You Probably Didn’t Know A Very Famous Actress Inspired “Midnight Train To Georgia”

In 1973, Gladys Knight & the Pips released “Midnight Train to Georgia” and it instantly became a chart-topping hit that helped the group earn a Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance By A Duo, Group Or Chorus.

While Knight made the song her own and turned it into one of the most recognizable tunes, its origins are far more interesting than many of us know.


The hit song was written by singer-songwriter Jim Weatherly in 1971 under the title “Midnight Plane To Houston.”

Weatherly, who was also a former football quarterback, said he wrote the tune as “kind of a country song.”

“Then we sent the song to a guy named Sonny Limbo in Atlanta and he wanted to cut it with Cissy Houston… he asked if I minded if he changed the title to “Midnight Train to Georgia,” Weatherly explained. “And I said, ‘I don’t mind. Just don’t change the rest of the song.'”

The Tennessean

Believe it or not, that’s not even the most mind-blowing part of the story of how the song came to be. Weatherly’s song was actually inspired by one of his friends and their girlfriend at the time, who happened to be one of Hollywood’s most popular leading ladies.

Inmates Remember The Man Who Proved That It’s Never Too Late To Turn Your Life Around

He was a drug addict, a burglar and a fugitive, but Arnulfo Garcia is remembered by those who knew him best as a mentor and a teacher.

The San Jose, California native had a troubled early life. He became a heroin addict at an early age and was convicted for robbery after breaking into a home. At one point he fled to Mexico to avoid jail time, and eventually found himself facing 65-to-life because of a “three strikes” law.

During his 16 years in the California prison system, Garcia experienced a dramatic transformation. He sobered up, and started working with the San Quentin News, America’s only newspaper written and edited by inmates.

Garcia, reading a finished issue of the San Quentin News.LA Times

When Garcia started work at the paper it was located in an old mobile classroom, and they made do with almost no supplies. By the time he left jail as the paper’s editor in chief this year, the News had dozens of employees and almost 30,000 subscribers in 35 prisons across California.

The News had even launched a new magazine for prisoners called Wall City. Amazingly, Garcia and his team accomplished all this without an internet connection. As one of Garcia’s coworkers remembers, “He taught me how to be a man, how to be a father, to be responsible and accountable for my actions.”

And Garcia had even bigger plans for his release from prison…

10-Year-Old Breast Cancer Survivor Is A Lesson For All Of Us

A young girl from Utah is one of the youngest people in the world to ever be diagnosed with breast cancer and she is now inspiring people with her story.


When Chrissy Turner was only 8-years-old she told her parents about a lump she had found under her right nipple that was painful to touch.  

“It was about the middle of October she came to us with a lump on her chest and was scared,” her father Troy told ABC4 Utah News.

By November of 2015, the doctors diagnosed the young girl with secretory breast carcinoma, a rare type of cancer that only affects one in a million.

Her father, Troy Turner, a survivor of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, didn’t know how to tell his daughter.

“How do you tell your kid that she has cancer?” he asked.

Troy continues to battle his cancer which created a double nightmare for the family.

“All the while, medical bills are continuing to pile up, forcing them to file bankruptcy in July 2013, but even after bankruptcy, bills continue to flow,” Annette said.

Daily Mail

Almost 2 years after a mastectomy, Chrissy who is now 10-years-old, is doing well.

“Even at first, after her initial shock, Chrissy showed an overwhelmingly positive attitude and strength to overcome her situation and return to enjoying life,” her father said. “She truly has a spirit beyond her age, and her positive attitude and strength are radiated to those around her. She inspires me every day.”


Since the removal of her right breast, Chrissy has been seen for a breast scan every three months and will likely undergo reconstructive surgery when she’s 15 or 16-years-old.

“About a month ago, we had our first meeting with a plastic surgeon, just so she’ll know what her options are,” says her mother Annette Turner. “She’s barely starting to develop on her left side, so we have some time.They just want her to be prepared for it.”

Thanks to this surgery Chrissy was able to avoid radiation therapy, which can cause a number of side effects.

When the young girl came out of surgery she was given a bear named Andy, who was dressed up in doctor’s scrubs with a bandage on its chest.

11 Inspirational Quotes From Gandhi That Will Bring You Inner Peace

He inspired millions of people with his peaceful protests. His dedication to Indian independence through nonviolent civil disobedience inspired independence movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.

Today, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is known as Mahatma, or “high-souled.”

His inspiring words of wisdom have helped so many people from all walks of life. Which one of his quotes speaks to you?