Tom Hardy Set To Play As Al Capone And We Can’t Wait To See What He Looks Like

It’s time to get excited about the movie casting you didn’t know you needed: actor (and dreamboat) Tom Hardy is set to play Al Capone in an upcoming gangster biopic.

Capone was an infamous mobster in the early 20th century, who was involved in crimes that included bootlegging, tax evasion, and murder.

In 1931, Capone was charged tax evasion and contempt of court, where he was eventually sentenced to 11 years in jail at the Atlanta U.S. Penitentiary and the notorious Alcatraz. He would be released only eight years later after he began to develop paresis, a mental condition caused by syphilis.

He would spend the remaining seven years between his Chicago mansion and Union Memorial Hospital. He died at the age of 48.

Hardy will start filming Fonzo in New Orleans on April 2, and center around his later years as he battles with dementia.

The synopsis reads: “Once a ruthless businessman and bootlegger who ruled Chicago with an iron fist, Alfonse Capone was the most infamous and feared gangster of American lore,” the film’s description read.

“At the age of 47, following nearly a decade of imprisonment, dementia rots Alfonse’s mind and his past becomes present as harrowing memories of his violent and brutal origins melt into his waking life.”

The Mad Max: Fury Road star is known to alter his body for movie roles, and while we’ve only noticed him getting buffer, I’m intrigued to see if he transforms his body into the late Capone’s overweight figure.

Will be watching the new Al Capone flick?

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The True Story That Inspired ‘The Sound Of Music’ Is More Dramatic Than The Movie

If you’ve seen The Sound of Music – and odds are good that you’ve watched it a few dozen times – you’re probably in love with its timeless romance and classic songs.

Since the movie’s release in 1965, it has become one of the most successful films of all time. And the endless copies my family bought on VHS and DVD probably helped a lot.

But when I watched the movie growing up I always wondered: what happened to the von Trapps after the movie ended?

The surprising answer is that the famous singing family moved to America.

See, The Sound of Music, along with the Broadway play and German film that inspired it, are based on the real life story of Maria von Trapp, her husband Georg, and their children.

Maria von Trapp (back row, far left) with her children.von Trapp family

Like in the movie, Maria was a nun who joined the von Trapp household as a tutor (not a governess) for the widower’s seven children.

Unlike the classic film, Maria and Georg did not exactly fall head over heels for each other, as Maria confessed in a book about her life.

“I really and truly was not in love,” she wrote. “I liked him but didn’t love him. However, I loved the children, so in a way I really married the children.” But even their real love story had a Hollywood ending.

“[B]y and by, ” Maria remembered, “I learned to love him more than I have ever loved before or after.”

But their romance wasn’t the only detail about the von Trapps that Hollywood changed. Their dramatic escape from Austria went very differently in real life.

‘Grease’ Is Turning 40, So Let’s See If The T-Birds And Pink Ladies Are Still Lookin’ Cool

Yes, we hate to break it to you, but the movie that will forever symbolize youth and coolness is officially middle aged this year.

While we still find the teen romance electrifyin’, we wondered what the cast was up to after all these years. Here’s what we found:

Paramount / Just Jared

While he’s not the only successful cast member from the movie, you’re probably most familiar with Travolta’s career after Grease. He’s starred in a long list of hit films, including Pulp Fiction and Get Shorty, and even played Robert Shapiro on the TV show The People Versus O.J. Simpson.

After 40 years, Travolta’s career shows no signs of slowing down.


Sadly, Conaway is one of the three actors on this list who have passed away since their role in Grease. He was a regular actor on Taxi, Wizards and Warriors, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Babylon 5 after Grease.

Conaway died after catching pneumonia in 2011.

Paramount / IMDB

If you remember Doody, it’s probably for the scene where he mooned the audience. Pearl (along with Travolta) was one of the original actors from the stage version of Grease.

He went on to have parts on Baywatch, House, and Criminal Minds, and also appeared on Fox’s Grease: Live show.

Pearly played the school principal on ‘Grease: Live.’Fox
Paramount / BBC

At 33 years old, Channing was the oldest “teenager” in the cast, and she also had one of the most successful post-Grease careers.

Channing was Oscar-nominated for Six Degrees of Seperation, and had regular roles on The West Wing and The Good Wife. Channing is still acting today, but mainly on Broadway.

Paramount / FilmMagic

Lamas made an impression with his small role as a football player who had eyes for Sandy. He continued his career with roles on TV shows like Falcon Crest, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Renegade. Lately he’s been doing voice work, including on Disney’s Phineas and Ferb.

Paramount / Country Living

Buckner’s part as the geeky blonde with the cat eye glasses turned out to be her most famous role. She had small parts on shows like The Love Boat, but hasn’t been in a movie since 1981.

Paramount /

After Grease, this T-Bird appeared on shows like The Paper Chase, It’s Gary Shandling’s Show, and Diagnosis: Murder. But his career is still going strong, with a new movie role this year.

Paramount / TMZ

This Pink Lady has changed her signature look over the years, but she’s never stopped acting. You can see her in movies like Can’t Hardly Wait, Cyrus, and the Johnny Depp gangster movie Black Mass.

Lifetime Announces The Stars Of Its Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Movie

There’s no denying that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s real-life fairy tale romance is one for the books, but apparently, it’s also for the small screen.

The pair, who got engaged in November, met on a blind date in Toronto, Canada after a mutual friend set them up, but they kept their relationship private for the first six months.

After nearly a year of speculation, Harry and Meghan finally made their first official public appearance as a couple at the 2017 Invictus Games in the city where their love story began.

Their lives have been at the center of media attention ever since, and with their upcoming nuptials, the hype isn’t about to die anytime soon.


Back in January, it was revealed that Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle’s fairytale romance will be the subject of a Lifetime movie titled Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story.

Now, Lifetime TV has announced the stars who will be portraying the Prince and the royal-to-be in the upcoming biopic.

The Terrifying True Story Of The Winchester Mansion

If you’re a horror movie fan, you’ve probably heard about Winchester, the spine-tingling new ghost movie starring Helen Mirren.

The movie’s trailer teases a story about a wealthy heiress haunted by the ghosts who dwell in her incredibly creepy mansion. But the scariest part of this story is that it’s true.

Left: the only known photograph of Sarah Winchester. Right: Helen Mirren in ‘Winchester.’Bettman Archive

The Winchester Mystery House is a very real mansion in San Jose, California, and every year thousands of visitors tour the spooky building.

It was the product of Sarah Winchester’s haunted imagination. Winchester’s father was the wealthy founder of the famous rifle company, and her husband was also a successful gun manufacturer.

The Winchester Mystery HouseWikimedia

But by the 1880s they had both died. Living alone in an eight bedroom farmhouse, Winchester began adding extensions to the building.

Then, things took a strange turn that no one can explain. Winchester spent the next 40 years obsessively building, tearing down, and re-building her massive home.

An aerial view of the house.Strux Travel

The final product is totally eerie, and there’s a chilling paranormal explanation behind Winchester’s designs.

Actor Confirms Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion Of The Christ’ Sequel Is Finally Being Made

More than 14 years after the original film proved to be a box office smash, it looks like Mel Gibson is finally ready to make a sequel to The Passion of the Christ.

Made for just $30 million and with no big Hollywood stars in leading roles, Gibson’s film took the world by storm in 2004. It earned over $611 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing R-rated film in North America at the time.

Icon Productions

To this day, the movie is still the highest-grossing non-English language film ever made.

Audiences and church groups packed into theaters to watch Gibson’s take on the final 12 hours before Jesus’s crucifixion. Now, it seems like Gibson is ready to pick up where he left off.

[embedded content]

Last year,  the actor and director hinted that he was ” trying to craft” the story of Jesus’s resurrection “in a way that’s cinematically compelling and enlightening,” but he also admitted the process seemed “never-ending.”

Now, the original film’s star, Jim Caviezel, says the project is moving ahead. And he’s shared new details about what fans should expect from The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection.

John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John Reunite 40 Years After Starring In ‘Grease’

America fell in love with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in 1978 when the pair played the roles of playboy Danny Zuko and naive exchange student Sandy Olsson in the iconic musical Grease.

Despite their electrifying chemistry, that was the first and only time that Travolta and Newton-John have appeared in a film together.

Travolta went on to star in a number of critically-acclaimed and award-winning films, including Pulp Fiction, Hairspray and Get Shorty. Newton-John also took up numerous acting gigs, but she had more success with her music career. She had a string of number one hits and won four Grammy Awards.


Still, the on-screen couple remained good friends all these years.

“John and I have stayed in touch, and in 2012 we made a Christmas album and sang  a duet called “I Think You Might Like It,” which was a sort of sequel to “You’re the One That  I Want” by the same writer, John Farrar,” Newton-John told The Telegraph last year.

NY Daily News

She also commented on her friendship with Travolta in another interview a few years prior.

“Friendships like that are to be treasured because it’s rare to find it once in a working lifetime. I found it twice, with Cliff [Richards] and John Travolta,” Newton-John said in an interview a few years ago.

[embedded content]

Over the years, the pair have had a couple of mini reunions – from appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to performing an impromptu duet on stage during Newton-John’s tour.

This week, Travolta and Newton-John have once again proved that they’re hopelessly devoted to each other as they enjoyed another mini reunion at an event in Los Angeles.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Romance To Become LifeTime Movie

It’s been a whirlwind romance for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since they became a couple in the summer of 2016.

Months after becoming engulfed in never-ending media attention, the couple announced their plans to wed, to the excitement of royal watchers from across the globe.

Since the news of their upcoming nuptials was released, Meghan has been spotted spending plenty of time with her soon-to-be family, and it appears she’s fitting right in.

“It was fantastic. She really enjoyed it,” Harry said of their first Christmas together. “The family loved having her there.”

“I think we’ve got one the biggest families I know and every family is complex,” he added. “She has done an absolutely amazing job, just getting in there and it’s the family, I suppose, that she’s never had.”

While the public hasn’t been privy to all of the intimate details of the pair’s loved-up relationship, that’s soon about to change.

Mother Of Tonya Harding Denies Attacking Her With A Steak Knife

It seems that Tonya Harding can’t keep out of the spotlight. In her latest TV interview, Harding told the world that she had been violently abused by her mother wielding a steak knife, and that she was threatened by her ex-husband at gun point.

Following the release of a biopic based on her life and the events surrounding the 1994 Olympics, Harding has come back under scrutiny for her role in the attack on fellow athlete Nancy Kerrigan. Kerrigan was brutally injured with a crowbar.

It was later found that Harding’s then-boyfriend and bodyguard had planned the assault, but she herself was never connected to the incident.

In the interview, Harding says that her mother constantly attacked her, and at one point (enacted in the movie) threw a knife at her which became lodged in her arm.

She went on to say that her ex-husband, Jeff Gilooly, cornered her after their divorce and pointed a gun at her face and then at his own head.

Now, her former loved ones are going on record to deny these claims, and her agent has decided to ditch her following “an impasse.”

New Movie Promises The “Untold, True Story” Of Ted Kennedy’s Deadly Car Crash

When news broke that Senator Ted Kennedy had been involved in a deadly car crash, Americans were glued to their TV screens.

But over the weeks and months that followed, the story of the crash on Chappaquiddick Island only became more and more strange. Decades later, we still have unanswered questions about what happened the night of July 18, 1969.

Senator Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne.

Kennedy, the younger brother of the late President John Kennedy and the late Senator Robert Kennedy, was driving a campaign worker home from a party the night of the accident. Mary Jo Kopechne was 28, and while the  37-year-old senator was married, he later insisted there was nothing “immoral” going on between the two of them.

Kennedy plunged his car over the side of a small wooden bridge, and while he quickly escaped the car, Kopechne was trapped inside.

The senator’s car, recovered from under the bridge.Boston Herald

The senator said he made “repeated efforts” to save Kopechne, but the water’s currents were too strong. Then, he walked back to his home, but did not call the police. In fact Kennedy waited 10 hours before notifying authorities about the crash.

That’s just one of the suspicious details about the famous accident explored by a new movie, and the trailer reveals it won’t pull any punches.

Princes William and Harry To Appear In Action Movie Together

If you’re anything like me and my brother, then you would bicker and fight at every available opportunity, until we wanted to do something cool that would force us to work together.

That seems to be the case with these royal brothers, as Princes William and Harry have decided to try their hand at acting in an upcoming film that’s sure to be a blockbuster.

Harry has of course been stealing the limelight away from his older brother in the past few weeks thanks to his recent engagement to the stunning Meghan Markle, an actress herself. Perhaps she gave him some acting tips!

With a wedding coming up in 2018, perhaps Harry and his older brother wanted a chance to have a bit of fun before family obligations make it difficult to get a moment alone.

They are both due to appear in the latest Star Wars movie, but you’ll never guess what role they were cast for!

Here’s Looking At 10 Things You Probably Never Knew About “Casablanca”

Some of us were kids, and some of us were not even born yet when Casablanca premiered in 1942, but we’ve all heard of the movie at one point in our lives. The iconic film stood the test of time, and decades later, it is still inspiring popular culture.

On the occasion of the film’s 75th anniversary, here are 10 facts about the classic that helped turn Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman into some of the biggest stars in Hollywood history:

Goodwin’s High End

The release of the film was scheduled for early 1943, but for publicity purposes it was premiered at the Hollywood Theater in New York City on November 26, 1942. This was done so that it would coincide with the Allied invasion of North Africa, which resulted in the capture of Casablanca, Morocco.

The wide release took place on January 23, 1943, and once again this was a strategic decision to garner publicity since this date coincides with the Casablanca Conference, an important historical meeting between Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt that took place in Casablanca.


It’s hard to imagine the story taking place anywhere else, but the original setting was actually Lisbon, Portugal. Although the movie turned out to be one of the most successful films of all time, Burnett, the playwright behind the story, never actually visited Casablanca.

“I never had any desire to go there,” he said. ”I’ve been told they have a place there named Rick’s, and it’s a dump. Maybe I don’t want to destroy the image of Casablanca which I created.”


It took quite a lot for the Casablanca to become a movie. When Burnett and his writing partner, Joan Alison, wrote the original story in 1940, it was titled “Everybody Comes to Rick’s,” and was meant for Broadway. However, when it was rejected, Warner Brothers saw its potential, and purchased the script and the rights for a record $20,000.

The telegraph

Cameras make everyone appear larger than life, but in Humphrey’s case he was still two inches shorter than the director, Micahel Curtiz, liked him to be. As a solution, he had to stand on blocks or sit on cushions to make him look taller than his 5’8″ frame whenever he was beside his co-star Ingrid Bergman.

There were strict regulations when it came to censorship in movies and television programs around the time Casablanca was made. Strong language, nudity, and certain social issues, like divorce, were frowned upon so the writers had figure out ways to deliver a script that would still work despite being heavily censored.

“The main thing that affected our work in those days was that we were so handcuffed by censorship — remember, the nation shook when Clark Gable said ‘damn’ in Gone With the Wind,” the film’s screenwriter Julius Epstein recalled in an interview.

‘Frozen’ Short Film Pulled From Theaters After Backlash From Parents

Parents know that Frozen is a hit with kids worldwide, but many moms and dads are actually celebrating after a new short featuring characters from the movie has been axed.

Last week, audiences rushed to see the new Pixar film Coco, a magical, musical adventure inspired by Mexico’s “Day of the Dead” festivities. The animated family film beat huge superhero movies at the box office, and has raked in more than $100 million nationwide in less than two weeks.

Pixar’s ‘Coco.’Pixar

And while families are falling in love with the flick, parents are sharing their frustration with the Frozen short film that runs before it.

Pixar movies traditionally start with a 10 minute short film that runs before the movie, usually something cheerful and fun to help young kids settle in to the movie-going experience. But the studio’s latest short film, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, rubbed parents the wrong way, and they weren’t afraid to say so.

Disney Pixar

So what was so objectionable about the new Frozen short?

An Infamous Giant Robot Has Replaced Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress As The Most Expensive Film Prop Of All Time

After more than 60 years in the movie business, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars is finally getting the recognition he deserves.


Just days after a rare Dracula poster sold for an impressive $500,000 at auction, Robby the Robot broke records to become the most expensive movie prop ever sold. An anonymous bidder paid $5.3 million for the movie star robot.

Previous record-holders for the top movie prop included Marilyn Monroe’s dress from The Seven Year Itch and the Batmobile, which both sold for $4.6 million, and the statuette from crime classic The Maltese Falcon, which went for $4 million at auction.

Robby in ‘Forbidden Planet’MGM

The charismatic tin can got his start in the movie business in the 1956 sci-fi thriller Forbidden Planet, where Robby played the robot servant of the evil Dr. Morbius. While he looks like an antique now, at the time Robby was a cutting edge special effect, and it cost MGM $100,000 to build him. Of course, Robby isn’t a real “robot,” just a suit with some fancy dials and gadgets inside.

Frankie Darro as Robby the Robot.SciFist

He was voiced by Marvin Miller, and the actor inside the Robby suit was Frankie Darro (although Darro was never credited for his work on the movie). The suit’s designer, Robert Kinoshita, credits 1950s washing machines with inspiring Robby’s groundbreaking design.

In case you’re wondering why this old hunk of junk sold for millions, it turns out he’s had a pretty impressive career.

6 Actors That Probably Regret Turning Down Famous Roles

Can you imagine your favorite movies with a different lead actor? While it may be hard to picture someone else alongside Richard Gere in Pretty Woman or Matt Damon in Avatar, some of the biggest movie role were turned down by prominent names in Hollywood.

These six actors turned down the role of a lifetime for one reason or another, and I bet they’re still kicking themselves.

In a movie that dominated the box office in 1997, was nominated for 14 Oscars and won 11 of them, there is no doubt that the entire cast and crew were happy with the film’s performance.

Before the young Kate Winslet was cast as the rich girl, Rose DeWitt Bukater, there was another top name celebrity up for the part.

As it turns out Gwyneth Paltrow was director James Cameron’s top choice for the lead female character.

In an interview with Howard Stern, Paltrow admits that she can’t change her decisions of the past and that her choices were made for something greater.

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Julia Roberts playing the endearing prostitute, Vivian in the classic 1990 romantic comedy, Pretty Woman.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t the first choice for the part, however.

Both Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfieffer turned down the part because they were uncomfortable with the script. The original script also had a much darker ending, which was later changed.

As we know, Roberts worked alongside Richard Gere and made an adorable on screen couple!

The little-known actress at the time went on to win a Golden Globe for her portrayal and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress.

We may know him as Wolverine, but the Australian actor had the chance to put on a British accent and play the famous spy agent.

After Pierce Brosnon’s contract ended, Jackman was approached for the role and he surprisingly turned it down.

“I was about to shoot X-Men 2 and Wolverine had become this thing in my life and I didn’t want to be doing two such iconic characters at once,” he said.

The actor has since admitted that he regrets turning down the role.

In a 2013 interview with Fabric magazine he jokes, “Of course, I cry myself to sleep every night.”

British actor, Daniel Craig then stepped into the spy’s shoes, creating the highest grossing Bond films of the franchise.

Circle Of Life? Elton John May Be Cut Out From The New Lion King Movie

It’s the “circle of life” for Sir Elton John thanks to the new Lion King live-action remake that is currently in production.

The signer, pianist and composer is looking to head back to Pride Rock in the new live action feature of the Disney classic.

The 70-year-old idol wrote and sang some of the most iconic songs on the soundtrack of the 1994 animated classic.


In his five-decade long career, Sir Elton has sold more than 300 million records, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. He has also had over fifty Top 40 hits including seven consecutive number 1 U.S. albums.

It’s safe to say that anything Elton wants to do in the industry, he should get. But what about a remake of one of his hits that brought him huge success?

Elizabeth Smart’s Life Is Now A Movie and The Trailer Will Shake You To The Core

“You may think you know my story, but you don’t.”

Those are the final words of the trailer for Lifetime’s TV Movie “I Am Elizabeth Smart” which airs later this month.

Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bedroom in Salt Lake City, Utah in June 2002, when she was just 14-years-old.

Her younger sister, nine-year-old Mary Katherine Smart pretended to sleep as she watched the intruder leave the room with a knife to her sister.

The onetime homeless preacher and self-avowed prophet, lead the young girl in her pajamas from her bed, deep into the woods and chained her to a makeshift mountain campsite a few miles from her home.

It was here, he kept her captive for the next nine months, with the help of his wife Wanda Eileen Barzee.

The man who took Elizabeth was someone who did odd jobs around the house for the Smart family. He had given them a fake name and story to conceal his identity. To the Smarts, he was Emmanuel, but to his family and his wife, he was Brian David Mitchell.

Over the months, Elizabeth faced repeated rapes and abuse. She was told that if she tried to escape, her family would be killed.

It was her young sister that gave authorities the help they needed to find the teenager. Several months into the search, Mary Katherine was able to recognize the voice of the kidnapper and identify it as ‘Emmanuel’. The Smart family went to police with the new information, but they chose not to follow the lead.

The family did not give up though, they hired a private sketch artist and the photo of Mitchell was sent to America’s Most Wanted.

That’s when someone came forward with Mitchell’s real name.

With the help of Mary Katherine’s clue, a biker saw Mitchell with two people- one of which was Elizabeth, the other was Barzee.

In March 2003, police surrounded Mitchell and managed to guide Elizabeth away from her captors. At first, her fear prevented her from answering their questions. But they kept asking her the same thing: “What’s your name?”

Once she was away from Mitchell, her fear dissipated, and she was able to find her voice again.

“I am Elizabeth,” she said.

That’s when she was able to start putting her life back together.

How Backstage Drama Almost Ruined ‘Gone With The Wind’

Almost 80 years after it was released, the sweeping Civil War-era romance Gone With the Wind remains the definition of a Hollywood classic.

But while fans love this movie, by all accounts making it was an absolutely awful trial. From the very beginning, turning Margaret Mitchell’s 1,000 page novel into a movie was a total headache. It took 16 writers just to trim down the story, and their first draft ran for at least six hours.

Mitchell, who was annoyed with her newfound fame, wasn’t much help.Bambinoides

To finish the script in time to start shooting, producer David O. Selznick had to lock himself, director Victor Fleming and writer Ben Hecht in an office for a week. He also insisted they should only eat bananas and peanuts (since the diet would motivate them).

They did finish the script, but Selznick collapsed from exhaustion and Fleming burst a blood vessel in his eye before the week was through.


Casting the lead role of Scarlett O’Hara was even tougher. Producers tested 32 actresses, and only settled on Vivian Leigh after filming began. Fans of the book were actually upset – since Leigh is a Brit and not a real Southern belle.

To silence a protest from the United Daughters of the Confederacy, producers threatened to cast Katharine Hepburn, a Yankee, instead.

And once filming began, the real feuds and fights started…

23 Years After She Rocked The Skating World, Tonya Harding Is Back On The Ice

There are some people who are fueled by a healthy dose of competition, and then there are those who take it a bit too far, hurting others and themselves along the way.

Figure skater Tonya Harding falls into the latter category.

In 1994, just seven weeks before the Olympic Winter Games were scheduled to begin, Harding’s longtime rival, Nancy Kerrigan, was viciously attacked by an assailant, who blew out her knees.

Two days later, a 24-year-old Kerrigan was forced to sit in a skybox while Harding skated her way to the top spot at the Women’s U.S. National Championships in Detroit. Despite her injuries, the uber talented Kerrigan was also named to the Olympic team by the U.S. Figure Skating Association.

Oregon Live

Kerrigan and officials behind the investigation chalked up the attack to the act of a deranged fan, but in reality the truth was much more bizarre.

A minister in Portland, Oregon revealed to the investigators on the case that he heard a recording of three men plotting to hurt Kerrigan. The men were identified as Harding’s bodyguard, Shawn Eric Eckardt, her husband, Jeff Gillooly, and an unnamed hitman.

Speculation about Harding’s involvement began to spread, and before long authorities were convinced that she and Gillooly hired the attacker to knock Kerrigan out of the running.

The media frenzy surrounding the scandal turned Harding and Kerrigan into even bigger international sensations. Although Harding denied the allegations, she was still convicted of hindering apprehension, and was placed on a three-year probation. She also received a $160,000 fine, and was banned from the association for life.

As for Kerrigan, her injuries were not serious enough to ruin her career and she recovered well enough to win a silver medial at the Olympic Games just a few weeks after the attack. She went on to work professionally on Broadway on Ice, appear on TV shows and films like 2007’s Blades of Glory. She was also among the celebrity dancers on season 24 of Dancing With The Stars.

ABC News

Harding, on the other hand, faded into obscurity and was not heard from until the release of her 2008 autobiography, The Tonya Tapes. In the book, she gave a harrowing account of the story behind Kerrigan’s attack, revealing that Gillooly threatened her at gun point when he found out that she was planning to go to the FBI with the information she had.

Now, more than two decades since the scandal took place, Harding’s story will once again be told in an upcoming biopic.

As the spotlight shines on her again, Harding is also cleaning up her act and getting back on the ice, and a source close to her revealed some of the details to People.

Cher Is A Dancing Queen In The Upcoming ‘Mamma Mia!’ Sequel

If there’s one popular culture icon that can withstand the pressure the comes with each generation and continue to stay relevant it’s Cher.

The 71-year-old entertainer first rose to fame in the 60s as the one-half of the husband-wife duo Sonny & Cher. By the 70s, the singer was not only churning chart-topping hits, she became a television personality through her shows The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour as well as the self-titled Cher.

Ninja Journalist

Cher, whose real name is Cherilyn Sarkisian, also appeared in numerous films, including 1987’s Moonstruck, which earned her an Academy Award.

Now, six years after her last movie role, the star is returning to the silver screen in the upcoming Mamma Mia! sequel alongside another Hollywood icon, Meryl Streep.

The actress recently confirmed through Twitter that she joined the cast of the movie musical, but she did not reveal what role she’d be playing.

Thanks to a little bit of digging, The New York Post has the exclusive on everything there’s to know about Cher’s part. It’s kind of a big deal!