10 Junk Foods That May Actually Be Good For You

You ALWAYS hear that junk food is bad for you. To be fair, putting “junk” beside food doesn’t sound appealing, but the foods themselves are absolutely delicious.

According to health experts, many junk foods have surprisingly positive health benefits.

Here are 10 junk foods you can never get enough of, and that may not be the worst thing in the world.

Compared to many other delicious cookies, Graham Crackers are one of the healthiest options. When the crackers were first invented, Graham processed the flour in a way that preserved the whole wheat. There’s more sugar in them now than before, but the flour is still processed the same.

Red food coloring is the devil of food dyes, but the blue may not be so bad for your health. According to research done at the University of Rochester Medical Center, blue food dye may be helpful in reducing damage caused by spine injuries.

What would almost every kid in university eat if ramen noodles didn’t exist? They’re filled with carbs and salty seasoning, but it doesn’t mean they’re the worst thing. If you cook these noodles with egg and veggies, you’ll be making a hearty meal.

Trans fats are bad for you, but there’s one exception. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is found in Cheese Whiz, is a natural trans fat that has anti-cancer properties.

These puffy whites don’t seem like they have much nutrition, but they’re actually loaded with fiber and antioxidants that can protect against heart disease.

You’ve been in the dark regarding the health benefits of these next five junk foods.

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