Queen Elizabeth Reveals How Princess Charlotte Treats Her Older Brother

It appears that Charlotte is more like her great-grandmother than we thought. As a woman who knows how to take the lead, she sure can see that quality in the 2-year-old princess.

After starting preschool at Willcocoks Nursery School, close to her family’s London home of Kensington Palace, earlier this month, it appears that Charlotte is settling in well.


A source close to the family said that Charlotte is confident and speaking some Spanish.

Charlotte is known not to be shy, and always chatting away, so it’s no surprise how she and her brother get along.

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Last weekend Queen Elizabeth II met with a 10-year-old school girl and revealed some telling information about the youngest royal.

Princess Charlotte Starts Her First Day Of School And She Looks All Grown Up

The royal family has started the first full week of 2018 in the sweetest way. The youngest royal, Princess Charlotte, reached a milestone in her young life and her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, was there to capture it.

This was an important day for the pregnant Duchess who missed accompanying her son, Prince George, on his first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea because she was dealing with severe morning sickness at the time.

Charlotte will be attending Willcocks Nursery school as a full-time student attending its Monday to Friday morning classes that encourage children to learn through play.

At the sought-after nursery school, the princess will enjoy pottery and poetry classes.

Her brother, Prince George, attended Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk in January 2016, since it was close to their then-home of Anmer Hall.

Now the photos of Charlotte’s first day have been released and we can hardly believe our eyes.

Meghan Markle Set To Spend Christmas Morning with Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Now that Meghan Markle is officially settling in with her fiance Prince Harry in the UK, their first Christmas together will no doubt be a special one.

The former Suits actress is said to be celebrating the holiday at Queen Elizabeth II’s country estate, Sandringham, in spite of not officially being wed to Harry yet.

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It has now been said that Meghan will also be spending some quality time with her future niece and nephew.

Princess Charlotte Is Off To Nursery School In January

While it may seem like just yesterday that the youngest royal was being brought home from the hospital, it’s time that she starts to follow in her big brother’s footsteps.

The two-year-old princess will begin to attend a London nursery next month, her parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge revealed.

William and Kate, who is pregnant with the couple’s third child, will send the toddler to Willcocks Nursery School, located near their home of Kensington Palace. Based in a church hall, the school is located next door to London’s Royal Albert Hall, which is very close to the family home.

“They chose that nursery because they thought it would be an ideal first step for Charlotte’s education and they were impressed by the team who work there,” a royal source shared.

Following in Prince George’s footsteps, who also started school at 2 1/2, the princess will attend a different school than George did two years ago.

Prince George started at a Montessori school a short drive from the family’s home. Unlike George who started his school career on a part-time basis, young Charlotte will be receiving full-time care.

This much-sought after nursery school will have the young girl enjoying pottery and poetry.

But not without the heavy price tag.

Prince William Gave George’s Christmas List To Santa And There’s Only Thing On It

Prince George better have been good all year, because it looks like he has a tall order for Santa.

During a visit to a market in Helsinki, Prince William presented his son’s handwritten Christmas letter to Santa Claus.

The 36-year-old royal was visiting the Esplanade Park’s Christmas market on his second day during this tour of Finland.

Earlier in the day, William was seen admiring a pair of hobby horses, that would be ideal gifts for both George and Charlotte.

The horses were part of the Slush festival held in the Finnish capital. The royal was seen to be in good spirits as he wandered the booths of the student-driven event, testing out the latest tech on display.

In just a few years the event has become a global gathering, which supports and promotes the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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In the letter, the Duke of Cambridge’s eldest son has listed that he only wants one thing under the Christmas tree this year.

So what did Prince George ask Santa for Christmas?

Prince George To Appear On A Children’s TV Show

As a royal, there are bound to be perks; wealth, good press, light workload, A CASTLE, they all come with the title of “His/Her Royal Highness.” But now, 4-year-old Prince George can add “TV star” to his list of Royal Perks.

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He’ll be following in his dad and uncle’s footsteps, as it was reported both Prince William and Prince Harry will be appearing in the new Star Wars movie.

Hello Magazine UK confirmed that Prince George will have a role in his favorite TV show in the upcoming season, but what show is it? And what will he be doing?

Prince George’s Kids Get A Special Perk That Charlotte’s Won’t

When it comes to British royalty there are only two ways to become a princess. You have to either marry a prince, or be the daughter to one.

So both the leading ladies in Prince William’s life are princesses, Kate Middleton who married the prince and Charlotte who was born to her dad.

While her father’s children automatically inherited their titles, her children will not.

“Her children will not have titles because the royal titles go down the male line,” Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty, tells PEOPLE.

That means when Prince George has children, they will automatically receive titles the way he and his sister did, even though Charlotte’s won’t.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions to the rule.

We Found Out What Prince George’s Favorite Movie Is And It’s Strangely Fitting

The royal family loves their privacy, which means that everything we know about them was either told to the public by one of the family members or a source who is extremely acquainted with them.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, are known to share tidbits of information about their lives with well-wishers and reporters at their official appearances.


The lovely couple enjoy making small talk, and over the years they have let on some interesting and amusing details about themselves and their children, George and Charlotte. For instance, in one of their last appearances before Kate’s pregnancy was announced, the Duchess joked that she and William would “just have to have more babies,” after she was gifted with a baby item.

This week, William was forced to share a little bit more about his family during a surprise attendance at London’s Paddington train station. While Kate was busy sharing a dance with Paddington Bear, the Duke was being grilled by a boy who wanted to get to know Prince George better.

The boy asked William to share what George likes to watch, and it turns out the 4-year-old is a 90s kid at heart with a really good taste.