Judge Orders Parents To Change Daughter’s Unusual Name Or Else He Will

One of the toughest decisions for parents with a newborn is deciding on the youngster’s name. Both mother and father may have significantly contrasting ideas, and have the burden of picking the moniker their children will be called for the rest of their lives.

When I was born, my parents had agreed on my name months in advance, but couldn’t decide on my brother’s. They finally resolved the issue by combining their top choices for his first and middle name, but the decision didn’t come easy.

But, as it turns out, even if a couple come to a mutual agreement on their child’s name, it doesn’t mean everyone will approve, and that includes legally.

When a French couple welcomed their newborn daughter into the world this past November, they picked an unusual name that perfectly fit their third child.

Unfortunately, not everyone seemed to agree. In February, the court stepped in and ordered the pair to change their daughter’s “unique” name.

But what is the moniker that’s causing such a high level of controversy?

Vintage Clip Reveals Judge Judy Was Just As Tough Before Becoming A Judge

We all know and love Judge Judy from her long-running TV show, but do you ever wonder how her career began?

It turns out before America knew Judith Sheindlin for her no-nonsense attitude, she was using it for a good cause. Sheindlin grew up in New York City’s Brooklyn neighborhood and became a lawyer. She worked in the city’s family courts as a prosecutor, handling cases of child abuse, juvenile crime and domestic violence.

Sheindlin was a family court prosecutor before becoming a judge.CBS

Throughout Manhattan’s legal community, Sheindlin was known for being tough-as-nails, and described as “shrill” and “testy” by her colleagues. Those qualities earned her a spot as a family court judge, and once she was in charge of her courtroom she became known as the “Evil Queen” of Manhattan Family Court.

Along with Sheindlin’s sharp wit and feisty personality – which was the same back then as it is today – she became known as a speedy and talented judge. In the overloaded New York court system, she regularly handled over 20 cases a day, and more than 300 in a month.

Sheindlin presiding over Manhattan Family Court.CBS

Soon, reporters were writing articles about Sheindlin and her unique judicial style, but it was her classic interview with 60 Minutes that made “Judge Judy” a household name.

Con Man Admits He’s Guilty, But Asks The Judge To Grant One Strange Request

The notorious con man who calls himself “Mr. Breeze” made a surprising offer to his judge after confessing to his latest crime.

Sabatino (left) was known for passing himself off as a music executive.Miami New Times

The 41-year-old Jimmy Sabatino has been in and out of jail since he was a teenager, and is reportedly connected to the Gambino crime family. You may remember Sabatino from the 1990s, when he made international headlines by phoning in a death threat against then-President Bill Clinton while in an English prison.

Since then, Sabatino has returned to America and landed himself in jail once again. In fact, he was in prison when he began to orchestrate his latest crime. Sabatino convinced guards at Miami’s Federal Detention Center to bring him cell phones, which he used to make calls to designer clothing and jewelry stores.

Sabatino convinced the stores that he was a representative for brands like Sony and Roc-A-Fella Records, and asked them to “lend” valuable items to his associates outside of prison. He claimed that they would be used in music videos, but instead they were sold on the black market.

By the time Sabatino’s crimes were exposed, his scheme had already collected more than $10 million in merchandise. In a stunning move, the crook admitted to everything and pleaded guilty. He simply asked that the judge grant him one strange request in return.

7 Times Judges Decided To Get Creative With Their Punishments

We always hope the justice system has our backs when it comes down to it. Often times criminals can get away with their crimes or be let off too easily. But then there are cases that work out so well you can’t help but smile!

From forced haircuts to mandatory chicken costumes, here are some of the greatest courtroom sentences of all time!

Here’s a fare skipper that had to walk a mile in her victims shoes…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLPQOsFZSc4?feature=oembed]

She tried to skip out on a $100 cab ride, but ended up with getting tracked down and put before a really creative judge. Her choice; 30 days in prison or walk 30 miles (the distance of the cab ride, no less!). We think she made the healthy decision!

When tit-for-tat just doesn’t cut it.

When 13-year-old Kaytlen Lopan decided to cut a three-year-old’s hair in a McDonald’s play area, she didn’t expect justice to catch up with her so suddenly. The infants mother took her to court and the judge said that Kaytlen’s mother could cut off her daughters ponytail right there in court or she would face 150 hours in detention. She took the scissor route, but the judge had her her take a little more off the top for good measure!

Hear! Listen to this!

A judge in Colorado was sick and tired of having the same noise offenders keep coming back to the courts. He decided that if a fine wouldn’t deter them, maybe a taste of their own medicine would. He sentenced several individuals to listen to an hour of “bad music” in order to show them how annoying they were being. Their choice? Barney the Dinosaur or Barry Manilow.

Who would you pick?

These sentences seem to work for petty offences, but what about when more serious charges are laid?

Judge Orders Man To Write Nice Things About His Ex

At some point in their lives, just about everyone has had to endure an ugly breakup.


A breakup is never a smooth thing to navigate. It almost always catches one of the two people in the relationship off guard, emotions run very, VERY high, things are said in combinations of anger, pain, and sadness, and sometimes things get out of hand. And that’s even just the tame ones!


There have been plenty of further stories of breakups getting dangerous for one of the people involved, as partners with a tendency to be abusive can often resort to physical, mental, or sexual abuse to try to prevent their partner from leaving them. These incidents have resulted in plenty of cases where law enforcement were called to get involved, ultimately requiring restraining orders, or even arrests against a partner that couldn’t accept being told “I’m leaving you.”

Bon Vita

Suffice it to say, breakups can often be very serious, and thus need to be taken very seriously by everyone involved. With this in mind, we come to a recent story in which a man decided to violate his ex’s legally-protected boundaries, and was given a very unusual sentence by the presiding judge…

Rhode Island Judge Has Become An Internet Star For His Crazy Form Of Justice

When you think of the U.S. court system, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most people it is about handing out justice through severe punishment, and locking criminals up for the rest of their lives.


Every once in a while we hear storied of compassion and empathy that make us reconsider how we look at things like crime and punishment. Judge Frank Caprio is a presiding judge in the Providence Municipal Court and has become something of a viral sensation on YouTube. His TV show, Caught in Providence, is wildly popular.

Caprio isn’t just popular because of his court room proceedings, he is popular because of the nature of his verdicts. He has made a habit of allowing the accused to explain their actions, including life situations that may have attributed to their infractions.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxPgia7-QRg?feature=oembed]

He also asks for input from the children in the courtroom.