Is Your Hometown In The Top 5 Best Or Worst Cities To Get A Cup Of Coffee?

Who doesn’t love a cup of Joe to wake them up in the morning? Whether it’s before you head into work, drop the kids off at school, or just to feel more awake and lively, coffee has always been your “get it done” friend.

Coffee has been a staple in the American diet since the Boston Tea Party of 1773, when patriots to our nation threw the imported leaves into the harbor. Ever since then, Americans have been drinking that delicious brew and staying hard at work.

But it appears that some states love this hot beverage way more than others, and many would be surprised to see how hard, or how easy, it is for their fellow citizens to get access to the real magic beans.

Take a look and see how your region ranks from worst to best!

Laredo, Texas

Bigger doesn’t always mean better in this case.

Toledo, Ohio


Why does Ohio have to be terrible at everything?

Greensboro, North Carolina

If it ain’t sweet tea, they do not want it. Maybe South Carolina can do a better job…

North Las Vegas, Nevada

Not Pictured: Good coffee.

Memphis, Tennessee

Okay, we may have an objection to raise here.

Are you ready to see the best places in America to get your cup of java?

War Veteran Uses His Special Talent To Commemorate Fallen Soldiers

A Vietnam War veteran has drawn the portraits of thousands of fallen soldiers to give to their families.

Michael Reagan first began drawing his portraits in 2003 when a woman wanted to commission a picture of her late husband – a Corpsman in Iraq who had passed away the year before – but he wanted to draw it for free.

After she received the portrait, she reached out to Reagan to tell him how much she appreciated his work.

“She said, ‘I’m calling you today because yesterday, when I opened up the picture and looked into my husband’s eyes, I was able to reconnect instantly,” Reagan told wbur. “We talked about things that we hadn’t finished talking about when he died. I ended my conversation with him telling him I loved him.’ She said, ‘I felt him say he loved me back. And for the first time in a year, I’ve slept all night.'”

While the talented artist from Edmonds, Washington, now specializes in portraits of veterans, he first began drawing pictures of celebrities to be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charity.

He quit his job and became dedicated to his new calling.

“If I can spend a few hours sitting here at my drawing table and bring back a smile to a widow’s face, how can I do anything else?” Reagan told NBC. “You know, God gave me this ability to draw pictures.”

Massive Bible Museum Opening Just Blocks From The Capitol Building

Tourists visiting our nation’s capital will have to squeeze in some time for one more attraction, now that the Museum of the Bible has opened its doors.

The enormous 430,000 square foot museum is only a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building, and just north of the National Mall, where the Smithsonian museum is located. The building is the pet project of billionaire Hobby Lobby executive Steve Green, who has spent $500 million of his own money to build the museum.

Steve Green.AP

The museum advertises itself as nonsectarian, and welcoming to all faiths, as well as family-friendly. Admission is free, but donations are requested. Visitors will have to plan their time carefully to see all eight floors of the museum, which includes a restaurant, a ballroom, and a massive theater with a wraparound screen.

Green says that his museum, the world’s largest devoted just to the Bible, takes “a journalistic view” of the holy book. “It’s not about espousing our faith,” he says, “we’re inviting people to engage with this book, so we embrace all that will come and celebrate the Bible.”

At the building’s entrance there are a pair of 40-foot tall replicas of the Book of Genesis, and the exhibits inside are just as impressive. Ahead of the museum’s opening this week, its giving the public a sneak peek of what they can expect to see during their visit.

20 Laundry Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Laundry. Just the word is enough to stress you out, isn’t it?

It’s nobody’s favorite household job, but sadly our clothes need to get washed, dried, folded, and put away unless we want to go out in the world looking like slobs. Save some time, energy, and your sanity by using these 20 helpful laundry hacks:

1. Learn to follow directions

Every piece of clothing you own tells you exactly how to clean it to keep it looking perfect. The trouble is, those instructions are written in a code that most of us never learned to read. Follow this guide to deciphering the most common laundry symbols and wash your clothes with confidence.

2. Reset your socks

When you’re at your wits end trying to match your family’s missing socks, at a certain point you have to say “enough is enough.” Donate your old socks and pick up big bundles of new ones (stick to one brand per color). That way, it’s as easy as finding any two socks and putting them on.

3. Go easy on the detergent

How much detergent do you put in your washing machine? You’re probably just adding what’s suggested on the label, but detergent makers want you to overuse their product. Cut back by a third and you probably won’t notice any difference.

4. Keep your shoes shining

Throwing your child’s dirty running shoes in the washing machine can be noisy and annoying. Trapping the laces in the door can help, but you can also clean them by hand. Mix water, detergent, and baking soda, then scrub on the mixture with a toothbrush (not one you use).


5. Re-string your hoodies

There’s nothing more frustrating that trying to put a drawstring back in a sweater, pair of sweatpants, or a swimsuit. Staple the string to a plastic straw and feed it through the hole. Now it’s much easier to pull through.

6. Un-shrink your clothes

Take a bucket of water. or a sink, and pour in a tablespoon of hair conditioner. Let your shrunken clothes soak in the bucket, then gently stretch them out and let them dry. This loosens the fabric, so your clothes return to normal. You’re welcome!

7. Throw a towel in your drying loads

If you put in a dry towel for the first 15 to 20 minutes of a dry cycle, it will soak up the excess moisture and help the clothes dry much faster. Just don’t forget to take it out.


8. Don’t stretch your sweaters

To avoid bumpy, loose shoulders on your sweaters, try this hanging technique: fold the sweater in half across the body, then place the hanger hook in the armpit. Fold the body and sleeves over the hook. Now it will stay in place, but won’t stretch.

9. Resists the urge to wash after one wear

If you’re like me and prefer to only wear “clean” clothes, it can be agonizing to wear the same shirt twice in one week. But shirt, undershirts, and pants can last a lot longer than we think before being washed.

If it smells fresh – wear it.Today

Check you clothes labels to see which ones can avoid being washed every week.

10. Use two hampers

This is so simple but it’s a handy time-saver: when you put away your dirty clothes, divide them between lights and darks. Now when it’s laundry day your sorting is already taken care of!