13 Secret Places Your Family Can Visit In Disneyland – If You Know How

Even though 16 million guests flock to visit the world-famous theme park each year, Disneyland vacations have a reputation for being dull.

There’s the teacups, the castle, It’s a Small World, and not much else to see, right? Wrong.

If you know where to look and what to say, you can visit a number of secret Disneyland attractions.

Luckily, we have the know-how you need:

Of course it’s hard to miss the small movie theater on the park’s Main Street, but most guests assume it’s only a sign on an empty building.

In fact, you can watch cartoons in the cool, air-conditioned building all day. And the theater is normally empty, so it’s a great place to relax and catch your breath.

It turns out Walt Disney had his own private place to rest inside the theme park: a hidden apartment above the Fire House on Main Street.

If you’re lucky, you can get a private tour of the restored apartment, which is usually closed to the public. But you can always see the light left on by the second floor window, in Disney’s honor.

While you’re in line for the park’s steamboat, the Mark Twain, ask a park cast member to see the ship’s second floor.

Orange County Register

If you’re lucky, they’ll invite you up to the pilot room, where you can meet the captain, steer the boat, blow the whistle and ring the bell.

As you line up for the famous ride, you can see just a glimpse of the park’s spooky and silly pet cemetery. Ask a cast member for the tour and they will sometimes let you get a close look at the tombstones.

Some of the graves reference Disney movies, while others (like Lilac the Skunk) are just for fun.

There are a pair of special train-related locations to visit, but this is definitely the easiest to arrange.

Ask a cast member at the Disneyland Railroad if you can hitch a ride on the tender car. A tender car carries water and fuel, and the one on the park’s train is just behind the steam engine, with a special two-person jump seat right next to the conductor.

Unfortunately, if the cast members need to access the tender car’s storage (or don’t feel like letting you ride on it) they will say no.

After a few hours of listening to screaming children, standing in lines, and walking in the sun, parents need a break. There are lots of benches to sit on, but one quiet rest area takes the cake.

Around the back of the Silly Symphony Swings gazebo, there’s a shady, water-side deck with benches. The perfect place to rest your feet for a few minutes.

Just to the right of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, there’s a small attraction that most guests miss entirely.

On your way to the Matterhorn ride from the castle, there’s a pleasant waterfall with Snow White and the dwarfs on display. But the coolest feature is the wishing well. Lean in very close and you just might hear something

Lost Interview With Joan Rivers Reveals Her Decades-Long Feud With Johnny Carson

A newly discovered interview with the late, great comedian Joan Rivers shines a light on a little-known part of her career: a feud with Tonight Show host Johnny Carson that lasted for decades.

While Rivers is remembered for her appearances on reality shows and the QVC network, she was also a pioneering stand up comic.

And in an interview with EW Radio from 2014 that was recently rediscovered, Rivers remembers how tough it was to launch her career in a male-dominated industry.

“I was always going up for the part and not getting it,” she said.

“So I had to work twice as hard to get anywhere, because I wasn’t the pretty blonde … nor was I the very homely, wacko friend. So I think I always worked harder because you had to be noticed more.”

River and Carson on ‘The Tonight Show.’NBC

One of the few people in Hollywood who took a chance on Rivers was Johnny Carson, host of The Tonight Show.

Rivers became a writer for the show, a regular guest, and eventually a guest host.

“Johnny was the one person who said, ‘Yes, she has talent; yes, she is funny,'” Rivers wrote in 1986. “He was the first person in power who respected what I was doing and realized what I could become. He handed me my career.”

But the success Rivers found on Carson’s show earned her a chance to host her own talk show on Fox, The Late Show with Joan Rivers.

When she agreed to host the show, Rivers says her relationship with Carson turned ugly.

Michael Jackson Had A Secret Half-Sister And She’s Finally Speaking Out

While the late Michael Jackson’s career and personal life became the focus of media attention over the years, the rest of the Jacksons were working hard to keep their complicated lives under wraps.

For as long as Joe and Katherine Jackson, and their nine children, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Michael, Randy and Janet, have been in the spotlight, they’ve been plagued by controversy and drama – from child abuse to extramarital affairs and secret love children.

In an exposé published by Daily Mail, Joe had a twenty-five year affair with a woman named Cheryle Terrell, and in that time they welcomed a daughter, Joh’Vonnie.

Joh’Vonnie was born on August 30, 1974, the day after Michael’s 16th birthday, but the Jackson family didn’t find out about their patriarch’s love child for another few years. When Katherine did six years later, she tried to divorce Joe, but was eventually convinced not to go through with it. That would be the second time she attempted to leave Joe, the first was in 1973.

Joh’Vonnie Jackson

In her new book, “Bastard Child,” Joh’Vonnie reveals that over the years she had the chance to meet Katherine as well as all of her half-siblings, but their encounters were nothing like she would’ve ever imagined.

She recently had an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, and opened up about the details of her tough childhood trying to be a part of the famous dysfunctional family.

Joh’Vonnie, 43, explained that to this today she is close to her father, but with the exception of Rebbie, the rest of the family never made any efforts to accept her as one of their own. She went as far as saying that her brothers and sisters mentally tortured her, and often acted like she wasn’t a part of the family at reunions and concerts.

Daily Mirror

The mom-of-one said that she knew early on who her half-siblings were, but her existence was kept secret from the world for years, and that played a role in why she never fully integrated.

“I was very aware that I was in the Jackson family growing up, I saw them on TV, I listened to their music,’ she explained. “But I was hidden away, kept secret for years, not able to become part of that family. It was hurtful.”

Joh’Vonnie also opened up about being bullied when she was younger because the kids at school found out she was related to the Jacksons, but she was born out of wedlock.

“I got beat up every single day because I was Joh’Vonnie Jackson,” she revealed. “I had the hardest childhood, it was just as blue as Michael’s and just as blue as my other brothers and sisters, and then to grow up and they don’t want to have anything to do with me.”

She then recounted her encounters with Michael, and why it still haunts her.

Keanu Reeves Runs A Secret Charity Foundation To Fight Cancer

Unlike a lot of celebrities these days, actor Keanu Reeves likes to maintain a low profile. We usually hear about him when he’s promoting a new project, then the star, who described himself as “a pretty private person,” stays out of the spotlight.

Despite his closely-guarded privacy, there are a number of stories about Reeves that have been circulating, and they paint him in a whole new light.


The John Wick star is one of the most kind and generous celebrities, and he doesn’t give back to draw attention to himself. He believes in sharing his wealth with those who need it the most.

“Money is the last thing I think about,” Reeves said in a 2003 interview. “I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.”

Reeves is known for going to great lengths to help people, whether it is stopping to help a woman jump-start her car, taking pay cuts so other actors could be hired or ensuring the crew on the set of movies are well taken care of.

For The Matrix sequels, he gave up around $80 million from his $114 million paycheck so the crews could get paid a fair wage. The stories don’t end there.


He once gave a set-builder $20,000 so he wouldn’t get evicted from his home. He also bought each of his Matrix stunt team members a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as a way of thanking them for their hard work.

“I worked with these stuntmen every day,” Reeves told Esquire. “That fight was 17 shooting days. We trained every day for seven hours for three weeks going through all the motions. We learned the term ‘super-perfect’. You want to go for super-perfect. So, obviously I was getting paid well. And so, you know, just as a thank you to those guys. Got them some gifts. Yeah.”

While these are all wonderful gestures, there’s one that trumps them all: He runs a secret foundation to fight cancer.

The actor rarely talks about his involvement with the cause, but it was inspired by a personal experience.

Mama June Shares Her Weight Loss Secrets

After months of hard hard work and dedication, 2017 proved to be a fantastic year for reality star Mama June and her weight loss journey.

June Shannon, or her recognizable moniker, Mama June, shed 300 pounds to fit in size 4 apparel, wowing the audience on her weight loss show, Mama June: From Not to Hot.

The former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star – who weighed 460 Ibs. at her heaviest – told PEOPLE she is devoted to keeping her slim physique.

“It’s all about portion control for me,” Mama June told PEOPLE. “It’s not easy to eat like you’re ‘supposed to’ and hit the gym all the time, but I’m just trying to maintain it the best I can.”

Mama June said while it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, she has her routine down to a science.

The mother-of-three said her secrets to maintain her figure include eating right and making time for workouts, she admits she skips breakfast every morning by only waking up at 1 p.m.

“This sounds bad,” Mama June adds, “but I’m more of a snacker.”

However, her significant weight loss has contributed to a few issues that needed to be resolved.

The Secret Symbols Hiding In Every Pack Of Playing Cards

It’s easy to forget when you’re playing your millionth game of computer solitaire, but the standard pack of playing cards is an ancient and mysterious object.

Decks of cards have been used in China since the 600s, and gradually spread to Egypt. The standard deck of Egypt’s Mamluk dynasty, with swords, batons, cups and coins, eventually traveled into Italy and later the rest of Europe.

A set of Mamluk cards.The World of Playing Cards

While some countries like Italy and Greece still use the original Egyptian card suits, most decks have adopted the four French suits that evolved in the late 1400s. There’s no exact origin for the designs, but each suit is connected to a distinct part of society:

  • Clubs are associated with peasants, laborers and work.
  • Diamonds are connected to merchants and wealth.
  • Hearts are usually compared to the clergy, and the search for happiness and love.
  • Spades are tied to warriors and also nobility.

The French also gave us another very familiar part of the modern deck: the aces.

An execution during the French Revolution.Dark Side of History

While a “one” card has always existed, the French Revolution, which saw the French people overthrow their King and Queen, turned the lowly ace into a “trump” card that could defeat the King and Queen cards.

But it turns out even the number of cards in a deck has a special meaning.

The 5 Most Common Ways Cheaters Communicate In Secret

Cheating is like any other kind of crisis: you hope it never happens to you, but if it does, odds are you won’t be prepared.

Ashley Madison, the dating website famous for encouraging its users to have affairs, recently conducted a 1,500-person survey to find out why and how people cheat.

The results were distressing: 44% of men say they’ve cheated on a partner, while 55% have thought about cheating. For women, just 39% say they’ve had an affair, and only 35% admit they’ve thought about it.

But the survey also uncovered something very useful. The cheaters listed how they communicate in secret to avoid being uncovered, and the survey ranked the five most common methods. The results are helpful for any suspicious partners out there.

5. A secret phone

Business Insider

It takes a lot of extra cash and some serious hiding skills to plan your affair on a second phone, but 11% of cheaters surveyed say that’s their method of choice.

It should be easy to spot a second phone, but there are ways to check if your partner’s “work phone” is genuine too. For one thing, actual work phones are usually a newer model, while thrifty cheaters are known to pick out a cheap flip phone.

4. Social media

While it can be difficult to keep tabs on your partner when they’re using a social media site, just 18% of cheaters say they communicate on social media.

Marketing Land

Be on the lookout for any social media apps or sites you don’t recognize, and don’t be afraid to ask your partner about which ones they’re using.

World’s Oldest Man Shares His Secret To Longevity On His 113th Birthday

The world’s oldest man has celebrated his 113th birthday by sharing his secret to living a long life.

Francisco Nunez Olivera was born on December 13, 1904 in the village of Bienvenida in Badajoz, western Spain, where he has lived all his life.

He began his milestone day with his traditional piece of sponge cake and a glass of milk before opening birthday letters from across the world.

Affectionately known as Marchena to his family and friends, Olivera is in good health and is taken care of by his 82-year-old daughter Maria Antonia, the Metro reports.

She said her father is in “good health” and doesn’t suffer from any aches, pains or illnesses that often plague seniors.  

“Some days he talks all day and others he sleeps all day,” she said.

In total, Olivera has four children, nine grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. He has two sisters aged 97 and 93, and became the world’s oldest man following the death of Polish-born Israeli Yisrael Kristal this past August.

When discussing his longevity, he said there’s only two things that have kept alive for all these years.

11 Everyday Things With Secret Uses

They say everything happens for a reason, and that’s most likely true.

If you don’t know what something is for, you’ve probably heard a rumor about it or made something up yourself.

Here are some everyday items that have more, or maybe less meaning, than you had imagined.

Many still believe that the colored boxes on toothpaste indicate its level of toxicity. In fact, the different colored squares are markers intended for toothpaste manufacturing machines. Light beam sensors locate the ‘color marks’ to identify whether the packet can be folded or cut.

Your first instinct may be to peel this sticker off before you take a bite into it by accident. Before you do, take a look at the number. Stickers on produce at the grocery store help customers identify how the produce was grown.

Conventionally grown produce with the use of pesticides always have a four digit code. (e.g.: 4011)

Genetically modified produce always have a five digit code beginning with the number ‘8’. (e.g.: 84011)

Organic produce always have a five digit code beginning with ‘9’. (e.g.: 94011)

The ridge or dot under the keyboard letter ‘F’ and ‘J’ are meant to help typists to easily find the correct keys to put their index fingers on without having to look at the keyboard. These two keys are also known as the home row.

The color tag gives you information on what day the loaf of bread was baked on.

Monday –  blue

Tuesday –  green

Thursday – red

Friday – white

Saturday – yellow

That being said, not all companies adhere to the same color tag system; so it’s best to check the expiration date before you judge the freshness of the bread.

You’ll find these colors on bags of chips, under the flaps of juice boxes, cereals, and other food packaging. There was a time that kids thought if the colors underneath the flaps of juice boxes matched, they’d win a prize. Unfortunately, there’s no special significance for these colors.

It’s a little similar to the colored squares found on toothpaste in that the colors are meant to communicate something to the appropriate machine or person who helps with the packaging. In this case, the colors indicate the hues of ink used to produce the design on the package. If there’s any problems with the design, the colors will indicate whether there was a surplus or deficiency of color that caused the issue.

The dashboard of your car is a filled with tons of information that you don’t think too much about. If you’ve ever pulled into a gas station and suddenly forgot which side your gas cap is on, the arrow next to the gas symbol will help you out. If the arrow points the left, fill up your gas tank on the left side of your car, and vice versa.

There are 5 more left!

Was Benjamin Franklin A Serial Killer? 1200 Human Bones Discovered In A Pit In His Basement

In 1998, renovators made a shocking and grizzly discovery when they smashed through the concrete floor of Benjamin Franklin’s former home in London, England.

It was a routine renovation that involved repairs to the inventor’s home on 36 Craven Street. But when conservationists and renovators took a peek under the floor the were shocked by what they discovered…

Benjamin Franklin House, 36 Craven StreetTimeout