5 Doggy Sleep Positions That Tell A Lot About Your Loyal Friend

We can dream all we want that one day we’ll wake up and be able to talk to animals like Eliza in The Wild Thornberrys.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen, but experts have spent countless hours studying our loyal, furry friends to understand what they’re sleeping position says about them.

Your dog’s sleeping habits, which takes into account the way they twitch or move, how much sleep they get, and their sleep positions gives many clues about a dog’s health and happiness.

Sleep behaviors such as circling and digging, light dozing, twitching, and soft barks tell you a lot about your dog’s personality or general mood.

For example, dogs that twitch and move around when they sleep are telling you that they need a good rest. If your house is not cold, your dog’s twitches are nothing to worry about! In fact, they probably feel super comfortable, but that also depends on their sleeping position…

Check out these 5 common sleep positions and what they say about your pooch.

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