Disabled Teen Joins His Dad On Stage For A Performance That Changed Both Their Lives

Most 16-year-olds don’t become viral sensations when they enter their high school talent show.

But Jared Watson isn’t like most high school students.

You may notice that Watson uses a motorized wheelchair. He was born with a rare condition called spinal muscular atrophy that affects his ability to walk.

But what made Watson’s performance a global hit is what he can do, and that’s sing like a country music legend.

His performed “I Told You So” by Randy Travis with his father accompanying him on guitar, and once you watch their performance you’ll know why people can’t stop talking about it.

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Can you believe Watson only won third prize at the talent show? But that’s alright, because his singing voice earned him a few famous fans.

Travis’s wife, Mary David Travis, wrote to the young singer to congratulate him:

“Jared, you covered Randy’s song beautifully!” she wrote. “Just want you to know Randy teared up when he listened to it this afternoon.”

The performance also earned Watson the chance to perform on local TV, record demo tapes, and inspired him to write his own songs.

Watson says he used to dream of being the play-by-play announce for the Baltimore Orioles, but if you ask me he has a bright future on stage.

Jared Watson Music / YouTube

“I thought this was going to be an ordinary performance for me, but it turned out that this performance is changing my life,” Watson said in an interview.

“He’s sung for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always known he’s a really good singer,” his proud father Lee said. “And for him to ask me to back him up, it’s a thrill for me, being his father.”

You can hear more of Watson’s performances on his YouTube page.

Let’s share this young man’s incredible performance so everyone can see it!

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Amputee Needs Your Help To Walk Again After Losing 500 Pounds

Stanley Hollar has already been through an incredible weight loss journey, but he’s still looking for help to pull off his most important goal.

Hollar, a substitute teacher from Rushville, Indiana, says he can’t remember a time when he wasn’t overweight.

Stanley Hollar

“I was always the biggest guy in the room,” he told WTHR. “In kindergarten I was over 100 pounds.”

He says that he tried to lose weight a number of times, only “to gain it back – with interest.”

At his heaviest, Hollar weighed 678 pounds, so much that he “couldn’t even get myself off the floor.” Hollar’s weight loss dreams seemed like they were dashed forever after he suffered an accident in college.

Stanley Hollar

In 1996, when Hollar was 20, he injured his knee playing soccer with friends. An MRI might have been able to save his leg, but Hollar was too large to fit in the machine.

Eventually, doctors amputated his leg. While he was fitted for a prosthetic leg, Hollar’s weight restricted him to a wheelchair.

Stanley Hollar

“I really thought my life was ending,” Hollar remembers about that period in his life. “But like my weight, I got used to it and kept on keeping on.”

That determination to keep on going, no matter what, eventually paid off in a big way for Hollar.  

Three years ago a wake-up call from his doctor convinced him to lose weight, and the results he achieved are incredible.

The “Mystery Boy” Who Sat Beside Melania Trump Has An Inspiring Story

Viewers who tuned in to President Trump’s State of the Union speech did a double take when the camera turned to First Lady Melania Trump.

Some people thought the youngest member of the First Family, Barron Trump, was sporting a new haircut. Then, there was confusion as viewers realized the “mystery boy” sitting beside Melania wasn’t Barron at all.


So who was he, and why was he sitting beside the First Lady?

It turns out 12-year-old Preston Sharp was a guest of honor at the speech, and he earned a standing ovation when Trump mentioned the young boy’s accomplishments.

April Sharp

Though he’s not even 13 years old, Sharp has started a national movement that pays tribute to America’s veterans.

It began with a trip to a local military cemetery with his grandfather when Sharp was just nine. The young boy complained that the tombstones didn’t have any American flags or flowers on them.

USA Today

Sharp’s mother April told him, “You can’t complain about something unless you try to do something about it,” and he took her words to heart.

Now, three years later, Sharp’s “Flags and Flowers Challenge” earned him a trip to the White House.

How This Man Turned His Love For Socks Into A Million-Dollar Business

John Cronin is a little different from your average business owner.

For one thing, Cronin is just 21 years old. He’s also incredibly successful, since his company made $1.7 million last year. And, of course, Cronin was born with Down syndrome.

Cronin says his condition “never holds me back,” and his heart has been set on running a business since he was in high school.

John Cronin (right) and his father, Mark.Time

The budding entrepreneur from Long Island thought about being a store owner, then settled on running a food truck. He told Today the only problem was he couldn’t cook.

“[Me and my dad] are good at eating,” he said.

Finally, Cronin took inspiration from his lifelong love of colorful wool socks, which his brothers like to tease him about.

“They are not the fashion police,” Cronin says. “I love all the socks that are very very colorful and let me be me.”

Cronin turned his love for socks into a business.Time

In that spirit, Cronin founded John’s Crazy Socks in 2016. The business was simple: just a website, a logo, and socks bought wholesale from other companies that Cronin ships to customers.

The business’s catchphrase, “Socks, socks, and more socks,” was Cronin’s idea.

But he and his father Mark couldn’t have guessed how successful their business would become.

Homeless Man Finds $10,000 But Returns It, Turns Out To Be The Best Decision He Ever Made

They say that one good deed deserves another, and this story proves how true that is.

Elmer Alvarez from New Haven, Connecticut was living on the street when he found a check that someone had dropped on the sidewalk. It was worth $10,000, and made out to a local real estate broker named Dr. Roberta Hoskie. She had been carrying the check after making a deal, and didn’t even realize it was missing until Alvarez called her.

Elmer Alvarez found a $10,000 check lying on the sidewalk.NBC

When Hoskie arrived to take back the check, she learned about Alvarez’s situation for the first time. Hoskie was moved that someone with so little would show the kind of honesty that Alvarez did, and shared her meeting with him on Facebook Live.

People fell in love with their story, and it’s clear that Hoskie didn’t stop thinking about Alvarez once she had the check back.

Instead, she organized some of her business partners and the local Chamber of Commerce to give Alvarez the surprise of a lifetime. “He has absolutely no idea what’s about to happen,” Hoskie told the local news before Alvarez walked into the Chamber of Commerce building.

Alvarez had no idea what to expect when he walked in.NBC

But just moments later, her kindness would move the homeless man to tears, and change his life forever.

She Was Scared To Show The World Her Real Face, But Her Fiance’s Love Gave Her The Courage She Needed

Having a condition that makes you stand out is not always the best. For Iomikoe Johnson, it made her incredibly self conscious for years. When she was 25, Johnson noticed that there was a white spot on her arm and when the doctors told her what was happening she was very upset.

“I got vitiligo when I was twenty-five-years-old and I’ll never forget it, I was devastated,” Johnson said. “I felt like my world had been shattered.”

“My first spot was under my arm where no one could see. When I was a kid, I used to get bullied for having dark skin and now I’m two different colors, so I feared I would have to re-live that experience all over again. It was painful and devastating I even thought of taking my own life many times, but I had kids which kept me going.”

Johnson used to spend hours covering up her spots, trying to blend them into her natural skin tone, but one day her fiancé Philip helped inspire her to change how she thought about her body…