12 Weird Sounds Your Body Makes, And What They’re Trying To Tell You

As we get older, we get used to hearing a lot of unusual sounds from our bodies.

They pop, click, and gurgle whenever we have to move around, which can be a little embarrassing and annoying.

But with so many noises, it can be hard to sort out the dangerous ones from the simply annoying.

Here are 12 of the most common noises, and what to do if you hear them.

If it sounds like you’re making popcorn when you stand up, there’s nothing to worry about – you’re just getting old. As long as your popping joint doesn’t hurt, it’s perfectly healthy.

Our joints are full of a cushioning liquid called Synovial fluid. When we move, air bubbles in the fluid pop.

The noise is especially common in the neck or shoulder, because of our bone structure.

The noise is also the same one you hear when you “crack” your knuckles. And yes, that habit is harmless too.

Daniel Max – Flickr

We always say this means that you’re hungry, but that’s only half right.

The growling noise is caused when air and fluids are pushed out your digestive tract. The same movement just triggers when we’re feeling hungry.

If you notice the sound while experiencing constipation or cramps, it could be a sign of something more serious.

When you lay your head down on a pillow, you can probably hear a “whooshing” sound. This is the sound of blood pumping through the veins and arteries of your ear.

Now, if you notice the same sound when you’re sitting or standing, you may have a problem. It could be a sign of an ear infection, or allergies, so see a doctor.

Like snoring, these noisy outbursts could be caused by sleep apnea, or when your airway collapses as you’re lying down.

If you feel tired on days after your partner complains about the noise, it might be time to see a sleep specialist.

Movie Magic: See How Your Favorite Films Look Before They Add Special Effects

Entertainment | TV Shows/Movies

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Walt Disney Pictures

If You Can Wiggle Your Ears, You Have An Ancient Super Power

Can you wiggle your ears without using your fingers?

It’s a strange question, but if you have to ask yourself the answer is probably “no.”

You either can wiggle your ears or you can’t, and there’s a special reason why only some of us have the gift.


Why can some people move their ears in the first place?

Well, you probably share your home with at least one ear-wiggler, and it should be obvious if you think about them.

Your dog or cat can move their ears, just like horses or other mammals.

It helps them hear better, and to identify where noises are coming from. That’s very useful for an animal with natural predators that want to eat them.

So how come humans are left out of the wiggling club?

As humans evolved, some traits stopped being useful for us, including being able to move our ears.

Over thousands of years, the ability died out from one generation to the next. But it still lives on in some of us, because it’s useless but not dangerous or deadly.

Surveys say that 10-20% of the population can still wiggle their ears, and wiggling is usually common among family members.

But even if you don’t have wiggly ears, the muscles around your ears will still react to loud noises as if they can move.

But this cute feature isn’t the only leftover trait from our ancestors.

Everyone In This Tiny Village Has Dementia – The World’s Most Unusual Nursing Home

If you’ve cared for a loved one with dementia, you know how difficult it can be.

My own grandparents lived through the disease, and watching them transform before my eyes was very difficult.

But I’m not alone. More than 5 million people in the United States are living with dementia. And that number is only expected to go up as our population gets older.

While there are some habits that will help prevent the condition, one facility has its own surprising approach to treating patients with dementia.


Hogeweyk is a village of 150 people, within the town of Weesp, in the Netherlands.

Every day, the village’s elderly residents wake up, go to the cafe, meet their friends for a drink, do some grocery shopping, and enjoy Hogeweyk’s lovely gardens.

But all of the village’s residents have advanced stage dementia.

In fact, the “village” is just a very large care home, designed to look like a small town.

Hogeweyk has its own grocery store, a pub, a theater, and a post office.

The villagers are free to use real money (if they can) but usually pay with fake Hogeweyk money given to them at the start of every month.

While it may sound challenging, there’s a team of nursing home employees on hand to help the residents.

They’re just disguised as regular people – no white coats or smocks – to keep up the illusion.

Hogeweyk’s director says the inspiration for the unique nursing home was creating an independent, almost normal way of life, compatible with severe memory loss.

And life in Hogeweyk has some surprising perks.

Surprising Evidence Says Twins Can Actually Read Each Other’s Minds

When I was growing up, a pair of twin boys at my elementary school were the subject of a lot of strange rumors.

Like most twins, the boys spent almost their time together. But some of the stories about their bond revealed an almost supernatural connection.

When one fell and scraped his knee on the playground, the other complained that his hurt too.

Stories like this are surprisingly common around the world, and some connections go even further.

The famous “Jim Twins,” who were separated at birth.Shoe Online

One famous pair of Finnish twins made headlines around the world when they died just a kilometer from each other, only hours apart.

The first brother died while biking on a highway, when he was hit by a truck.

Hours later, his twin was biking the same route – oblivious of the accident – and was hit by another truck.

Then there was the famous case of the “Jim Twins,” who were both raised apart since birth, and never knew they had a twin.

Both men grew up to marry women named Linda, then divorced and re-married to women named Betty.

They both liked drawing and carpentry, both loved math but hated spelling, both smoke and drank heavily, and both experienced headaches at the same time each day.

They sound like freaky coincidences, but a study shows that twins might actually share a supernatural connection.

An English research project asked pairs of twins and non-twins to guess what their partner was drawing without looking.

The twins scored twice as many correct answers as the non-twins.

So how does science explain this creepy connection?

Why Songs Get Stuck In Your Head, And The Simple Trick To Make Them Go Away

Call it whatever you like – sticky music, earworms, a stuck song, or just plain annoying.

If you’re one of the 90% of people who regularly deal with them, you’ve probably already experienced one this week.

Sadly, I’m one of the 30% who have it even worse, because I can’t make it through a single day without a song repeating in my head.

Whether it’s an old classic, or the last thing I heard on the radio, listening to the music repeat over and over can be seriously irritating.

Because this temporary condition, called “involuntary musical imagery” by scientists, is so common, lots of studies have tried to explain exactly why it happens.

Researchers say “YMCA” gets stuck in your brain very easily.CBS Music

No surprise here, but songs with repetitive, catchy melodies are the hardest to forget.

Classics like “YMCA,” “Jingle Bells,” and “We Will Rock You” all made the University of St. Andrews’s list of stickiest songs.

Recognizability and familiarity also make songs “catch” in your brain, which is why recent radio hits seem to infect the entire country all at once.

Then again, really sticky tunes like “The Song That Doesn’t End” have a habit of jumping out of nowhere and lodging in your brain for days. Is it on repeat in your mind yet?

If you’ve caught an earworm today and it won’t leave you alone, we have expert advice to shake it for good.

13 Controversial Celebrity Graves As Famous As The People Beneath Them

Fame: you can’t take it with you.

While we still know their names and faces, these 13 stars have passed away and left behind only our memories of them.

And of course, they also have their tombstones, grave markers, and memorials. But as you’ll see from this list, some people refuse to let the dead rest in peace.

The SNL and Animal House star got the last laugh with his tombstone, which reads “I may be gone, but Rock and Roll lives on,” beneath a skull and crossbones.

But the hard-partying actor’s grave quickly became a tourist destination for some unsavory people. Repeated complaints forced his widow to move Belushi’s body to an unmarked grave, to protect his graveyard on Martha’s Vineyard from litterbugs and vandals.

This leading lady is remembered for her famous quips, and she saved the best for last. Find her family memorial in L.A.’s historic Forest Lawn cemetery and you’ll see her unique epitaph: “She did it the hard way.”

The inscription was actually suggested by Hollywood director Joe Mankiewicz, and inspired by how Davis had to fight to get the parts she wanted in Hollywood.

Wayne’s family was determined to keep the western star’s plot a secret, to keep away nosy fans and tourists. It wasn’t until 1998, almost 20 years after the True Grit star’s death, that a plaque was finally added to his unmarked grave in Newport Beach, California.

christine592 / Flickr

The famed writer’s massive tombstone in Paris is a work of art in itself. The huge statue of a winged man has been vandalized nonstop since it was built in 1914, with tourists from all over the world leaving bright red kisses on the tombstone.

The angel itself had its stone genitals chopped off by a tourist as a souvenir in the 1980s, and today a protective glass barrier has been put up around the monument.

Presley’s Graceland home in Tennessee is the second-most visited house in America, after the White House. More than 600,000 tourists travel to the King’s home each year to pay their respects.

While Presley was originally buried in a nearby cemetery, his father Vernon paid a team of grave robbers to ransack his own son’s tomb, so he could be buried on Graceland’s property despite local zoning laws.

Fans of the late actress leave kisses and flowers for her every day, but some dedicated admirers have tried to get a more permanent position by her side.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was famously buried in the plot beside Monroe, so he could spend the afterlife beside her.

L.A. businessman Richard Poncer also bought the tomb above Monroe. He even left strict instructions to his wife, asking to be buried face down…ick!

The famous talk show host and creator of game shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune obviously lived and breathed TV. So when it was time to say goodbye, Griffin had the perfect line ready for his headstone: “I will not be right back after this message.”

Research Says Picking Your Nose Is Actually Healthy – But You Have To Eat The Boogers

Picking your nose is seen as a gross habit around the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s rare.

In a survey, 96% of teenagers admit to digging for gold regularly, while a surprising 90% of adults say they do it too.

In fact, the average person cleans out the attic four times a day, even if they’re in the 10% that won’t admit to it.

But that may not be a bad thing. While it’s certainly bad table manners to pick your nose in front of friends and family, research says there are health benefits to burrowing for boogies.

The only downside is you need to eat what you find to get those health benefits.

Napper and his students pick their noses.The Sheaf

It’s gross but true, according to biochemist Scott Napper. He says humans may have actually evolved to eat their boogers because the little nuggets are so good for us.

“I’ve got two beautiful daughters and they spend an amazing amount of time with their fingers up their nose,” he told the CBC.

“And without fail, it goes right into their mouth afterwards. Could they just be fulfilling what we’re truly meant to do?”

If you’re feeling skeptical – or nauseous – just wait until you learn what boogers can do for your body.

How Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards Became An Unlikely Olympic Hero, And What Happened Next

The Winter Olympics are here again, and that means the world is being introduced to a new group of young and inspiring athletes.

But some of the most memorable Olympic stories aren’t about triumph and gold medals. Take the story of Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards for example.


Edwards was a construction worker from Cheltenham, England who failed to qualify for the Olympics as a downhill skier. Instead of giving up on his Olympic dream, Edwards switched to ski jumping.

Ski jumping is a highly competitive sport, but at the time Edwards was the only British athlete competing in it. After placing 55th at the world championships, he automatically qualified to represent Great Britain at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary.


Edwards wasn’t just an unlikely Olympic athlete, he was the very definition of an underdog:

When he learned he had qualified for the Olympics, he was living in a mental institution in Finland – the only place he could afford to stay.

Edwards had to wear six pairs of socks to fit into his borrowed ski boots, and he was 20 pounds heavier than the other ski jumpers.

He also funded his journey to the Olympic games himself, but the biggest difference between Edwards and the other ski jumpers was his eyesight.

CTV News

Edwards was so nearsighted he had to wear his coke-bottle glasses underneath his bright pink ski goggles, and they were constantly fogging up before his jumps.

In spite of all these setbacks, Edwards made it to the Olympics. But his story was about to take another strange turn.

Can You See Why This High School Class Set A World Record?

High school is a place where students learn what sets them apart from everyone else, but kids at New Trier High School in Chicago are more alike than you would expect.

That’s because 91 students in New Trier’s class of 2020 are triplets or twins, an unusually high percentage at a school with just over 1,000 students.

New Trier’s class of 2020.New Trier High School

The startling number of twins in a single class was enough to get the school into the Guinness Book of World Records, and there’s a surprising reason behind the huge number of double births in the community.

Luke and Ryan Novosel came up with the idea to break the record.Pioneer Press

The idea to apply for the record came from Luke and Ryan Novosel, who also set one of the previous records with their grade school class. The Novosel boys say this isn’t necessarily an “academic” or “skill-type” record, but they’re still proud of it.

“There’s something unique you share with a twin, but you also have a special bond when you meet other twins,” Luke explains, and he had no idea just how many twins went to his school until he tried to break the record.

A pair of New Trier twins.JWC Media

New Trier beat the previous record set by a school in Connecticut, which featured 18 pairs of twins and two sets of triplets in one eighth-grade class.

In case you’re curious how so many pairs of twins end up at the same high school, New Trier parents have a theory.

Why Your Finger Nails Are Doing Weird Things

We often freak out when we see something odd about our nails, whether they are yellow, lifting or brittle we tend to think the worst and just assume our liver is failing or something crazy. Most of the time there are clear reasons why your nails are doing this and it could be from something very simple.

1. Yellow nails

Yellow nails can be from something as simple as a stain from your nail polish. Even if your polish wasn’t any color close to yellow, sometimes the reactions from nail polish creates a yellowish tinge on your nails. They could also be yellow if you are a smoker. Most commonly, smoking only turns your fingers yellow but it can also tint our nails. If it is prolonged, it could signal diseases such as diabetes or bronchitis.

2. Brittle nails

Brittle nails can come from a number of different factors. They can be from washing dishes often, frequently using nail polish remover, or if you get fake nails or shellac nail polish. Even dry air can make your nails brittle. Luckily they grow back so they won’t be brittle forever.

3. Vertical ridges

These ridged lines that run up your finger nails are completely normal. They appear more as you age. They are comparable to wrinkles for your fingernails.

10 Impossibly Strange-Looking Animals That Don’t Even Seem Real

Sure, we all love walking down the street and seeing our neighbors walking their huskies and German shepherds, and even that one random person who got a cat to walk with a leash.

However, have you ever seen an animal that just made you stop in your tracks and go “what is THAT?!” Well, I can guarantee you if you saw one of these 10 critters in the wild, you definitely would.


The Bergamasco is an Italian dog known for getting hair mattes that grow to the point of looking like giant scales. Looks uncomfortable, right? Well actually, it’s not! The dog’s mattes are quite natural, and actually help shield it from wind and the cold.

Science Alert

There are plenty of bioluminescent (meaning they generate their own natural light) creatures in the ocean, but it’s only been in the last few years that researchers have found a species this huge. They think the glowing turtles use their light either as camouflage, or to communicate with each other.

Pets4Homes UK

The bedlington terrier looks like a poodle’s older cousin who moved to the big city and got really into punk rock, thanks especially to their naturally-forming mohawks. On the downside, they have the personalities to match, as they’re apparently known for being less than friendly with other dogs.


This basically looks like an armadillo and an anteater had a baby who’s really, really into heavy metal. Found throughout Asia and Africa, the Pangolin has a long tongue used to eat ants and termites, and it’s covered in a heavy keratin shell – the only mammal in the world to have this!

The critters just get more unreal from here…

16 Crazy Facts About Famous Celebrities That Will Change The Way You Look At Them

Very few people are born celebrities, and many of our best and brightest have had some pretty accomplished lives well before stepping into the spotlight. Of course, some of these lives are defined by some very strange moments, and in the case of these 16, can be quite surprising or even shocking.

Christopher Walken used to be a lion tamer, and trained as a dancer before becoming an actor.


Somehow we’re not even a little bit surprised.

According to her birth certificate, Oprah’s real name is Orpah.

Famous Entrepreneurs

The doctors apparently didn’t know how to spell “Oprah,” so “Orpah” she became.

Justin Timberlake’s mom became Ryan Gosling’s legal guardian while they filmed The Mickey Mouse Club.


Gosling’s mom had to stay in Canada to work, so JT’s family looked after him.

Bill Murray was arrested at 20 for trying to smuggle marijuana onto a plane.


I mean, he’s Bill Murray. What else was he going to do, watch the in-flight movie?

Julie Andrews had a pretty rough time filming the most iconic scene in The Sound of Music.

Warner Bros.

The helicopter taking the shots would kick up such a bad wind that she got knocked over several times. She described “spitting out dirt and hay” between each take.

Jack Nicholson was a volunteer firefighter, and was VERY good at breaking that door with a fire axe in The Shining.

Warner Bros.

The prop department had to build sturdier doors in order to get the takes to look right.

Jerry Springer was once the mayor of Cincinnatti.

Twitter / Jerry Springer

We can only imagine what town hall gatherings looked like.

The facts just get crazier from here…

13 Outrageous Olympic Moments That Made History For All The Wrong Reasons

The Olympic Games are the world’s biggest sporting event, and that means two things: they feature the world’s best athletes competing on the highest stage, and something is bound to go wrong. Really wrong.

The cameras were rolling when these 13 downright weird events stunned the world. Which is good, because otherwise we wouldn’t believe they happened at all.


Gymnastic fans who tuned in to the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, Australia were stunned to watch one competitor after another miss their vaults.

[embedded content]

Australian gymnast Allana Slater was the first person to spot the problem: the vault block was five centimeters too short, which had a huge impact on the jumps. The block was reset, but many competitors were too shaken by their falls to recover.


Ethiopian marathon runner Abebe Bikila has two claims to fame: he’s incredibly fast, and he has really tough feet. When he couldn’t find a pair of running shoes that suited him, Bikila ran the 1960 marathon in Rome barefoot.

[embedded content]

And – of course – he won and set an Olympic Record. He’s just lucky there weren’t any Lego pieces along the race track.

[embedded content]

Doves, the universal symbol for peace, have always been an important part of Olympic opening ceremonies. But live doves haven’t been used since the Seoul games in 1988. The plan was for the doves to fly off from the Olympic torch during its lighting, but many of the poor birds were roasted alive instead.

The South Korean crowd storms the boxing ring.Gusts Of Popular Feeling

Olympic referee Keith Walker was just doing his job when he gave Korean boxer Jong-il Byun a penalty for headbutting. But when Byun lost the match, the South Korean crowd broke out in a riot.

Even South Korean officials and stadium security guards attacked Walker. “I was very concerned at the time,” the judge remembered about the scary moment.

[embedded content]

Mundo Deportivo

Eric “the Eel” Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea had never even seen an Olympic-size swimming pool before the games in Sydney. So how did he win a race against the world’s best swimmers?

They eliminated themselves with false starts. Moussambani won his race just by finishing, and even though his time was too slow to advance to the next round, there’s no denying he made Olympic history.

[embedded content]

Daily Mirror

There’s no single moment that sums up the strange face-off between figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 Winter Olympics. After a violent attempt to sabotage Kerrigan failed, the two women competed in an event full of tears, dramatic re-dos, and a surprise ending that saw Harding finish in eighth place.

It was enough drama to inspire a Hollywood film, which of course it did.

An Exploding Coconut Is The Latest Strange Thing Left In A Coffin Meant For Cremation

One of the biggest questions that just about everybody has to face at some point is this: what exactly do you want done with your body once you pass on?

The Independent

It’s a question with plenty of feasible answers, and the reasoning behind just about any of them is equally valid. Do you want a religious ceremony in the place of worship of your choice, with a solemn burial to accompany it? Maybe you want to donate your organs to those who need them most first? Or maybe your wish is to be dressed up like Elvis in Blue Hawaii and shot out of a canon into a volcano? We’re not here to judge.


A very popular method of body disposal is cremation, as it means your burial is much easier (or even preservation should you want to be kept in a ceramic jar), and your ashes can be scattered at a place of your choosing should you want (although you’re technically not REALLY allowed to do that anymore).


However, one thing that people often forget about cremation is that, well, your coffin-housed body has to go into an incinerator. Why is this a problem you might ask? Well, it turns out that some people like sending off their loved ones with items that really, really shouldn’t get put into an incinerator…

Melania Trump Was Once In An Insurance Commercial And It’s Hilarious

While hosting business executives at the White House, President Trump told his guests about a funny commercial his wife once starred in. The First Lady was portrayed as a bride of Frankenstein with duck-like qualities.

Before becoming the wife of the President of the United States, Melania had a successful modeling career. She has been modeling since she was five years old and has been in many high-profile shoots which led to her starring in the commercial.

The video is hilarious on its own, especially when Melania looks down at her feet! Watch it for yourself and see!

Why Your Waiter Hates When You Order Dessert

Sadly, we have news about a popular restaurant trend that doesn’t involve tasty new foods.

Have you noticed that your favorite local eatery has stopped offering dessert specials? Or your server just seems really reluctant to ask if you want a slice of cake after your meal? It sounds paranoid, but you could be right.

LDarS / TripAdvisor

The reason behind this weird behavior is desserts just don’t make money for most restaurants. And there are a number of reasons why.

First and foremost, customers love to share a small dessert, and any menu item with the cost split between two people is bad news for a restaurant owner.

Economics professor Tyler Cowen also told the Washington Post that people have a very tight mental limit for how much they’ll pay for dessert.

Betty Crocker

“Dessert needs good ingredients to taste good, but you can’t psychologically convince people to pay even $20 for dessert,” he explains.

Ordering dessert can also double your meal time, and the restaurant business demands tables “flip” to new customers quickly, to keep money and tips flowing.

More and more restaurants are eliminating dessert from their menu entirely, but there’s a good reason they shouldn’t.

A Killer Whale Has Actually Been Taught To Mimic Human Speech

It has been said that humans have become the dominant species on the planet largely in thanks to our ability to communicate through language.

We are able to give each each directions and pass on knowledge quickly, which means we can learn faster than other animals who need to “do” in order to “know.”

Only a select few species have come close to developing language as complicated as ours, but now it seems that number has grown.

One orca, or killer whale, has been taught how to echo language prompts from its trainer.

This is a scientific breakthrough, as any animal that can demonstrate an understanding of social learning (or learning by copying) must have higher brain functioning than most beings on the planet.

While many birds can mimic human speech patterns, orcas are notable for producing sound not through the larynx in their throats, but via their blowhole.

It’s a little eerie how close it sounds, listen for yourself on the next page!

These Slick Criminals Are No Match For The All-Seeing Google Earth

Have you ever seen the Google Earth van go by? It’s a large vehicle, usually with a ton of camera equipment strapped to the top of the roof, and very obvious to see coming.

Over the past decade, Google has sent out hundreds of these teams to take pictures of over 5 million miles of roadway in over 39 countries. Their maps are the most up-to-date and offer an intimate view for anyone looking through to see exactly where they are going.

This means that they end up capturing much more than just road signs as they make their way through neighborhoods.

Unfortunately for these criminals, Google Earth was there to take their picture, and it wasn’t their best side!

This picture led police to the right suspect in a stolen bike case. Not the only law he was breaking either; where’s your helmet?!

When the Google Earth satellite flew over top of this forest in Oregon, officials noticed something strange about the way these trees were lined up. They tracked the farm down to someone with a licence to grow 30 plants, but was definitely over-producing.

When Greece was cracking down on tax evaders, they matched addresses with aerial shots of neighborhoods of suspects. Quite a few people said they didn’t have a pool, and yet, a blue rectangle was found in their backyards…

A land-owner curious about his property was looking at Google Earth to survey the area one day, when he thought he spied an illegal hunting cabin on his land.

When he investigated he found an SUV, and when the police showed up, he was surprised to find he had just located a stolen car!

A trailer home was stolen out of a driveway in the UK several years ago with no leads, until Google Earth offered this image of an unknown man on the property of the victims. Two years later, it led to his arrest and the recovery of the stolen caravan.

The maps service has led to the solving of much worse crimes than this, and it’s hard to believe that some of these culprits didn’t see it coming!

9 Gross Things We all Do, But Would Never Admit To

We all have gross habits.. Some are grosser than others, but we all have some habits we all share. Here’s a list of nine we all do:

1. Letting the pan soak for way too long

No matter how many times we try to convince ourselves, no pan needs to be soaking for 48 hours. We’re just lazy and it is gross, especially when we finally get courage to wash it and have to deal with the nasty brown sink water.

2. Wearing the same bra too many times in a row

I don’t think anyone actually knows how many times it’s sanitary to wear the same bra before washing it, but everyone is definitely guilty of wearing one way too many times.

3. Drinking out of communal bottles of juice

I hope I’m not the only one who sneaks a sip straight out of the bottle of juice or milk when no one is around. It’s a disgusting and lazy habit to not just get a glass but it’s addictive. Also, I would be really mad if I found out someone else in my house was doing the same thing, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop..

4. Biting nails

The good thing is, it’s not harming anyone but ourselves with this gross habit, bad news is the amount of bacteria and gross stuff we’re putting in our mouths. If you bite your nails all the time and coincidentally are always sick, I think you have your answer as to why.

5. Pushing spilled ice under the fridge

My thought process when I drop an ice cube is always, “Yeah I could bend over and pick up that ice cube, or I could make it disappear forever with no effort,” obvious choice.