Why Teaching Your Kids About Stranger Danger Could Do More Harm Than Good

Growing up, our parents always told us, “Don’t talk to strangers,” but is that what we should be telling our kids? Experts are telling us, no.

The “Stranger Danger,” lesson is where children are taught to never approach people they don’t know. This is done to protect children from predators or any bad intentions.

Experts are now saying that this lesson is extremely outdated, and sometimes does more harm than good.

“Whenever we’re teaching our kids, we want to help them to learn how to make the best decisions,” says parenting expert, Julie Freedman-Smith, of parenting power. “But rather than blanketing all strangers as dangerous – which is, of course, not the case – it’s really about helping kids get clear on using their own ‘how their tummy feels about someone’ (feeling) and helping them figure out who is a safe stranger.”

By portraying all strangers as dangerous, we might be teaching our children not to seek help from someone they don’t know, if necessary and no one else is around.

There are ways to teach your kids about strangers without telling them all strangers are bad. Here’s how:

Former Navy Seal Donates His Liver To A Complete Stranger After Seeing Her Desperate Facebook Plea

Melinda Ray was suffering from a genetic disease that was quickly destroying her liver. She had been trying to find a donor, but no one was working out. Her husband James told ABC News, “We had just had candidate after candidate being ruled out, and symptoms were progressing. They were progressing fast. The days were getting harder.”

She was becoming increasingly desperate, unsure of how she would carry on. The mother of three made one last appeal to her Facebook friends, asking them to consider getting tested to be a match. All of her friends and family passed along her message, until one day a complete stranger saw the post.

ABC News

Robin Ihnfeldt was friends with Melinda’s sister and she heard that Ray was unable to find a donor. She told her husband, Jeff Bramstedt, about Ray’s trouble and without hesitating he volunteered his own liver.

The former Navy SEAL’s wife said, “He’s always been an amazing man. He hears bullets and he runs into these situations.”

Jeff Bramstedt

The doctors warned him that it would be risky. “There’s a lot of things that can go wrong, including the risk of dying,” Dr. Elizabeth Pomfret said. He had a lot to consider, but it didn’t take him long to make his choice…

Elderly Man Abandoned By His Own Family On His Birthday, But These Strangers Wouldn’t Let Him Celebrate Alone

As young children, we are all taught to respect our elders, especially when they reside in our family tree.

One such elder was alone, seen setting up his own birthday celebration in a local restaurant in Boca del Rio, Mexico. Other guests were looking around curiously as they watched him set up a series of tables, hang streamers and lay down a series of birthday hats. All of which were intended for his children and grandchildren.

Facebook/Patty Rodriguez

The man’s cellphone began to ring, and upon reading the messages he received, both his face and demeanor dropped. It was clear to everyone in the restaurant that he had received bad news.