15 Years After He Murdered His Pregnant Wife, Scott Peterson Tells All

From an outsider’s perspective, Scott and Laci Peterson were a picture-perfect pair. The California couple, who seemed happily married, lived in a beautiful suburban home with their dog, and had a baby on the way.

As you can imagine, no one ever expected 27-year-old Laci to suddenly vanish while walking the dog on Christmas Eve of 2002.


A few months later, her decomposed and mutilated body washed ashore in the San Francisco Bay, sparking a highly publicized murder investigation that captivated the entire nation. Everyone rooted for authorities to capture her killer as soon as possible.

Laci’s family, friends, and the rest of America had a difficult time understanding why anyone would want to commit such a heinous crime, especially considering she had no enemies. However, in an unforeseen twist, investigators began to grow suspicious of Scott due to his bizarre behavior, visible disinterest in the investigation, refusal to take a polygraph test, and inconsistent alibi.

Police eventually found evidence that suggested Scott, who worked as a fertilizer salesman, was Laci’s killer. He was arrested while on the run in 2003, charged with first-degree murder of Laci, and second-degree murder of baby Connor. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2005.

The Modesto Bee

So what drove this supposed “perfect gentleman” to kill his wife and unborn child?

Turns out, he might have been motivated by the extramarital affair he was having with a woman named Amber Frey. This information came to light after investigators found that Scott made a phone call to Amber during the New Year’s Eve candlelight vigil held for Laci. At the time, he told her that he was in Europe celebrating.

Amber later cooperated with the police, claiming that she had no idea Scott was married and that his wife had gone missing. She offered to share any information she had that could assist the investigation.

Fifteen years later, Scott is sitting in San Quentin State Prison’s death row, and has had two appeals and a request for a new trial denied.

He has recently made his first public statements about the case in the A&E docuseries The Murder of Laci Peterson, and he is once again the subject of a new documentary on Discovery titled Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery.

Scott still maintains his innocence, and has made some interesting claims.

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