Jennifer Aniston Had Keepsakes From Brad Pitt, And Justin Theroux Found Them

When Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt separated, the teenagers in all of us thought the world is ending. The Hollywood A-Listers seemed to have the perfect life! Two married beautiful people who were rich and famous. I know, I know…money doesn’t buy happiness blah blah blah. But if these two couldn’t find love, then what hope was there for the rest of us?

Then, of course, it came out that Brad was dating Angelina Jolie and “Brangelina” was born. Everyone felt bad for Jennifer Aniston having to watch her recent ex-husband fall in love with someone else, but really we shouldn’t have felt bad at all. She was still a mega-star and now had a world opened up to her: single life.

Jennifer did find love again, and in 2011 it was revealed that she was dating Wanderlust actor Justin Theroux. They were engaged a year later, and Jen couldn’t be happier.

“Having experienced everything you don’t want in a partner over time, it starts to narrow down to what you actually do want,” she said. “As I get older I realize what qualities are important in love and what suits me. And what I won’t settle for.”

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After their wedding in 2015, the couple seemed to be steady as a rock. But as with everything, things change. Two years after their marriage, in February of this year, Jennifer and Justin announced their split.

“In an effort to reduce any further speculation, we have decided to announce our separation,” they released in a statement. “This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship.”  

That’s when the rumor mill started turning.

Jennifer Aniston Reveals The Painful Condition She’s Lived With Her Whole Life

With a booming career on TV, in movies, and her own production company, Jennifer Aniston is undeniably one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses.

But Aniston’s fans also wish they could be as healthy and happy with their looks as the actress is at age 48. She’s known for sharing health and exercise tips, including her daily clean eating plan.


That’s why many of the actresses fans will be surprised to learn she’s been battling an invisible health condition for years. Even Aniston didn’t realize it until just a few months ago, when a doctor diagnosed her with chronic dry eyes.

“A couple of years ago I was doing an interview with Bobbi Brown, the makeup artist, and she asked me if I had a bad habit with anything,” Aniston remembers. “As she asked that question I was literally putting an eyedrop in my eye. It was the fifth time in the hour that I used my artificial tears.”

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But, like most women, Aniston didn’t assume her dry eyes were a serious medical problem, even though they were painful and uncomfortable.

“It was so painful and irritating!” she said. “I’d literally be going to a premiere and my eyes would be burning and I’d have to give myself a dose of eye drops before I went down the red carpet. But I just thought that was what my eyes were and I had to live with it.”

Now, Aniston is warning other women what to look out for, so they won’t have to suffer like she did.

The Crazy Superstitions Of Hollywood Stars Will Make You Rethink Everything

Do you live your life paying attention to the supernatural? You’re not alone, in fact some of the world’s biggest superstars have their own quirks and beliefs that some people find a little odd, but they totally swear by.

Check out these celebrities and see if you share any interesting superstitions!

The former Beatles member and world-renown songwriter keeps his eyes to the skies when walking down the lane.

“Probably the only thing I’m superstitious about is magpies,” he admits. “Living in the country I see a lot of them. You see one and you spit or salute. I happen to spit.

We loved her in Friends but this TV star never revealed her weird ritual for boarding airplanes until after the show ended.

“If I walk onto an airplane, I always have to go on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane. I have always done it. For luck,” she says. “Someone told me to do it, and I don’t remember when that was. But it’s kind of stuck.”

If most of us saw a black cat, or open ladder, we’d do our best to avoid it. Not so with famous actor Christian Bale. He likes to provoke the dark forces by compulsively pushing his luck.

“I do all that stuff. I do it on purpose,” he says.

Sometimes, some people’s superstitions can actually affect their performance…

11 Childhood Friendships That Made It To Hollywood

To make it to Hollywood is an incredible feat. It’s rare that you or one of your friends becomes a major celebrity. But can you imagine if you and your best friend became a Hollywood star? How crazy would that be?

Take a look at some of the celebrities you never knew were childhood friends.

These two mega-stars used to go to auditions together when they were kids. DiCaprio recalls wanting to be friends with Maguire so badly, he yelled at him from across a Hollywood lot asking for his phone number.

The Lord of the Rings star and Home Alone cutie appeared in the 1993 thrilled The Good Son and even keep in touch to this day. Despite everything Culkin has gone through, it’s nice to know he still has true friends.

Before she was Rachel on Friends, Aniston was a student at LaGuardia High School in New York. Cher’s son (then daughter) Chaz Bono (then Chastity Bono) also attended the school, and together they would often hang out at the Cher household!