The Dancers Hit The Floor, And Then Got Every Heart Pumping

Growing up, I had two left feet. I tried almost every sport and activity, but my skill level was never up to par.

The most heartbreaking failure was dance, as I always dreamed of becoming a graceful ballerina, despite being unable to master the basic steps. That’s why when I see any genre of dance I can’t help but to be in awe of their sheer talent.

So it’s without question I was amazed to see a group of dancers perform an invigorating high kick routine at their high school.

For those unaware, this type of dance requires flexibility, strength and technique. It’s a high-energy routine that musters every ounce of stamina a person has.

Carroll High School Emerald Bells

While all shows are superb, this choreography was nothing short of amazing, as the team wore matching bodysuits and blended in as one.

The dancers are from Texas’s Carroll High School and are named the very fitting Emerald Belles.

They performed to a remix of the song “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics, and was no doubt the talk of the town. The three-and-a-half dance performance was visually impeccable and everyone was completely in sync.

In the routine, the dancers become malleable to the shapes of triangles and squares. They perform remarkable leg extensions while still in the kick line, which is perfected even when they divide themselves in three subgroups.

I’ve known plenty of dancers growing up, and some who have taken the sport to the professional level, but I’ve never seen such a large group perform so well!

[embedded content]

Have you ever seen an incredible dance like this?

[H/T: FaithTap, YouTube]

Texas County Loses Nearly $1 Million To Email Scam

The internet has been creating business opportunities for people ever since its introduction to the public in the 90s. Time and again, we’ve seen companies like Google and Amazon go from humble beginnings to absolutely unbelievable billion dollar empires, all based around providing a product or service that people didn’t know they wanted.

Android Authority

However, for as long as there have been legitimate internet businesses, there have been people who’ve tried to profit off of people online through much less savory means. This has lead to a massive, MASSIVE boom of web-based scams, some of which you’ve almost definitely heard of. Scams like the Nigerian Prince messaging you to send him money, or getting a popup from “Microsoft” asking you to give them your credit card information.

Frauds Watch

These scams are insidious because they prey on the ignorance of people who aren’t very computer-savvy. Fortunately as more and more people get interested in technology, they happen to be getting smarter about being careful, but even still, sometimes a scam presents itself just too well.


Case and point: government officials from Harris County, Texas nearly lost a whopping $1 million to an email scam that was based out of the UK…

Is Your Hometown In The Top 5 Best Or Worst Cities To Get A Cup Of Coffee?

Who doesn’t love a cup of Joe to wake them up in the morning? Whether it’s before you head into work, drop the kids off at school, or just to feel more awake and lively, coffee has always been your “get it done” friend.

Coffee has been a staple in the American diet since the Boston Tea Party of 1773, when patriots to our nation threw the imported leaves into the harbor. Ever since then, Americans have been drinking that delicious brew and staying hard at work.

But it appears that some states love this hot beverage way more than others, and many would be surprised to see how hard, or how easy, it is for their fellow citizens to get access to the real magic beans.

Take a look and see how your region ranks from worst to best!

Laredo, Texas

Bigger doesn’t always mean better in this case.

Toledo, Ohio


Why does Ohio have to be terrible at everything?

Greensboro, North Carolina

If it ain’t sweet tea, they do not want it. Maybe South Carolina can do a better job…

North Las Vegas, Nevada

Not Pictured: Good coffee.

Memphis, Tennessee

Okay, we may have an objection to raise here.

Are you ready to see the best places in America to get your cup of java?

She Just Made History In A Dallas High School Football Game

Tackle football has always been a man’s game. Not because women aren’t capable of also playing it, but because by and large, most people believe it to be too physically demanding and violent for women to actually take part in it.


In recent years, women have been breaking down boundaries and crushing stereotypes when it comes to all levels and types of sports, and football is no different. K-Lani Nava is one such woman, and she recently kicked herself into the record books after University Interscholastic League (UIL) Class 1A Six-Man Division II state championship game.

ABC News

Nava became the first woman to scores points in a University Interscholastic League (UIL) state title game. She ended up kicking 9 extra points during her school’s victory. Strawn ended up beating Balmorhea 78-42 at their game played on the Dallas Cowboy’s field at AT&T Stadium.

When An Officer Was Killed In The Line Of Duty, Another Gave The Man’s Family A Christmas Gift To Help With Their Loss

While there’s been no shortage of controversy surrounding police officers in recent times, there’s been just as many incidents of officers reminding us that the majority of them are men and women who just want to serve and protect the public. Some have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help out their local communities, and we’ve loved seeing their stories unfold online.

ABC News

Unfortunately, being a police officer does mean putting yourself in the line of fire at some point or another, and while many officers are able to return home after bad situations come up, not all of them do. While these fallen officers often draw a pension that provides some level of security for their loved ones, that still does very little to help out with the sheer amount of grief that their family must go through after their passing.

Los Angeles Times

Such was the case with the family of Matthew Edwards, a Taylor, Michigan officer who was shot six times while investigating a breaking and entering report. Edwards passed away from his wounds, and left behind his wife Shannon, and two children, Luke and Moriah. After hearing about their situation, Danny McWilliams, an officer from Texas, knew exactly what he had to get them for Christmas…

Christmas Comes Early For Texas Woman Who Wakes Up To Find Her Yard Fully Decorated

Even if you love the holiday season, chances are there’s at least one aspect of it that you could do without. Maybe you’re not a fan of all the money you have to spend on gifts for your extended family, or perhaps the onslaught of Christmas carols that seems to start earlier every year does nothing for you (other than give you a headache that is).


For my money, easily the biggest pain of the season is decorating the outside of the house. Every year, it means another trip into the disorganized depths of your basement, a frantic search for whatever box it was that you decided to store the lights in this time, a silent prayer as you plug them in that they’re still working even after all this time, and of course, the deluge of cursing that comes as you try to get the lights all up around your house.

The end results almost always look spectacular, but sometimes it’s hard not to wonder if maybe it isn’t worth all the effort it takes. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of having to go through the whole process every single year, you could just wake up one day and have it all done for you? That’d be living the dream, right?

Travel and Leisure

Well as it turns out, sometimes dreams actually can come true. A Texas woman recently woke up one morning to discover that Christmas had come early: some unnamed individual had decorated her entire yard in the middle of the night with lights and decorations…

The First Baby In The U.S. Has Been Born From A Uterus Transplant

A new mother from Dallas, Texas has become the first woman in the United States to give birth after receiving a uterus transplant.

Doctors believe the successful birth will be able to lead a precedent for women who struggle with infertility. Nicknamed “Baby Number Nine,” the birth follows eight other successful deliveries from uterus transplant recipients in Sweden.

Baylor transplant specialist, Dr. Giuliano Testa, said the birth is a “milestone” and “a beautiful moment of love and hope for a mother who had been told she would never be able to carry her own child,” in a statement.

While the baby boy was born at the Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, limited details have been released to protect the privacy of the family, CNN reports.

“We consider ourselves profoundly blessed to have been a part of this study, and we are optimistic that this initial success will lead to many more in the future,” the unknown mother said. “We humbly hope that our little boy can serve as an inspiration to those struggling with infertility, and demonstrate throughout his life that no matter what obstacles are in your path, with the right team working beside you, anything is possible.”

The mother suffered from a condition called uterine factor infertility, which affects one in 500 women with non-functioning or non-existent uteruses.

Like all other organ transplants, recipients must take anti-rejection drugs for the new uterus and cervix. Mothers can opt to have the uterus removed following the delivery or keep it in for another pregnancy. After the second time, the organ must be removed.

Despite the scientific breakthrough, concerns over the transplants have raised plenty of ethical questions.  

Meet The Last Man On Earth Who Uses An Iron Lung

A 71-year-old polio survivor is one of the last people on earth to still use an iron lung.

For the past 65 years, Paul Alexander has spent half of every day inside his yellow contraption.

“There are only two or three of us left,” Alexander said in an interview with Gizmo. “I’ve tried all the ventilators available and this one is the best. It feels like a more natural way of breathing.”

For those who are unaware of the machine, an iron lung is a negative pressure ventilator, which helps survivors breathe by drawing oxygen into their lungs by creating a vacuum.

According to the Centres for Disease Control, the 1950s had the worst outbreak of the disease, with more than 15,000 cases of paralysis recorded each year.  

While the anti-polio vaccine eradicated in the U.S. in 1979, the disease is still a rampant epidemic in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.

For most people, the machine was only necessary for a couple of weeks, but those who suffered from permanent damage, it has become a indispensable part of their every day lives.

Despite the iron lung becoming an essential part of Alexander’s existence, he hasn’t let it stop him from achieving his life’s goals.

Foster Child Had A Special Request For His Teacher That Will Make You Believe In Fate?

A 16-year-old teenager was given a forever family when he asked his high school teacher to adopt him.

Anthony Berry had been in the foster care system since 2010, when he met his English teacher, Bennie Berry at Pathways Learning Center in Beaumont, Texas last November. While Anthony had previously said he never wanted to be adopted, it only took three months from the pair’s initial meeting for him to ask her to become his mother.

Anthony Berry
12 News

According to ABC, Bennie thought Anthony was joking around when he asked her to look at a website. She told him she’d only see it when he finished his work.

“Finish your assignment and then you can show me the website,” Bennie recalled telling future son. “Then later I found out that it was really an option to adopt him, so we pushed forward.”

If It Wasn’t For These Heroes, The Texas Church Shooting Could Have Been Worse

America was shocked this weekend by the news of another mass shooting, this time in a small church outside of San Antonio, Texas.

The First Baptist Church of Sutherland SpringsAP

Around 11:30 a.m., during Sunday worship, the gunman opened fire on the crowded church, killing at least 26 people and wounding 20 more. But in the aftermath of the shooting an incredible story of heroism has come to light, revealing how two locals managed to chase down the killer before he could do more harm.

Local man Johnnie Langendorff was driving past the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs on Sunday when he saw the alleged shooter, Devin Kelley, firing at another bystander. Stephen Willeford, a local plumber, had arrived on scene and exchanged gunfire with Kelley, managing to hit him despite the body armor that Kelley was wearing.

“I pulled up on the intersection and I saw the shooter coming from the cars,” Langerdorff described, “actually right outside the church his vehicle was parked, doors open, engines open and him and the neighbor across the street and exchanging fire.”

When Kelley fled the scene in an SUV, Willeford told Langendorff what had happened inside the church. Soon, the pair were following the gunman in a high speed chase…

Tom Hanks Helps Couple Get Their Fairy Tale Ending

The star of many feel-good films has long been a favorite of move-goers for his heartfelt performances and his history of just generally being a great guy. Hollywood’s “Mr. Nice Guy” really lived up to his reputation the other night when he helped one of his fans propose to his girlfriend at a book talk he was hosting in Austin.

The actor has melted hearts before with his good deeds, selflessly taking the time to meet with his fans that show their appreciation for his work. Hanks once met with one of his biggest fans, Sarah Moretti, who has autism and had been puting together a scrapbook of his films and news-cuttings for years.

He took the time to meet with her and was genuinely enthusiastic about seeing her book!


In Austin, the A-list actor decided to go one step further and coordinate a surprise for the ‘superfan’ couple. And he did it all with his classic Hanks humor!

Texas Inmates Donate Over $53K To Hurricane Victims

Any story with a headline that starts with “Texas Inmates…” isn’t likely to be perceived as a positive one. But inmates in Texas shed their criminal labels, if only for a moment, in the wake of the devastation left when Hurricane Harvey roared through Texas.

Wall Street Journal

The Category 4 hurricane caused $200 billion dollars worth of damage in the state, and the inmates in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice wanted to step up and help those affected. They wanted to donate money to the cause. They weren’t asked if they wanted to do this by a charitable group or told to by any warden, they came up with this on their own.

You might be asking where they got the money to even consider this, well, it came directly from their commissary accounts. Commissary accounts are used to purchase things inside the jail that aren’t standard issue. You want better toothpaste or shampoo? Buy it from commissary. You want something other than prison food? Buy it from commissary. You want to get a hair cut inside? You pay for it with your commissary.

The Gleaner

To inmates, their commissary funds are their live blood. It is one of the few things in prison actually worth having, and is likely each and every one of theirs most important anything.

Houston Public Media

They Had No Fans, But The Opposing Coach Wouldn’t Let That Stand

In Texas, high school football is akin to religion. On Friday nights, when the players take the field, the school communities of students, teachers, parents and neighbors all come together to witness the spectacle that takes place out on the field of battle. But a game between Gainesville State School and Grapevine Faith, in Grapevine Texas took place in November 2008 was different than anything else that had ever taken place before.

Grapevine Faith Head Coach Kris Hogan instructed the home fans to help cheer for the other team. A strange concept to be sure, but once you understand the reason you will have a new-found faith in humanity.

Kin Cooley Today