$1 Million Lotto Winner’s Late Wife Promised Him She’d Make Sure He’d Win One Day

When good fortune comes your way, some times you can’t help but find the hidden meanings behind the event.

For Herman Iyoupe, it’s as if his late wife was sending him a message.

Almost a year ago, his wife of 46 years passed away from lung cancer, but not before making him a promise.

“She said to me, ‘You know what? I’m going to make sure you that win the lottery because every draw you say you’re going to win it and every draw, people pick [on] you,'” Herman said of the conversation he had with his wife Patricia.

Herman didn’t want to hear any of this sad talk, but she continued.

“She said, ‘I’m going to make sure when I die,’ and I said, ‘Please don’t say that.’ She said, ‘But it’s going to happen.’ So she said, ‘When I die, I’m going to make sure that you win the lottery so they won’t laugh at you anymore.'”

That’s when his fortune changed.

11-Year-Old Invented A Device To Help Keep Drinking Water Safe

Kids do say the darnedest things, but occasionally they do the “darnedest” things that blow you away. An 11-year-old girl from Colorado, Gitanjali Rao, just won $25,000 from the Young Scientist Challenge, as “America’s top young scientist,” for her invention. She designed a compact device that is able to detect if there is any lead in the water that you are drinking.


Rao was inspired to do something after she became aware of the Flint water crisis, and how the residents of Flint, Michigan were being forced to drink contaminated water. Water that was contaminated by the city itself when it decided to cut costs and switch to a different system of pipes. The pipes were not properly treated, causing them to rust and leech lead and other toxins into the water.

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“After I learned about Flint,” said Rao, “I continued to research and follow it for the next couple years. Then, I saw my parents testing for lead in our water and that is pretty much what sparked the idea. I realized that using test strips would take quite a few tries to get accurate results and I wanted to do something to change this, not only for my parents but for the residents of Flint and places like Flint around the world.”

Tough Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Cost This Grandfather The $1 Million Prize

It’s easy to sit at home on your sofa and say “I could have gotten that question right,” but under the bright lights of a game show’s stage it’s a different story.


Laurel and her grandfather Frank found that out the hard way while competing on Wheel of Fortune this week. The show was in Disney World for a special “Grandparents Week,” but even after putting their heads together, Laurel and Frank couldn’t solve the final puzzle. And that’s a shame, because it was worth $1 million.


Since the show introduced its huge $1 million prize in 2008, just three contestants have manged to win it. To earn the top prize, a contestant needs to collect the $1 million wedge, solve the puzzle it comes on, and land on the $1 million space during their spin in the Bonus Round.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0pSaPSdvkA?feature=oembed]

And while all that takes good luck, it can seem like the $1 million wedge is actually a curse. A contestant lost his after solving – but mispronouncing – “CORNER CURIO CABINET.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtSYXxoc0Zw?feature=oembed]

In another case of bad luck, an Indiana University student blew a puzzle he had already solved by mispronouncing “Achilles.” That slip of the tongue lost him $1 million, a car, and a trip to London.

But those clips don’t compare to the heartbreak we felt watching Frank miss his chance at $1 million. Let’s see if you can solve his puzzle:


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Lottery Winner Caught Shoplifting Two Months After Hitting Jackpot

A lottery winner from Massachusetts has been found guilty of shoplifting.

Just two months after winning $1 million off a scratch ticket, Yokatia Rodriguez was arrested for allegedly attempting to steal $80 worth of lipstick from a Kohl’s store.


The 40-year-old woman was sentenced to a $2,000 fine and to serve 30 days in County Jail if she was not on good behavior for the next year, half the fine and the jail sentence will be dismissed if she doesn’t get arrested again based on the order from Judge Robert Stephen.

Loss prevention officer Michael Frawley was monitoring the video surveillance when he saw her attempting to leave the store without paying for some of the items in her shopping cart. Shopping with her 14-year-old son at the time, she said it was just a misunderstanding.

On the stand during her court hearing, she said she “absolutely did not try to steal.”

She claimed that she merely just forgot to pay for the items.

“It was four days before Christmas,” she said, “It was hectic. I was there shopping for my kids.”

A receipt for that day indicated that Rodriguez paid for $519.66 worth of merchandise that day, but that did not include the five lipsticks.

Frawley said that he had an eye on the cosmetics department because it is the highest loss prevention area of the store.


“It’s expensive and there aren’t coupons for it,” he said. “We lost about $15,000 in that one department alone last year.”

That’s when her 14-year-old son got caught in the middle of the situation.

92-Year-Old Has The Worst Best Luck In The Most Ironic Lottery Win Ever

Everyone dreams about taking home a lottery prize, and the coveted “cash for life” option seems like the most ideal for many people.

Charles “Chuck” Svatos had lady luck on his side when he defied the one-in-1,813,028 odds of matching five numbers, making him the third Iowan to claim the second-level Lucky for Life prize.

He had a feeling his luck was going to change after visiting the casino in Rock Island and opening two fortune cookies. One said that he would come into some wealth, and the other predicted he would take a trip.

It looks like they were both right!

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

Chuck now plans to travel to Hawaii and Switzerland, since he lives comfortably in a retirement home and doesn’t need to spend his winnings on a new home or car.

“They’re someplace I’ve always wanted to go,” he told Iowa Lottery Chief Executive Officer Terry Rich.

Chuck spent 39 years of his life working at an Iowa City dairy before retiring and he played the lottery since it started in Iowa in 1985. The best prize he had previously claimed was $6, but that didn’t stop him from dreaming about what it would be like to take home some substantial winnings.

The avid lottery player switched up his strategy and that’s what lead him to the big prize.

Woman Makes A Mistake With Her Lottery Numbers And It Almost Cost Them Millions

A mom got the surprise of a lifetime when she thought she won $4,000 in the lottery.

The mother-of-two decided to try her chance at Lucky Dip online and when she matched five balls and the bonus ball she thought he was taking home $4,000 just in time for the holidays.

But the 28-year-old was wrong.

“I always play Lotto online and saw the big Lotto rollover so decided to have a go. On Wednesday night, I was on my way to bed and thought I’d look at my account to see if I’d won anything,” she said.

When she checked her numbers, Jenn Burston showed her husband Ian their winning hand.

“I logged in on my phone and it said I was a winner – my numbers were circled. I thought hang on a minute, I think I’ve won £3,000 and took my phone to go and show my husband,” she said.

The pair logged onto to their tablet computer with a bigger screen and found out that Jen had read the numbers wrong.