Teacher Fires His Gun And Barricades His Classroom, Raising Questions About Arming All Teachers

As a parent, the last couple of weeks have been stressful to say the least. I send my child to school fully knowing that there’s a chance she may not return home.

The issue of gun reform and school safety is probably the most talked about topic as of late, and not only in the media, but by my colleagues at the water cooler and parents whose kids play sports with mine.

We’re all racking our brains to try and come up with a solution that will make our schools safer, because honestly, none of the ones that have been proposed by politicians and advocacy groups seem effective enough.

President Trump proposed that teachers should be armed, so in case of a shooting they would be able to protect themselves and their students. However, an incident that took place at a high school in Georgia has already challenged this solution.

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Jesse Randall Davidson, a social studies teacher and football announcer at Dalton High School, brought a gun to work on Wednesday and fired a shot.

“My favorite teacher at Dalton high school just blockaded his door and proceeded to shoot,” a 16-year-old student named Chondi Chastain wrote on Twitter. “We had to run out the back of the school in the rain. Students were being trampled and screaming. I dare you to tell me arming teachers will make us safe.”

“I feel like there just shouldn’t be guns at school at all,” she continued. “It’s our basic student right to feel safe at school and if (teachers were armed), I wouldn’t feel safe.”

According to reports, Davidson was supposed to be teaching a third period class, but when students came to his classroom door, it was locked and he wouldn’t let them in. Obviously, they did not expect their trusted teacher to be brandishing a gun.

Teacher Is Arrested During School Board Meeting For Questioning Superintendent

You would think that of all the places that a teacher would be respected, it would be inside a school, surrounded by fellow educators. Especially when they were gathered to try and raise funds for the students. But unfortunately for Deyshia Hargrave, she was about to be rudely yanked into the real world.

When Hargrave, who teaches art at a middle school in Louisiana, was speaking to her school board during a question and answer period, she found herself in the middle of a controversy.

Her and many other teachers had come to the meeting to complain about the lack of pay increase for educators in the district over the past few years, and brought to the attention of administrators the difficulty in carrying out their tasks.

They said it was especially hurtful, since the superintendent had just received a raise thanks to their hard work this past year.

But when she mentioned this to the board, she was immediately, and violently shut down.

Utah School Board Fires Teacher For Showing Art Containing Nudity, And Parents Can’t Agree On It

Teaching is one of our oldest and proudest professions. In theory at least, it takes some of our best and brightest minds, and uses them to educate and instruct our next generation in what they need to know in order to live a successful life.


Unfortunately, in recent times there has been no shortage of scummy individuals who have taken advantage of their position as an authority figure when it comes to the children they teach, often to the point that these children incur some very significant trauma. It’s a situation that understandably has both parents and school boards extremely concerned about the safety and well-being of their children.

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However, as a result, we’ve seen an increased amount of sweeping, generalized rules put into play in schools that seem less dedicated to protecting kids from predators and more about protecting school boards from lawsuits. From “zero tolerance” violence policies that punish children for defending themselves, to subjects being stripped down or outright banned to avoid parents getting angry, a few bad apples have effectively poisoned the batch for everybody.


The most recent example of this comes from Mateo Rueda, a Utah elementary school teacher who is contesting his termination by the school board, all because he showed students examples of art that contained nudity…

Foster Child Had A Special Request For His Teacher That Will Make You Believe In Fate?

A 16-year-old teenager was given a forever family when he asked his high school teacher to adopt him.

Anthony Berry had been in the foster care system since 2010, when he met his English teacher, Bennie Berry at Pathways Learning Center in Beaumont, Texas last November. While Anthony had previously said he never wanted to be adopted, it only took three months from the pair’s initial meeting for him to ask her to become his mother.

Anthony Berry
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According to ABC, Bennie thought Anthony was joking around when he asked her to look at a website. She told him she’d only see it when he finished his work.

“Finish your assignment and then you can show me the website,” Bennie recalled telling future son. “Then later I found out that it was really an option to adopt him, so we pushed forward.”

13 Years After Pleading Guilty To Lewd Conduct With A Minor, Florida Teacher “Has Become Christian”

Thirteen years ago, Debra Lafave joined the ranks of Mary Kay Letourneau and Pamela Rogers Turner. What do they all have in common? They were all former teachers who were charged and jailed for performing lewd acts on a minor.

Lafave was arrested in 2004 after authorities found out she was having a sexual relationship with a student she taught at a Tampa Bay-area school. She was 24, and he was 14.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

As soon as the news broke, Lafave became a subject of international news and scrutiny. Court documents revealed that the educator had sex with the boy multiple times in a week, including an encounter at her house.

In 2006, she pleaded guilty for two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior, but attributed her actions to bipolar disorder. She told the court that she was receiving treatment at the time.

“My greatest regret would probably be the fact that I put this young man through this,” she said in court.

Victor Junco/Tampa Tribune/AP

LaFave faced up to 30 years in prison, but due to a plea deal because the victim’s family did not want a trial, she was only sentenced to three years house arrest and seven years probation. She also had to register as a sex offender.

The former teacher had hoped that she would fade into obscurity after completing her punishment, but thirteen years isn’t long enough for people to forget.

“We’d go to the mall, and people just stare,” her friend and Latin singer Joe Zuniga, told People. “She looks the exact same. She still gets hate mail about it. She hates the attention.”

Zuniga, who is one of very few people who stuck by Lafave’s side, recently teamed up with the disgraced teacher to write a book about her life titled Debra Lafave: A Crown of Beauty for Ashes. He also opened up to People about how much Lafave has changed since the scandal.

School Districts Warn Parents That Flutes Handed Out By Their Schools Could Be Contaminated With Semen

Mandatory music programs are often a great asset to any school. In theory, they teach children valuable skills in reading and performing music, and give them a new appreciation for music as an art form.

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However, music programs can also be some of the most stressful parts of school, both on students and on the teachers. The students have to learn to read music from the ground up, which is no simple task, especially if it’s not something they take to right away. Even if they have an easier time understanding it than some, there’s the endless hours of practicing they have to do to actually learn to play the instrument well.


In some ways the music teachers have it even worse. They’re stuck trying to teach skills that some people spend literal decades trying to master to a group of a few dozen students who probably don’t even care a little bit, and that’s before you get into actually having to correct their playing. Have you ever heard 30+ people all loudly playing the wrong note? It’s pretty unbearable.

Unless you’re Jack BlackParamount

Apparently one music teacher in California finally had enough, because they’re now under investigation for giving kids instruments with some pretty disgusting surprises.

The details are pretty disturbing…

Hero Teacher Risks Life, Takes Down A Gunman In High School Cafeteria

When shots were fired early Wednesday morning at Mattoon High School students scrambled to take cover.

While others ran away from the blasts a teacher and a school resource officer raced toward the sounds coming from the cafeteria to investigate.

Inside the large room, Angela McQueen, who teaches geometry and algebra, spotted a male student firing what appeared to be a shotgun.

People embrace outside of Mattoon High School.after the shooting.CNN

Teacher’s Gross Bread Trick Will Have You Reaching For The Hand Sanitizer

When you’re a kid, you don’t care or understand what the big fuss is about germs.

Even as adults, we’re constantly reminded to wash your hands, and yes, that can be annoying and sometimes we even question why we need to do it. But one Fayetteville, North Carolina teacher’s trick proved that hand washing and sanitizing should be taken very seriously and done more often.

Donna Gill Allen has gained online fame after a “bread trick” she used to reiterate the importance of maintaining clean hands, especially as we head into flu season, went viral.

The Cape Fear High School Health Occupation teacher conducted the experiment using bread then shared the final result on Facebook, and it is brilliant.

The results were enough to convince them all to refrain from taking proper hand washing lightly.