11 Reasons Watching TV In The 70s Was Hard Work

When kids talk about “binge-watching” a TV show, it’s hard to grasp that concept. How can you possibly sit and watch seven episodes of the same show in a row?

Of course, “watching TV” is just a saying at this point. Most people consume television on their computers and phones through Netflix, and not actually on the television. But do you remember when we actually had to work for our shows? Those were the days…

Whoever was closest to the TV was effectively the remote control. One of your family members would chuck a pillow at you when the volume needed to go up or down or if they wanted the channel changed. None of this “channel flipping” nonsense.


Crazy, right? You actually had to sit and watch the ads in between segments on your favorite show. There was no fast-forwarding or pausing. You either got up to get a snack while they were on, or you sat through them like a champ.

Those bunny ear antennas weren’t just for decor, they affected the picture on the screen as well. “High-definition” in our day meant wrapping more tin foil on top of the antennas and hoping for the best.

DVRs were something we could only dream of. If you missed an episode of your favorite TV show, well that was just too darn bad. You either had to wait for re-runs over the summer, or just ask your friends for a play-by-play of what happened. On Demand and online watching weren’t an option. You knew when your shows were on and you made sure you were planted on the couch in time to watch.

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How many times did you year your dad yell “I’VE GOT TO GET UP ON THE ROOF AND FIX THE ANTENNA!” Too many times to count, right? If there was a storm or, let’s face it, a strong gust of wind, it could totally knock out your reception. The antenna looked like a metallic oak tree, but it got the job done…after a little wiggling, of course.

Scary Moment As Drew Carey Almost Falls Off Stage During “Price Is Right”

Being on The Price Is Right is everyone’s dream! Especially when Bob Barker was host, the iconic game show was a staple in everyone’s viewing schedule. Whether you were home sick or you caught some reruns, you desperately dreamed of playing Plinko and bidding $1 on something (anything!)


After Barker left, though, Drew Carey took over and it left people skeptical. What would he bring to the table that could make people love him as much as they loved Barker? According to the models, at least, Carey was an improvement.

Before the hosting change, the models had felt extremely objectified, “but when Drew Carey stepped in, he was so very happy to make changes and bring Price is Right into a new era. We were all ready to become personalities rather than just look like models.”

News Vire

Carey become loved by most fans, so when they saw him take a nasty fall on the show, everyone held their breath, hoping he would be okay.

“The Dick Van Dyke Show” Star Dies At 94

One of the original Queens of Hollywood, Rose Marie, has passed away at the age of 94. The famous Broadway star was a legend in the television world, with a lifelong career that eclipsed many other male actors of her era in a time when it was hard enough for women to even enter the industry.

In a professional career that spanned nine decades, her entry to fame came at age four, when she began recording songs for a sound short titled Baby Rose Marie the Child Wonder.

From there, she started working with various orchestras and jazz ensembles, skyrocketing in her youth to the charts. In fact, she was the last surviving singer to have a hit from before the Second World War, before her death.

Like any other celebrity from that era, she would have some help from some questionable sources.

7 Hit Shows Getting A Spin-off In 2018

When a television show or movie finds itself successful, those people behind the shows or movies will continue to milk that success for everything that it is worth, and that includes creating any number of spin-offs to keep the story going. Many of them fail, but some do succeed and go onto roaring success.

There will be a number of spin-offs coming your way in the new year, so let’s take a look at 7 of them you are likely to enjoy.

Grey’s Anatomy has seen wild success for over a decade, and it has already been responsible for one successful spin-off in Private Practice. This time it will center around Ben Warren, played by actor Jason George, as he moves away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He will be the only character from the main cast that will be featured in the new show. The show is currently without a title, but it has been announced that the first season will only be 10 episodes long.  


Supernatural has been a hit show for most of its 13 season run. I was a huge fan of the first six seasons, but have lost track of it over the years since. This will be the second spin-off from the show after their first attempt, Bloodlines failed. This time, they will focus the show on Jody Mills, the sheriff from Sioux Falls that we were introduced to multiple times throughout the series. The show will focus on the orphan girls, who are all monsters themselves, she takes in. This should be a great spin-off, look for the first episode in 2018.

Den of Geek

Following the exploits of Lorraine and Ed Warren from the first two Conjuring movies, this one will focus on the demonic presence from the second movie. The demon Valak, or the yellow-eyed nun that haunts Lorraine, will be coming back to the big screen in July 2108. Not much has been announced in regards to the story, but we do know one thing, you wont be sleeping with the lights off for a while if you go and see this flick.


If you are a fan of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or Supergirl, Black Lightning will be worth checking out. Though the show wont be connected to the above mentioned shows, it still follows along the same principles. This time, a retired super-hero who has been working as a high school principal will be coaxed out of retirement to fight the street gangs plaguing his city. At the same time, his daughters will be discovering their powers for the first time.


The next four should be massive hits.

11 Facts About “The West Wing” That Are At The Right Place At The Right Time

Though others may try to replicate, there’s no replacing The West Wing. It was the first show about the White House that caught our attention, and although we got seven seasons of the series, it wasn’t enough.

There are some things even the most hardcore West Wing fan may not know, however. See if your knowledge can stack up!

West Wing Wiki

“The pilot did not test off the charts with focus groups,” said creator Aaron Sorkin. “It tested fine, but it wasn’t forcing NBC to put it on the air. Where it tested very high was in four categories that they invented for this show: Households making over $75,000 a year; households where someone has three years of college; people who subscribe to the New York Times; and the final category – and this was in 1999 – was people with home internet access. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it was a big deal then. In 1999 it was the height of the dot com boom, so people with home internet access were a valuable demographic to reach. That first season more than half the ad buys were dot com. They needed some place to advertise. It was those four categories that got us on the air.”


Talk about being teacher’s pet! Malin and Sorkin were at a Broadway Bowling Alley when Sorkin started to choke, but Malina thought it was a joke.

“The guys from A Few Good Men would bowl against the guys from A Chorus Line and hilarity would ensue,” Malina recalled. “At one of these bowling nights Aaron started choking on a piece of hamburger. He seemed to be doing schtick for a little bit and we kind of pointed and laughed until it became clear this was really happening. It was one of the rare crisis situations where I reacted with any kind of aplomb and I Heimlich’d him – although with no finesse whatsoever and I cracked three of his ribs in the process.”


Can you imagine this show by any other name? It almost wasn’t an imagination! Sorkin just barely got the rights to the title.

“When Aaron sent me the script for the pilot, he didn’t actually own the title,” said Dee Dee Myers, the political adviser on the show, and former press secretary. “In fact, a guy who had worked for me at the White House named Josh King had registered the title ‘The West Wing’ for something he was working on. Sometime during that year before production began, though, whatever Josh King was working on didn’t happen and the title became available. I don’t know what Aaron would have called the show if it hadn’t.”


Director Thomas Schlamme wanted everyone to feel like the show was real, so he mandated that all cast members be present for shooting the pilot.

“One of the things that I had demanded on the pilot was whenever we’re shooting a scene, everybody should show up,” Schlamme recalled. “You wouldn’t do a whole series like that, but because doors would be open and glass would be seen, I wanted people to go into their office and live their life, even if they weren’t in the scene. So when Rob Lowe is in the Roosevelt Room giving the lecture to the young kids and then goes out with Leo’s daughter, you can see Allison and Richard Schiff in the background – they’re background artists! They weren’t in the scene, they weren’t even coming into a scene later; they’re just there. Allison’s going into Richard’s office, Richard’s coming out and getting something from his receptionist, they’re just getting on with their jobs. It was a really important exercise for everybody to start to feel that this was their home. You felt the true sense of esprit de corps working on that show from day one.


Just like we all love her, the entire cast loved Allison Janney.

“You know, there was a survey done and all of us, all the players, were interviewed and we were asked, confidentially, who we thought the best actor on the series was,” Martin Sheen revealed. “As long as we were assured it was confidential we all gave our opinions, which would not be made known until after the series ended. Without a dissenting opinion, the entire cast voted Allison the very best among us. She didn’t know it and none of us knew that we’d all voted for her, but she was considered the very best.”

“Chicago P.D.” Star Reveals Why She Left The Show

Fans of Chicago P.D. were left stunned after Detective Erin Lindsay departed. Played by Sophia Bush, Detective Lindsay was one of the original characters of the series. The show spun-off of the already popular Chicago Fire and instantly gained the affection of viewers.

After four seasons, however, it was announced that Bush would be leaving the show, leaving fans disappointed and confused.

“Im still trying to get my head around that Sophia won’t be back. I understand and get she wanted to leave. I followed her on TV since One Tree Hill & her character’s on any of her shows she’s front and center. It’s not like what Wolf says it won’t be noticeable because a new actress comes in. Don’t buy it.”

“Well, if it was really her choice, maybe i will stick with the show…it cannot possibly be the same without Erin.”

“My husband and I were shocked and disappointed when we heard she was leaving. She was awesome in that role.”

There was a lot of speculation as to why Bush decided to leave, and things got even more interesting when executive producer, Dick Wolf, said “I don’t think it will have any effect at all.”

TV Guide

But after someone hinted at Bush’s possible firing on Instagram, the actress shot back.

8 Things About Mark Harmon That Prove He’s The Perfect Man

We’ve been watching Mark Harmon as Leroy Gibbs on NCIS for 15 seasons, and he somehow becomes even better as the years go on. That being said, he’s rarely in the media aside from press tours. I can’t recall the last time Harmon was involved in a scandal, which speaks to how highly he holds himself.

Because he’s so private, there are some things you may not know about Mark Harmon.

Mark Harmon as Dr. Jack McNeil on “Chicago Hope” in 1996.FanPop

We know him as Special Agent Gibbs, but Harmon is actually a real-life hero, as well. In 1996, the actor saw a car on fire near his home. He noticed there were two teenage boys trapped inside, so he did what not many others would do: he went in to save them. Harmon grabbed a sledgehammer from his garage and broke the windows of the car to free the boys from the burning car.

Mark Harmon Addicts

Before he became an actor, Mark Harmon was living an active life. He attended the University of California, Los Angeles, after high school and in his final year he was awarded the National Football Foundation Award for All-Around Excellence. Harmon was so good at football, he was offered the opportunity to go pro in the NFL with the New England Patriots. Harmon declined, saying he was at college to get an education and use it in the future, not to build a path as a sports star.

“Price Is Right” Contestant Pulls Move That Stuns The Audience And Drew Carey

The Price Is Right is an iconic institution on daytime television. Everyone knows it. Everyone loves it. And everyone has imagined what they would do if they ever made it on the show. Of course, it hasn’t been the same since Bob Barker left, but Drew Carey has done a way better job than anyone thought he might.

ABC6 Philadelphia

The whole point of the show is to win big and make a gigantic fool of yourself (or at least that’s how I’ve always viewed it.) The selection process is extensive, and you basically have to throw dignity out the window.

“I am looking for energy, sincerity, and potential humor,” says the man in charge of selecting contestants. “And if they can equal my energy or exceed it and maintain it, they are at the top of the list.”

That’s why people were so confused when Kevin, a contestant on the show, seemed to break every single stereotype.

15 Things You Never Knew About The Cast Of Blue Bloods

When Blue Bloods first started, no one could have predicted how popular it was going to become. Starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, the show definitely had the star power, but with so many cop shows on the air, it’s hard to compete. With almost 9 million viewers each week, Wahlberg and Selleck brought a new look at the New York Police Department to audiences.

As the seasons move on, we fall more and more in love with the characters each day. But how much do you really know about the actors behind your favorite characters? Here are some facts about the cast of Blue Bloods.

Mental Floss

In order to prove he was serious about acting, Donnie Wahlberg lost 43lbs to play Vincent Grey in The Sixth Sense. The role was originally written for a 13-year-old boy, but Wahlberg proved to M. Night Shyamalan that he was the only who who could play the role.

When he was younger, Selleck was turned down for multiple roles because his voice was too high-pitched. Clearly, things worked out for him.

Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan, loves basketball so much that he tries to find courts around wherever the show is shooting. If he can find one, he’ll shoot hoops in between scenes.

Len Cariou is an extremely well-loved member of the theater community. He’s a member of the Theater Hall of Fame and has a Tony award for his portrayal of Sweeney Todd on Broadway.


Marisa Ramirez, who plays Detective Maria Baez, began her career as a model and host of MTV’s Senseless Acts of Video. In 2002, she landed the role of Gia Campbell on General Hospital and continued acting in soap operas until 2007.

Though the most famous of the Wahlberg siblings are Mark and Donnie, there are nine other brothers and sisters: Robert, Paul, Arthur, Tracey, Jim, Scott, Debbie, Buddy, Donna, and Michelle.

10 Facts About Castle Even The Best Detective Didn’t Know

When Castle premiered, it was unlike any show we had ever seen. It partnered a crime writer with a NYPD cop, who ended up falling in love. Richard Castle, the author, starts off as an arrogant celebrity who ends up becoming a romantic, goofy partner for Kate Beckett.

But there are some things even the best detectives (or biggest Richard Castle fans!) wouldn’t know.

Their on-screen chemistry was always palpable, but in real life the actors hated each other. Stana Katic announced she was leaving the show after season 8, and that’s when it was revealed that she and Nathan Fillion couldn’t stand each other.

“Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion completely despise each other,” said a source from the set. “They will not speak when they are off set, and this has been going on for seasons now. This season, it got so out of hand they made Stana and Nathan go to couples counseling together.”

Nathan Fillion, who played Castle, was also on a well-loved (but short-lived) television series called Firefly. The Joss Whedon show made many small appearances in Castle, with many of the actors taking guest roles. In one episode, Castle himself dresses up in his Firefly costume.

Stana Katic hid her (alleged) hate for Fillion pretty well, but that’s not her only acting talent. Katic speaks fluent English, Italian, French and Serbian fluently. She can also break out perfect accents in English, British, South African, Greek and Spanish.

Ryan and Jenny weren’t just a cute couple on-screen, they were also married in real life! Seamus and Juliana Dever were married in 2006.

When you hear the characters talking about Nikki Heat or Derrick Storm novels, you can actually go and read them yourself! There have been seven Nikki Heat novels released, all of which placed on the New York Times Best Seller List. Additionally, there are two Derrick Storm books. Readers do not need to watch the series in order to enjoy the books, but there are a couple references to the show which viewers will get.

17 Saddest “Grey’s Anatomy” Departures Ranked By How Much We Ugly-Cried

Grey’s Anatomy gave us an incredible thing: emotional attachment. It seemed that every character we loved, we loved deeply. Then, of course, because we can’t have nice things, Shonda Rimes went and killed our favorites.

I would like to point out that this list has been complied by studious debate, meaning I asked my co-workers and friends and we yelled at each other. There are going to people who didn’t make the list, but that doesn’t mean their departures weren’t sad. I would also like to mention that Meredith’s dog, Doc, isn’t on this list. That’s because it’s so sad we can’t even talk about it.

Heather was an intern that didn’t annoy us beyond all reason. She was eager to please and loved to throw in a joke at the wrong time. She met an untimely death when she went to check on Richard Weber and ended up stepping in a patch of water that was filled with an electrical current. She died, we cried, and Grey’s lost another soul.

There has been much debate over Izzie’s placement on the list. The final decision is based off the fact that we didn’t really care all that much. By the time Izzie left, she was already grating on our last nerve. She deserved a new start, and the only reason it really made us sad is that Alex Karev needed a win, and he didn’t get one.

The problem with Erica Hahn is that she forced Callie into a relationship and made her commit, then she up and left. She just walked away from it all and I really didn’t care for it.

In theory, Callie should have been higher on this list. She was a tell-it-like-it-is kinda gal and stayed with the show for a long time. I’m not sure if it was the timing (after season 11, nothing seemed dramatic anymore) or whether it was because she moved to New York to be with a girl she just met, but Callie’s departure wasn’t one that I really cared for.

The only, and I mean ONLY, reason Preston Burke is on this list is because of how he left Christina. Watching Meredith have to cut Christina out of her wedding dress after Burke left her at the altar still makes me teary-eyed when I think about it. Burke, himself, leaving was sad because I really thought he made Christina happy. But if you’re going to do it in this terrible way, then you don’t deserve my tears.

Denny was another point of contention among colleagues. Some loved him and wanted him #1, but I don’t think those people really paid attention. Denny caused a lot of unnecessary drama, whether or not it was his fault. Watching Izzie weep while she mourned the loss of her fiancee still made me cry (I’m not a total monster) but to be honest, I was happy when this story line was over.

Shemar Moore’s New Show Premiered And Fans Have A Lot To Say

Shemar Moore was a mainstay on Criminal Minds for 11 seasons. He was a goofy, protective, and bad-ass FBI agent who stole our hearts week after week.

But after 11 years on the show, Moore decided to call it quits. Moore said he felt like it was time for a change, and his mother’s words helped inspire him.

“My mother sends me these great cards,” Moore said. “She gave me this one card and I’m looking at it right now and it says, “Leap and the net will appear.” I wanted to see what the next chapter of my acting career is and also have a little balance so I could pursue other avenues of my life. I want to get married, I want to have kids, I want to travel.”

TV Guide

One of those next chapters was a new show called S.W.A.T. in which Moore plays the lead role of S.W.A.T. lieutenant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson. It’s Moore’s first role as a lead on a TV show, and he’s been embracing it with open arms.

The premiere has been a long time coming, and fans were starting to get impatient. However, they finally got their wish as S.W.A.T. made its television debut this week. So how did fans react to seeing their favorite FBI agent in a new role?

“The Good Doctor” Is Hitting Close To Home For Families With Autistic Children

The Good Doctor seemingly came out of nowhere to become TV’s most popular show. The story follows Dr. Shaun Murphy, a skilled surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, who is trying to assimilate into the workings of a busy hospital. The show starts with Dr. Murphy being vetted by hospital officials, who are all concerned about his potential limitations. His mentor, Dr. Aaron Glassman, stands by Dr. Murphy and pleads his case.

Dr. Shaun Murphy (left) and Dr. Aaron GlassmanABC

“We hire Shaun and we give hope to those people with limitations that those limitations are not what they think they are, that they do have a shot,” he continued. “We hire Shaun and we make this hospital better for it. We hire Shaun and we are better people for it.”

The Good Doctor demonstrates the challenges that can arise when someone with autism is placed in a situation they are uncomfortable with, but it also showcases how their differences can be what’s needed to solve a problem.

Dr. Shaun Murphy often visualizes the inner workings of the human body in order to help his patients. ABC

Characters with autism have rarely been portrayed on television, especially in prime time, so The Good Doctor is walking in uncharted territory.  Dr. Murphy experiences discrimination, jokes at his expense, and missing out on specific social cues that people without autism might pick up easily.

But the question is, does The Good Doctor help or hinder the fight to de-stigmatize autism in mainstream media?

Another “Grey’s Anatomy” Series Regular Has Left The Show

When Grey’s Anatomy first began, it was a show about medical interns trying to keep their heads above water…and about their love lives, of course!

As the show moved forward, we fell more and more in love with the characters as they dealt with every possible tragedy known to man. From bombs, to boat crashes, to drowning, to cancer, to active shooter, to car accidents, we were there for it all.

Entertainment Weekly

As time went on, our favorite characters either left the show or were killed off. Here’s a list of the most traumatizing exits:

  • George O’Malley: killed after being hit by a bus to save a stranger
  • Mark Sloan: died after slipping into a coma after being in a plane crash
  • Reed Adamson and Charles Percy: shot by an active shooter in the hospital
  • Henry Burton: dies after Christina performs surgery on him but it doesn’t work
  • Izzie Stevens: left after her cancer beat cancer but wanted a fresh start
  • Lexi Grey: died in the same plane crash that killed Sloan
  • Derek Shepherd: killed in a car accident after stopping to save people on the road.
  • Preston Burke: left Christina Yang at the altar and never came back
  • Christina Yang: left because Seattle Grace was a legitimate disaster-pit
  • Addison Montgomery: left to pursue her own practice
  • Denny Duquette: died even though Izzie tried to save him
  • Stephanie Edwards: set the hospital on fire and left to recover from her burns.

The list goes on and on. After Derek’s death, I think we all thought that creator Shonda Rimes would give us a bit of a break on the traumatizing events. But we were wrong.

Another series regular has left the show, and how it’s going to affect Meredith will be interesting.

Blue Bloods Cast Reveal Their ‘Grief’ After Star Exits The Show

When Blue Bloods first started, no one could have predicted how popular it was going to become. Starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, the show definitely had the star power, but with so many cop shows on the air, it’s hard to compete.

But, Blue Bloods found their niche. With almost 9 million viewers each week, Wahlberg and Selleck brought a new look at the New York Police Department to audiences.

Recently, the show premiered its eighth season, which is an incredible run for a network cop drama. But fans of the show were left shocked when it was revealed that one of the main characters had died in a helicopter crash. Now, the rest of the cast is speaking out about their feelings surrounding the controversial change.

Shemar Moore Announces His Return To Criminal Minds, And Explains His “Baby Girl” Catchphrase

Shemar Moore was a mainstay on Criminal Minds for 11 seasons. He was a goofy, protective, and bad-ass FBI agent who stole our hearts week after week.

The actor posts at least 5 times a day on social media, mainly about his work out regime or just “bein’ goofy.” He loves interacting with his fans and even has a clothing line called “Baby Girl” (the name he uses for his female fans). Part of the proceeds go to the National MS Society, a disease his mother suffers from.

Shemar Moore and his mom, MarilynPeople

Part of Shemar Moore’s charm on Criminal Minds was his close relationship with analyst, Penelope Garcia. The two had nothing but platonic love for each other, which was an incredible thing to see on television.

Moore’s character, Derek Morgan, and Penelope Garcia often shared cute banter back-and-forth with each other, with Morgan referring to Garcia as “baby girl” on multiple occasions.

But where did the term “baby girl” come from? It’s a question we’ve all wondered for years, and now Shemar Moore has finally told us!

Jeopardy Contestant Is Officially The Coolest Guy Ever

When you watch Jeopardy, you probably have an idea of each contestant. They’re extremely intelligent, put-together, and calm. This is serious business for them, unless you’re watching the teen tournament.

But every once in a while, a contestant graces the Jeopardy podium who steals everyone’s hearts. There was Ken Jennings, who many believe purposely answered a question wrong to end his 74-game winning streak. Jennings won $2.5 million, which is way more than an average contestant. There was also Susan Cole, who was totally shut down by Trebek when he called her a ‘loser’ for liking nerdcore hip-hop.

Now, there’s Austin Rogers, a New York City bartender, who has racked up $306,900 in winnings over the course of 8 days. Not too shabby! Everyone is loving Rogers for his quirky attitude and his ridiculously cute mimes when he’s introduced (and when he gets an answer right!)

“They’re completely off the cuff,” Rogers said of such moments. “While you’re up there, before the camera pans over to you, you forget that, ‘Oh no, I’ve got 11 seconds.’ I forgot every single time.”

“He’s got hair; he’s got chutzpah. He’s got broad-based knowledge,” Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek says.

Rogers has a pretty decent strategy on how to win, and it sounds solid.

Another Original NCIS Cast Member Is Leaving The Show

NCIS is one of the few shows on television that has remained consistent throughout the years. You know what you’re getting every week, and that’s a solid hour of entertainment. It’s the 8th longest-running scripted prime-time TV series, with 15 seasons under its belt.

Starting in 2003, NCIS follows the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and their attempts to thwart criminals.

In 2016, NCIS saw fan-favorite and original character Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly) depart the show. His close friend, castmate Pauley Perette, says she was “dehydrated from crying so much” when she saw Weatherly leave.


But now, fans will need to prepare themselves for another tear-jerking goodbye.

10 Celebrities Who Were Secretly Spies During World War 2

We like to think that secret agents, coded messages and undercover saboteurs only belong in cheesy movies, but spies are very real. In fact, these 10 celebrities all lived a double life as spies during the Second World War:

The glamorous German actress burned up the screens in the ’30s and ’40s, but when the war broke out both America and Germany questioned her allegiance. Dietrich publicly condemned the Nazis, and did USO tours for troops overseas. But she was also investigated by the FBI, and had family living in Germany during the war.

The organization later enlisted her, giving the actress a chance to prove her dedication to America by “collecting observations about subversive activities in Europe” during her tours. To this day, historians debate whether Dietrich was an American spy or a double agent.

The children’s book author was actually a Royal Air Force pilot at the start of the war, when a painful crash forced him to take a desk job instead. He moved to Washington, D.C., where he wrote British propaganda for American newspapers.

Dahl during World War 2.EDP24

Eventually Dahl was given a much livelier job: seducing the wives and female relatives of American VIPs to learn their secrets. This included Congresswoman Clare Booth Luce, who was married to the publisher of Time magazine and so smitten with Dahl that he asked to be reassigned somewhere else.

Before her success as a celebrity chef, Child rose through the ranks of the Office of Strategic Services, which would later become the CIA. Starting out as a clerk, she was eventually promoted to a research position, developing shark repellent for underwater missions.

Child in the 1930s.Central Intelligence Agency

Later, Child was assigned to listening posts in far-off locations like China and Sri Lanka, where she recorded secret messages intercepted by the government.

In the ’20s and ’30s, Berg was nicknamed “the brainiest man in baseball.” Along with being a star player for the Dodgers, Berg was a Princeton grad who spoke 12 languages and earned four degrees, including a law degree from Columbia that he earned while playing ball.

When he was traded to the Washington Senators, Berg was recruited to spy for the U.S. government on his trips overseas. He recorded footage of Japanese military installations, and was once caught trying to sneak onto an air base.

Berg’s most dangerous mission was a fact-finding trip to Germany, where he would identify if the Nazis were close to making a working A-bomb. If they were, Berg was told to shoot the project’s head physicist Werner Heisenberg. Thankfully, he realized they were years away from building the weapon.

Keep reading to learn about more celebrity spies, including Cary Grant and Ol’ Blue Eyes himself…

‘Fixer Upper’ Is Coming To An End

HGTV is home to so many of our favorite shows, and Fixer Upper is definitely at the top of that list.

Chip and Joanna Gaines do an incredible job of finding a house that needs some TLC, and turning it into something spectacular.

A stunning home that Chip and Joanna Gaines turned around. HGTV

The couple has produced four seasons of their hit show, and were even given a spin-off, called Fixer Upper: Behind the Design. Of course, you can’t be a reality TV star without your fair share of drama.


In July, the couple was sued by former clients, whose house was hit by a drunk driver. Ken and Kelly Downs believed it was the Gainses fault that the neighborhood was bad.

“It’s like the Wild West here. There’s been a lot of commotion coming from the bars and the store across the street,” Kelly Downs said. “It’s been a problem from the beginning. We’ve lived here a year and a half and we feel deceived by the city of Waco and Magnolia Realty.”

But now, after five seasons, Fixer Upper has announced they will not be back for a sixth.

So what prompted the decision?