Swearing Can Actually Make You much Stronger, A Study Says

We are constantly reminded that swearing makes you look trashy and uneducated. But with previous studies showing that swearing means you’re intelligent, and now a new study showing that swearing can actually make you stronger, feel free to swear your heart out!

Psychologists have confirmed that swearing makes you stronger, in a recent study, but no, this doesn’t mean that saying f*** 40 times a day will make you extremely fit and muscular. I mean, you can try it but the study is talking about how swearing will help improve performance.

In a study done by Keele University, they had participants perform athletic tasks and asked them to repeat a swear word of their choice while doing the task, they also tested them while they didn’t let out any profanity.

Two scenarios were carried out in this experiment. In the first, 29 volunteers were tested by riding on an exercise bike.

Participants had to pick two words: a swear word they might use when accidentally hitting their head, and a neutral word they might use to describe a table (like “wooden” or “brown”).

Here’s how the study went:

Navy Seal Left Brain Damaged, But His Wife Refuses To Give Up

When you stood up in front of your wedding guests and said your vows to your partner, did you actually mean every word? It’s a fair question because when you say, “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part…” you’re actually expected to live the rest of your life that way.

With the number of marriages that end in divorce these past couple of decades, it’s hard to take wedding vows seriously, that is until you see just how strongly this couple took theirs.


Jonathan Grant and his wife, Laura Browning-Grant were happily married, and completely in love with each other. Grant, a NAVY seal, and Browning-Grant a Pilates teacher had what you could consider the perfect, storybook life. That is until a terrible accident changed the course of their life together, forever.

This past March, Jonathan Grant was involved in car accident that left him fighting for his life. He was bleeding in his brain, and was in a coma. Doctors said that he had a slim chance of surviving the ordeal, but 17 days after the accident, he squeezed his wife Laura’s hand.

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7 Brain Games That Will Keep Your Mind Sharp As A Tack

Most people would agree that playing mind games with your loved ones causes nothing but heartache.

However, playing these kind of mind games with yourself can actually strengthen your mind and even make you smarter!

Have you ever wanted to be ambidextrous? People who can use both hands equally well are known as ambidextrous.

If you aren’t naturally able to switch between both hands, learning how to use your non-dominant hand can result in increased brain activity.

Switch your computer mouse to the other side, start brushing your teeth and eating with your other hand. It can be tricky at first, but it will give your brain a great workout!

If you’ve never mastered the art of eating with chopsticks, this technique should definitely be on your list of brain-developing activities.

Teaching yourself how to eat mindfully not only helps you to focus on the details, but it also helps with digestion and calorie consumption.

This one should be done carefully – especially if you aren’t particularly good on your feet. Start by closing your eyes while you take a shower, or fold laundry.

This kind of activity forces your brain to use new neural pathways and stimulates your other senses such as touch and smell.