They Bought A Rusty Trailer For $7,000, Now It’s A Gorgeous Tiny Home

Giving up your home to live in a 1972 Aistream Overlander trailer isn’t for everyone, but Gabi and Brandon Fox aren’t exactly a typical couple.

The pair roam the Pacific Northwest working as wedding photographers, and they travel in style in their aluminium trailer, which they renovated themselves.

The Foxes Photography

The project started back in 2015, when the couple picked up the trailer for just $6,500. With a little over $13,000 spent on renovations, the entire cost of their tiny home was around $20,000.

The Foxes Photography
How the trailer looked when the couple bought it.The Foxes Photography

But it took a lot of elbow grease to turn the Airstream from a rusty mess to a genuine tiny home.

The trailer was rusty, and rats had been eating the insulation.The Foxes Photography

The couple say they learned how to do plumbing and electrical work from online articles, YouTube videos, and “a lot of trial and error.”

Brandon assembles the plumbing.The Foxes Photography
The Foxes Photography

The trailer’s design itself (which was also done by Gabi and Brandon) includes all the amenities of a regular home, and lots of storage space to make up for the cramped quarters.

The Foxes Photography

I never thought I would say this, but after seeing the finished product I’d gladly swap my home for theirs.

15 Cheap And Easy DIY Projects That Make Your Home Look Amazing

If you want to shake things up at home but you aren’t interested in beginning a long and stressful project, start with these 15 ideas. They’re all simple and affordable, but can have a huge effect on your home. Take a few ideas from this list and in just a weekend you can give your home a mini-makeover.

The parts of our home that we use every day are usually the ones we never think to update. You could improve your kitchen with a modern “smart” faucet, but a throwback like brass or copper will look nice as well.

Let’s face it, your books will probably never stay in alphabetical order, but the cases can still look cool. Applying some wallpaper to the back of the shelves gives them a nice “pop” effect.

You can do the same thing with your drawers for a pleasant surprise every time you open them.

Making sure your home is nice and clean is one thing, keeping it neat and organized is another. We have tips from a world-renowned expert that can help you finally get things ship shape – and keep them that way. Here are a few clever organizational projects to try as well.

Odds are that if your house number is up by the front door, those dirty, metal numbers haven’t changed since the house was built. Picking some numbers or a sign with flair is an easy way to stand out from your neighbors. Or, see if there’s a curb painting business in your neighborhood. They do some very impressive work.

We would all like to have this dynamic feature in our kitchen, but nobody wants to watch any video tutorials and spend a whole day sticking the pieces on to make one. Luckily, all you need to simulate a backsplash is paint, tape, and lots of patience.

This guide will show you how.

When you paint inside your home, it just reminds you that there are so many other places you want to add a fresh coat. But adding a little color to your shutters, window trim or even the front door is a much simpler job.

Go bold, or try to match one of the shades that’s already in your home’s color scheme. It doesn’t matter if the sides and back are painted to match, so you can focus on the front to save time and money.

You actually don’t need to buy or change anything in your home to give it a face-lift. Start by shifting your furniture around, see where you can relocate some of your bigger pieces and let that guide you to redecorate. Just moving the couch from one wall to the next can transform a room.

If you want to try something more ambitious, these ideas will fill out your weekend…

13-Year-Old Taught Himself How To Make A Tiny Home, And You’ll Love The Result

How’s this for breaking a trend: at a time when almost 40% of college grads are moving back in with their parents, 13-year-old Luke Thill has already built his own house.

The teenager started work on his tiny home in June, with no plans and no construction knowledge. He had become fascinated with YouTube videos of people building the trendy houses, and realized no one his age was making them.

β€œI was just on YouTube looking around and came across a tiny house idea and then that spiraled into looking at almost every YouTube video there is, it felt like,” he told ABC. “I got obsessed with them and decided to build my own.”

His parents, Greg and Angie, were encouraging, but set some firm ground rules at the start of the project. Luke had to raise all the money to build the home himself by doing odd jobs and chores, and they insisted he should stay under his $1,500 budget. To get him started, Greg showed his son how to build the frame for his house.

Learning from YouTube videos and local builders along the way, Luke traded time, money, skills and materials until he completed this seriously impressive project…

When You See The Incredible Two-Story “Playhouse” This Dad Built, You’ll Wonder If He Could Adopt You

Every dad finds a way to stay involved in his daughter’s life. Some dads drive their daughters to ballet practice, and others volunteer to coach their soccer games.

Then there are dads like Adam Boyd who just make the rest of us look bad. Last year, the 39-year-old from Highland, Michigan started to build his daughters – 5-year-old Avery and 2-year-old Violet – a small wooden playhouse where they could have tea parties.

Since then, the project has outgrown even his wildest expectations, and now it’s safe to say all of the other little girls on Boyd’s street are jealous of Avery and Violet. Looking at the final result, it’s no surprise that this dad runs a remodeling company called ATB Building.

On the outside, the two-story playhouse features a bridge, a rock wall, a slide, and a pair of swing sets. Oh, and a wrap-around porch of course. But what little girl didn’t have that when she was growing up?

His daughters also helped him build their new playhouse, by sweeping up debris, carrying wood and helping to paint the walls. β€œIt gave me some daddy-daughter time and I was able to teach her my skills, and that was pretty cool,” Boyd told People.

If you’re already impressed brace yourself, because Boyd added lots of stunning details inside the playhouse too.