6 Symptoms You Should Never Let Your Loved Ones Ignore Even When They Claim They Feel Fine

Sometimes we have unexplained pains and aches that are easy to ignore because they aren’t too bad, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore them. The fact of the matter is, your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong and if you don’t listen, it may lead to something really serious.

Sure, there are some things that you know are caused by what you did yourself, but every once and a while something will happen that will make you think “this doesn’t feel right.” These are the 6 times you should trust that instinct without a doubt and seek medical attention immediately.

If you ever have experienced a sudden weakness in your arms, legs and even face, you may have had a stroke without knowing it. You may also notice that you feel dizzy, can’t see well, or may even have trouble speaking.

If caught early, the effects of a stroke can be reversible, so it’s important to go to the hospital as soon as you can.


There are certain causes of chest pain that may not be as serious as others, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Medical attention should always be priority, especially if it is accompanied by sweating, shortness of breath or nausea. It may indicate a sign of heart disease, early warnings of a heart attack, or even a blood clot.

Deep vein thrombosis (CVT) happens after sitting for a long time. A clot can form in your leg and you’ll notice swelling, pain, and a red coloring. It’s dangerous to let clots form in your body as they can lead to really serious issues.

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