She Lost 178 Pounds After Undergoing A Controversial Procedure, Would You Have Done The Same?

For Kathleen Golding, her weight-loss journey began when she was very young.

“I remember being in the fourth grade and having to get a note from my pediatrician granting me permission to start Weight Watchers,” the 26-year-old shares with PEOPLE.

By the age of 21, she was struggling with anxiety and depression, which led her to turn to food to cope. This stress eating resulted in her gaining a hundred pounds by her 22nd birthday.

“I was stuck in a constant cycle of daily binging,” she admitted. “I was eating fast food for every meal and enormous quantities each time.”

At her highest weight she was 331 pounds on her 5″6″ figure.


By August to 2015, she had enough of the constant struggle and started the process of getting gastric bypass surgery.

“The morning [I decided to do it] I turned down an offer from friends to go to an amusement park because I knew couldn’t fit in the ride seats, and the following Monday I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled to discuss diabetes medications,” she recalls.

Man Transforms 250-Million-Year-Old Abandoned Cave Into A Gorgeous Home

Most men dream of turning their basements into a mancave where they can escape to and drink beer while watching TV or playing video games when life’s responsibilities prove to be too much.

For Anglo Mastropietro, he made this dream come true, but instead of renovating his basement, he turned a 250-million-year-old cave into a modern home that he now calls his own.

The Australian businessman and father-of-two fell in love with the abandoned cave back in 1999 when he sought refuge in it one rainy day. At the time, Mastropietro did not think he would ever live within its walls.

Jon Dean/Barcroft Media

About a decade later, Mastropietro was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that rendered him temporarily paralyzed. This was the wake up call he needed to change his lifestyle and priorities. As a result, he left behind his successful business and decided to buy the cave.

“MS was triggered by health and lifestyle and that was the catalyst I needed to remind me that I needed to be mindful of my health and be respectful of my lifestyle,” Mastropietro told Daily Mail. “I wanted to be in a place where I had a happier and healthier life.”

Barcroft Media

Matropietro purchased the cave for $80,000 and spent around $130,000 on renovations and furnishings. In the end he managed to turn the rocky structure into a abode that rivals many city homes.

Are you ready to see what it looks like on the inside?

8 Celebrity Transformations That Need To Be Seen To Be Believed

When watching a movie, the goal is to be temporarily transported into the fictional world where the film takes place. With constant tabloid attention, society is already aware of the celebrities who play the movie’s characters, but we try to momentarily forget we know them in order to garner an authentic opinion about the story line.

Sometimes entertainers help us forget their real-life star status when they transform their appearance for a movie role, and after watching, we’re shocked to discover it was actually them in the first place.

Here are eight celebrities who became unrecognizable for a movie role.

Renee Zellweger
Entertainment Tonight / Herald Sun

When Renee Zellweger played the titular role in 2001’s Bridget Jones’ Diary, she gained 25 pounds to play the modern-day version of Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. She later dropped the weight to star as Roxy Hart in the musical Chicago the following year, and then gained it all back again for the 2004 Bridget Jones sequel: Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason.

50 Cent
Evan Agostini / NME

Most known for his rap career and constant claims of bankruptcy, 50 Cent took on the role of Deon, a cancer-stricken college football player in the 2011 film, All Things Fall Apart. He lost a whopping 55 pounds by running on the treadmill for three hours a day and consuming an all liquid diet for nine weeks.

Charlize Theron
Instyle / CNN

For the 2003 critically acclaimed hit, Monster, Charlize Theron gained 30 pounds to transform herself into real-life serial killer, Aileen Wuornos. She also wore extensive makeup and a pair of prosthetic teeth.

Matthew McConaughey
GQ / Anne Marie Fox

While Matthew McConaughey’s usual roles include characters with buff bods, he shocked fans when lost almost 40 pounds for the role of Ron Woodruff in 2013’s The Dallas Buyer’s Club. McConaughey said he lost the weight in a healthy manner, by eating of plenty of fresh fish.

Music Helped Deaf Boy Recover His Hearing And Become A Top Conductor

Robert Guy lived in silence for most of his young life. He was born 70% deaf, but he didn’t let that stop him from accomplishing his dreams. He spent much of his childhood in and out of hospitals, trying to help clear up his ears.

Guy said that “I started on the piano because I came from a musical family and my nana taught half of Llay village.” That was when they started to realize that something wasn’t right.

He hadn’t noticed that his hearing had been off because he knew no different. “When you’re young you just think that what you’re hearing is just normal. But other people at school started to realize.”

Guy was given a surgery that would change his life forever. They were able to operate on his ears and help bring back his hearing. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing after the surgery. “After the operation I wouldn’t get in the car because I was terrified of the engine,” he said.

But after everything settled and his hearing started to come back, he was able to take his life in an unexpected direction…

Mama June Back In The Public Eye After Weight Loss Surgery

Mama June’s weight-loss story is something that we heard about for a solid year. The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star publicly stated that her mission was to lose weight after finding out her husband was cheating on her. The goal was to show up to his wedding looking smoking hot, as any ex would want to do.

Mama June and her ex-husband, Sugar BearHuffington Post

Mama June underwent a series of weight-loss surgeries in order to achieve her goal, which was also rooted in health concerns.

“She had gastric sleeve back in May of 2016, and then she slowly started losing weight, and the reason she got the gastric sleeve was because she hit a plateau – she couldn’t lose any weight,” Pumpkin, June’s daughter, said.


The reality star also started an intense regime of diet and exercise.

“Honestly, when I first started losing weight, it was just being more active, being busy with the show and doing more things with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” she said. “I met with this trainer through my manager… Even though she’s 3,000 miles away, she’s still very supportive through everything. I’m just walking through the neighborhood three miles a day, and just keeping up with that and just keeping up with the kids and just kind of being on the go all the time.”

Mama June lost over 328lbs in total on her journey and looks like a completely different person.

After her big reveal, Mama June seemed to step away from the spotlight. The family no longer had a show on TLC, so it was time to move on with their lives.

However, photos of Mama June surfaced recently, seven months after her red-dress reveal.

Abandoned Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After Getting Much-Needed Haricut

Y’know how sometimes you get the urge to change your hair? And then when you do it changes your entire attitude? Everyone loves a good makeover to lift your spirits and remind you what happiness feels life. Dogs are no different.

Holland, the poodle-Maltese mix, learned the benefits of a good haircut and she cannot stop smiling about it! Holland was dropped off at a shelter in Chicago, covered in mats and dirt.

The staff at the shelter tried cutting the matted hair out for over two hours, but their scissors couldn’t cut through them. Holland was so unused to people touching her that the whole process began to stress her out and the staff had to stop.

“A shell-like casing of matted fur covered most of her back and it looked like an exoskeleton from behind,” her rescuers wrote on Facebook.

The staffers had to take extreme measures to groom Holland. The pup had to be sedated so they could groom her with the help of a veterinarian. Fur was matted so thick, a special scalpel had to used to cut through it.

“This was the only safe way to free her from the prison of her own fur,” they said.

Now, Holland looks unrecognizable!

‘America’s Next Top Model’ Alum Is A Totally New Person After Overcoming Drug Addiction

Addiction is an illness that doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of the size of your wealth, a drug or alcohol addiction can ruin your life and negatively impact those around you. Just ask America’s Next Top Model alum Jael Strauss.

Strauss was one of the contestants on season 8 of the popular show hosted by Tyra Banks. She rose in ranks week after week, but unfortunately she couldn’t crack the top 5 and was sent packing towards the end of the season.


While appearing on the show, the Michigan native revealed that she had a tough childhood, and had hoped that winning the show would give her the big break she needed to be successful.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan, and Strauss found herself living out her worst nightmares. She was stuck in a cycle of addiction and eventually ended up on the streets.

Her family even turned to Dr. Phil to help her overcome her meth addiction, but their efforts were futile. They managed to convince to her fly to Los Angeles to appear on the show, but she refused to take part in the intervention.

“First of all, I was interventioned, meaning I did not have a choice,” Strauss explained in an interview with “I do feel that The Dr. Phil Show exploited me and has done that to other people and their addictions.”

Strauss was very well aware of the consequences of using drugs (her best friend’s father died of an overdose while she was on ANTM), but that didn’t stop her. When she appeared on Dr. Phil, she was noticeably thinner, her teeth were damaged and her skin was visibly damaged.

It took some time, but Strauss finally entered rehab and has been drug-free ever since. She shared photos on her Instagram page, revealing how much healthier and happier she is.

Dad Loses Over 350 Pounds So He Can Live To Watch His Son Grow Up

Having a father figure, be it a biological father, step-dad, grandfather, uncle, or teacher, is important for a child’s development. This is exactly why Zach Moore was motivated to change his lifestyle.

The 36-year-old father of one weighed a whopping 500 pounds at his heaviest. He boasted a BMI of 60, and at one point he was so sure that he would eat himself to death. He also drank at least two liters of Coca-Cola and smoked about three packs of cigarettes every day.

Moore’s addiction to food was so severe that he even recorded a “goodbye” video for his son, Zach Moore Jr.

Daily Star

In 2013, he was hospitalized for food poisoning and that’s when he realized that he needed to change his life if he wanted to live long enough to see his son grow up.

Moore stopped consuming sugary foods, drinking soda, and smoking. In just about a 100 days, he started to notice a significant difference in how he felt. Eventually, he added exercise to his routine and walked 10,000 steps a day.

“I was having issues walking, breathing and getting around every day…” he told Daily Mail. “I truly felt like my life was coming to an end.”

The obese father managed to slim down enough to qualify for gastric bypass surgery, which he underwent in 2014.

Daily Star

For two years, Moore stuck to his healthier habits and lost over 350 pounds. Unfortunately, extreme weigh loss left him with 28 pounds of excess skin and he had to undergo ten procedures to get it under control.

Today, Moore looks like a completely different man and has a new lease on life.

Unemployed Man Buys This Decrepit Home, Transforms It In Just 60 Days

They say that every cloud has a silver lining, but it looks like this house flipper‘s storm cloud was full of gold.

Imgur user maytherman2 recently shared the unlikely journey that led him to become a house flipper, and the before and after photos of his first project prove that he has a talent for his new job.

The amateur flipper says he was working in the tech business until he was laid off early this year. To make ends meet, he started painting houses for a friend’s company. Eventually, the pair realized they could make more money by flipping homes in Seattle’s crazy housing market than by painting them.

But the pair quickly got in over their heads:

“We partnered up, set up an LLC, emptied our bank accounts, I maxed my credit cards, got a loan from my parents and we bought this house at auction sight unseen (don’t buy something sight unseen, as if that isn’t already obvious),” he wrote.

The home they bought had been abandoned for months, and was a favorite spot for local squatters and drug users. But in just 60 days these two turned it into a genuine dream home…

They Took A Chance On This “Alien” Cat, And They Were Not Disappointed

Too often, animals in need are passed by on the street with no one bothering to help. The animals end up lying in pain with no end in sight. The same thing almost happened to little Giovanni, who was found on the streets of Switzerland.

One family walking by saw the kitten in need and decided they couldn’t just leave him there.

“We found him on the street, nearly dead,” one of the family members said.

Giovanni, or Gio, had a severe eye infection and trouble breathing. Luckily one of the family’s friends is a vet who was able to get Gio the help he needed. He was suffereing from starvation, and his eye infection was getting worse. After some much-needed treatment, Gio was finally comfortable enough to sleep.

“He was sleeping a lot. His eyes were getting better,” his rescuer said.

They set up a tiny bed with blankets and food so Gio would feel at home, and eventually the little guy started to come around.

Little Gio started to become more and more playful as he healed, just like a normal kitten!

Now, three months after his rescue, Gio looks completely different.

Woman Lost 350lbs But Was Still Being Shamed For Her Body, Her Response Is Just Perfect

At her heaviest Jacqueline Adan weighed over 500 pounds. That’s when she decided to make a change in her life.

“I was unhappy, felt stuck and did not love myself,” she wrote on her Instagram page that has almost 56,000 followers.

Through healthy eating, exercise and a strong effort, she has now lost 350 pounds and it didn’t come easily.

“It took hard work, sacrifice and never giving up, even if it was challenging. It took blood, lots of sweat and many tears. But I would not have changed a thing. It taught me to fight. It taught me to never give up. And most importantly it taught me to believe in myself!” she wrote.

She says her journey is far from over and that she is in the process of having excess skin removal surgery.

Adan is embracing her new body that she worked so hard for. It was on a trip to Mexico that she wore a bathing suit for the first time in years without feeling the need to cover up.

“I was nervous to take my cover up off and to walk into the pool or walk on the beach. I still felt like that same 500 pound girl…then it happened,” she wrote. “A couple sitting by the pool started laughing and pointing at me and making fun of me as soon as I took my cover up off. So what did I do?”

Drinking at 13, Pregnant By 15, On Heroin at 18, This Mom of 4 Has Completely Transformed Her Life

Looking at Julie McAddock with her beautiful family of four children, you would have never guessed that only eight years ago she was a junkie living only for her next fix.

She grew up as an ordinary girl, until some bad decisions lead her down a dangerous road.

“At 12, I started going off the rails. I was drinking, smoking and getting suspended from school. I hated myself, had no self-confidence and felt out of place,” she said.

She started drinking heavily at the age of 13, and became pregnant at 15 years old.

“At 13 and 14, I could not go a day without alcohol and I started smoking hash. I did awful things and if I woke up and remembered what I had done, I would drink again in a bid to forget,” she admitted. “At 15, I found out I was pregnant with Zoe. I managed to stay clean for a while but it wasn’t long before I was back on the Valium so it’s no surprise that at 17 I was pregnant with my son Marc.”

When she was 16-years-old she was homeless and addicted to Valium. By the age of 18 she was injecting heroin and contracted Hepatitis C, and she felt like her life wasn’t worth living.

For many this is where the story comes to an clear-cut end. For Julie, she was able to come back from this hellish existence.