Kim’s Never Ending Criticism Over Her Recent Instagram Pictures

You have probably seen all of Kim’s recent racy Instagram pictures by now. There has been a lot of criticism surrounding these photos, first because of her racially controversial braids, and now because of her nudity.

There has been a lot of talk about how she shouldn’t be posting nude photos because she is too old for that now. Piers Morgan from Good Morning Britain, criticized Kim by saying, “When you become a mother again, things don’t change. You’ve become a mother again, you’re in your mid to late 30s, it’s your third child. I know what I’ll do, I’ll put a big topless photo of myself on social media.”

Mom’s Heartbreaking Post About Her Bullied Daughter Is Too Relatable

Bullying is too common with today’s youth. With the invention of social media and the constant connection, kids all over the world are being bullied with the click of a button, and it needs to stop.

However, “old-fashioned” bullying still exists, and it’s time we start doing something about it. I remember when I was in elementary school, which was about 20 years ago, I was bullied because I had red hair. Then, when we moved schools, I was excluded because I was the new kid. Being a chubby kid didn’t help anything either.

Personal Photo

The bullying continued through high school, and though it wasn’t physical, it still cut like a knife. No child should have to be subjected to comments or taunting based on the way they look, act, or anything else for that matter.

That’s why when Instagram user, mytribeofsix, posted about her daughter’s bullying experience, everyone’s heart collectively broke.

Kim Kardashian Completely Calls Out Lindsay Lohan In An Instagram Comment

Kim Kardashian snapped back at Lindsay Lohan’s comment about Kim’s hair style choice on Monday.

Over the weekend Kim posted a revealing video and a few pictures of her posing in a white g-string in her bed. Surprisingly, the thong wasn’t what the internet was mad about. In the photo, Kim had some icy blonde, beaded cornrows that she said were inspired by Bo West, referencing the actress’s braids in the 1979 film 10.

People were mad at her new look, saying that it was not culturally appropriate.

Celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton re-posted Kim’s photo asking followers to share their thoughts on her new hair. That’s when actress Lindsay Lohan commented, “I am confused.” Apparently Kim wasn’t taking anyone crap that day because she soon commented back saying, “you know what’s confusing… your sudden foreign accent.”

Kim was referring to Lindsay’s new accent she adopted in 2016.

Kendall’s Comment On Scott Disick’s Picture Has People Shocked

The Kardashian/Jenners love throwing shade at their sister’s exes. We saw this a couple weeks when Kim tweeted Lamar, Khloe’s ex, and called him out about all the brothels he has been to.

Not even two full weeks later, and we see yet another comment. This time it is Kendall Jenner calling out Scott Disick about his very young girlfriend.

A fan account, Scottthelord, posted a picture of Disick and his girlfriend, Sofia Richie on Instagram.

The picture showed Disick and Richie in a car with his kids in the back. The caption read, “Its good to see them together,” what Kendall commented next shocked everyone.

Apparently You Can Be Sued For Posting A Picture Of Yourself On Social Media

It’s true, if someone holds the rights to a photo of you, you can be sued for using it without permission.

Jessica Simpson found this out the hard way after being slammed with a lawsuit for posting a picture of herself on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The photo agency, Splash News, had granted exclusive rights to the Daily Mail to publish paparazzi photos online of Simpson exiting the New York’s Bowery Hotel, which Simpson then shared on her various social media accounts.

Since Splash had the rights to these photos they are suing Simpson because, “The company never granted permission for Simpson, to use the photos, and by posting them online she violated Splash News’ copyright.”

Splash News contends that Simpson sharing the photo on social media took away potential revenue that could have been generated by licensing the photo to other media outlets.

This is why Splash is mad:

Mother Shamed For Tickling Her Infant Daughter In Viral Video

It’s hard enough to listen to other adults tell you how to raise your child, but it must be even more difficult when they are accusing you of child abuse for something you thought was playful.

That’s the situation that Audrey Roloff found herself in after posting a home video of herself and her husband playing with their newborn daughter, Ember.

Roloff is a blogger with over 700,000 followers on Instagram, posting pictures of her family and items from her clothing line. When she posted the video of her child, she wasn’t expecting the eruption of anger that followed.

“Don’t tickle babies it will make them stutter. It hurts their nervous system. Think what it does to you if someone holds your arms and tickles you,” said one viewer, echoing the sentiment of many more in the comments.

However, it seemed like the audience was still divided.

Watch the video for yourself on the next page, do you think it was too much?

The Internet Is Divided Over This Viral Video Of A Girl Putting On Her Own Makeup

There has been a fierce debate over beauty and issues with women’s self-esteem these last few years, and it seems that the latest battleground was over a little girl’s video that went viral over the holidays.

When 3-year-old Liriana released a makeup tutorial shortly before Christmas, her biggest problem was whether or not her eye shadow was applied properly (it was).

Liraina is the daughter of Instagram user Suella, who has many videos of her playing with her brother, Dilan, and putting on makeup.

“She does her own makeup from start to finish,” says Suella. “I just sit there and record her while she does her own thing. She loves to copy everything that I do. Literally everything has to match with me: our outfits, makeup, hair.”

Liriana is certainly skillful at makeup application, expertly using her concealer, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick before blowing a kiss to her viewers. It was immediately popular across the social sharing network, with a ton of praise from users.

To Suella, it was just another amazing video that her daughter put out, and she could not have been more proud when other notable accounts asked if they could share her post on their feeds!

The post has amassed over 500,000 views and 1000 comments, however, not all of them are supportive. In fact, many of them are downright hurtful.

Facebook Wants Your Nude Photos, But It’s To Make The Internet Safer

Facebook is asking for nude photos, but the reason isn’t for what you think.

The social media site is using a new strategy to combat revenge porn, by asking its users to report the explicit images before a wrongdoer has a chance to distribute the pictures without consent.

To use the test program, individuals will be required to fill out an online form with Australia’s e-Safety office, detailing their predicament. Users will then need to upload nude pictures on Facebook Messenger – by starting a conversation with themselves – followed by flagging it “non-consensual intimate image.”

It will then digitally “hash” the pictures, giving them a unique digital fingerprint. These will be used to identify and block any uploads of same image, but they will not be stored.

The pilot program will be tested in Australia, in partnership with a small government agency led by e-safety commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)reports.

Inman Grant says victims of “image-based abuse” will be able to take the power back into their own hands by using this new technology.

“We see many scenarios where maybe photos or videos were taken consensually at one point, but there was not any sort of consent to send the images or videos more broadly,” she said.

Due to a rise in revenge porn, it’s become the norm for users to be concerned over what they share online or send to a second party.

Toddler Recreates His Model Uncle’s Photos And It’s Adorable

If it’s true that kids learn by example, then Augie, an eighteen-month-old boy from West Fargo, North Dakota, is on his way to becoming a super model just like his uncle, Aristotle Polites.

Polites is a New York-based model who has earned thousands of followers on Instagram for posting gorgeous photos of his handsome looks.

While everyone else is gawking at his buff body and chiseled face, his sister, Katina Behm, is busy poking some fun at his photos and she’s been doing it in the best way.

The 34-year-old mom enlisted Augie’s help for a one-off joke that was not only a hit among their family members, it made Augie a viral sensation.

Behm first had the idea to dress her son to copy his uncle’s poses when she failed to get him into his plaid button-up shirt.

She created a side-by-side image of Augie and Polites then sent it to her family, asking “Who wore it better?”

The family loved the comparison so much so that they urged Behm to create an Instagram account to share similar photos with the public.

“The image of him with the shirt undone and his bare chest exposed made me laugh because he looked like he belonged on the cover of a romance novel,” Behm explained to The Huffington Post. “I took a picture and then realized I bet my brother Aris has a picture just like this on his Instagram page which is filled with modeling photos.”

Behm has since been posting photos weekly and in a span of a few months, the page @babyandthebody has gained over 19,000 followers.

Let’s take a look at some of Augie’s best poses, shall we?

People Are Giving Themselves ‘Nostril Hair Extensions’ And It’s Exactly As Strange As You’d Expect

Instagram has always been known to be the place where people can push the boundaries. Whether it’s with hair, makeup, or cutting edge fashions, Instagram is always at the forefront of what is trendy.

The latest beauty trend that people are attempting is a little bit on the strange side, and has a lot of people asking “why?” Instagram models have decided that the latest thing they want to embrace and enhance is their nostril hair.

They are adding extensions to their nose to make it look as though their nostril hairs dangle down and out of their noses.

How they do it is surprisingly simple, but it may not answer the question of why…