Woman Discovers She Has 40 Half-Siblings, Decides To Meet Them All

A Florida woman born with the help of a sperm donor has discovered she has 40 half-siblings.

Kianni Arroyo, 21, first began tracking down her brothers and sisters when she was a high school sophomore in Orlando.

The oldest out of the enormous brood, Arroyo has discovered her siblings include four sets of twins, some living as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

“I was raised just by my mom, and she’s always been honest with me about the fact that I was born to a sperm donor,” Arroyo told Metro US.

“I always wanted to find out more about who I was, and whether I had any siblings, so as soon as I was old enough to access the records I did just that,” she added.

She first became acquainted with her 20-year-old half-sister, Joanna, who lives close by in Tampa Bay. The women are close, and make arrangements to see each other every other month.

“When we meet, we hit it off really quickly and get on really well,” Arroyo said. “Even though we’ve never met before, having a father in common gives us a really special link, and means we feel comfortable with one another.”

Along with meeting most of her half-siblings, Kianni has also been introduced to her biological father.

First-Borns Are Smarter Than Their Siblings, Says New Study

If you’ve got a rivalry going on with your siblings, the results of a new study will give you a bit of an edge.

We’re all familiar with the stereotype that older siblings are more responsible and obedient, while the younger ones are often seen as boisterous. Well, this may actually be more than a stereotype.

For decades, researchers have been studying the birth order phenomenon to better explain why siblings raised in the same environment don’t always turn out the same. Obviously, personality is a factor, but it turns out, parents are unknowingly raising their children differently.


Last year, researchers from MIT, Northwestern University and the University of Florida discovered that second-borns are more likely to become criminals. The reason is that parents of two or more, pay less attention to their younger children because they’re too busy trying to focus on one child at a time.

“Despite large differences in environments across the two areas, we find remarkably consistent results: In families with two or more children, second-born boys are on the order of 20 to 40 percent more likely to be disciplined in school and enter the criminal justice system compared to first-born boys even when we compare siblings,” the study’s authors explained.

Now, a new study from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland has found that older siblings, specifically first-borns, tend to be smarter than their younger siblings.

“First borns score higher than their siblings in IQ tests as early as age one, the study has found,” the researchers reported.

Why? Again, it all comes down to parenting.

Madeleine McCann’s Twin Siblings Wish For A Miracle On Their 13th Birthday

It’s been nearly 11 years since Madeleine McCann went missing, but her family isn’t giving up hope she’ll one day come home.

That includes Madeleine’s younger twin siblings Sean and Amelie, who are using their 13th birthday wish to ask for their sister to return.

Madeleine was only three years old when she disappeared from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal in May 2007. She was allegedly kidnapped while her parents, Kate and Gary, were out to dinner with friends.

Despite Madeleine’s disappearance being dubbed “the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history,” investigations have proven to be fruitless, as there have been no traces of the missing girl.

Despite the family’s sorrow, their lives are still moving on.

After They Locked Lips On The Red Carpet, What Happened to Angelina Jolie’s Brother?

After becoming a media sensation in 2000, James Haven, older brother of Angelina Jolie, has seemingly disappeared.

Jolie’s brother become famous when he accompanied her to the 2000 Academy Awards, where she was up for an Oscar.

Jolie won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Girl, Interrupted, but it wasn’t the achievement that made headlines that night. Her affection for her brother actually started to raise questions about their relationship.

While accepting the Oscar, Jolie declared that she was “so in love” with Haven. At another point that night, the brother and sister locked lips, which sparked rumors that the two were actually dating.

[embedded content]

It was the first Academy Award nomination for the iconic actress and she was clearly overwhelmed with the whole situation.

“I’m — I’m in shock. And I’m just so in love with my brother right now. He just held me and said he loved me and I know he’s so happy for me,” she said in her acceptance speech.

Both Jolie and Haven have downplayed their notorious kiss over the years.

“First, we’re the best of friends. And it wasn’t some odd open-mouthed kiss. It was disappointing that something so beautiful and pure could be turned into a circus,” Jolie told People magazine in 2004.

That sentiment was echoed by her brother.

“I did not give Angie a French kiss; it was something simple and lovely,” Haven clarified to the Daily Mail in 2007. “She was about to go off to Mexico to finish filming Original Sin (2001) with Antonio Banderas. I congratulated her on the Oscar win and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. It was snapped and became a big thing round the world.”

There was more to the story though.

11 Undeniable Perks Of Being The Youngest Sibling

If you grew up being called the “baby” of your family, then you know there’s something that sets you apart from your other siblings.

It’s not just your age. Youngest siblings have a habit of breaking the mold, and it turns out science can explain why.

1. We get away with everything

Parenting Today

There’s no deeper meaning behind this one. Of course, we’re just the youngest and cutest person in the house, so it’s impossible for anyone to stay mad at us. Besides, if we annoy one parent or older sibling, we can always get another on our side. Genius.

2. We’re more creative

Project Nursery

While older siblings get higher average results on IQ tests (I know, I can’t believe it either), younger siblings are usually more creative. Researchers guess that we develop more “diverse interests” because the pressure to succeed from our parents isn’t so strong.

A survey by the website CareerBuilder found that youngest siblings are drawn to creative jobs (art, design, writing, etc).

3. Your parents have given up before you were born


Curfew? Being grounded? An allowance? Those sound like the kind of things older kids had to deal with. Luckily for us, by the time we were born our parents had lowered their expectations. That makes them a lot more relaxed, and easy to get along with.

4. We’re just as easygoing as our parents


It seems like being spoiled and waited on by everyone in our family has a positive effect on us. A survey by YouGov found younger siblings were more likely to describe themselves as “relaxed,” while oldest siblings see themselves as “serious.”

5. You always have someone to help you out


Need a ride somewhere? Just call your chauffeur – I mean, your sibling. Have a big science project due next week? Luckily your older brother did the same one last year, and you can borrow his notes. Having older siblings gives you a big boost that they missed out on at your age.

Queen Elizabeth Reveals How Princess Charlotte Treats Her Older Brother

It appears that Charlotte is more like her great-grandmother than we thought. As a woman who knows how to take the lead, she sure can see that quality in the 2-year-old princess.

After starting preschool at Willcocoks Nursery School, close to her family’s London home of Kensington Palace, earlier this month, it appears that Charlotte is settling in well.


A source close to the family said that Charlotte is confident and speaking some Spanish.

Charlotte is known not to be shy, and always chatting away, so it’s no surprise how she and her brother get along.

Hello Magazine

Last weekend Queen Elizabeth II met with a 10-year-old school girl and revealed some telling information about the youngest royal.

3-Year-Old Girl Helps Deliver Her Baby Brother And The Images Will Melt Your Heart

Most people would freak out if they were having to help a woman deliver a child, but for three-year-old Hunter, it was the most exciting thing imaginable. Hunter’s mom, Rebecca Joseloff, wanted her young daughter to witness the birth of her son, so they arranged for a special delivery that has taken the internet by storm.

The toddler had to study up if she was going to be a part of something so huge, so the doula (also known as a midwife) Nicole Lahey helped prepare her by showing her birthing videos, teaching her the anatomy she would need to know, and the words like “placenta” so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

“Kids perceive things in the way adults react to it, so if birth is not made out to be scary or traumatic or what not, kids are not going to think that it is,” Joseloff said. They told Hunter everything she should expect for the birth, and when the time came she was ready.

She handled the birth much better than some men seem to…

Woman Gives Birth To Her Niece After Sister-In-Law Becomes Infertile

A Kentucky woman has given birth to her niece, after volunteering as a surrogate for her sister-in-law.

Already a mother of three, 32-year-old Rachel Wilcox offered to carry a baby for her sister-in-law Amanda Peterson, 33, after she was left infertile by stage three colon cancer.

Wilcox, who’s married to Peterson’s brother, Micah, discussed the possibility of acting as a surrogate with her husband, when her doctor suggested it at a check up.

“Her words stuck in my head. After I discussed it with Micah I suggested it to Amanda and [Wilcox’s brother] Reid,” Wilcox told Daily Mail.

“Luckily, they accepted and now have Adalyn Rae, the baby they longed for,” Wilcox said. “Seeing the immediate mother and daughter bond between Amanda and the baby was incredible.”

On September 22, 2017, Wilcox gave birth to Adalyn Rae Patterson – who was named after her – at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, to the joy of her entire family.

“I have an incredible bond with Adalyn, but she doesn’t feel like my child,” Wilcox said. “She’s a part of my story, but I have a connection with her that’s different to my own children.”

“When I saw her for the first time with Amanda, I could see that mother-daughter bond straight away, and that was so beautiful,” she said.

But this wasn’t the only selfless act Wilcox would offer.

Girl Leaves Hilarious Message For Santa In The Snow

When Christmas season rolls around, kids work furiously to write their letters to Santa. The requests can range anywhere from a new video game to baby siblings (yikes!), but rarely do kids ask Santa to take something away from them.

Irish Mirror

One girl in Canada must have been pretty tired of her older sibling, because when she began writing a message to Santa, it took a pretty hilarious turn.

Nine-year-old Jennifer Murphy was spray painting a message in the snow banks for the Big Man before the big day, when her mom noticed her message included a strange request.

Adopted Woman Finally Reunites With Siblings Who Thought She Was Dead

A 66-year-old woman has finally reunited with her biological family after they believed she was dead.

Sylvia Kewer was adopted as a toddler, and grew up in Emporia, Virginia. A self-described loner, Kewer believed she was an only child.

It wouldn’t be until this past August when the retired government worker discovered she had four maternal half-siblings, after her 46-year-old daughter, Natalie Graves Tucker, convinced her to submit a DNA test on Ancestry.com.

“[My mother] was saying her whole life she didn’t know what she was. She kept saying, ‘What am I?'” Tucker told PEOPLE.

“Here she is thinking she’s alone all these years and doesn’t know her story … She’s always been a loner and here she has four siblings with children and grandchildren!” she added.

Kewer was born Dorothy Mae Goode on Dec. 12, 1950 in Buchanan County, Virginia. Her parents waited until Kewer was a teenager to tell her she was adopted. Little was known about Kewer’s birth mother, aside from the fact she was unwed, ABC News reports.

“All they could tell me about her was that she was not married,” she said.

Kewer would later find out her birth mother, Leona Holmes Duff Goode Lambert, had given birth to four other children.