Woman’s Partner Runs Off After Winning The Lottery, But Now She’s Fighting For Her Half

A lot of couples have a weekly tradition of purchasing a lottery ticket and planning out what they would do with their millions. Obviously, most of us will never actually win, but it’s fun to dream. For Denise Robertson and her partner, Maurice Thibeault, winning the lottery has turned into an enormous legal battle and the end of their relationship.

Robertson has filed a lawsuit against her former common-law partner after claiming that he left their home and tried to claim the lottery winnings from the ticket they purchased together without her.

“Together we dreamed about winning the lotto,” she stated in the affidavit last October. “We both love muscle cars, we would each buy one and buy a large property in the country and build a large shop to work on our cars.”

The confusion started when they heard that one of the winning tickets for the lottery was sold in Chatham, the town where they live. Robertson asked her husband if he had purchased a ticket, and they talked about the potential. She said that he “made it clear” that the ticket was not a winner, and so nothing about it was said.

However, just days later Thibeault was gone. Robertson found out that he had quit his job, packed up all of his clothes and taken his passport with him. But why did he leave? Robertson discovered that he had bolted as soon as he realized he had won the lottery. But she wasn’t about to give up on her dream…

$560 Million Jackpot Winner’s “Huge Mistake” Proves You Shouldn’t Sign Your Tickets

A woman from Merrimack, New Hampshire won the eighth largest lottery jackpot in American history last month. But she still hasn’t claimed it, for a surprising reason.

The anonymous woman’s Powerball numbers were drawn last month, winning her a huge $560 million payout. According to her lawyer, when she realized her ticket was a winner, the woman felt “awe, disbelief, and an unexpected [emotion]: panic.”

The store where the woman bought her lucky ticket.Reeds Market

As we’re shared with you before, there are a number of hidden downsides to winning the lottery. Winners receive publicity and unwanted attention, requests for money from friends and family members, and even become a target for criminals.

Some lotto winners have even suggested that the money is a “curse,” and say they would go back in time to rip up their lucky ticket if they could.

Andrew Whittaker called his Powerball win a “curse.”AP

The unnamed winner from New Hampshire had obviously heard some of these stories, because she tried to collect her winnings anonymously.

But now the winner is not allowed to keep her identity private, and it’s all because she signed her ticket.

Clerk Tells Woman She Won The Lottery, But She’s Not Allowed To Collect Her Prize

Can you imagine winning the lottery right before Christmas? The financial security would make it the best celebration of all, and you could start to plan out your future. We all think about what we’d do if we hit he jackpot, but few of us will ever experience that rush.

For some extremely unlucky people in South Carolina, they both won and lost the lottery within minutes, and they’re not happy about it.


Nicole Coggins told local news what ran through her mind when she learned she and her mother-in-law won almost $18,000.

“I had been promising [my kids] for years [to take them to Disney World] and I thought I would finally get to, and now I can’t,” Coggins said.  “I don’t play the lottery that much. Every once in a while, I’ll buy a Powerball ticket, but something told me to buy a lottery ticket. I was having a good day and I wanted to try it.”


Coggins won $500 on her first ticket, so she bought another one to test her luck.

“And it was another winner and another winner,” Coggins recalled. “So I thought, ‘Well, maybe there is something wrong with their machine. This can’t be real.'”

The mom said her tickets were scanned, she was informed she won, but then almost immediately the cashier said she couldn’t cash in, because the transaction wasn’t valid.

Coggins isn’t the only one who was told this, either. So what went wrong?

Man Runs Out On His Girlfriend After Winning The Lottery, Courts Say Not So Fast

What would you do if tomorrow you found out that you had won millions of dollars through the lottery? One man from Ontario, Canada decided that he would lie to his longtime common-law partner, pack up his belongings while she wasn’t home, and then attempt to disappear with the winnings.

Toronto Star

Maurice Thibeault and Denise Robertson had been living together as common-law partners for several years. They would buy a lottery ticket each week, alternating who would actually go to the store and pay for it.

When the announcement was made that the winning ticket had been sold in their city, Richardson asked Thibeault if they had won. He knew that they had in fact won, but he lied right to her face in order to greedily keep all the money for himself.

It wasn’t until a few days later that Richardson realized that she had been screwed. She came home and found that Thibeault had packed up all of his stuff and left without any warning. She started calling around and found out through some of his friends that he had quit his job because he had won the lottery.


Richardson immediately called a lawyer to try and stop him from cashing out on the $6 million payday.

Lucky Lotto Winner Says Sneaky Clerk Stole His $1 Million Ticket – And It May Have Happened Before

When you play the lottery, the odds are already stacked against you. But a customer is warning that you need to have more than just good luck to hit the jackpot, you also need to keep your wits about you.

Carlos Figueroa bought a scratch off lottery ticket at a CVS in Waukegan, Illinois last month. His “Merry Millionaire” card was a $1 million winner, but when he tried to check the ticket in an automatic machine, it clipped the ticket in half. Figueroa says he took the half-ticket to the clerk, and that’s when things got tense.

Figueroa says that the clerk, Russell Kelly, “coerced” him into handing over his half of the ticket, and when he finally handed it over the man disappeared. Kelly returned 20 minutes later and told Figueroa the ticket was a loser. But Figueroa says the lottery ticket the clerk handed back to him was not his original one.

The two men argued over the ticket, but the clerk held fast and insisted that it wasn’t a winner. It sounds like a totally bizarre situation, but experts say it’s actually more common than you would expect, and they’re sharing tips to help keep your winnings safe.