Police Dog Followed His Nose To Rescue A Pair Of Kittens Freezing To Death In The Snow

Move over Lassie, there’s a new top dog in town and his name is Hix.

The police dog works with cops in Manitoba, Canada, helping them track down crooks and missing people. Earlier this year, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Taylor Burns shared a photo of him and his four-legged partner for “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

RCMP Manitoba

Normally cops get a pat on the back from their partners after a job well done, but Hix is getting lots of belly rubs this week, after his sharp nose helped rescue a pair of lost animals.

Hix and his partner were doing training exercises on a remote dirt road, when something distracted Hix from his drills. The pooch’s partner trusted him enough to follow his lead, and quickly discovered what had distracted Hix so badly.

A pair of lost little kittens were wandering around in the snow near the training area. Thankfully, Hix led his partner right to them, and it turned out his impromptu rescue came just in the nick of time.

People Are Freaking Out Over This Optical Illusion Dog, Do You See Why?

Even if you have 20/20 vision, your eyes can often deceive you. There’s a photograph making the rounds on the internet, and it is the perfect example of how much your eyes can play tricks on you.

The picture, which was captioned “Optical Illusion Dog,” was recently uploaded to Reddit by user ‘chadwalk,’ and has since baffled people on the internet. The image has been garnering some hilarious reactions from those who can’t seem to figure out what they’re seeing.

“This dog broke my biological face recognition module,” wrote one user. Another commented, “Ouch, this hurts my brain.”

Check it out for yourself:


Did you manage to figure out what is going on the in photo?

If you think there’s something off about one of the dog’s faces, you’re not alone, but you’ve been going about it all wrong.

“I just spent two minutes spinning my phone around trying to see this dog after already coming to terms about how great the owners are for adopting this poor dog, while taking solace in the fact that he doesn’t know he’s different, only to find out he’s ok after all,” wrote one Reddit user. “What a roller coaster!”

If you still haven’t figured it out, we can help.

Cops Have A Brilliant Idea To Help Out Shelter Dogs

La Vista Police Department in Nebraska decided they wanted to help out more than they already do. The department knew there were many animal shelters in the area who were over-crowded and having trouble getting their animals adopted.

Captain Bryan D. Waugh had heard about a program in Wisconsin, called K-9 For A Day, where shelters and police departments pair up to help each other out, and he knew it was something La Vista could get involved with, as well.

“Any agency looking for a great community policing opportunity would benefit from the program, while strengthening the relationship with their partners at local animal shelters or rescues,” Waugh says.

“We love this partnership,” Pam Wiese, a spokesperson for the Nebraska Humane Society, says. “The dogs are more relaxed, and they are able to showcase their personalities as they interact in a more normal, natural way.”

La Vista Police Department teamed up with the Nebraska Humane Society to get the project started. The shelter knew exactly who they wanted to send on the first run: Mickey.

Mickey is a six-year-old dog who had spent four months at the Humane Society and just needed someone to notice him.

“Oftentimes animals that are out of this environment have a better chance of getting adopted– if people see them in a normal environment rather than here,” Wiese says.

“It was obvious our first dog Mickey had a great day,” Waugh says.

Of course, there was a goal at the end of the day: to get Mickey adopted.