10 Ways Your Body Tells You To Drink More Water

It probably sounds repetitive by now, but doctors aren’t kidding when they repeatedly remind you to drink more water.

Many bodily functions rely on fluids, like water, to work properly, and since we tend to forget to drink, our bodies have many interesting ways of reminding us.

Some of these symptoms are very obvious, while others may mislead you to think that something other than dehydration is the cause of your discomfort.

Here are 10 ways your body is trying to tell you that you really need to drink more water:

1. You have frequent headaches


When you’re dehydrated, your blood is no longer as thin as it should be, which means your brain’s oxygen levels also deplete and end up causing a headache. So instead of taking a painkiller, try drinking a glass of water as soon you feel a headache coming on.

2. You have bad breath

Water helps with the production of saliva, so when your body doesn’t have enough fluids, your mouth will start to dry up. The lack of saliva could cause bad breath, but thankfully, you can fix it by staying hydrated.

3. You feel fatigued


If you’re feeling that afternoon slump, take a walk to the water cooler even if you don’t feel thirsty. Dehydration forces your metabolism to shut down and make you feel tired. If you prefer a drink with a little more flavor, unsweetened tea is a great alternative.

4. You have muscle cramps

This is an indication that your body could be experiencing an electrolyte imbalance. Drinking water is the trick to replenishing your body’s magnesium and sodium chloride levels, especially if you’re active throughout the day.

5. Your pee looks different


The color of your pee is a good way to monitor your body’s hydration. A healthy urine should be a pale straw yellow-colored, so if your pee is noticeably darker then you should definitely increase your water intake.

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