Rescue Dog Steps Up To Agility Course, But His “Skills” Leave The Crowd Laughing

Each year, the Crufts dog show judges crown one pet “Best in Show” out of dozens of purebred competitors.

Unlike human beauty contests, they don’t hand out a congeniality award.

But if they did, a feisty four-year-old mixed breed named Kratu might walk away with this year’s.

The rescue dog, who’s full name is “Baron Kratu von Bearbum,” became a viral sensation after running the contest’s agility course in his own special way.

Kratu’s owner and trainer, Tessa Swan, says he was rescued from an abusive home as a puppy.

Since then, Swan has raised him to be an emotional support dog, and an ambassador for other rescued animals.

In fact, Kratu competed at Crufts this year to raise awareness for the charity that saved his life, Wood Green.

But his performance left something to be desired.

Watch the full video here.


Kratu managed to impress the audience, but mainly because he came up with new and creative ways of using the obstacles.

When he somehow pulled a 180 degree turn inside the plastic tube, the announcer was flabbergasted.

“He couldn’t care less, could be?” he asked, as Kratu ran off the floor for the second time to greet volunteers on the sidelines.

Despite losing the competition, Swan is enjoying all the attention Kratu attracted, and says his silly antics are just like him.

“He’s the reason I get up every day,” she told the announcer.

But Kratu isn’t the only dog who refused to follow the rules this year…

A Dream Came True For This Waitress When Her Good Deed Was Caught On Camera

Every day, we do a few good deeds for people we don’t know.

Maybe you hold the door for a stranger, or leave extra money in the parking meter for someone else.

Normally these acts of kindness go unnoticed. But when Waffle House waitress Evoni Williams from La Marque, Texas helped one of her customers, someone was watching.

And it paid off in a big way.

Williams was at her job earlier this month when an elderly customer asked for help.

At 78 years old, and fresh out of the hospital after a case of pneumonia, Adrien Charpentier admits his hands “are not up to par.”

Charpentier asked for help slicing up the ham on his plate, and Williams was happy to oblige.

“I was just like, ‘Sure! If you need help, that’s what I am here for,'” she told CNN.

Laura Wolf

“My cook was calling my name to pick up food I had on the board, but I continued to cut his ham.”

But unbeknownst to Williams, another customer, Laura Wolf, had snapped a picture of her act of kindness.

“This may seem small but to him,” Wolf wrote about the good deed on Facebook, “I’m sure it was huge.

“I’m thankful to have seen this act of kindness and caring at the start of my day while everything in this world seems so negative.”

Obviously people agreed, because positive comments and encouraging messages for Williams poured in.

Soon, the post had been shared tens of thousands of times, and attracted the attention of La Marque’s mayor.

That’s when he returned the favor for Williams’s good deed.

A Stranger Bought This Homeless Man A Burger, Then Police Kicked Them Both Out Of The Restaurant

Here at Shared, we work really hard to remind everyone that the world is a lot nicer than we think.

But some stories just make me shake my head and ask, “What is happening to us?”

Sadly, this is one of those stories.

It comes courtesy of a man named Yossi Gallo, from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Gallo was only trying to be a good Samaritan for someone down on their luck in his own community.

But he wound up recording a very upsetting encounter with local police that is going viral around the world.

Yossi Gallo and the homeless man he bought a meal for.The Sun News / Yossi Gallo – Facebook

Gallo was in downtown Myrtle Beach when he says he bumped into a homeless man across the street from a McDonald’s.

He asked the man if he was hungry, he said yes, and Gallo offered to buy him a meal inside the restaurant.

So far so good.

But when Gallo and the homeless man walked into the McDonald’s, Gallo says the cashier told the man, “You’re not getting food.”

Soon police had arrived, and they later said they were called because a homeless man was asking for money in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Gallo pulled out his phone and started recording as a police officer told the homeless man to finish his meal, leave, and never come back.

Yossi said he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him, which is why he taped and shared the encounter on Facebook, where it has been viewed more than 60 million times.

“You guys suck,” Gallo says in the video. “He didn’t even ask me for food. I brought him in from outside. I’ll never be back here again.”

But the restaurant’s owner and local police tell a very different story.

Disabled Teen Joins His Dad On Stage For A Performance That Changed Both Their Lives

Most 16-year-olds don’t become viral sensations when they enter their high school talent show.

But Jared Watson isn’t like most high school students.

You may notice that Watson uses a motorized wheelchair. He was born with a rare condition called spinal muscular atrophy that affects his ability to walk.

But what made Watson’s performance a global hit is what he can do, and that’s sing like a country music legend.

His performed “I Told You So” by Randy Travis with his father accompanying him on guitar, and once you watch their performance you’ll know why people can’t stop talking about it.

[embedded content]

Can you believe Watson only won third prize at the talent show? But that’s alright, because his singing voice earned him a few famous fans.

Travis’s wife, Mary David Travis, wrote to the young singer to congratulate him:

“Jared, you covered Randy’s song beautifully!” she wrote. “Just want you to know Randy teared up when he listened to it this afternoon.”

The performance also earned Watson the chance to perform on local TV, record demo tapes, and inspired him to write his own songs.

Watson says he used to dream of being the play-by-play announce for the Baltimore Orioles, but if you ask me he has a bright future on stage.

Jared Watson Music / YouTube

“I thought this was going to be an ordinary performance for me, but it turned out that this performance is changing my life,” Watson said in an interview.

“He’s sung for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always known he’s a really good singer,” his proud father Lee said. “And for him to ask me to back him up, it’s a thrill for me, being his father.”

You can hear more of Watson’s performances on his YouTube page.

Let’s share this young man’s incredible performance so everyone can see it!

[H/T: InspireMore, WBOC]

Watch: The Secret Weapon That Helped Mirai Nagasu Land Her History-Making Triple Axel

By now you’ve already seen it dozens of times, replayed in slow motion: the flawless triple axel jump that put American figure skater Mirai Nagasu in the record books.

When she landed the jump at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea earlier this month, Nagasu became just the eighth woman to ever land the jump in an international competition, the third woman to land it in the Olympics, and the very first American woman to make the jump at the Olympics.

That’s a lot of accomplishments for a skater who’s only 24.

But what you don’t see in the video of Nagasu’s performance is the four years of practice that went into that single jump.

This video breaks down why the triple axel is such a tough jump:

[embedded content]

Ice Network reports that when Nagasu didn’t make the U.S. Olympic team in the 2014, she knew she had to set herself apart from other skaters.

“To be left off the team, it was definitely not a blessing in disguise,” Nagasu said. “But I took that heartbreak and made the decision to change myself and become more responsible and want to improve.”

At the time, Nagasu was considered “too old” to learn new jumps, but the determined skater practiced the triple axel 30 times a day until she had it nailed.

And now, a behind the scene video of Nagasu’s special training routine shows just how far she was willing to go for perfection.

Alex Trebek Heckles Contestants On ‘Jeopardy!’ When They Fail To Answer Questions

We’ve all wondered how hard it would actually be to become a contestant on Jeopardy!. Maybe if we studied really hard, we would be able to go on and not make a complete fool of ourselves. Some people claim that if you watch enough of the hit quiz show you will be able to pick up on certain patterns, but there is always going to be some categories that you just can’t master.

Usually, you would expect that one of the other contestants would be able to answer the questions that you wouldn’t know. However on February 1st, 2018, the show experienced an unprecedented lapse in knowledge from all three contestants, and Alex Trebek’s reaction has everyone laughing.


This is the first time Trebek’s reactions to his contestants has caught people’s attention. He’s made fun of contestants before, getting into hot water after calling one a “loser” because of the type of music she liked. And another time he was surprised when all three contestants lost all of their money in the final question and was completely unsympathetic to their loss.


His latest group of contestants that got called out by Trebek are probably a little bit embarrassed, but honestly it made for some great TV. Who knew that three people not knowing things could be so hilarious…

Mother Shamed For Tickling Her Infant Daughter In Viral Video

It’s hard enough to listen to other adults tell you how to raise your child, but it must be even more difficult when they are accusing you of child abuse for something you thought was playful.

That’s the situation that Audrey Roloff found herself in after posting a home video of herself and her husband playing with their newborn daughter, Ember.

Roloff is a blogger with over 700,000 followers on Instagram, posting pictures of her family and items from her clothing line. When she posted the video of her child, she wasn’t expecting the eruption of anger that followed.

“Don’t tickle babies it will make them stutter. It hurts their nervous system. Think what it does to you if someone holds your arms and tickles you,” said one viewer, echoing the sentiment of many more in the comments.

However, it seemed like the audience was still divided.

Watch the video for yourself on the next page, do you think it was too much?

Costco Cashier Had The Perfect Reaction When Sisters Said He Looks Like A Disney Character

They say you can find anything at Costco, and at the big box store’s Kapolei, Hawaii location that includes demigods.

Radio host Rella Rivera says her daughters Ryley (eight) and Rylyn (five) can’t wait for their weekly grocery trip to Costco after discovering that one of their favorite Disney characters works at the checkout line.

The girls couldn’t hide their excitement.Rella Rivera

Rivera captured the adorable moment when her daughters freaked out over their favorite cashier, asking them “Who’s that?”

“It’s Maui!” they shouted back.

If you have children or grandchildren you’ll definitely see the resemblance between Costco cashier Va’ana and Maui, the tattooed demigod with attitude from Disney’s Moana.

The resemblance is striking.Rella Rivera / Disney

Va’ana has the hair, the looks, and even the tattoos to be the spitting image of Maui. And apparently this isn’t the first time customers have pointed it out to him.

When he saw Ryley and Rylyn’s reaction, Va’ana invited them to join him on the other side of the cash register for a totally adorable moment.

Passengers Were Terrified As The Disney World Monorail’s Doors Opened Mid-Ride

Each year, more than 50 million guests ride Disney World’s iconic monorail train around the theme park.

But the people-mover turned into a thrill ride scarier than any roller coaster last weekend, and one of the park’s guests caught the terrifying experience on camera.

Tilden was riding the red monorail train during the incident.WDW Magic

Abigail Tilden boarded the red monorail train at the park’s Transportation and Ticket Center. But before the vehicle pulled out of the station, she says a maintenance worker spent 10 minutes trying to fix a faulty door on her cabin.

As soon as the train pulled around the first corner, the door popped open, and stayed loose until the train pulled into the park’s Epcot station. During that 15 minute ride, the train’s average speed is 40 miles per hour, and it travels on an elevated track above roads, trees, and water fixtures.

The door was open for almost the entire 15-minute ride.Abigail Tilden

Tilden shared a video of her scary experience, and you can see passengers anxiously gripping their seats during the ride.

“Guys, you gotta get on this,” Tilden wrote on social media, “what if somebody had fallen?”

The malfunction is raising questions about the monorail’s safety, and Disney has already made changes to their trains. But this isn’t the first time the monorail was involved in a serious accident.

Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Doesn’t Go According To Plan, Now Grandma’s Reaction Is Going Viral

There is such thing as being too clever for your own good, and Shantelle and Wesley Dozier learned that the hard way.

The couple have been together for 15 years, and were trying on and off to have a baby almost the entire time. After trying their fourth round of fertility treatments, the couple were almost ready to give up.

“We thought that that was it, it was our fourth try, we were going to be done,” Shantelle told People. “We were throwing in the towel, and we thought we were never going to be parents.”

Shantelle Dozier

But against all odds, the couple were blessed with not one but two children, as Shantelle learned she was pregnant with twins.

“I was expecting that it was never going to happen, and now to finally know we’re going to have our own family, it still feels unreal,” she said.

Of course after all the hoping, wishing, and waiting, the couple wanted to come up with the perfect way to break the news to Wesley’s mother Cynthia.

Soon-to-be grandma Cynthia took a while to catch on.Shantelle Dozier / Facebook

But their idea for an announcement “prank” proved a little too complicated for the new grandma, and her reaction had the whole family in tears of laughter.

Top 10 Funniest Videos Of 2017 That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Have Tears In Your Eyes

With 2017 winding down, it’s important to look back at the year and think about all you accomplished. Maybe you bought a house, got a new job, or finally figured out how to cook the perfect steak. No matter how big or small the thing you accomplished this year was, you survived!

Now that you made it through, you can take some time to reminisce about the hilarious things you have probably already forgotten about. These videos were the top 10 videos of the year, and you should rewatch them to see if you still love them as much as you did the first time.

These precious dogs still get me every single time. They will never stop being funny, each and every clip is perfect and heartwarming.

There are really very few things in this world that are cuter than baby pigs. They are just so sweet and hilarious that it’s impossible to resist them.

Listen, I think we can all relate to this. Exercising is hard, especially for those of us who are a little bit less than coordinated.

There is nothing in the world that is better than finding your special someone, especially when that special someone is a cuddly puppy. These two are just too cute for words and you can’t help but be jealous of these little best friends.

Failing at things is inevitable, so you may as well laugh at it, because the rest of us are going to!

What about the top 5 funniest videos of the year? Keep going for more…

After A Gift From His Late Grandma Was Stolen, “Angels From God” Gave Him A Touching Surprise

Just in time for Christmas, a viral video from a California high school is reminding us all about the true reason for the season.

Shawn Hawkins, a 15-year-old student from Antioch High School, was heartbroken after a gift from his late grandmother went missing while he was in gym class. The student’s bag was too big for his gym locker, so he left it sitting on the ground outside of his class.

A 3DS Xl.Digital Trends

That’s when a thief took what mattered most to Hawkins. He ignored the boy’s cell phone, his ear buds, and even video games in his backpack, but took a Nintendo 3DS XL game system.

The game system was a gift from the teen’s late grandmother, but also had a special significance to Hawkins, who dreams of becoming a video game designer when he grows up.

“I was very distraught and sad,” he told a local newspaper.

Kasey Freire / Facebook

Hawkins left a message on the school’s whiteboard, asking for the system to be returned “no questions asked,” but there was no luck. But one of his fellow students noticed how badly Hawkins missed the system, and planned a touching surprise.

Now, a video of their incredible gift is going viral.

Preschooler Runs Off With Baby Jesus During Nativity Play, The Audience Reaction Is Priceless [Video]

A group of kids in a church nativity play added a new twist to the Greatest Story Ever Told, and it had parents in stitches.

Proud mom Tana Benson was taping her daughter Teegan’s performance as the sheep when she decided to flip the script. As Tana explains, her daughter has been singing all the play’s songs nonstop for weeks, and she loves babies, which was a recipe for disaster when she stepped on the stage.

Tana Benson with her daughters Teegan and Taylor. Tana Benson

“They were all itching to get up there so they could dance along with the music,” Tana explained. The kids were just in the midst of singing “Away in the Manger” when Teegan made her move, grabbing the baby Jesus doll out of his manger and carrying him away for a dance.

All was calm before Teegan made her move.Tana Benson

Thankfully, the parents in the audience got a kick out of Teegan’s improvisation, but the rest of the cast didn’t. That’s when the trouble started, and the video turned from “just funny” into a viral hit.

Boy’s Heartbreaking Call To End Bullying Is Gaining Star-Studded Attention

One in three kids is bullied every day at school. This number is staggering, and it’s a cry for help. Whether it’s physically or emotionally, bullying leaves permanent scars on the hearts of kids everywhere.

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp just how bad bullying is at schools today, especially if you’re not witnessing it first-hand. Unfortunately for Keaton Jones, he knows all too well just how bad the bullying is. Keaton’s mom, Kimberly, recorded her son’s breakdown after having to be picked up at school once again for fear of being bullied at lunch.

“They make fun of my nose. They call me ugly. They say I have no friends,” Keaton says through tears.



The video went viral almost instantly, and it’s been gaining attention across the Internet. However, it seems that it might be a little too much.

A 9-Year-Old Was Asked To Explain His Autism And Now He’s An Internet Sensation

Standing up in front of a group of your peers to do a presentation is hard at the best of times, especially when you are a kid. Add being autistic to that mix, and the difficulty level raises exponentially.

George Yionoulis, a nine-year-old fourth-grader from North Carolina was asked by his teacher if he would be interested in talking to his class about autism and how it affects him. He didn’t hesitate for a moment and said yes. But he decided not to go about it conventionally with a presentation to his class, he decided to make his own music video. That video has now gone viral, and people are blown away.


When I watched his video, I was blown away. It hits so close to home for me because two of my daughters have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and neither my wife or I know what the future holds. They are younger than George, but I can only hope that they grow to be as open and engaging as he is, it is inspiring on so many levels.

Check out his video, and just try to imagine the courage and strength it took him to accomplish this.

Video Footage Shows What Happens When A Man Gets Swarmed By Hornets

What’s your biggest fear? I hate heights, spiders, and tight spaces. For a lot of people, their biggest fear is hornets or bees. That’s why this home in New Orleans is probably going to be appearing in their nightmares for the rest of eternity.

Latest Stories

“We got here, what I would say, is the granddaddy of all hornet’s nests, European Yellowjacket,” says Jude Verret, the exterminator tasked with destroying the massive hornet’s nest.


The shed had been completely overrun with hornets as they built their nest, and eventually the homeowners had no other option than to contact professional help.

“I do see [nests] almost that big from time to time,” Verret said. “But that one was really huge. An extreme amount.”

Verret wore a GoPro camera as he took on what seemed like an impossible task, and the footage is going completely viral.

Live Stream Of Georgia Dome Demolition Goes Wrong In The Most Hilarious Way

The Georgia Dome was home to many major sporting events in Atlanta history. From 1992 to 2016 it was where the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL played. Before that, it was home to the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA, and before that it housed the NCAA Peach Bowl from 1993 to 2016.

Stadiums of Pro Football

The building was slated for demolition earlier this week, as the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium was ready to take over hosting events. It was a sad day for Georgia sports fans to watch the Dome go down, but everyone knew it was time.

“It’s going to be a sad day,” said Ken Jefferson, who worked at the Dome from its opening through its closing. “To me, it’s been like watching a loved one die.”

Because it was such a big event in the city’s history, the Weather Channel chose to set up a camera to record the demolition. It’s not every day that you get to see a building this size be blown up, and people were excited for the opportunity.


The demolition was estimated to last about 12 seconds, and the Weather Channel was set to capture all of them. What they weren’t anticipating, however, was the bus schedule.

10-Year-Old Best Man Stole The Show At His Dad’s Wedding

It’s always really cute when parents let children get involved in their wedding, but 10-year-old Jaydon Rabatin defied even his dad’s biggest expectations.

Kevin and Briana Rabatin

Jaydon’s dad Kevin picked him for the honor of being the best man at his wedding earlier this month. Jaydon was nearby as his new stepmom Briana and his dad said their “I dos” in front of their 65 guests. But the couple from Wilmington, Delaware had no idea what Jaydon was planning for the reception.

Kevin and Briana Rabatin

Of course, the 10-year-old was expected to deliver the traditional best man speech. But before he was handed the microphone, Kevin had no idea what was in store. It turns out the youngster had spent days practicing a hilarious speech.

“The day has come that this man is getting married,” he began. “I’m not too sure how I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong. I love Brie. Isn’t she the most beautiful bride? But this means I’m losing my bachelor buddy. We go waaaaay back. It’s like I have known him since the first breath I took.”

The crowd was already delighted, but Jaydon had even more in store for them.

Bride Sings Elvis While Walking Down The Aisle, Her Groom’s Reaction Has Everyone In Tears

If you need a good excuse to cry today, Allison Dyer has you covered. The Kentucky bride’s unique walk down the aisle is going viral for all the right reasons.

Allison met her groom, Jason Thurman, through their church four years ago. The couple became fast friends, then high school sweethearts, and finally tied the knot last week. They travel together playing music at nearby churches, so it’s no surprise that their musical talent became part of the ceremony.

Allison and Jason are high school sweethearts.Allison Dyer

But Allison says that when she walked down the aisle singing Elvis Presley‘s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Jason was totally surprised. The couple’s wedding photographer caught Jason’s emotional reaction to the song, and the newlywed reveals he was thinking about more than just Allison’s beautiful singing voice during that moment.

“Allison comes from a place where she used to be in an abusive relationship,” Jason told Yahoo Lifestyle, “and to know that someone like me could change that for her is absolutely extraordinary.”

Jason couldn’t disguise his emotional reaction to the song.Sharon Staggs Stone / Facebook

And the happy bride reveals that “I didn’t want a relationship [when we met], but I knew God was telling me he was the one, so I took a leap of faith.”

Four years later it seems like she made the right decision, and all those memories came flooding back to Jason during her incredible performance.

Rescued Deer Fawn Refuses To Leave His Savior’s Arms

It’s not exactly an uncommon sight to see city workers helping to save animals. There’s always the stereotypical scenario where a firefighter shows up with a ladder to save a cat stuck in a tree, but even aside from cliches, there have been a number of times when public servants have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our little furry friends.


Whether it’s a police officer rescuing a raccoon that’s found itself hilariously stuck somewhere, a veteran adopting the combat service dog that they worked alongside overseas, or people braving horrific hurricane flooding to save animals tied up by negligent owners, rescue stories of critters of all shapes and sizes warm our hearts like pretty much nothing else.


So, it should be especially heartwarming to see a group of power-line technicians rescuing a baby deer, but what puts this one over the top is the deer’s reaction to his saviors.