Why Songs Get Stuck In Your Head, And The Simple Trick To Make Them Go Away

Call it whatever you like – sticky music, earworms, a stuck song, or just plain annoying.

If you’re one of the 90% of people who regularly deal with them, you’ve probably already experienced one this week.

Sadly, I’m one of the 30% who have it even worse, because I can’t make it through a single day without a song repeating in my head.

Whether it’s an old classic, or the last thing I heard on the radio, listening to the music repeat over and over can be seriously irritating.

Because this temporary condition, called “involuntary musical imagery” by scientists, is so common, lots of studies have tried to explain exactly why it happens.

Researchers say “YMCA” gets stuck in your brain very easily.CBS Music

No surprise here, but songs with repetitive, catchy melodies are the hardest to forget.

Classics like “YMCA,” “Jingle Bells,” and “We Will Rock You” all made the University of St. Andrews’s list of stickiest songs.

Recognizability and familiarity also make songs “catch” in your brain, which is why recent radio hits seem to infect the entire country all at once.

Then again, really sticky tunes like “The Song That Doesn’t End” have a habit of jumping out of nowhere and lodging in your brain for days. Is it on repeat in your mind yet?

If you’ve caught an earworm today and it won’t leave you alone, we have expert advice to shake it for good.

Here’s Some Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Can of WD40 in Their Home!

A can of WD4O is one of those things that most people have in their home, however, most people aren’t aware of all the other uses it has besides the obvious. From removing crayon stained walls to removing the stuck on grime in the fridge, WD40 will become one of your go-to products for daily tasks.

  1. Remove stuck rings by spraying a bit of WD40 on your finger.
  2. Degrease your hands by spraying WD40 on them and then using a paper towel to wipe off.
  3. Help loosen stuck zippers by wiping a paper towel with WD40 on it along the zipper track.
  4. Remove stuck on glue after removing a sticker, by spraying on some WD40 and then wiping with a paper towel.
  5. Remove crayon from walls by spraying a paper towel with WD40 and then wiping clean.
  6. Gum stuck in your hair? Spray WD40 on it, and pull out slowly, but be sure to wash thoroughly afterwards.
  7. Remove stuck on grime in your fridge by using WD40 as a spot shot and then wiping clean.
  8. Remove dirt and grease stains from your tools by spraying them with WD40 and then wiping clean.

15 Crazy Pictures Of People Getting Stuck That’ll Have You Laughing In Disbelief

Remember the scene in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh when Pooh Bear gets himself stuck in the door to Rabbit’s house, and he’s there for so long that Rabbit begins to decorate around him? That scene is endlessly funny to me, and I’ll bet I’m not alone.

Similarly, it seems like every day real-life people find new and interesting ways to get themselves stuck somewhere, and the results are often hilarious.

It all starts at a young age.


But some people just never grow up.


You definitely need to be careful with long dresses.


And maybe just wanna avoid doing anything stupid in general.


Trying to recapture your youth can have some drastic consequences.


Sometimes the animal kingdom gets in on the fun too.


In fact, cats are REALLY good at it.


Keep going for more ridiculous pictures of people getting stuck.

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16 Cats Who Might, Uh, Might Need A Bit Of A Hand Here

Cats like to pretend they’re independent. Unless of course you’re talking about feeding themselves, or getting pet, or cleaning their litter box, or getting unstuck from something they never should have been near in the first place.

These cats are still independent, and they only want your help if YOU want to give it. If not, well…I’m sure they’ll figure something out. But they certainly aren’t going to ask.