10 Ways Your Handwriting Can Reveal Your True Personality

Trying to get to know someone can be difficult. There are so many different aspects to consider when trying to decipher a person’s personality, it’s helpful to have a few tricks and tips. Did you realize that your handwriting alone can give away a lot about who you are?

Your deepest secrets and biggest concerns are all there in writing, but now you’ll at least know what people are able to perceive about you. It’s surprisingly simple to analyze your friends and family members writing, so give it a try using these 10 easy tips!


Large Letters: If you write using large letters you tend to be people-oriented and like to be acknowledged and understood.

Small Letters: Writing with small letters means that you are introverted, focused and are able to concentrate.


Right Slant: If your letters lean towards the right, you are friendly, sentimental and impulsive. Your family is the highest priority in your life.

No Slant: Logic is key in your life, and you are less likely to let emotion sway your choices.

Left Slant: You are introverted and reserved, preferring to work alone on tasks instead of in a group.


Heavy Pressure: Your emotions are right at the surface so you react quickly and intensely.

Light Pressure: You are adaptable and are in control of your emotions.


Looped ‘L’: You are hopeful about your future and have several goals in life

Retraced ‘L’: Your life plans haven’t worked out, and you are pessimistic about your future

Looped ‘T’: You are sensitive to criticism from others

Retraced ‘T’: You are a hard worker and are very self controlled


Slender ‘Y’ Loop: You are careful in who you consider a friend and trust very few people

Broad ‘Y’ Loop: You have many friends and are open with them all

Long ‘Y’ Loop: Traveling is important to you

Short ‘Y’ Loop: You are most comfortable at home

Your Native American Spirit Animal Can Reveal The Truth About Your Personality

We all spend more time than we’d like to admit reading our horoscopes. Sure, there is a chance that the stars may know what’s going on but how accurate can it be? Well, in my experience, it has always been basically right on.

Honestly, it’s almost crazy how accurate these zodiac representations can be. But did you realize that the zodiac you are most familiar with isn’t the only way to learn about yourself? In Native American culture, they use the time of the year you were born in to discover which spirit animal best reflects your personality and it’s almost more accurate than the zodiac we already know.

Let’s see which one you are!

You are often thought to be the unconventional one in the group, but the way you do things always works for you. Your intuition gets you through all kinds of situations because you are able to perceive the best solution easily.

You are known to be sensitive and sympathetic, while remaining honest about the situation. You have the tendency to get a little bit inappropriate at times and can isolate yourself, but your rebellious nature is what helps you make your own way in the world.

Your passion and heart helps you tend to the emotional needs of your loved ones. While everyone thinks you love nothing more than being “the lone wolf,” you actually are full of compassion and generosity for those you care about.

You do however, greatly value your independence and sometimes your desire to chase that leads you down a ruthless path of obsessive behavior. But that passion is what you need to feel like you are making the right choices.

You are always filling the role of the leader in any situation because your ability to make quick decisions is unparalleled. You are focused and confident, which can sometimes come off as though you were bragging, but you don’t pay too much attention to that because you are too busy moving on to the next task.

When it comes to your relationships, you have a tendency to get impatient and intolerant, but it’s because your opinions are often right and you know it.

Like the falcon, you love to be in charge, however your leadership style is a bit different. You are cunning and quick, but your planning often takes place behind the scenes. Strategy is your strong suit, and you can get a little bit stubborn when people try to step away from your plan.

You are helpful and loyal, but at times you can get possessive and demanding of the people around you. You do it because you believe your way is the right way, but you probably need to constantly remind yourself that you want to be a more compassionate person.

The Famous Light Bulb Brain Teaser Is Seriously Puzzling – See If You’re Bright Enough To Solve It

From time to time we like to share a really tough riddle with all of you, and this one captured our attention recently.

It managed to divide everyone in our office as we argued over how to solve it, but we promise there is an answer, and it can be solved.

See if you have the mind to un-puzzle this one, then share it with a friend to challenge them.

Here’s the brain teaser:

“Mr. Bright was doing some renovations on his home when he ran into an unusual problem.

Like a lot of renovation problems, it involved his home’s faulty wiring.

In Mr. Bright’s basement, there was a set of light switches.

A note from the home’s former owner explains that the three light switches are connected to three different light bulbs in the house’s attic.

a_roesler / Pixabay

Mr. Bright can’t see which light bulb turns on in the attic when he flips a switch in the basement.

While each switch is connected to just one light bulb, all three light bulbs and switches look exactly the same.

Because Mr. Bright is getting older, he doesn’t want to walk back up and down his stairs. He will flip as many switches as he needs to, then walk upstairs just once to identify how the switches and light bulbs are connected.

To be clear, there’s no way to turn the lights on or off once Mr. Bright walks out of the basement to check on them.

And no, Mr. Bright can’t use a dimmer switch, or ask someone else to help him.

So here’s the puzzle: how can Mr. Bright identify all three switches and lights in just one trip from the basement to the attic?

Take a guess, then see if you were right on the next page.

Is A Tennis Ball Yellow or Green? The Internet Has Some Interesting Ideas


It’s an easy question, but is it such an easy answer?

This man’s innocent question had some results I just don’t agree with.

Check it out!

Your Birthday Reveals Which Tarot Card Represents You, And Can Identify Your True Life Path

It seems like so much of who you are comes from when you were born. The date you arrive in this world can tell you what your zodiac sun sign is, while the moon’s position in the sky reveals your moon sign. The year when you are born can give you some insight into your personality if you take into consideration the Chinese zodiac, but that’s not all your birthday can tell you.

The date you are born on can be compiled into a single number, and this number reveals which tarot card most accurately describes your life path. It’s really simple to figure out what your number is. All you have to do is add up all of the digits in your birthday.

For example, if your birthday was on June 27, 1962, then you would add 6+2+7+1+9+6+2 = 33.

But to properly find your number, you always need to reduce it to a single digit, so you would then add 3+3=6. So 6 would be your life path number. We have an easy to use calculator that will give you the number in a flash.

So now that you have your life path number, let’s find out what that means.

You subscribe to the mentality that anything and everything is possible. You are powerful, confident, and are able to take leadership roles without hesitation or complaint. You are ambitious and inspired when you are going after your goals, and are always striving to accomplish the next thing.

You have a tendency to be a little bit stubborn if you aren’t in control, but it’s because you feel as though you know the right way to make things happen.

You are always in the know and have this innate ability at searching for the answers. You have a deep connection to the psychic world, and can often interpret more than what others can perceive. You always know others better than they know themselves, even though it’s usually a small pool of people.

You can come off as aloof and it’s hard to get to know you, because you never like to lighten up. You always want things to have a deeper meaning, and can look too far into things that could just be simple.

You know how to make sure you are living your life to the fullest, and aren’t afraid to indulge in all the things you want. You are creative and good at noticing details, and aren’t afraid to ask for exactly what you want. You tend to have a large social circle because you are loving and caring to those in your life.

Because of your tendencies to splurge on yourself, you can come off as materialistic and possessive. You like your things and aren’t usually willing to give it up.

There Are Four Different Types Of Virgos, Which One Are You?

If you thought that everyone born under the same astrological sign was basically the same, you thought wrong. Every one of the astrological signs has their own subgroups that form based on which of the traits that person tends to lean towards.

Of course, everyone is unique and has a combination of traits that make up their personality. But when you really think about your most defining qualities, there is always one standout that people use to describe you. Finding your type of personality can help you feel a lot more comfortable with who you are, so let’s see which one you are.


You are the type who likes to sit back in a room and assess the situation before jumping in. You have a keen eye for detail and always remember everything. You are a romantic and sentimental person who treasures sweet moments with the people they love.

You are analytic about situations and thoughtful when making choices, however, you always need to think before you act and that can get in your way, which sometimes causes you to freeze when making choices.

You are assertive, confident, and aren’t afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You speak up for what you want and are known to follow through with your goals. You want perfection all the time and will just keep going until it’s right and you expect everyone around you to do the same.

You are independent and enjoy being in control, however, at times this can be frustrating because you might try take over situations that you shouldn’t and it doesn’t always go over well.

Your Opinion On The Age-Old Toilet Paper Debate Says A Lot About Your Personality

It’s one of the biggest and most frustrating debates that you will ever have with a person you live with. It’s one of those things that builds up over time, until suddenly you explode because you can’t take it anymore. What exactly are we talking about? Toilet paper of course!

It’s not the type that you use that matters, it’s the direction that you hang the roll. We all have our preferences. Whether you want the paper to go over the roll, or under it, it’s a big difference and a lot of people have some very strong opinions about which way is right.

Well, we aren’t here to tell you what’s right or wrong, but we are going to tell you what your preference says about you.

You are often persecuted for your thoughts but don’t care. You stand up for yourself by just letting your attacker exhaust themselves because you are too laid-back to care. You are calm under pressure and have more patience than anyone else.

You like when things that are simple and easy, and don’t want to cause a big fuss about small issues. You are happy to follow along with what other people are doing, but that doesn’t mean you are a pushover, you would just rather avoid conflict when necessary. You are unique and aren’t afraid to go your own way.

However, when things go too far and you do snap, you tend to have a hard time expressing your emotions. You keep them bottled up for so long that they just burst out all at once without any organization. It may get a little messy, but your ability to be patient with the person you are arguing with tends to help you win.

But what about the people who like the roll to be over?

The First Thing You See Reveals The Truth About Your Personality

Images with a lot of things going on can be hard to take in all at once. There’s a lot to consider, and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. When it is a particularly busy image you need to try to absorb it all by separating it into different chunks, and the way you do it can reveal a lot about your personality. The way your brain interprets an image can reveal a lot about who you really are as a person.

Take a look at this image below and pay attention to the first thing you see. It’s absolutely a strange image, but take a good look and try to remember what you notice first.

Remember what you saw first? Scroll down to see what it says about you!

You are a problem solver and people always turn to you for advice. You manage to sort things out for other people effectively without much issue. You tend to get a little focused on other people’s problems and don’t take care of your own, but it’s only because you want to give other people all the attention you can.

If you first noticed the man at the top center with the fancy ruffle around his neck, that means that you are truly one of a kind. You always go out of your way to try and do things that no one else is doing and your excitement for new experiences makes other people enthusiastic to spend time with you.

The subtle skulls don’t mean that you are doomed to an early death, instead it means that you are braver than anyone else. You aren’t afraid of a challenge and will always take chances. You will always look for opportunities to restart things, even when they don’t need to be changed.

You are the type of person who tends to worry about everything. You have a lot of anxiety about the way you are going through life and spend more than your fair share of time stressing about it.

Those aren’t the only people hiding in the image…

The First Thing You See In This Classic Painting Reveals The Truth About Your Personality

Sure, we’ve all seen this iconic painting, but have you ever really paid attention to it? There is so much going on at once that it takes a long time to actually absorb it all. In all honesty, you’ll see something new every time you look at it.

However, it’s the thing that you see first, the part of the picture that catches your eye the most right as you look at it that is the most important. It can actually reveal a lot about who you are as a person. So take one more good look at this picture and then scroll down to find the part of the image you saw first to see what it says about you.

Georges Seurat
Georges Seurat

If you first noticed this little group on the left side of lawn, that means your a dreamer who is always curious and looking for answers. You won’t stop until you find them.

You are sweet, energetic and social. You throw a party better than anyone else and your positive attitude makes all your friends feel better when they are down.

Georges Seurat

You are creative and unpredictable. You never do what is expected of you and your ability to think fast has helped you in many situations.

Georges Seurat

You have a calm and polite nature, and you have strong family values. Tradition is important to you and you always make sure to spend time with the people you love.

Georges Seurat

You are witty and ambitious, and everyone knows that you are always the first to volunteer for a task, even when it’s not the most exciting thing to do.

Georges Seurat

You are extremely adventurous and want nothing more than to travel the world. You are focused on achieving your goals and won’t give up.

Those aren’t the only people in the picture…

If You Can Solve These 13 Grade School Math Problems, You’re A Genius

Are you smarter than a fifth grader? No, we’re not offering a cash prize if you can prove it. But after struggling with these “easy” math questions we’d like to see how many you can solve.

We promise you don’t need a calculator for any questions, but keep a pencil and paper handy because the answers are on the last page!

1. Let’s start simple

A study in Japan found that 60% of people in their 20s got this question right, compared to 90% of older generations. We’re not sure what being a millennial has to do with math, but see if you can solve this equation.

Mind Your Decisions

2. What’s the ?

The aim of this puzzle is to solve what number is in the ? space. Yes, it’s really that simple. And no, we can’t give you any other clues.

3. The bat and the ball


This is an oldie but a goodie:

A baseball bat with a ball costs $1.10. The bat cost $1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

4. Let’s Make a Deal

Damn Interesting

You’re competing on a game show where there are three doors. One door is hiding $1 million, the other doors are empty.

You pick door #1. The host opens door #3 and reveals that it is empty. He asks you if you want to keep door #1 or switch to door #2.

Which is the best answer?

5. Here’s a head-scratcher

Take a look at this equation and see if you can solve it:

What’s the answer?

6. Lily pad logic


There’s a lake with a patch of lily pads growing on it. Every day, the patch doubles in size. If it takes 48 days to cover the whole lake, how long would it take to cover just half of the lake?

If those aren’t tough enough we have more questions, and of course the answers are on the last page.

What You See First Reveals How Your Subconscious Wants You To Act

Everyone presents themselves to the world in a certain way. Whether they are super tough, extremely sweet, or a free spirit, there is always a specific way that we express ourselves to the general public. But then there is who we really are, the personality we reveal only to our nearest and dearest friends, or even just to ourselves.

Your subconscious mind is always trying to show itself, and help you show who you really are. One way that it does this is by making you notice certain things first. The images you see and the parts of it that you notice first can reveal a lot about who you are. Let’s see what your subconscious is trying to tell you!

Take a look at this image, and make sure you focus on the first part you notice.

Did you pick out what you saw first? Here’s what it means.

The baby owl on the far left represents your passion for inner reflection. While you present yourself as this fun-loving, open, and loud person, you actually take a great deal of pleasure from quiet introspection and need time to focus on yourself. Your subconscious wants you to spend more time alone and focus on centering yourself.

You have struggled in your life with a lot, but you are stronger than anyone knows. You hate when people look at you like you should be pitied because you know that you are more powerful than anyone gives you credit for. Your subconscious would like you to stand up for yourself more in front of others, instead of letting them walk all over you.

You are shy when it comes to speaking up, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of respect. You can’t let people tell you what you’re worth, and your subconscious believes that you need to start believing in yourself more.

You are highly guarded and people can tell this, but what they don’t see is that it is mostly a ruse. You form strong personal attachments, but hide your feelings to try to protect yourself. Your subconscious wants you to open up more, and let the people you care for know how you feel.

Those aren’t the only animals in the image, but what do the others reveal…

Your Recurring Dreams Are Revealing A Lot More About Your Personality Than You Realized

Everyone dreams while they sleep, it’s just whether or not you remember your dream that is the important part. Dreaming can be a crazy experience. You can relive parts of your daily life, you can live out your fantasies and you can even experience crazy things you never could in real life.

Your brain fires off all kinds of crazy images while you sleep, and whether you focus a lot on interpreting your dreams or not, the type of dreams you have can reveal a lot about your personality. There are five common dream types that are linked to different personality types, check out which one matches yours.


Falling dreams happen to a lot of people, it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a grown up. They start young and seem to follow us for our whole lives. What it means for your personality is that you tend to be obsessed with being in control and are incapable of letting go.

You will notice that you usually dream of falling when something in your life is making you feel out of control. You may be feeling extra critical of yourself or others, but try to remind yourself that not everything in life can be micromanaged.

The visual of all your teeth falling out is pretty upsetting, but it’s happening because you are a bit of a gossip. You may consider yourself a natural story teller, but if you notice that these dreams are occurring frequently, you may want to evaluate the stories you are sharing. If it’s pure gossip then perhaps rein it in and be more mindful of the things you are putting out there.

You are the type of person who struggles with confidence and self-esteem, and dreaming about being naked is your brains way of trying to let you feel free. While you may feel judged in your daily life, your brain is trying to let go and gain a little bit of nurturing for those insecurities.

There are still more dream types that reveal a lot about your personality…

Your Secret Fears Can Be Revealed By What You See First In This Picture

Everyone is afraid of something. Whether you are nervous around spiders, anxious around snakes, or creeped out by the dark, everyone has something. Your subconscious does its best to hide a lot of your biggest fears from you, but they always find a way to come out.

This simple and quick assessment can help you identify what you are really afraid of. If you are honest about what you see, it will reveal what your subconscious is struggling with so that you can work towards conquering your fears.

First thing you need to do is look at this picture. See what the first thing you identify in the image is, because it will reveal a lot about your secret fears. Ready? Here’s the picture, take a look and be honest about what you see.

Vladimir Kush

Now that you know what you have seen, let’s take a look about what each image means…

See If You Can Spot All Six Snipers Before It’s Too Late

We all grew up playing hide-and-seek with our friends after school, and this led to some interesting life lessons. For some, we found out that we could fit ourselves into some pretty tight places, while others opted for a more “hide in plain sight” tactic.

As it turns out, that’s that strategy that the elite soldiers of the world’s armies use in the battlefield.

On Christmas Day, the Household Cavalry of the British Army tweeted the above picture to their 10,000 followers on the social media website, to see if they could turn their smartphones into detective devices.

Outfitted in only ghillie suits and using the surrounding grass, brush, and trees for cover, half a dozen riflemen hid themselves away, while still “visible” to the cameraman.

They said they would post answers the following day, but when scores of people asked for clues, they released another picture with “hints” towards their location.

Does the second picture help? Check the next page for the complete answers!

A Man’s Fingers Can Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Their Ideal Relationship

While looking at the lines on your own hand can help you determine your own future, checking out the fingers on a man’s hand is a good way to determine their preferences in a romantic partner. Apparently all of their secret desires are easily discovered by looking at their ring finger.

Apparently, the length of their fingers determines their preferences. Here’s what you need to check. Have a man hold up his hand and compare his ring finger to the index finger.

If their ring finger is as long as their index finger it means that while their mother was pregnant there was an extra burst of testosterone in the womb. This apparently causes the longer fingers, but what researchers found is that the finger length actually changes who they are more likely to be attracted to.

Here’s what the different finger lengths say about a man’s interests…

Your Entire Personality Can Be Uncovered By The Lines On Your Hand

Palm reading is one of those things that probably shouldn’t make sense, but honestly, it almost always does. You might think that the lines in your hand mean absolutely nothing, but as it turns out, each line is there for a reason and can give you a little bit of insight into your life and personality.

There are three main lines that are easy to find on your hand that can help you understand a lot about your life, and maybe even give you an insight into your future. Do you find these things to be accurate for your personality? Take a look at your dominant hand and see what these lines are saying about you.

The head line starts roughly half way between where your thumb and index finger connect. It can extend out in a variety of ways, which will highlight a different part of your personality.

Short line: If the line extends only to the center of your palm, then that means that you are someone who makes decisions quickly.

Long, straight line: If the line extends all the way towards your pinky then you are extremely analytical and take a long time to make a choice.

Split line: If the line splits into two, that means you are extremely empathetic to others and are likely to change your opinion of things often.

Long, curved line: If the line runs down towards your palm then you are creative and capable of imagining many outcomes to situations.

But that’s not the only line that reveals your personality…

Your Partner’s Zodiac Sign Can Tell You Exactly What They Want From Your Relationship

Being in a romantic relationship can be one of the most rewarding things, but it can also be a challenge. It can be difficult to know how to deal with another person’s personality. Everyone is different, and likes different things, but people have found that astrological signs can actually give you some helpful tips about your spouse or partner.

Whether it’s advice on how to talk to them, or what they will like most, having a better understanding of what your partner wants is beneficial to everyone. Check it out below to see if this will help you improve your relationship.


They like to be open and honest, and involve themselves in many things. They are satisfied when they feel important and wanted in their partners lives. They also enjoy traveling and are excellent partners on worldwide adventures.

They tend to be sensitive and more emotional, but have a hard time expressing themselves. They need a partner who can help them get out those feelings and making them feel heard.

They do not like to be compared to others, and need you to show that they are your number one focus. They appreciate when their partners acknowledge the things they do and help them feel special.

They tend to be more closed off so they need someone who is understanding and able to make them feel comfortable enough to share their feelings.

What about those born in the summer months?

The Answer To This Brainteaser Will Probably Just Frustrate You, To Be Honest

The infuriating part about some brain teasers is that they’re very simple, so why is it that you struggle to figure it out and quickly rush to see the answer?

However, that’s the fun of it all!

Here’s another brain teaser that has everyone questioning their intelligence. The area of your brain the puzzle is testing you will surprise you once you figure out the answer.

We’ve provided the solution for you, but we want to see how long it takes for you to fill in the empty box in the picture below.

Once you figure it out, the answer will blow your mind, then you’ll laugh hysterically.

Just remember, the answer isn’t 6!


For those of you who are still having trouble, here’s a hint: this brain teaser is meant to test your memory skills.

It is still driving you crazy? Are you ready for the answer? Keep going to see what actually goes in the box!

Choose A Couple In The Picture, And It Will Reveal Key Characteristics About Your Personality

Each one of us has a different view on life and how the events in it play a part in shaping our mood and outlook.

How you perceive the world around you says a lot about who you are. Whether you are deciding who the dumbest person in a tree is, or which pipe will flow faster you can reveal a lot about who you are and what your relationships are like.

Relationships play a key role in your life. Whether it’s with your spouse, mother, friend or sister, who we have in our lives will greatly affect the decisions we make.

Take a look at the image below. Which couple seems happiest to you?


So what does it mean about your personality?

Pick A Candle Scent and We’ll Tell You All About Yourself

What scented candle makes you close your eyes, inhale deeply, and smile?

You’ve probably bought a handful of scented candles, but there’s one in particular that you can never get enough of.

The scent that you tend to gravitate towards says a lot about your personality.

You’re someone who likes to spice things up. Life’s too short to not enjoy everything, so that’s what you plan to do! If pumpkin is your current favorite scented candle, it probably won’t be next season, it’ll be something like gingerbread, peppermint, or cinnamon.

Cleanliness is very important to you. You tend to be the first one to plug your nose when you smell something bad. You’re also one who loves to try out natural remedies to clean your home.

This smell tends to make you think of good memories. If you love the lingering aroma of fresh-cut roses in your home, you’re most likely a hopeless romantic.

When people meet you, they get the sense that you’re a traditional person. People also find that you’re easy to be friends with. You’re a good listener and like to make people feel comfortable in your presence.

Chances are you’re an emotional person, even if you don’t like to admit it. The smell of apples triggers a lot of positive emotions in you and you love to bathe your home with this aroma. People also describe you as fun and outgoing.

Your favorite scent may be on the next page!

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