Veteran Looks Like A Model After Shaving For The First Time In 12 Years

If you ask most men, they’ll tell you that growing a beard is a huge commitment.

My husband only grows his during the cold winter months, then he shaves it off when the weather starts to warm up. He doesn’t enjoy having extra hair on his face when it’s sweltering hot outside.

Frankly, I don’t like the beard at all, regardless of the season, but I’ve learned to compromise since he never keeps it for too long. Having a beard makes him look different and a little bit older. It also takes away from his nice features like his lips.

Not everyone will agree with my stance on beards, but there is at least one other woman, Heidi, who understands where I’m coming from.

Heidi’s boyfriend, Josh, stopped cutting his hair and shaving his beard after he was discharged from the military 12 years ago. The 38-year-old also wore the same outfit, made up of a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and boots, almost every day.

Heidi did not take an issue with the fact that Josh was growing out his hair, she simply asked for him to keep it neat and trimmed. She just wanted “him to be a little less hairy,” but that never happened, until Oprah Winfrey stepped in.

That’s right, the only way Heidi could convince Josh to switch up his look was by seeking out help from the Queen of Media.

It still took some more convincing, but the veteran finally agreed to a makeover.

“I dare you to make me look better than I do right now,” he told the team of expert stylists who were in charge of giving him a new look.

Project Runway star Tim Gunn was the lead stylist, and although he was faced with some challenges, he pulled it off in the end.

Josh now looks like a completely new man, in fact, he could probably pose for GQ magazine after his transformation.

Firefighter On Duty At 9/11 Loses 111 Lbs For Dramatic Makeover To Surprise Wife

Sometimes the toll that tragedy takes on us is slow and terrible. Depression isn’t always easy to see, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t as harmful to ourselves and the people around us.

When Bob retired from the New York City Fire Department, he knew he was only leaving after giving his all at one of the most devastating attacks on American soil.

But life for the first responder at 9/11 was not easy as the city did its best to heal.

His wife, Diane saw how it affected him over the years.

“Bob went off into his own little world,” she said. “He stopped exercising; he just stopped doing everything that he ever liked or enjoyed doing.”

When they were visiting family members and Bob was unable to keep up with the kids playing like he used to, it became obvious that his health was failing him.

“I would say that is definitely one of the saddest moments of his life,” Diane said.

But Bob had an inner strength unlike most, and he fought a battle against himself to change it all.

Abandoned Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After Getting Much-Needed Haricut

Y’know how sometimes you get the urge to change your hair? And then when you do it changes your entire attitude? Everyone loves a good makeover to lift your spirits and remind you what happiness feels life. Dogs are no different.

Holland, the poodle-Maltese mix, learned the benefits of a good haircut and she cannot stop smiling about it! Holland was dropped off at a shelter in Chicago, covered in mats and dirt.

The staff at the shelter tried cutting the matted hair out for over two hours, but their scissors couldn’t cut through them. Holland was so unused to people touching her that the whole process began to stress her out and the staff had to stop.

“A shell-like casing of matted fur covered most of her back and it looked like an exoskeleton from behind,” her rescuers wrote on Facebook.

The staffers had to take extreme measures to groom Holland. The pup had to be sedated so they could groom her with the help of a veterinarian. Fur was matted so thick, a special scalpel had to used to cut through it.

“This was the only safe way to free her from the prison of her own fur,” they said.

Now, Holland looks unrecognizable!

Amish Girl Is Unrecognizable After Her Surprise Makeover

In the Bad Hair Day video series, Glamour magazine’s stylists give an unsuspecting woman a new hairstyle to shake up their life.

But the host Theodore Leaf had a real challenge on his hands when he was sent to give an Amish woman a makeover. While the rest of us only have to worry about wearing white after Labor Day, the Amish have a long list of strict hair and clothing rules they’re required to follow.

Amish women only wear solid-colored dresses, and they must have long sleeves and a full skirt. They usually don’t cut their hair, and wind it into a bun underneath their bonnet. White bonnets usually mean a woman is single, while married women wear black bonnets.

Despite all of these boring rules, 21-year-old Sarah was allowed to cut loose because she’s on Rumspringa. During the Rumspringa break, the Amish are allowed to ignore some rules, then when it’s over they decide to stay in the church or to leave it.

A makeover seemed like the perfect, fun little experiment for Sarah to try, and judging by her reaction to her new look she really enjoyed it…

Unemployed Man Buys This Decrepit Home, Transforms It In Just 60 Days

They say that every cloud has a silver lining, but it looks like this house flipper‘s storm cloud was full of gold.

Imgur user maytherman2 recently shared the unlikely journey that led him to become a house flipper, and the before and after photos of his first project prove that he has a talent for his new job.

The amateur flipper says he was working in the tech business until he was laid off early this year. To make ends meet, he started painting houses for a friend’s company. Eventually, the pair realized they could make more money by flipping homes in Seattle’s crazy housing market than by painting them.

But the pair quickly got in over their heads:

“We partnered up, set up an LLC, emptied our bank accounts, I maxed my credit cards, got a loan from my parents and we bought this house at auction sight unseen (don’t buy something sight unseen, as if that isn’t already obvious),” he wrote.

The home they bought had been abandoned for months, and was a favorite spot for local squatters and drug users. But in just 60 days these two turned it into a genuine dream home…

They Hated Their Dark, Drab Basement, But Now It’s Gorgeous

Take a look at this dingy, wood-paneled basement and ask yourself “Does this look like a room in an interior designer’s home?”

No, Michelle Gage didn’t think so either. The designer from Pennsylvania and her husband Alex have been renovating their 1920s home room-by-room. The couple have also been sticking to a tight budget for each project, which means we can all learn a thing or two from Michelle’s thrifty, creative solutions.

Recently, she set aside $1,000 and decided to tackle one of the most challenging areas of her home: the basement. It looks like it’s stuck in the 1970s, with wood-paneling and a red tiled floor. The room also had some strange features, like a church pew seat attached to one of the walls.

But it’s the only room in the house with a television, so it was overdue for some TLC. Gage wanted to make her dark, stuffy and outdated basement into a modern and inviting home library and TV room. Incredibly, she pulled it off while staying under-budget.

And the “after” photos will make you want to copy her style…

Robert Downy Jr.’s Whimsical Windmill House Is Anything But Boring

Who knew that Robert Downy Jr. had a flare for design?

The 52-year-old actor is giving everyone a tour of his Hamptons house and we are stunned!

Together with his wife, Susan Downey, the couple poses for pictures on their property with their children Exton Elias Downey and Avri Roel Downey.

When they were searching for the perfect property the couple “wanted something we haven’t seen a million times,” Downey Jr. tells the magazine. The family’s home will be featured on the cover of Architectural Digest in December.

Designers Joe Nahem and Jeffrey Fields helped find the property for the family and were able to transform the 19th-century windmill home into their dream escape.