000 dollars. My mother loaned me $1000. The first issue came out at the end of 1953. I knew I needed something original. I had a photographer shoot a 3D feature for the first issue and learned it would cost too much money. When the 3D thing turned out to be too expensive, at that same moment I came across the photos of Marilyn Monroe. People had heard about it but they hadn’t seen it. And that was the first issue.”

Hefner was married to his childhood sweetheart, Mildred Williams from 1949 to 1959. Together, they had two children, Christie and David.

“I was an absent dad. Once the magazine started, I really had two families,” Hefner revealed to People. “The dream was the magazine. I worked through the night all the time.”

After their marriage fell apart, Hefner had many girlfriends. He married again in 1989, this time to Kimberely Conrad. Together, they had two sons, Martson and Cooper.

“I was more into the marriage the second time,” Hefner confessed. “It was good. I was ready to be a dad again…having two boys was a parallel of my own childhood, my brother and I.”

Hugh, Kimberley, and their two sons, Marston and Cooper.EzineMark

The couple separated in 1998 but didn’t officially divorce until 11 years later in 2010. In 2012, Hefner married his third wife, Crystal Harris. Despite their 60-year age gap, the two seemed to be in love.

“I didn’t give [getting married again] a lot of thought,” said Hefner in an interview. “I wasn’t really planning on getting married. She indicated that she wanted. And I don’t think either one of us has ever regretted it. We’re very happy together. I’m not sure how, but something clicked there very quickly. Crystal is one in a million. I feel very lucky to have her in my life in this way.”

When Hefner passed away, he left behind a $43 million fortune, not to mention the $100 million he made off selling the Playboy Mansion. He had $36million worth of stocks and bonds and $6million in a joint account with an unnamed person. His monthly earnings from the magazine only totaled $100,000, with the rest coming from his pension.

However, if Crystal thought this was a game of “wait it out and then get rich,” you would be wrong.

Pamela Anderson Distraught Over Hugh Hefner’s Death, Shares Tearful Tribute

On Wednesday, September 27, the founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner passed away at his famous mansion surrounded by loved ones.

Hefner not only changed the way America and the world viewed sex, he had a huge impact on popular culture and publishing. He helped shape the careers of many celebrities and he broke down barriers that stood in the way of free speech and civil rights.

Minutes after the news of his death broke, tributes began to pour in. From actors and politicians, to former Playmates and cover models, social media was filled with messages, videos, and photos that honor the businessman’s legacy.

But the most heartfelt tribute of them all came from model and actress Pamela Anderson, who owes her success to Hefner. Anderson graced the cover of Playboy in October 1989 which helped launched her career in Hollywood. She appeared in the publication frequently, and was named Playmate of the month in February 1990.

The star and Hefner remained close friends ever since, so it is only natural that Anderson is taking his death a lot harder than most.

Earlier today, she posted a tearful video message saying goodbye to Hefner.

‘Playboy’ Founder Hugh Hefner Dead At 91

Hugh Marston Hefner, the man behind the iconic Playboy magazine has passed away at the age of 91.

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The famous publication confirmed the sad news on Wednesday through official statements.

The business man and reality star rose to fame after leaving his position as a copy editor for Esquire to launch his own men’s magazine in 1953. The first issue of Playboy magazine hit stands featuring Marilyn Monroe has its cover girl, and that was the start of Hefner’s long reign.

He has since been a prominent figure in popular culture who changed the way America and the rest of the world viewed sex. He went on to establish Playboy Enterprises, Inc., a media and lifestyle company that helped him build a multimillion-dollar empire including TV shows, licensed merchandise, websites, and more.