Teri Hatcher Responds To Rumors She Is Homeless And Living In A Van

On Sunday nights, one of my favorite shows to watch with my mother was Desperate Housewives. While all four leading ladies were great in their own right, in my humble opinion, Teri Hatcher’s portrayal of Susan Mayer was the best.

For eight years every week, we saw these actresses grace our television screens in continuous nail biting scenes on Wisteria Lane, but after the series concluded, they cast seemed to vanish from the limelight without a trace.

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but the cast have yet to find such another groundbreaking project in the industry comparable to their former work… Or I just haven’t seen it.

Although the public hasn’t heard from 53-year-old Hatcher in a while, Star magazine reported last week that the starlet is broke and homeless and living out of her van.

“On the cover yesterday [Star magazine has] an article that says exactly that — it’s totally absurd — that I am broke and homeless and living out of my van,” Hatcher said in an interview with KTLA. “It’s categorically false. I am not broke. I have done very well investing my money. I am not homeless and I am not living out of my van.”

While it’s always a relief when these kinds of rumors get debunked, how exactly did this one get started?

Steve Irwin’s Widow Opens Up About Her Dating Life And Raising Her ‘Wild’ Kids

Who can forget the heartbreak we all felt when news of Steve Irwin’s death broke.

The world-renowned wildlife conservationist was only 44 years old when he died after he was stabbed in the heart by a stingray. Steve was filming for his popular show on Animal Planet, The Crocodile Hunter at the time, and his absence has been felt by family, friends and fans alike.

After his passing, his family struggled to find ways to go on, but decided that the best way to keep his memory alive was to continue the bold work he started in protecting animals across the globe.

Steve was married to Terri Irwin for 14 years before his death, tying the knot only eight months after their first meeting. They knew it was love at first sight and were able to share wonderful years together with their children doing what they love most.

Years after Steve’s tragic death, Terri knew it was time to move on.

Rumors That Chumlee From ‘Pawn Stars’ Died Are Not True – Here’s The Real Story

If you’re a fan of The History Channel’s hit reality show Pawn Stars, you were probably upset to see recent headlines about fan-favorite character Chumlee’s death.

But despite what you may have read about Chumlee suffering a fatal heart attack, or a “marijuana overdose,” the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop worker is alive and well. It seems like Chumlee was just another target of those celebrity death hoaxes that spread from person to person on the internet. But the stories made us wonder: what is Chumlee really up to these days?

The History Channel

Chumlee – whose real name is Austin Lee Russell – started working at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas when he was just 21. He was a childhood friend of store owner Rick Harrison’s son Corey. While he was mostly known as the shop’s “comic relief,” he proved his expertise on subjects like pinball machines and video games.

But while Chumlee’s appearance on the show made him a huge star – he continues to sell more merchandise than any other character on the show – fame has taken its toll on Chumlee’s personal life.

Chumlee’s mug shotLas Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Last year, his Las Vegas home was raided during a sexual assault investigation. Police found meth, marijuana, and an illegal firearm inside the home, and Chumlee was forced to take a plea deal for possession charges. Thankfully, things have been better for Chumlee this year.

Chip And Joanna Admit There’s “Credence” To Those Divorce Rumors

America’s favorite reality TV couple have finally addressed the divorce rumors that plagued them for years.

Chip and Joanna Gaines rose to fame with their HGTV show Fixer Upper, which became an instant hit for the network and one of the most-watched shows on TV. The couple have capitalized on their success with their own store, a magazine, home improvement books, and partnerships with big name brands like Target.

But fans of the home renovation series were surprised to learn that the couple would be ending the series after season five, which premieres in November. The announcement ignited speculation that the couple were splitting up, a rumor that has popped up now and then since their show first started.

Now, in a surprising interview, Chip admits that there’s “a little credence” to those divorce rumors, and that the tension in his marriage with Joanna is part of the reason why Fixer Upper is ending. He even describes worrying that their relationship had reached “a point of no return.”

But Chip also has good news for fans…